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As seen on tv tummy tuck reviews

The As Seen On TV Tummy Tuck Belt is the perfect product for anyone looking to get rid of pesky belly fat. By wearing the belt for just 10 minutes a day, you can lose up to two inches from your waist. This revolutionary product has been clinically proven to help people lose weight and decrease their waist size by just wearing an easy-to-use belt.

This product is for people who want to fit into their clothes better and improve their health by losing weight and reducing body fat. If you have been searching for a tummy tuck alternative, this is it! The belt will help you lose weight around your stomach without having to go through expensive and painful surgery or take dangerous diet pills.

With so many people suffering from obesity in America today, there are plenty of options when it comes to losing weight. However, not all of those options are safe or effective. The As Seen On TV Tummy Tuck Belt is a great way to shed pounds without surgery, pills or any other invasive methods!

You may find it hard to access the right information on the internet, so we are here to help you in the following article, providing the best and updated information on tummy tuck belt side effects, tummy tuck belt reviews youtube. Read on to learn more. We at Infolearners have all the information that you need about the tummy tuck belt reviews. Read on to learn more.

As seen on tv tummy tuck reviews

Tummy Tuck Belt is a weight loss product that claims it can trim belly fat. With just 2, 10 minute applications a day this band is said to produce noticeable changes by trimming waist size.

It can also be worn with clothing to help give the appearance of an instantly smaller belly. Wraps often claim to offer the same results, though this one comes with a thermal accelerator cream for improving results. Our review experts have analyzed countless diets and they’ve found the 18Shake Diet to be the most effective. It offers an appetite suppressing meal replacement and a fat burning diet pill. Customers have given it rave reviews for its potent weight loss effects. To learn more about the 18Shake Diet, click on the link here.


This belt uses a cream which is never explained as to what kinds of ingredients are added. Topically applying unknown ingredients can lead to:

Rash, itchy skin and lesions.
Dermatitis, burning sensations, and hives.
When applying the Tummy Tuck Belt it’s advised to do so first thing in the morning, and to included exercise to improve results.

They do claim exercise and diet are not need, but that they improve results. Another claim on their official website is of:

“Gradually slims away belly fat even without significant weight loss”

While this targeted weight loss seems impressive, the spot reduction myth in exercise and weight loss products has been debunked. It’s not possible to target weight loss in any specific part of the body.

Yale Scientific has shown:

“104 participants complete a twelve week… resistance-training program in which their non-dominant arm was selectively exercised”

They ran MRI scans to determine the total fat loss and concluded that fat is reduced in random parts of the body, not just in the arms.

The same goes for belts which claim they can help reduce bell fat. Even if they were able to burn fat this wouldn’t be especially targeted towards the stomach.

The belt itself is tight and a warming cream is added to help increase heat. This can lead to an increase in sweat which might help slightly with weight loss, but it’s unlikely to be much as this is just water weight and not actual fat loss. Our review experts have compiled a list of the top ranked weight loss diets.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this diet with a proven meal replacement such as 18 Shake ffor better results.


Without being able to see the thermal topical cream’s ingredients, it’s impossible to determine the overall quality.

The intended benefit of this belt is to promote heat in order to increase fat loss in the stomach. No evidence is provided that this is actually possible from the official website.

Furthermore, the Yale Scientific study found:

“fat broken down to be used as fuel during prolonged exercise can come from anywhere in your body, not just the part that I being worked the most”

It’s clear from the available evidence that it’s unlikely that the Tummy Tuck Belt will have any noticeable effects. This makes it a poor quality product which is highly unlikely to produce any changes. This can be seen in the overall quality of customer reviews, which the “Customer Opinions of Tummy Tuck Belt” section will go over. Click on the link here for a comprehensive list of the best weight loss diets.


The total cost is 2 payments of $19.99. This comes with 3 flexible sizes, a 30 day supple of the Thermal Accelerator Cream, and the Tummy Tuck Belt instructional video.

One you run out of the cream a 30 day supple is sold direct from the official website for $24.99.

They also state that within 30 days you can lose an inch off you waist, but that this is with diet and exercise. Even though they say diet and exercise is not mandatory, they do include it in their “typical results” explanation.

