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Average Cost Of Breast Augmentation In Ohio

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the country, and for good reason. It can provide a huge boost to your self-esteem, improving the way that you feel about your body. If you’re considering getting implants through breast augmentation surgery but aren’t sure which size you want, knowing how much each breast implant size will cost might help you come to a decision. Read on to learn more about the average cost of breast augmentation in Ohio, as well as how this cost is calculated.

In this guide, we review the aspects of Average cost of breast augmentation in ohio, breast augmentation ohio specials, best breast augmentation surgeons in ohio, and How do most people pay for a breast augmentation?

The cost for a breast augmentation procedure at our Columbus, Ohio, practice ranges from $7,000 to $8,500, which includes surgeon’s fees, anesthesia fees, and the cost of implants. This price depends on several factors, including the complexity of your procedure, type of implants, and whether you are having additional procedures during the same surgery.

While cost is a necessary consideration, Dr. Taylor recommends making a surgeon’s qualifications and experience your highest priorities. Your well-being and your results matter more than the difference in price.

Is Breast Augmentation Surgery Right for You?

If you think larger or fuller breasts will help you feel more confident and bring balance to your figure, then breast augmentation is a great surgical option. Some women have always wanted larger breasts, and others notice that their breasts lose volume after pregnancy or aging. Dr. Taylor’s sympathetic and engaging personality helps women open up to her about their reasons for wanting breast augmentation, which often include:

  • “Filling out” tops, bras, or bathing suits better
  • Aligning the proportions of the upper and the lower body
  • Looking and feeling more voluptuous, feminine, and sexy

Can Breast Augmentation Be Combined With Other Procedures?

Dr. Taylor sees women of all ages and sizes for this procedure and will customize your results to best flatter your body. In some cases, she may recommend combining breast augmentation with a breast lift if your breasts sag. Body contouring procedures such as liposuction can also be included as part of a mommy makeover.

“I love what I do. What could be more rewarding than helping someone feel beautiful?”

— Dr. Anne Taylor

Dr. Anne Taylor has more than 20 years of plastic surgery experience and credentials that speak for themselves. Women and men come to her for her plastic surgery artistry, and the genuine warmth and compassion she has for her patients.Credentials You Can TrustDr. Taylors CredentialsMEET DR. TAYLORREQUEST A CONSULTATION

Breast Augmentation vs. Breast Lift

Breast augmentation and breast lift are two common procedures that can help enhance the appearance of a woman’s breasts. Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, involves adding implants to increase breast volume and improve shape. On the other hand, a breast lift, or mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and tightens the surrounding tissue to raise and reshape the breasts.

In some cases, women may choose to have breast augmentation to address minor sagging. By adding implants, the breasts can be filled out, providing a more attractive shape. However, if the sagging is more significant, a breast lift may be necessary. This is particularly true if the nipples sit below the breast crease or point downward instead of straight ahead. In such cases, a breast lift can help reposition the breasts and increase volume in a single procedure.

Dr. Taylor, a board-certified plastic surgeon, specializes in breast augmentation and breast lift procedures. He understands the importance of achieving natural-looking results while also addressing the specific needs and concerns of each patient. By combining breast augmentation with a breast lift, Dr. Taylor can help women achieve their desired breast size, shape, and position.

During a consultation, Dr. Taylor will assess the patient’s individual anatomy and goals to determine the most appropriate treatment plan. This may involve discussing the size and type of implants to be used, as well as the extent of the breast lift. By customizing each procedure to the patient’s unique needs, Dr. Taylor can help achieve beautiful and long-lasting results.

Overall, breast augmentation and breast lift procedures can help women feel more confident and satisfied with their appearance. Whether it’s adding volume to enhance breast size or lifting and reshaping the breasts, these procedures can provide a significant improvement in overall breast aesthetics. With the expertise of a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Taylor, patients can achieve natural-looking results that enhance their natural beauty.

