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Average cost of breast lift in las vegas

Las Vegas is the perfect place to get a breast lift. The weather is dry and sunny all year long, and minimizing incision scarring is much easier when you’re not battling snow, rain, and humidity. In addition, because Las Vegas is such a tourist destination, there are many talented plastic surgeons working in the area.

Traveling to Las Vegas for your breast lift? Here are some tips you should know.

Breast lifts are done under general anesthesia, so you’ll need someone else to drive you to and from your procedure. It’s a good idea to book a hotel room for the first night after surgery as well so that you don’t have to worry about navigating the airport or getting home safely.

When you’re looking for hotels that are close to your surgeon’s office and/or hospital, consider booking a room near the strip or downtown. There are tons of restaurants in these areas where you can find healthy meals (and even some not-so-healthy ones!). You can also peruse the shops on the strip if you get bored in your hotel room post-op.

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Average cost of breast lift in las vegas

Las Vegas Plastic Surgeons Dedicated To Helping Reveal The Most Beautiful You

Breast augmentation (also called Augmentation Mammaplasty or breast implant surgery) is the surgical procedure performed by a cosmetic surgeon that uses breast implants to enlarge a woman’s breasts. The procedure makes your breasts fuller and raises them just a bit (no more than ¾-inch).*

Dr. Lane Smith, a board-certified plastic surgeon, is considered to be one of the most experienced and well-trained plastic surgeons in the western United States. Along with his 4 separate board certifications, he is considered a breast augmentation expert and often performs corrective breast surgery on patients who did not get the outcome desired from other surgeons. Breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures and has one of the highest satisfaction rates of all cosmetic surgery procedures in the country.* Here to Contact Us!

Why Women Choose Breast Augmentation

A woman’s breasts are viewed the world over as a sign of beauty and femininity. Female breasts are one of the main ways cultures distinguish between male and female and so they are given significant importance in just about every country across the globe.

Because cultures place such importance on a woman’s breasts, a woman with small breasts often feels inferior and even at a disadvantage when it comes to being seen as attractive. In addition, women who don’t develop breasts at all or who develop one large breast and one small one can experience feeling “abnormal” or “deformed.”

Improving Self-Esteem

Breast augmentation surgery is a safe and highly effective way to provide women with larger or more symmetrical breasts. Patients who undergo breast augmentation surgery typically report that they feel more attractive and more feminine. Many also report an increase in their self-esteem, stating that the procedure was the best investment they’ve ever made.*

Are you ready to get started? Contact us today to schedule your consultation with our Las Vegas breast augmentation surgery specialists!

Cost of Breast Augmentation in Las VegasWhat To Expect From Your Surgical Procedure

Each woman has different reasons for choosing breast augmentation surgery. Your goals will be different from any other woman’s goals. Some women are seeking very large, round breasts. Some of Dr. Smith’s patients even have asked him specifically to make the breasts look “fake:” they want breasts that are extra firm, very round, and extra high.*

Other patients want him only to fill out breast tissue lost from nursing, while others ask for larger – but still natural-looking – breasts. Cleavage is also important to many women.

Dr. Smith is most commonly asked to provide a look known as “enhanced natural,” in which a woman’s breasts are made a bit fuller on the upper part, with a bit more cleavage than is natural. This provides breasts that look fuller and rounder, but not obviously fake or “operated on.”*

Your Discussion With the Doctor

As you first start talking to Dr. Smith, make sure you tell him why you want breast augmentation surgery and how you’d like your breasts to look as a result. While Dr. Smith can’t always give you the exact look you wish for, he will work to tailor the outcome to meet your desires as much as possible.

Can Breast Implants Correct Every Breast Problem?

Please understand that breast augmentation surgery can’t correct every issue you may have with your breasts.

  • Some of the things breast augmentation can’t correct:
  • Very droopy breasts (ptotic breasts) that are dropping an inch or more may need a breast lift (mastopexy) in addition to (or in place of) breast augmentation.*
  • Large differences in the position of one or both of your nipples may require additional surgery or techniques.*
  • Breast Augmentation can’t fix inverted nipples and large areolas.*

In short, breast augmentation mainly is used to increase your breasts’ volume.*

What To Think About Regarding Your Choices

  • You will be making several choices regarding your breast augmentation, including:
  • Location of your breast implant and position of the incision site.
  • Size of your breast implant.
  • Shape of your breast implant.
  • Silicone or saline breast implant.

You and Dr. Smith will discuss these choices at length as the two of you work together to make your decisions. To help you, we’ve put together pages (look for the menu to the right) with additional information on each of the numbered topics above.

Dr. Smith will guide you in your decision, but he feels strongly that you should feel that you have input into your breast augmentation outcome. All decisions you make are entirely up to you and Dr. Smith and our Las Vegas plastic surgery staff members will work to ensure you are comfortable and happy with your ultimate results.*

The Average Cost of Breast Augmentation in Las Vegas is $6,500 – $7,500 (Saline), and $7,000 – $8,000 (Silicone)

What Are The Risks?

Breast augmentation is one of the safest surgeries that Dr. Smith performs. Dr. Smith and his staff will discuss the risks of Las Vegas breast augmentation surgery at your consultation where you are encouraged to ask questions.

