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1 week post op breast augmentation photos

This week, we’re taking a look at post-op breast augmentation photos.

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the United States, with over 200,000 women undergoing the procedure each year. But what happens when the bandages come off? Here are some things to keep in mind:

If you’ve had a breast augmentation and you’re looking at these photos, it’s normal to have some doubts about your decision and wonder if maybe you should have gone bigger or smaller. Remember: everyone is different! You can’t really tell how something looks until it’s been healed for about a month or two.

Also remember that you might feel like your breasts are too big or too small at first—but that’s normal! It takes time for them to settle into their new shape, and it will probably feel different from what you were expecting because of swelling and other changes under the skin that aren’t visible yet. Give yourself time to adjust before making any big decisions about whether or not this was worth it for you personally!

1 week post op breast augmentation photos

2 Week Plastic Surgery Update with Before & After Pictures

Time flies when you’re having fun. It’s now been two weeks since I had my breast augmentation surgery!

I think recovering from my first surgery is a bit like childbirth. The more time passes, the less you remember about the pain and discomfort and just enjoy the outcome.

For some reason even with the experience still fresh, I’m forgetting a lot quicker this time around. But I don’t just want to share my thoughts on the post op experience.

When I was researching the procedure, before and after breast augmentation pictures is what I wanted to see. Plastic surgeons are proud to show their before and after pictures, but I want to show how things look like in the early stages and how much better my clothes fit.

After Implant Sizers
Breast Implant Surgery Pre-Op Appointment with Silicone Implant Sizers

Last week when I shared my breast augmentation story, I hadn’t yet gone to my one week follow up appointment at Westlake Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery. While at the appointment, Dr. Craven examined my incisions which were healing nicely with only a few traces of a scab left.

He gave a demonstration on how I was to perform my new breast implant massage routine. Something that I’ll be doing a minimum of three times a day for six months. And we discussed my compression strap.

1 Week Post Op with strap
Breast Augmentation: 1 Week Post Op Recovery Photo with Compression Strap

For the week following surgery, I had to sport a not-so attractive compression strap. At all times, except while showering.

The strap was serving a purpose in pushing the implants down and speeding along things. But as the name suggests this device is not meant for comfort.

And compression and swelling don’t often play well together. This made things uncomfortable at times. Fortunately, at my one week appointment Dr. Craven threw my strap away!

1 Week Post Op Breast Augmentation No Strap
Breast Augmentation Pictures After 1 Week Post Op Appointment – no compression strap!

2 Week Plastic Surgery Follow Up Appointment

Today has been two weeks since my breast augmentation and while I wasn’t supposed to have been seen until my two month follow up, I had to return to the office again. I’m choosing to blame it on the medications I was on at my one week follow up, but somehow I convinced myself I didn’t completely grasp the breast implant massage techniques that were demonstrated for me.

Even my husband that accompanied me to the appointment wasn’t exactly sure I was doing things correctly. I’m extremely paranoid about messing up Dr. Craven’s perfect breast augmentation, I called the office for advice.

Before Breast Augmentation Surgery
Before breast implant sizers.

Breast implant massage

The massage technique varies from patient to patient, so instead of giving me tips over the phone, they suggested I schedule an appointment for a refresher. Although I was incredibly embarrassed (and more than just a little red in the face), I’m so glad I went back into the office to ensure I was doing my breast implant massage properly.

Since massage is such an important part of breast implant surgery aftercare, it’s crucial to know how to massage your breasts and actually do it. Even if you’re shy like I am, do not be afraid to call your plastic surgeon and ask questions. The success of your surgery is important to them and they want things to be perfect.

2 Weeks Post Op Breast Augmentation Surgery
After Breast Augmentation Surgery: this is the same bra as in the pre-op sizing picture

For six weeks post-op, I have to wear a front closure, wireless sports bra. Not something that I’d ever want to wear long-term and something I would have agonized about wearing pre-op.

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But now that I have breasts, I can wear this unattractive bra without shame. Because now I no longer have to wear rely on underwire and padding to make me feel feminine and proportioned.

2 Weeks Post BA

Breast Lift Before Photo by Kyle Shaddix, MD; Pensacola, FL - Case 37435

By consuming the right amount of water and the right nutrients after the surgery, you can reduce your chances of nausea, fatigue, and fight off any feelings of lightheadedness. This will also help to speed up the recovery time.

5. Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

Make sure you follow your doctor’s orders. Most botched breast augmentation surgeries were not caused by the surgeon, but rather by patients who ignored the advice their doctor provided. Everything given to you by your doctor is designed for you specifically, so be sure to follow orders for the best recovery.  

V. Other Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Augmentation

At 77 Plastic Surgery, we have helped hundreds of satisfied patients to get the breasts that they have always wanted. During this time, we have been asked a lot of questions about breast augmentation procedures, recovery time, what to do, and what results to expect. Some of the most common ones include:

a) How painful is breast augmentation recovery?

Modern breast augmentation surgery is not nearly as painful as many women think. The amount of pain you feel is based upon your:

  • Type of surgery
  • Health
  • Pain threshold

But, many women receive local anesthesia immediately after the surgery, which decreases the nerve pain. Women recovering from breast augmentation also receive medications to thwart the pain immediately after surgery.

b) How do you feel after breast augmentation?

After breast augmentation most women feel slightly light-headed, possibly with an upset stomach. It’s common to be dizzy and feel a tightness in the chest. This all goes away within a day or two for most patients, and is mostly caused by anesthesia. Most patients also experience slight pain in the breasts, which can include:

  • Tingling
  • Sharp pain
  • Pounding, or pressure
  • Shocks
  • Swelling

For the most part, a majority of sharp and high levels of pain should be gone after the first few weeks, with nearly all consistent pain gone by the 3-5 week mark. If not, you should consider contacting your doctor to make sure that everything is okay. 

c) How long does it take for nerves to heal after breast augmentation?

The rate of healing to your nerves is based upon how healthy you are and how well you follow your doctor’s advice. Typically, this process can take from 6 months to a year, as it is the last part of the breasts to heal after surgery. This can cause a slight difference in feeling in your breasts until they are finally healed completely. It is also the reason a very small percentage of women experience pain for extended time periods after surgery. 

d) How should I sleep after breast augmentation?

After breast augmentation, you should sleep on your back, not your side, with pillows under your back. This will help to reduce any injuries that may occur from laying on your breasts, or rubbing the on things in your sleep. You may not be able to move a lot, but you can still swing your legs back and forth and flex your ankles to decrease stiffness after sleeping.

e) How long do breasts stay swollen after augmentation?

Your breasts will stay swollen for the first few weeks after augmentation. Each woman is different, but after approximately 4 to 12 weeks, all of the swelling should dissipate, although in very rare cases, patients have seen the upper breast swelling continue for 6 months.

f) How long do muscle spasms last after breast augmentation?

Muscle spasms should decrease within the first few weeks, but each patient is different. Typically, they will reduce in duration and frequency within the first 5 to 7 days, and then should be entirely gone within the first 4 weeks. If you do not notice them begin to dissipate, contact your doctor.

g) When can you shower after breast augmentation?

It is recommended that you wait at least 48 hours after breast augmentation before fully showering. Otherwise, the water can affect your scars, as well as affect the settling of your implants due to quick changes in temperature. After the first two days, you can safely shower.

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