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Average cost of breast augmentation in charlotte nc

What is the average cost of breast augmentation in Charlotte, NC?

If you’re a Charlotte, NC resident, and you’re interested in having breast augmentation surgery, you might be wondering what the average cost is.

This is a very fair question! After all, knowing what to expect can help you make sure that you’re as prepared as possible for your surgery.

Before we talk about how much breast augmentation typically costs in Charlotte, NC, you should know that there are many factors that influence the price of breast augmentation surgery. Whether or not you need a breast lift procedure at the same time can affect the price. The type of implant (silicone vs. saline) can also have an impact on the cost of your surgery. The experience level of your surgeon will also affect the price.

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Average cost of breast augmentation in charlotte nc

When deciding on a plastic surgeon to perform your breast augmentation surgery, you should take many factors into account. Dr. Erik J. Miles encourages patients to ask him questions about his educational background, training, experience, patient satisfaction rate, surgical techniques, and practice philosophy. When it comes to breast augmentation cost at his Charlotte, NC plastic surgery practice, however, he cautions prospective patients that while it may be a factor to consider, it should never be the deciding factor. Too many breast augmentation patients have ended up with completely unsatisfactory results while opting for what seemed like a bargain at the time.

Dr. Miles prefers not to post the exact costs of procedures on his website because so many factors go into figuring these costs, and it can be a source of confusion for patients. However, during your consultation, his staff will gladly provide you with an honest, straightforward estimate of your breast augmentation cost. He will also inform you of the payment options available at North Charlotte Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, including flexible financing options through CareCredit® and Prosper™ Healthcare Lending.

If you would like to learn more about breast augmentation surgery, including the cost of your procedure, please schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Erik J. Miles at North Charlotte Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery today.

Factors That Determine the Overall Cost of Breast Augmentation

There are a number of reasons that you should be wary of practices that broadcast extremely low prices for their plastic surgery procedures, especially popular procedures such as breast augmentation. If a practice advertises a cost that seems too low to be true, then it probably is. If you read the fine print, you might discover that the advertised price is leaving out some of the fees associated with the surgery, which is a dubious practice to be certain.  You might also be dealing with someone who is not a board certified plastic surgeon, or in some cases not even a plastic surgeon at all.

Reputable plastic surgeons such as Dr. Miles are generally do not provide specific costs of procedures without first meeting with patients and assessing their particular needs. During a cosmetic consultation, Dr. Miles takes the patient’s unique needs and goals into account, and then provides her with a cost that includes all applicable fees, including:

  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Anesthesia fees
  • The fees for post-surgical garments if needed
  • The cost of prescription medication
  • The cost of any necessary medical tests

Most practices will typically charge hospital or surgical facility costs. Dr. Miles is able to control the cost of his breast augmentation procedures by performing the surgery in his own state-of-the-art surgery center.

The cost of breast augmentation surgery will also vary according to the type of breast implant that the patient chooses to have placed. Silicone breast implants, which are designed to feel much like natural breast tissue, cost more than saline breast implants. Whether the difference in cost (which is approximately $1,000) is worth it to you depends largely on your cosmetic priorities. If you are considered a good candidate for breast augmentation, Dr. Miles will walk you through the advantages and disadvantages associated with each type of breast implant and help you decide which type is best suited to you.  You will be able to touch and feel each implant type during the consultation.

When is a bargain not a bargain?

There is another reason that you should be skeptical of practices that emphasize the low cost of their breast augmentation surgery over the quality of their results or the experience and skill of their surgeons. Their low cost may be their only selling point. Many inexperienced or underqualified plastic surgeons do not have a history of excellent results to demonstrate their skills or attract patients to their practice. The only way they can compete with their more accomplished peers is to beat them on price.

It is important to note that not all inexperienced surgeons are necessarily poor surgeons, nor are all experienced surgeons great surgeons. It is also true that not all surgeons who charge a premium price for breast augmentation necessarily deliver premium results. Patients must do their homework to ensure that they are entrusting their bodies to skilled, capable surgeons.

However, Dr. Miles has performed hundreds of breast implant removal and revision procedures for patients who achieved extremely poor results at the hands of plastic surgeons who offered low prices and little else. Ironically, and unfortunately for these patients, the cost of undergoing the initial surgery and then undergoing revision surgery ended up being considerably more than undergoing successful surgery with an experienced surgeon in the first place.

The lesson? There’s far more to a bargain than saving money. The best deal in plastic surgery is finding a surgeon who will deliver the best possible results for a competitive price the first time around.