Your Breast Augmentation Procedure

During your consultation, Dr. Taylor will spend time getting to know you and understanding your motivations, goals, preferences, and lifestyle. She will also examine you physically and take a series of measurements. She will use this information to recommend the best approach to breast augmentation, including the size and style of breast implants and surgical technique.

How to Choose Your Ideal Breast Implants

One of the keys to beautiful, natural-looking breast augmentation results is choosing the right implants. Dr. Anne Taylor helps take the stress and guesswork out of this important decision. With over 20 years of experience performing breast augmentation, she has perfected the art of helping women choose the breast implants that will best provide the enhanced look they envision for themselves.

Breast Implant Size

Choosing the right implant size is a crucial decision for women considering breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Taylor, a renowned plastic surgeon, explains that the volume of breast implants is measured in cubic centimeters of liquid volume, commonly referred to as cc. This measurement system helps translate the size of the implants into cup sizes, providing an easier way to understand and choose the right size for each patient.

During the consultation process, Dr. Taylor may request that patients bring in photos of women whose breast size and shape closely resemble the look they are trying to achieve. This visual aid can help both the patient and the surgeon have a clear understanding of the desired outcome. However, Dr. Taylor emphasizes that while she may make recommendations based on the patient’s goals and existing breast tissue, the final decision on implant size ultimately rests with the patient’s personal preference.

One of the major considerations when choosing the right implant size is the patient’s anatomy. Factors such as chest width, existing breast tissue, and the desired look all play a role in determining the ideal implant size. Dr. Taylor will carefully assess these factors during the consultation to provide a customized recommendation that aligns with the patient’s goals and anatomy.

Understanding the relationship between implant size and cup size can be complex, as cup sizes can vary among bra manufacturers and styles. However, as a general guide, an increase of approximately 150 to 200 cc in implant volume often translates to an increase of one cup size. This correlation can help patients get a rough idea of how different implant sizes may affect their overall breast size.

In some cases, patients may opt for a moderate increase in size to achieve a natural-looking result, while others may prefer a more dramatic change. Dr. Taylor stresses the importance of communication and collaboration in the decision-making process, ensuring that the patient’s preferences and goals are clearly understood and incorporated into the final choice of implant size.

Choosing the right implant size is a personal decision that should be based on a combination of medical considerations and individual preferences. By working closely with an experienced and understanding plastic surgeon like Dr. Taylor, patients can feel confident in their choice and look forward to achieving the results they desire.

Profile view of round and teardrop breast implant

Differences Between Silicone Gel and Saline Breast Implants

Silicone Gel Implants

Women who want breasts that look and feel more natural choose this type of implant. Options include cohesive silicone gel implants and highly cohesive silicone (“gummy bear”) implants. These implants are:

  • Available only to women who are at least 22 years old
  • More natural looking and feeling
  • An excellent choice for women with very little body fat or natural breast tissue
  • Not likely to deflate if ruptured
  • Known for minimizing the chance of visible rippling
  • Likely to require a slightly larger incision
  • Slightly more expensive

Saline Implants

These implants are filled with sterile saline (saltwater) and are a good choice for women who want the reassurance of knowing their breast implants are filled with a harmless saline solution that can be naturally absorbed by the body in case of rupture. Saline implants offer some pros and cons:

  • Available to women of all ages
  • Increased chance of rippling
  • Deflate if ruptured
  • Need smaller incision
  • Slightly less expensive
  • Don’t feel as natural as silicone implants

Dr. Taylor discusses these options personally with each patient during the consultation

Round breast implant profiles of varying projection

Breast Implant Shapes

Breast implants are available in round and teardrop (also called anatomical or shaped) types. Round implants are a good choice for patients who want to increase fullness in the upper breasts. Shaped implants are designed to achieve a natural-looking breast shape that gradually slopes out from the upper chest and has more fullness at the bottom.

