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32a to 32c Breast Augmentation

32a to 32c breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure that involves increasing the size and fullness of the breasts from a small cup size to a medium cup size. Women who want to improve their overall appearance and are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts frequently seek out this procedure. The transformation from a 32a to a 32c can provide a significant boost in self-confidence and body image, allowing women to feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin.

With advancements in technology and surgical techniques, breast augmentation procedures are now safer and more effective than ever before, making it a viable option for those looking to enhance their natural beauty.

32a to 32c breast augmentation

Before & After Breast Augmentation Case 403 View #1 View in Shreveport, LA

Before & After

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Case Details

Patient wanted more symmetry of her breast and an increase in cup size from a 32A to a 32C. She wanted more fullness in the upper part of the breast but with a natural slope. She is very pleased with her reults!

Implants: Mentor Smooth Round Moderate Profile Saline – Left / 290cc – Right / 300cc

What Size Breast Implants Do I Need to Go Up One Cup?

We recently took a look at the current shift in aesthetic preferences towards smaller breasts and smaller breast augmentations on our blog. Since then, we’ve had several questions about what it takes to achieve a more modest breast size increase. More specifically, many patients ask, “what size implants do I need to go one size bigger?”

The answer is different for everyone, depending on what breast size and shape you’re starting out with, what bra you use as a yardstick, the size of your torso, and more. Given all this, you many need larger or smaller implants than another patient to achieve a single cup size increase. Let’s delve into the topic right now.

How Breast Implant Sizing Works

Breast implants are sized by volume, in units called “cc’s,” which stands for cubic centimeters. Every implant manufacturer offers a wide range of sizes, typically beginning at around 100cc, and increasing in 10 to 20cc intervals all the way up to 800cc or more. Considering there’s only about 1 Tablespoon per 15cc of implant filling, having so many options allows us to achieve very specific breast augmentation size goals. However, this doesn’t make it any easier for you to know what size implant you might need to go from an A cup to B cup, for example.

In an effort to simplify sizing estimates, some surgeons give a rule of thumb of 150 to 200cc per bra cup size increase; however, some of our patients need a 300cc implant to achieve one cup size increase, while for others something as large as a 340cc implant is more appropriate. You can see the wide variation in implant sizes our patients with similar goals by using the search tools in our before and after gallery.

In other words, there is no accurate “rule” for a one cup size increase and we discourage fixating on a certain number for several reasons.

Getting natural looking, beautiful breasts requires thinking about more than size

First, there are multiple factors influencing the actual size increase a breast implant will provide other than volume, including:

  • Implant profile (projection) and base width
  • Implant shape (i.e., classic round, teardrop shaped, extra upper pole fullness)
  • How much natural breast tissue you have
  • The width and contour of your rib cage
  • Your natural breast shape and dimensions (i.e., do you have a wider breast base, or more narrow or tuberous breasts, or any asymmetry or sagging to address?)

For example, a 200cc high profile/narrow base width implant placed on a petite patient will usually create a more dramatic breast size increase than a 200cc low profile/wide base width implant placed on a patient with a larger stature. Additionally, as implant size goes up, it takes more cc’s of volume to achieve a full cup size increase, meaning that you’d probably need a larger implant to go from a B to C cup than you’d need to go from an A to B cup.

Second, there is almost zero consistency in bra sizing; the cups of a 34C bra in one brand or style will fit differently than a 34C in a different brand or style. (No doubt you’ve experienced this already when bra shopping!)

Is it worth it to only go up one cup size with breast augmentation?

As often as we’re asked what it takes to achieve a certain breast size increase, we’re asked whether it’s worth it to have breast augmentation to bump up just one cup size. It can be totally worth it if any of the following is true for you:

  • You’d like to improve the shape of your breasts or correct tubular (“Snoopy”) breasts
  • You want larger breasts but don’t want others to notice you’ve had an augmentation
  • You hope to correct breast asymmetry (i.e. one of your breasts is smaller than the other)
  • You want more fullness in the upper part of your breasts but don’t really want your breasts to be much bigger
  • You’re an athlete and going too big might hamper performance
  • You simply want a very subtle size increase

As many patients who chose to have smaller breast augmentations will tell you, a skilled plastic surgeon can achieve what no padded bra ever will: improved breast symmetry, a beautiful shape, and breasts that look and feel natural in any type of clothing (or no clothing at all)! Peer-reviewed studies have show that cosmetic surgery leads to higher self-esteem and a better mood, so even a small change can have a big impact.