Breast Augmentation Cost Charlotte, NC

Learn More about Breast Augmentation Cost If you would like to learn more about breast augmentation cost at North Charlotte Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, please schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Erik J. Miles today. Please feel free to ask about our financing options.

On the other hand, deflated, sagging breasts that have lost their volume and vitality due to aging, breast feeding or weight loss can cause embarrassment and frustration with one’s appearance in photographs and in the mirror. It is also more difficult to fit well into bathing suits and clothes.

Fortunately, these negative feelings need not last. Breast augmentation represents one of the most popular methods of reshaping the bust for a more pleasing, youthful silhouette. Women of all shapes and sizes have successfully undergone breast enlargement thanks to the versatility of modern techniques and the wide array of implants available today, and our specialists at PPSD proudly provide some of the best results after breast augmentation in Charlotte, NC and other surrounding cities. Including Charlotte, we have practices located in Gastonia, Hickory, Shelby, Denver, and Cornelius.

Types Of Implants

Breast augmentation patients can select either saline or silicone implants. Both have been FDA-approved and rigorously tested for safety. Each has unique strengths and drawbacks, which can be discussed at length during your initial consultation with your doctor.

Saline implants:

These implants contain a silicone shell that is filled with salt water, the same harmless solution that is used in IV drips. If the implant were to rupture, there is no damage to the body, as the salt water is simply absorbed within hours. Some advantages of saline implants include their lower cost, safety, smaller incisions, and a lower occurrence of capsular contracture (scar tissue that hardens the implant). However, saline implants may not feel as natural as silicone implants. In addition, while rippling can occur with any implant, the risk of visible rippling is more common with saline implants—especially in thin and small breasted women.

Silicone implants:

Filled with semi-solid silicone gel rather than salt water, these implants tend to feel more authentic to the touch, and are less at risk of rippling due to their natural firmness. Silicone implants also tend towards greater longevity. Cosmetically, silicone implants offer more dramatic results for those with significant skin laxity and breast deflation.

Types of silicone breast implants

There are two major categories of silicone implants: round and shaped. The round implants are filled with a cohesive silicone gel that molds to the shape of the implant pocket after place. Shaped implants are filled with a highly cohesive gel that maintains its shape while in place. Each type of implant has certain benefits and drawbacks; it is best to discuss these with one of the experienced, board-certified Charlotte NC breast implant surgeons at PPSD to see which is right for you. The term “gummy bear” implant is now often used to describe certain silicone implants, although this is only a nickname—see the video below for more information.


Depending on your goals as well as your anatomy, your doctor will choose either a nipple incision, a crease (inframammary fold) incision, or an underarm incision. Each will be thoroughly explained during your Charlotte NC breast augmentation consultation, so that you will have realistic expectations going forward.

Nipple incision (periareolar):

Often chosen when a patient is undergoing both breast augmentation and a breast lift, this is one of the most common incision sites, made just within or around the nipple-areola complex. The advantage of this site is that the skin’s natural pigment at the nipple will usually conceal the scar and make it very difficult to see.

Crease incision (inframammary fold):

An incision made at the crease offers the benefit of obscuring scars by hiding them underneath the breast. These incisions are typically between 4-5 centimeters in length, and are among the most popular due to the ease of accessibility and control that they provide to the surgeon during implant placement.

Underarm incision (transaxillary):

An incision is placed in each axilla to provide access for implant placement. After a pocket is formed, the implant is slid through an incision hidden in the skin folds under the arm, helping to ensure that scarring is difficult to see. Not all implant types/sizes can be placed via this approach.

Implant Placement

Breast implants can be placed in either a subglandular or submuscular position. There are risks and benefits to each, which again will be discussed with your doctor during consultation. In general, the subglandular placement involves positioning the implant under the breast tissue above the pectoralis muscles. This often facilitates a speedier recovery with less downtown and discomfort. During a submuscular placement, the implant is positioned primarily beneath the pectoralis muscles. This tends to result in a lower risk of capsular contracture, as well as a lower incidence of implant sagging. If saline implants are employed, a submuscular placement will discourage rippling and bulging.

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Choosing The Best Plastic Surgeon For Your Breast Augmentation

PPSD offers an unsurpassed level of patient care that has earned the practice a glowing reputation for some of the best breast augmentation in Charlotte, NC and beyond. Through their combined skill and decades of expertise, PPSD board-certified plastic surgeons have placed thousands of breast implants with stunning results.