Breast Implant Profile Options

The profile of a breast implant is the degree to which it projects or sticks out from the chest wall when placed behind the breast tissue. There are many available profiles, which are not standard between manufacturers, but generally range from high, to moderate, to low. A high-profile implant projects forward more than a moderate profile implant. The base of low-profile implants is usually wider than high-profile implants; therefore, implants with high profiles are better suited to women who have a narrow rib cage.

Breast Augmentation Incision Types

The surgical technique used will depend on the type of implant you choose, as well as your cosmetic preferences and anatomy. Dr. Taylor offers two types of incisions: periareolar (around the lower border of the areola) and inframammary fold incisions (in the breast crease). Dr. Taylor will discuss the advantages of each surgical option during your appointment.

Periareolar Incision
Inframammary Incision

About Breast Augmentation Surgery

Dr. Taylor performs all breast augmentation procedures in a fully accredited surgery center. She prefers general anesthesia, administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist, to enhance patient comfort. Breast augmentation is usually an outpatient procedure, so patients return home the day of surgery in the care of an adult friend or family member.

To begin the surgery, Dr. Taylor places an incision either under the breast or around the areola. She then creates a space for the implant, in most cases under the chest muscle for a more natural look and feel. Next, she inserts the breast implants, assesses breast size and shape, and makes any adjustments needed to achieve the desired results. If she is also performing a breast lift, Dr. Taylor will remove excess skin, reshape the breast, and reposition the nipple to a natural location. Dissolvable sutures are discreetly placed under the skin.

How Long Does It Take to Recover From Breast Augmentation?

Most women can return to work within a week after surgery. Normal daily activities and light exercise such as walking are permitted during the first few days and weeks. Strenuous exercise or more vigorous activities can usually be resumed after 4 to 6 weeks. Dr. Taylor will provide you with specific instructions for activity during your appointment. After surgery, you will be asked to wear a special bra and ACE wrap to help stabilize your breasts and minimize swelling. Dr. Taylor will explain your discharge instructions at your first post-operative appointment, which is usually the day after surgery. Please be sure to arrange for transportation to and from your appointments.

Initially, it is normal for the breasts to feel hard and tight and sit a bit high on the chest until swelling subsides, and stretched skin and muscles relax. Within about 6 to 8 weeks, the breasts soften and drop slightly. It usually takes about 6 months for the breasts to completely settle into their beautiful, natural, new shape.

Post-operative check-ups occur once a week for 3 weeks to ensure that you are healing well and are happy with your results. Once recovery is complete and the breasts have settled and softened, Dr. Taylor’s patients tend to be thrilled with their new breasts, new bras, and newfound body confidence.

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Is Recovery Painful?

The degree of discomfort varies greatly depending on the patient, as well as the surgical techniques used and whether or not additional procedures were performed. Regardless, any discomfort is easily managed with oral pain medication.

Will I Need to Replace My Implants in the Future?

With the advancements in today’s breast implants, there is no absolute timeframe for replacing them — but it’s also doubtful that they will last a lifetime. If a saline implant deflates or if you develop a complication later in life, it’s important to see a plastic surgeon without delay. Many women come to Dr. Taylor for breast augmentation revision surgery as well as elective implant exchange, as their tastes change and new implants become available.

Anatomical gummy bear teardrop implant profiles of varying projection.

Factors That Can Influence Breast Augmentation Cost

A number of thing can influence the final cost of breast augmentation surgery. One of the main factors is the geographic location where you plan to have the procedure done. For instance, undergoing breast augmentation in a metropolis may cost more than having it done in a less populated area because the plastic surgeon’s overhead costs are usually higher in cities and popular locations.

Another factor that can influence the cost of breast augmentation is your choice of breast implants. In general, silicone gel implants cost more than saline implants. There are benefits and drawbacks of each type of breast implant, which a qualified plastic surgeon can explain during consultation.