How to Choose the Right Breast Implant Size

Implant Size is Not the Same as Cup Size

While doctors can make recommendations about what implant size will get you to a certain cup size, implants are measured differently than bra cups. Implants are measured in cubic centimeters (cc) and for every 150-200 ccs, you can expect to go up one or one and a half cup sizes. This varies based on your body’s measurements and the brand of bra that you wear. (Cup sizes aren’t always consistent among brands. What is a 36C in one brand could be a 34D in another!)

Most implants fall in the 300cc – 400cc range but implants from 100cc – 800cc are available in the US.

Take Your Frame Into Account

Most women want their implants to look natural. The key to natural-looking implants is choosing a size that fits your frame. A short, petite woman can achieve a full, natural look with a smaller implant size than a taller woman with a larger frame.

Choosing a size that compliments your frame can also save you from back and shoulder pain linked to breasts that are too large.

Consider Your Lifestyle

In addition to your body type and frame, you’ll want to consider your lifestyle. Think about how active you are. While it’s possible to continue playing sports, running, or exercising heavily with larger breast implants, it might not be as easy or as comfortable as it would be with smaller implants.

You should also take your personal style into account. Augmentation will affect the way your tops, dresses, and swimsuits fit. If you like to go without a bra or enjoy wearing tops and dresses that make it difficult to wear a bra, smaller implants are likely the best choice. If you prefer dresses or tops that require bigger breasts to fill them out, you might be more comfortable with larger implants.

Another lifestyle factor to consider is how comfortable you are with people taking note of your new figure. If you’d like to keep the fact that you have had a breast augmentation under the radar, a smaller size is the best choice. If you’re comfortable with people noticing your increased breast size, you’ll probably be able to go a little larger.

Think About the Future

Most breast implants last 10-20 years before they need to be replaced. When choosing your breast implant size, think about your life in 5, 10, or 20 years. Do you think your implants will still fit your lifestyle?

Learn More About Breast Implant Sizes When You Schedule a Consultation With Dr. Ortiz

At your consultation, Dr. Ortiz will discuss which breast implant size will fit your frame and help you get the figure you’ve always dreamed of. Call us at (919) 532-2270 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your first appointment today!

What size is C cup breast augmentation

Forget Cup Size For Breast Implants In Michigan: Choose A Look Instead

During the initial consultation with Dr. Malhotra for breast augmentation, the discussion always leads to the desired size of breast implants. Most of our Michigan patients have a preferred cup size in mind, but this can be notoriously inaccurate because bra sizes vary considerably from one manufacturer to another. A better starting point for discussing size of breast implants is photographs. Our Michigan patients are encouraged to bring to their initial consultation pictures of results they like.

We find that most patients want a look that is either athletic (small C cup), full (full C cup), or large (D to DD cup). Our most common augmentation size is what we call our “full-C-cup” look. To achieve these sizes, we offer our patients the three most common types of breast implants at our Michigan practice: gummy bear implants, silicone breast implants, and traditional saline breast implants.

Evaluate Your Anatomy

Approximately 80% of women have a slight asymmetry to their chests. Before consulting with Dr. Malhotra, most patients may not have noticed that asymmetry, which might also include a difference in breast fold height. Also, one breast can be larger or wider than the other. These asymmetries can be corrected by using a slightly larger implant in the smaller breast.

A person’s posture can also affect breast implant size. If a patient has a slightly stooped posture, we may use a slightly larger implant or a high-profile implant to bring the torso in balance. During your consultation for breast implants, before and after photos of our Michigan patients will illustrate how asymmetrical breasts are successfully adjusted with correct implant sizing.

Learn The Language Of Sizing

One of the most difficult choices for patients is selecting the size of their breast implants. At our Michigan practice, we use a patented MENTOR Volume Sizing System, which makes a dramatic difference in helping patients choose with confidence. We have custom sizers that demonstrate possible outcomes. The patients can try on sizers under tank tops so they can see how their body shape and proportions will appear in clothes.

Does Profile Matter?

Another term to familiarize yourself with is projection. This term relates to your breast implant profile, meaning how far off the chest wall the implants will extend.

Implants come in many different profiles.

Are you hoping to achieve a subtle breast augmentation result or something more dramatic? By selecting the right implant profile, implants can be custom fit to your body size and create your ideal breast shape.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Implant Size

You don’t have to choose your breast implant size on your own. Our team will guide you through this process, helping you find perfectly sized implants for your body type and aesthetic goals.

As you age, you may find that your aesthetic desires do too. Size changes are fairly common, but you’ll need to undergo breast revision surgery if you want to change your implants. We are happy to help our patients change out their implants later on.

Using an implant that is too large for your body can cause the skin to stretch and the implant to bottom out. Oversized implants can also be painful or uncomfortable. Our surgeons will explain your options and help you select an appropriately sized implant so you can avoid these potential complications.

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