There is no possibility for spot reduction of belly fat in any exercise, product, or pill. This claim has been debunked by science. Therefore, the entire system of the Tummy Tuck Belt has not been proven effective. Click on the link cited for a list of the top ranked weight loss diets.


The name of the company Is Savvier, LP and their contact information is listed as:

Phone Number: (800) 305-8988

Address: 7850 Ruffner Avenue Dept. 4000

Van Nuys, California 91406

They also mention in the terms and conditions that when purchasing this belt, you agree to give up the right to take them to court.

It’s unknown why this is provided as a mandatory clause, but it’s suspicious and shows the company is concerned about lawsuits stemming from a lack of results or side effects.

They have also one complaint on their Better business Bureau page due to billing issues. Follow the link provided for a list of the top ranked weight loss diets.


Their page has a total of 494 negative reviews. Here are some select quotes from users:

“Tried it for 2 weeks straight with diet and exercise and I have seen no results”

“I have used this consistently for 4 months and have not lost an inch. Don’t bother”

“I have used it as instructed for a full 30 days and have not experienced any changes”

“It buckles, folds, and does not fit well… Have not been able to wear it for a long enough period to really see if it works”

The vast majority of reviews were extremely negative. People often added how this belt did absolutely nothing, and that they made sure to use it for long periods and with the topical cream. Still, people failed to notice any inches off their waist.

Another major issue is that people said it gets expensive to have to keep purchasing the topical cream. The renewal program for the cream often fooled people into having to invest a lot of money over time.

Some had trouble actually using the belt, as it was uncomfortable and would bunch up for certain users.

Discover which weight loss diets were rated as the best by clicking on the link here.


Product NameUser RatingEasy to followCheap PriceFast Results
18 Shake Diet
(Editor’s Choice)97/100
High Protein Diet91/100
Dukan Diet89/100
Paleo Diet87/100
Plexus Slim77/100
Tummy Tuck Belt44 /100
The Tummy Tuck Belt promises results with the simple application of a band and a topical cream. There are a lot of flaws in this system which has not been addressed by the company. The majority of reviews were from extremely disappointed customers who used it repeatedly, yet they still failed to notice any benefits. Another major problem is that it’s physically impossible to target belly fat loss. This myth has been disproven through many scientific studies.

Our review experts analyze many weight loss diets and they’ve found the 18Shake Diet is the most effective overall. It offers a fat burning diet pill and an appetite suppressing meal replacement shake. They both are all natural and free of stimulants, binders, preservatives, artificial additives, or any unwanted ingredients.

Customers have given this diet rave reviews and left glowing reviews and before and after photos. Many have lost significant amounts of weight using this diet

Tummy tuck belt side effects

Whether on social media or being touted by celebrities, chances are you’ve probably seen waist trainers somewhere on the internet lately. They’re those corset-like garments that supposedly give you an hourglass shape over time.

While they may be trendy, they’re not likely to help you lose much weight around your middle. In fact, they can be dangerous and may be risky to your health.

Keep reading to learn about what waist trainers do and whether they’re worth the risk.

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What do waist trainers do?

Waist trainers are made of a thick elastic fabric, like neoprene. They’re meant to be worn snugly around your midsection, the back often has laces, Velcro, or hooks.

Some people compare waist trainers to shapewear, but there’s one huge difference: waist trainers are meant to be worn regularly and even tightened over time.

Because of that, some people claim they can help you lose weight and get more of an hourglass figure. Some companies that sell waist trainers also recommend wearing one after having a baby.

So can they really help you lose weight? Not exactly. Instead, there are three main things happening:

Squeezing. Waist trainers squeeze your midsection, kind of like super-intense shapewear. But the effect disappears as soon as you take the trainer off.
Sweating. You might sweat more than usual while wearing a waist trainer (they’re hot!), which can make you lose water weight. But this effect is temporary.
Shrinking. If you wear a waist trainer consistently, your core muscles can atrophy and shrink from lack of use. Since your stomach is squeezed, you’re also less likely to overeat while wearing one.
All of these changes could make you look and feel slimmer without actually helping you lose any weight.

What are the risks and side effects of waist trainers?

Aside from discomfort, waist trainers pose some pretty serious health risks.

Difficulty breathing
Wearing a waist trainer makes it harder to breathe.