Finally, the complexity of your surgical goals and procedure can affect the overall cost of breast augmentation surgery. For example, if you are removing outdated or ruptured breast implants, and are undergoing revision breast augmentation surgery, the cost may be more. This is because secondary breast augmentation is a more complex procedure that is more difficult to perform, as there is less tissue to work with.

Breast Augmentation Cost

Although many factors can contribute to the final cost of breast augmentation surgery, here are some general guidelines to help you get an idea of what breast enhancement with expert Portland plastic surgery provider Dr. Michael Bohley costs.

In general, breast augmentation surgery costs about $7,000 to $9,000. At the plastic surgery Portland practice of Dr. Bohley, you may find periodic specials available. Dr. Bohley’s breast augmentation fee usually includes the surgical fee, cost of breast implants, operating room or facility fee, and the fee for a board-certified anesthesiologist.

Be cautious of a plastic surgeon who says he or she can perform breast augmentation for $2,000 or $3,000. These plastic surgeons may not be board-certified, or may be neglecting to mention additional fees, such as the anesthesia fee, in the price quoted.

Financing Information

Dr. Bohley Cosmetic Surgery offers CareCredit financing for breast augmentation surgery and other procedures. This third-party program can help patients who qualify finance 100 percent of their surgery, and there are no upfront costs, pre-payment penalties or annual fees. There are 24, 36, 48 and 60-month payment plan options, and CareCredit offers competitive interest rates.

Remember, you cannot put a price on a great self-image!

breast augmentation ohio specials

Are you considering the potential benefits of breast augmentation? Dr. Nicholas Husni and the professionals at the Neo Aesthetic Institute can help you achieve the body image you deserve. Located in the heart of Lyndhurst, Dr. Husni is proud to offer breast augmentation to residents of Cleveland, Akron, and the neighboring communities in Ohio.

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to enhance the size, shape, and fullness of the breasts through means of artificial implants or fat grafting. It is the most popular aesthetic surgery in the United States, with almost 300,000 operations performed each year. Demand is only expected to grow as advances in surgical techniques and material has made the process more accessible and safer. Women who are unhappy with the look of their bust often turn to this option to achieve a look they feel is better suited to them. Afterward, they are happier with their appearance and obtain a lasting boost in self-confidence.

The cost of your breast augmentation is going to depend on the type of implants you choose to receive and the extent of the procedure needed to achieve your desired results. Dr. Husni will go over the details of your breast augmentation including its overall cost during the time of your private consultation. At Neo Aesthetic Institute, we are happy to offer financing options that allow you the comfort and convenience of paying for your procedure at your leisure.

Once you have scheduled your operation, there are several steps you can take to help ensure a smooth surgery and effective recovery. Dr. Husni will give you detailed instructions on how to prepare for your breast augmentation, but there are some general rules you can start planning for:

Be sure to follow any additional recommendations given by Dr. Husni, and don’t hesitate to contact the clinic if you have any questions.

What Can I Expect During my Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is an outpatient surgery that generally takes no more than a few hours to complete. For your comfort, Dr. Husni and his team of experts will administer a general anesthetic or intravenous sedative before beginning. The details of the procedure itself will vary according to each patient. You and the doctor will discuss your options extensively before your breast augmentation surgery. Your surgical options will depend on a number of factors, including your desired results, anatomy and body type, and personal preferences.

The material used for your breast enlargement may include any of the following:

A small incision is made to insert the fat or implants. To minimize visible scarring, Dr. Husni will choose a discrete incision site. Dr. Husni then forms a pocket directly underneath or on top of the pectoral muscles, where the breast implant will be placed so as not to interfere with either muscle or gland function. The incision is then closed off with sutures and bandaged to promote healing.

Observing proper recovery procedures is vital to ensuring the best possible results from your breast augmentation. A day of rest is recommended immediately after your operation, with reduced physical activity and generous rest over the following few weeks. Excessive strain on the upper arm and chest area should be avoided for an extended period of about two weeks. This will increase your healing and reduce pain, risk of injury, and other post-surgery complications. Some degree of soreness and swelling is common in the weeks after your breast enhancement procedure. Dr. Husni may prescribe medication to reduce any discomfort in addition to providing you with detailed post-operative care instructions for your optimal recovery.