Breast augmentation begins with a private consultation in the warmth and comfort of your Charlotte plastic surgeon’s office, where he or she will carefully evaluate your goals, go over photographs and 3D imaging results, address any concerns and review your medical history. Some important questions to ask during your consultation are:

  • What is the best type of implant for me?
  • What is the best type of incision and implant placement for my body and goals?
  • What can I expect in terms of downtime and recovery?
  • Are there any risks associated with this procedure?
  • Can I see more before and after photos?
  • How can I pay for my surgery?

Details Of The Surgery

Your breast augmentation surgery will be performed at an AAASF-accredited surgical facility in Charlotte, Gastonia, or Hickory, NC depending on which location is closest and most convenient to you. A qualified, experienced Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist will be on hand to provide your anesthetic to ensure your comfort and ease during surgery. Breast augmentation generally takes about one hour, not including your preoperative prep and recovery times. You can typically expect to be at the facility for about 2 ½ to 3 hours, overall.

Your surgeon will make an incision, create a customized pocket for the implant, and then adjust its position, possibly reshaping the nipple area for the most pleasing aesthetic outcome—if indicated.


Patients recovering from breast implants in Charlotte, NC will find that initial healing takes 1-2 weeks, although most patients are back to work within one week. Patients with jobs requiring heavy lifting or activity will require longer. Patients should consider scheduling assistance in advance for everyday activities such as childcare and driving. Pain medication will be prescribed to help alleviate any discomfort. Your doctor may ask you to wear a surgical bra, and to refrain from any activity that could potentially damage or displace your new implants for several weeks. Follow-up is an important part of your surgery. Final healing—when your breasts have fully accommodated the new implants and your breasts have taken on their final shape—typically takes about 4 months. Your doctor will schedule aftercare appointments to ensure your continued health and happiness with your results.

Your breast augmentation is personalized to your needs

Depending upon the combination of your physical characteristics and your concerns, Dr. Ditesheim will suggest a variety of options for breast enhancement surgery in Charlotte that include:

  • implant placement (over the chest muscle, partially underneath the muscle, or sub-fascial)
  • the location of the incision
  • the size and type of the implant
  • whether or not a breast lift might help you achieve your desired look

State-of-the-art, on-site surgical suite located in Charlotte, North Carolina

Our suite is certified with the highest level of accreditation by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc. (AAAASF).LEAkRN MORE

Jeffrey A. Ditesheim, MD, FACS


Charlotte, NC plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey A. Ditesheim is a highly accomplished, board-certified plastic surgeon with a reputation for excellence. In choosing a plastic surgeon, you want to be completely confident that your procedure will be performed with advanced surgical skills and true artistry. Dr. Ditesheim has an impeccable reputation in Charlotte, North Carolina and beyond, drawing discerning patients to his exclusive clinic in Ballantyne.LEARN MORE

Choosing Your Breast Implants

It’s important to understand that picking out the right implant isn’t just about increasing total cup size. It’s about creating an ideal aesthetic shape based on each individual’s personal goals and current anatomy.

Dr. Ditesheim’s unique sizing process allows patients interested in breast augmentation to experience different sizes and shapes of implants to see how they might prefer one or the other. He trusts those who come in for a consultation to know in general what’s right for their goals, and he’ll recommend the surgical techniques to help them achieve it.


Dr. Ditesheim has performed hundreds of breast augmentations using both saline and silicone breast implants, either of which can deliver beautiful, natural-looking results in the right candidates. Together, you and Dr. Ditesheim will go over the details of each implant type in order to determine if there’s one that might better meet your goals for breast augmentation surgery in Charlotte.


Saline implants are less expensive than silicone ones and are FDA-approved for cosmetic use in women 18 and older. Since the implants are inserted empty and filled after placement, women who opt for saline implants typically have smaller scars. Filling after placement also allows for more precisely symmetrical results, particularly in women with significant asymmetry prior to surgery.

Although saline implants can sometimes show visible surface rippling or wrinkles, they remain a cost-effective choice that can deliver beautiful results in the right candidate.


Silicone gel implants are FDA-approved for cosmetic use in women 22 and older and are currently the more popular choice for breast augmentation among breast augmentation patients in Charlotte. Filled with a thick silicone gel that has a jelly-like texture, silicone implants won’t wrinkle, and the contents are designed to stay in place even in the unlikely event of a breach in the outer implant shell.

Gummy bear implants offer a third choice for women seeking breast augmentation procedures from plastic surgeons. A different type of silicone implant, the form-stable silicone gel in gummy bear implants is firm yet soft, much like the gummy candies they’re nicknamed after.

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