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Breast Uplift and Implant Price UK

Breast lift surgery, also called mastopexy, raises and reshapes sagging breasts. It can also reduce the size of the areola, the darker skin surrounding the nipple.

If your breasts are small or have lost volume — for example, after pregnancy — breast lift surgery is not likely to increase your breast size. To add volume as well as lift your breasts, consider breast lift with implants in combination with a mastopexy.

Breast lift may be done as a stand-alone procedure or in conjunction with another procedure such as breast reduction or breast augmentation.

average cost of breast lift uk


Breast uplift surgery or ‘mastopexy’ is a surgical procedure that lifts, reshapes and volumizes the breasts in order to achieve a more youthful appearance. The shape of the breasts, just like the rest of the body, can change in appearance throughout adulthood. Lifetime events as well as our lifestyle choices can often be the cause of changes to our appearance, with circumstances such as weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding and general ageing resulting in the breasts losing their firm and pert look. As a frequently requested cosmetic procedure, lifting the breasts to sit higher on the chest can help to restore a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing appearance as well as helping to boost self-confidence.

At my Harley Street clinic I perform breast uplift surgery for women who find they are affected by:

  • Sagging  or droopy breasts
  • Flat, empty looking breasts
  • Asymmetric breasts

Making the decision to undergo surgery will have taken a lot of thought and consideration. I have helped many women achieve their goals and understand the impact of having an appearance you are unhappy with. The consultation process provides the opportunity to discuss why you want breast uplift surgery and what you would like to achieve in terms of shape and size. I will ask you about your relevant medical history which includes whether or not you take any medications. As part of the consultation and surgical planning I will need to examine your breasts and will be accompanied by one of my nursing team while I do this. I will also ask to take photographs of your breast which will form part of your medical record and will help in planning your surgery and charting your progress following surgery. I will be able to show you photographs of previous patients who have had similar procedures so you can see the range of outcomes achievable. I will always recommend that you take some time to think about the things discussed during the consultation and  offer to arrange a further, second consultation to discuss any issues, questions or concerns that may have arisen.


Breast uplift surgery is carried out under a general anaesthetic and usually as a day-case, meaning you should be able to go home the same day. 

Taking into account your aims and objectives, the procedure may be done with or without the insertion of implants. The decision to use implants or not will obviously be decided with you well before surgery and will partly be influenced by whether you have mild, moderate or more significant sagging breasts and weather you want to also significantly increase the size of your breasts at the same time. . 

An uplift involves marking around the areola and / or on the underside of your breasts, from which excess skin / tissue can be removed and an implant can be inserted (if this route is being taken). The breasts will be reshaped and the nipple repositioned, if necessary, before the wounds are closed and dressed.

Before you leave the hospital, you will be provided with a supportive post-surgical bra which is designed to help support your breasts while they are with the healing. You will be advised  how long to wear it for and when it can be removed. 


After you have woken up from your surgery I will come and see you and explain how everything went. I’ll also go over how to look after yourself and your new breasts until I next see you for your 1 week follow-up appointment. You will be given enough time to recover before you are assessed and discharged from the hospital. Myself and my team are always available should you have any concerns, but formal follow-up appointments are typically made at 1 week, 6 weeks, 3 months and 1 year after surgery. 

Immediately following surgery it is likely that you will find that your breasts will feel tender and swollen. This can cause you some discomfort  in the initial period following surgery but you will have been given appropriate pain relief to help manage this. You will also be provided with information about how best to care for your wounds, as well as when the best time is to start showering, driving and how long you may need to take off work. While your body is healing it is always best to take it easy for a couple of weeks, only undertaking low level activities, increasing your activity levels gradually as and when your body is comfortable. Wearing a supportive sports bra or post-surgical bra will help to make you feel comfortable following surgery

Swelling following surgery is to be expected and although most will resolve by 2 to 4 weeks  it takes many more for all of the swelling to disappear. Similarly, in the early phase of wound healing, the scars may appear red or raised. I will advise you on scar management which will encourage the scars to soften and fade over time. 


It is a natural process and very common for women to find that as they progress through life, their breasts become droopy from lost volume and the skin losing it’s natural elasticity. The effects of gravity, fluctuations in weight, pregnancy and breast feeding, and other reasons can contribute to  a droopy or sagging appearance. If your breasts are droopy then it is likely you are a candidate for breast uplift surgery.


I am an experienced and well respected consultant  plastic surgeon who specialises in performing cosmetic surgery in my private practice. Patient safety is always at the forefront of every procedure I undertake and at every step along the journey I aim to ensure that a safe and successful outcome is achieved. I will not accept any unnecessary risk and if I feel this procedure would be unsafe for you, I will not recommend it. 


The procedure is carried out under a  general anaesthetic  which means that you are fully asleep and will not feel anything during surgery. When you wake up from surgery and in the early stages of recovery you may feel some soreness but this likely to be fairly mild and short-lived.  Adapting your activity levels during this period will help with your comfort levels, as will a suitable course of pain relief and wearing a post-surgical garment. 