The surgical process and discrete location of incisions are designed to diminish nearly all visible scarring. The use of topical creams or ointments and strict adherence to recovery instructions can further minimize any effects of scarring. Other factors may influence the likelihood of scarring as well, such as skin pigment, tissue movement, and genetic disposition.

best breast augmentation surgeons in ohio

Choosing a plastic surgeon is a very important decision. Every surgeon is different, and some may have stronger skills in various areas. It is important to do your research and ensure that your surgeon is properly credentialed. Here are some of the most important points for you to consider in your search:

We are of course biased to our own practice and Dr. Brian Dorner’s expertise with everything from breast augmentations to tummy tucks to mommy makeovers. But we wanted to take a moment to recognize some of the other leading plastic surgeons in our fine state. So, without further ado, here are some of the best plastic surgeons in Ohio:

Susan Vasko, MD | At Columbus Plastic Surgery (CAPS) MedSpa in Upper Arlington, Dr. Vasko expands her research on breast reconstruction by focusing on infection prevention protocols utilizing tissue expanders. She is also the director at Riverside Methodist Hospital for the plastic surgery residency program.

Daniel Medalie, MD | Located in Cleveland, Dr. Medalie specializes in many aspects of Transgender Surgery and researches gene therapy and skin tissue engineering. He recently opened his new private practice location in Beachwood, Ohio.

Bahman Guyuron, MD | Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Dr. Guyuron has a three-decade passion for rhinoplasty and specializes in face and neck procedures. He has performed more than 2,500 surgical migraine procedures throughout his career.

Rob Houser, DO | Dr. Houser is a native of Central Ohio and started his studies at The Ohio State University. He specializes in immediate reconstructive surgery where he graduated as Chief Resident during his final year.

Greg Pearson, MD | Dr. Pearson is a certified pediatric surgeon at The Cleft Lip and Palate Center at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. As a physician at this center, he is recognized as an American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Associate affiliate team member.

Bivik Shah, MD | Dr. Shah began his career earning an electrical engineering degree from the University of Michigan before attending The Ohio State University for medical school. He is a partner at Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery and is actively involved in Operation Smileproviding charity surgeries on missions around the world.

Robert Heck, MD | Dr. Heck, a partner at Columbus Plastic Surgery (CAPS) MedSpa, was awarded The Outstanding Surgery Resident Award and is an active board member at the Riverside Outpatient Surgery Center.

James McMahan, MD | Specializing in aesthetic and laser surgery, Dr. McMahan is a member of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and he’s committed to furthering his surgical skills through The American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Please note that these are not endorsements for these surgeons, simply a review of community impression and assessment of their before and after photographs. Be sure to keep the steps above in mind, take your time with your decision and speak with multiple practices to find the right doctor for you. It is important you are comfortable with your overall decision and doctor performing the procedure, and the good news is, Ohio has no shortage of great plastic surgeons.

How do most people pay for a breast augmentation

The cost of breast augmentation surgery is one of the main reasons why so many women put off getting breast implants.

Unlike other surgeries, health insurance companies will not cover the costs of breast augmentation surgeries, as they are seen as cosmetic procedures. There are a few exceptions to this rule, particularly for breast reconstruction, but for most women insurance coverage is not an option.

Even though the costs of breast augmentation surgery are becoming more accessible and affordable, it still can be too expensive to pay upfront with cash.

Luckily, today women have more options for financing their breast augmentation surgery, ranging from special care credit cards, personal loans from a bank or credit union, and even online crowdfunding sites.

At Emmett Plastic Surgery, we offer CareCredit, Prosper Healthcare Lending, and a partnership with our local bank, Simmons Bank.

Can breast implants be covered by health insurance?