A small 2018 study reported that wearing a waist trainer decreases maximum voluntary ventilation (MVV), or how much air you can inhale and exhale in 1 minute.

The researchers compared ten female participants’ MVV with and without a waist trainer. They found that the average MVV decreased from 77.3 liters (L) per second to 68.8 L per second while wearing a waist trainer.

The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS) estimates that the reduction in lung capacity is even greater — likely between 30 and 60 percent.

Regardless of the percent decrease, the upshot is that wearing a waist trainer makes it harder for your body to get all the oxygen it needs. That can be dangerous, especially if you wear the waist trainer while exercising.

Physical activity requires more oxygen, not less. If you don’t get enough, you might feel short of breath, tired, or dizzy. You could even faint.

Weakened core

Waist trainers provide support that would normally come from your core muscles. If you wear a waist trainer but don’t train your core, you could end up with severely weakened abdominal muscles.

Weak abs can ultimately lead to poor posture and back pain.

Weakened pelvic floor

After giving birth, your pelvic floor muscles and the surrounding organs need time to heal. If you wear a waist trainer while healing, it can make matters worse instead of better. That’s because the trainer will put additional pressure on your pelvic floor.

While this damage isn’t always visible, it can lead to incontinence or prolapse.

Meralgia paresthetica
Tight clothing, including waist trainers, may cause nerve damage.

In particular, waist trainers may compress the nerve that runs down from the groin. This can cause something called meralgia paresthetica — burning, tingling, and numbness in the outer thigh.

Meralgia paresthetica has been associated withTrusted Source wearing a corset since the early 1900s. While taking off the waist trainer is usually enough to relieve symptoms, severe cases may require medication or even surgery.

Gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms

Since waist trainers compress your stomach, wearing one may cause you to eat less, which can lead to weight loss. But it can also lead to unpleasant digestive symptoms.

For one, tight clothing has been shown to worsen heartburn. Heartburn happens when acid from your stomach flows up from your stomach into your esophagus, causing irritation.

Waist trainers can also worsen discomfort caused by existing food intolerances or GI issues such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Rashes and infections

Waist trainers are often made from synthetic fabrics and are meant to be worn tightly. They tend to keep moisture — like sweat — in instead of allowing it to evaporate off your skin. This can cause irritation, leading to rashes and even bacterial and yeast infections.

Organ damage

This may go without saying, but there are a ton of important organs in your midsection, including the liver, kidneys, and bladder.

When you wear a waist trainer, it pushes on your organs. They may shift positions or experience reduced blood flow, which can affect how well they function.

If it goes on for a long time, this damage may be permanent.

Does it matter how long you wear it?

Lots of waist-training advocates suggest wearing a trainer for 8 or more hours each day. This is risky. It’s best not to wear one on a long-term basis, and you should definitely avoid sleeping in a waist trainer.

Though many waist-training brands suggest you wear their products while exercising, this isn’t recommended either. Not only will you weaken your core muscles, but you’ll also risk depriving your body of the oxygen it needs to perform.

How to limit risk

If you’re still interested in wearing a waist trainer, there are ways to limit your risk of complications.

For example, you could try saving your waist trainer for special occasions — like under your clothes on a night out or as part of a costume.

Even so, make sure you’re wearing the trainer loosely enough that you can take a breathe and move without feeling too restricted. If you start to feel dizzy or short of breath, take it off immediately.

Safer alternatives

If you’re looking for a safer short-term solution, you might want to opt for shapewear instead of a waist trainer. It’ll give you a similar look to a trainer with less risk to your health.

If you’re more interested in a long-term weight-loss solution, exercise and a healthy diet are your best bets. Here are some tips for getting started:

Reach for natural, unprocessed foods.

Avoid sugary and processed food products.
Keep an eye on portion sizes.
Set small but feasible exercise goals, like taking a short walk each day.
Burn calories with aerobic exercise.
Use strength training to tone your muscles.
Next, if you want to tone specific areas of your body, you can try the following:

Waistline. To get a sleeker waistline, aim for exercises that tone the oblique muscles, such as crunches and planks.
Hips. Exercises such as squats, side lunges, and leg raises can help to trim your hips.
Butt. To tone your butt, try activities such as climbing stairs, hiking, and doing yoga.
Finally, to learn more about how to safely lose weight, talk to a doctor or nutritionist.

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