Although there can be side effects following  any surgery, these are usually minimal and only temporary. Common side effects include swelling and bruising. . Similarly, in the early phase of wound healing, the scars may appear red or raised. I will advise you on scar management which will encourage the scars to soften and fade over time. Although uncommon, potential complications of surgery will be discussed with you during the face-to-face assessment.


It is likely that you will need to take things easy for around 2 weeks after the operation: taking time off work, avoiding strenuous exercise and refraining from driving until it is comfortable to wear a seat belt. Your recovery will be closely monitored in the weeks and months that follow your surgery and you will be given advice when it is best to resume certain activities, based upon your progress. 

Breast Uplift and Implant Price UK


Breast Lift in Turkey

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Breast lift operation is one of the most common breast plastic surgeries in the current era, and it is sometimes called breast lift or breast lift, and this operation aims to solve the problem of sagging breasts that occur in women, whether with age or because of childbirth and breastfeeding or because of changes. In weight, by removing the sagging skin and tissues from the breast and reshaping the breast tissue to return to its normal shape; Breast sagging is one of the problems that plague the lives of many women because due to sagging the skin loses its elasticity and the supporting muscles of the breast are weakened, so women have resorted to breast lift operations recently.

Breast lift surgery aims to rebuild and shape the breast, by offering surgical and non-surgical procedures,  both by getting rid of excess skin and loose tissue, due to genetic factors, and other natural factors as a result of pregnancy, childbirth, weaning and aging that the breast is exposed to, which affects its shape, size, rotation, and with the passage of time. It may elongate the shape, and the areolae surrounding the nipples enlarge, and it may also change the shape and appearance of the breast.

How much does a Breast Lift Cost in Turkey?

The comparison between Turkey and the United Kingdom and other European countries in terms of living and labor costs indicates a substantial gap between these countries. Although the top of the line of plastic surgery in Turkey is the highest, the cost of living, preparation, paying salaries, and maintaining a medical business is all much lower than in Europe. which means that Turkish surgeons do not have to recover that many expenses, making the average breast lift procedure cost ranges as low as $1,600 to $2,500 and varies depending on the condition and procedure used.

The low cost of a breast lift procedure does not mean a low level of medical service, as Turkey, often provides special and distinguished medical services in the fields of plastic surgery for all its patients.

How much does a Breast Lift cost in the USA?

The United States is one of the developed countries and is known to be a pioneer in cosmetic surgery, although it is no wonder that their interest in medical research and development there is often spread by multinational corporations working to recruit the best doctors and scientists to create new advanced technologies.

However The cost of plastic surgery in the United States of America is relatively average compared to the rest of Europe, breast augmentation surgery ranges between 8500 to 16,000 dollars. And it varies from person to person according to the location, the available capabilities, and the complexity of the surgery, and some other variables that are discussed with the doctor during the consultation.

How much does a breast lift cost in the UK?

The UK is considered one of the leading countries in providing medical services in the cosmetic field, and given the medical tourism sector is booming, plastic surgery in Britain is not excluded from that rule. As it is visited annually by a large number – from different countries of the world – who wish to conduct various forms of plastic surgery, considering that it contains a number of specialized medical centers there provide health facilities of the highest standard, in addition to the availability of a variety of the most qualified and best doctors and surgeons in various branches Aesthetic treatments. who provide one of the highest academic qualifications and practical experiences. 

The cost of a breast lift in the United Kingdom ranges from 7,500 to 10,000 pounds.

How much does a breast lift cost in Germany?

Germany is one of the countries that attract people to it from all over the world for the purpose of medical tourism due to the efficiency of its health care system in addition to its reasonable prices ( in some cases). although aesthetic medical solutions such as Dental cosmetics procedures and plastic surgeries can be more than just pricey.  

However, The average cost for a breast lift in Germany starts from $7000 to $8000 USD

and that doesn’t include postoperative clothes, medications, anesthesia,  additional Clinic and hospital fees, and medical examination fees.

How much does a Breast Lift Cost in Saudi Arabia?

The Saudi Kingdom is one of the Arab countries joining the field of cosmetic surgery from the gulf region, based on its position between European countries, and on the basis of technological development, it has achieved over the past two centuries. 

Saudi Arabia’s average cost of a breast lift and breast lift in Saudi Arabia varies from 18,000 to 25,000 Saudi riyals.

Understanding that these prices will increase or decrease depending on the patient’s condition, the level of the cosmetic center, the doctor’s experience, and the cost of the required care during the recovery process, which varies from case to case, and while Saudi Arabia is one of the Arab countries that may be characterized by the high cost of its cosmetic operations, it does have excellent medical treatment.

How much does a Breast Lift Cost in Egypt?

The price of plastic surgery in Egypt is one of the most important factors that differentiate it and drive more patients to go to it, instead of considering other Arabic countries. And 

Although the prices of plastic surgeries in Egypt vary according to the type of operation itself, as well as the location of the plastic surgery center and the experience of the surgeon who will perform the surgery, the cost of plastic surgeries in Egypt, in general, is the lowest compared to neighboring countries, due to the low value of the Egyptian pound and as well as the demand of centers Beauticians in Egypt offering reasonable offers.

The cost of a Breast lift procedure varies on average from 45,000 to 55,000 EGP.

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