Women looking to undergo breast augmentation often ask if the procedure is covered by their insurance. Unfortunately, most insurance companies consider breast augmentation to be an elective, or cosmetic surgery and are not willing to cover the costs.

However, for women who have had cancer and received a mastectomy, breast reconstruction surgery may be covered.

Some insurance companies may also cover the costs associated with breast revision surgery, particularly if an implant has ruptured or is causing a rippling texture in the breasts. In these instances, insurance may cover the costs to prevent any health hazards.

We’ve also seen some insurance companies cover breast augmentation for women with asymmetrical breasts, but this may be more difficult depending on your insurance.

Be sure to check your insurance policy for specific language related to cosmetic, elective, and reconstructive surgery. 

Breast augmentation financing options

To learn more about financing for augmentation, read our list of financing options to get more ideas on how to fund your breast augmentation surgery.

Your plastic surgeon’s payment plan options

Plastic surgeons know that the price of getting breast implants can be prohibitive to some of their patients. This is why many plastic surgeons offer multiple financing options to make paying for surgery more accessible and sustainable.

At Emmett Plastic Surgery, we offer the three following financing options.


CareCredit financing has become a very popular choice used by several plastic surgeons and health provider offices across America.

CareCredit is a credit card that provides funding for medical procedures. They offer several different types of cards, depending on the type of procedures and treatments offered.

Their Cosmetic and Beauty Financing credit card helps cover the breast augmentation, as well as other cosmetic surgeries, such as rhinoplasty, liposuction, tummy tuck, mommy makeover, body sculpting, and more.

Like all credit cards, CareCredit comes with a minimum monthly payment. 

Simmons Bank

For patients looking to get a personal loan to cover the surgery, we recommend contacting Simmons Bank. 

We have an established relationship with Simmons Bank, as they’ve been a Lone Tree, Colorado banking institution for over 14 years.

To contact Simmons Bank Lone Tree office, give them a call at 303-706-1723 and tell them you were referred by Emmett Plastic Surgery.

Prosper® Healthcare Lending

Prosper Healthcare Lending aims to make financing breast augmentation more accessible than ever. 

For those wishing to avoid high-interest rates often charged by credit cards, Prosper gives their customers simple installment loans with no retroactive interest.

This means the interest rate will remain fixed and not change, making payments more predictable and affordable to pay off over time.

Breast Augmentation FAQ

Is breast augmentation surgery safe?

Breast augmentation is a safe procedure when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast enhancement surgery and uses FDA-approved implants.

Will I be able to breastfeed if I have breast augmentation?

Many women can successfully breastfeed after breast augmentation. When planned with the future goal of breastfeeding in mind, your breast augmentation procedure can avoid the nipples and milk glands altogether. During your consultation, it’s important to share your plans with Dr. Taylor.

Breast implants, whether saline or silicone, have no effect on the quality of breast milk, so there’s no cause for concern about the baby’s safety.

Will breast augmentation correct my tuberous breasts?

In most cases, tuberous breast surgery is significantly more complex than breast augmentation. With tuberous breast disorder, the breast usually has a narrow base and sits high on the chest. This is referred to as a constricted lower pole. The areola may be large and puffy. Creating a full, rounded breast shape with a proportional nipple/areola is usually a very complex procedure that often is performed in 2 stages.

Will I still be able to have mammograms if I have implants?

Yes. Regular mammograms are an important part of taking care of your health as a woman. To ensure a clear assessment of your breast tissue, your technician will take multiple scans of your breasts. This allows for views that include the breasts and implants together, as well as views with the implants pushed back against the chest wall (to get an image of the breast tissue alone).

Have you contemplated getting breast augmentation surgery, but think that it is too expensive? You are not alone. However, the cost of breast augmentation surgery is more affordable than you may think, especially when you consider how much you probably spend on push-up bras and altering loose clothing to fit your chest area. Not to mention, finally getting the figure you have always wanted is priceless.

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