The Appearance of the Breasts Immediately After Surgery

  • What to expect in terms of the appearance of the breasts immediately after surgery: Immediately after surgery, the breasts will appear to be too high and look elongated rather than round. The breasts will be very tight and not move well. This is normal. With time the breasts will slowly drop, became more round-shaped, become softer and move easily just like real breasts. It is important that the breasts do not drop to a normal position too quickly or in the end, the breasts will be too low and take about 3-6 months for the breasts to fully drop. It is important to wear a supportive bra during the entire 6 months to prevent the breasts from falling too low unless we tell you otherwise.
  • There is always some swelling and usually some bruising after surgery: It is normal for the breasts to be slightly swollen after surgery. Sometimes the swelling and bruising can even extend down into the abdomen area or lower. This is normal.
  • Often the breasts will make a squishy sound or feeling: Initially, after surgery, it is normal for the breasts to make a squishy sound or have a feeling like there is some fluid around the implant. This is normal and will go completely away, but it may take several months. Also, sometimes there can be some air under the skin, which can be felt, kind of like the bubbles in bubble wrap. This is not dangerous and will go away.
  • There will be special tape covering the incisions: This will help the incisions to heal and the scars to look better.

Recovery After Surgery

Following your surgery, you will notice some swelling and bruising that will gradually subside after a few weeks. This may cause some discomfort, but can be easily managed using oral pain medication and muscle relaxers prescribed by Dr. Smith.

After your procedure and as part of your recovery, Dr. Smith will provide a surgical bra for you to wear. Once Dr. Smith has provided the approval, you may change out of the surgical bra and into a shapely underwire bra also provided by the practice. This bra should be worn for 6-8 weeks as it will help stabilize the lower and outer breast pocket dimensions, leading to a more predictable implant position and central cleavage. Long term bra support is one way to decrease the risk of sagging in the future.

You will want to plan on taking up to 2 weeks off from work to recover from the surgery. Your recovery includes refraining from any upper body activity such as heavy lifting or fitness activities, as well as any other strenuous exercises for up to 4 weeks. After the first month of recovery, you can gradually resume light exercise.

What To Expect Next?

Your breast implants will ten to soften, settle and drop over time, which typically starts after 2 months, but can vary in time depending on the tightness of your tissue and skin tone. You will notice mild changes in the appearance of your breast and can continue for up to 6 months after your breast augmentation surgery.

The patient typically will continue to look better and the scars improve for up to two years or more after surgery. Around 6-9 months after the surgery, we will typically take a post-operative photo and provide you a set of pre-operative and post-operative photos. This will help you see your improvement. Often, patients will have forgotten what they looked like prior to surgery and are surprised to see that the improvement in their appearance was more than they thought.

Why do breast augmentation costs seem to vary so much?  Here in Las Vegas I’ve seen quotes ranging from under $3000, to over $7000.  Is one doctor that much better than the other? Are they doing or using something special?  When I take a closer look, the differences really aren’t there.  So why the big price difference?

To completely understand things, let’s take a look at ‘the parts’ of the total surgery cost.

First is anesthesia: This will allow you to comfortably sleep while the surgery is being performed.

Second is the surgery center fee: This allows you to have your procedure performed safely at an accredited center dedicated to surgery.  It comes with all the reassurance of having hospital grade standards, equipment, staff, and nurses, but without the hassle and costs of a hospital.

Third is the surgeon’s cost: This is what your surgeon will charge to perform the actual breast augmentation.

Fourth is the cost of your breast implants:  The price is different for saline and silicone implants as the breast implant manufacturer typically charges the doctor around $1200 more to buy silicone implants.  Many times this cost will be lumped into the surgeons cost and other times not.

To return to the question of why the big difference from $3000 to $7000?  The costs of anesthesia, surgery center, and breast implants are relatively fixed.  The biggest variability comes with the surgeon’s fee.

The Big Lure.

One thing I noticed is that many board certified plastic surgeons around Las Vegas will advertise only the surgeon’s fee. So when you see the billboard saying “Breast Augmentation for $3000!!!” realize that’s only part of the cost.   Expect additional charges to cover the cost for anesthesia, surgery center, and implants.

Another common tactic is to present the surgery almost like a car dealer would present the entry level versus fully loaded car.   An example is where the surgeon will tell you the price advertised is only if the implant is placed above your chest muscle.  If you want the implant under the chest muscle, that costs more.  The problem with this tactic is that for the average person, placing the implant under the chest muscle holds many advantages.  Once you realize this and opt for under the muscle placement, you’ll be paying much more.

So what questions should you ask on the phone to get to the bottom line and figure out what you’ll be paying when its all said and done?

Is there a price difference if…

  1. The implants are smooth or textured?
  2. The implants are saline or silicone?
  3. The implants are placed above or below the chest muscle?
  4. The implants are placed through the nipple, breast fold, or under arm?
  5. Does this price include anesthesia, surgery center, and costs of breast implants?

Realize when it’s all said and done and you’ve asked the above questions, the costs will be very close.

Cheap Breast Implants in Las Vegas

Nobody wants to have surgery at the bottom dollar store, nor do they want to over pay.  Price is important, but how can you further narrow your options?  One of the best ways is to look at the surgeons results.  Every surgeon has an aesthetic eye.  Look at patient before and after pictures for each surgeon and see if their eye, artistry, and skill match what you want.  Not all breasts are created equal, nor are all board certified plastic surgeons skills.


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