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average cost of breast reduction canada

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure that’s designed to reduce the size of your breasts, making them more proportionate to the rest of your body. It may be advised if your breasts are causing you physical discomfort or emotional distress, or both.

It can also help you to feel more confident about the way your breasts look, which can help boost your self-esteem. For example, some women have back and neck pain because their breasts are very large and heavy, so reducing their size may help ease these symptoms.

In addition, the cost of breast reduction canada surgery can have other important health benefits – for example, it may make it easier for you to take part in physical activities. This may improve your general well-being and overall quality of life.

average cost of breast reduction canada

We are dedicated to providing quality, caring service and aim to keep our fees as reasonable as possible. At your initial consultation, you will be provided with a detailed quotation tailored to your individual requests and requirements.

Breast reduction (also known as “reduction mammaplasty”) is a popular procedure with a very high satisfaction rate. Many of our patients choose breast reduction to feel more proportionate, to look better and to dress more comfortably. At Banff Plastic Surgery, we’ve had the pleasure of caring for breast reduction patients for over thirty years, and we still enjoy the ability to personalise every case in order to get the best results for our patients.

Dr Hall-Findlay is known around the world for her modifications of the vertical breast reduction procedure – and the method is often called the “Hall-Findlay” technique. She gives teaching courses on all aspects of aesthetic breast surgery numerous times throughout the year, has performed surgery for demonstration purposes on every continent except Antarctica and has quite literally “written the textbook” on breast surgery (Aesthetic Breast Surgery – Principles and Techniques).

Her method not only uses shorter scars (lollipop rather than anchor scars), but it also gives a better shape (with more projection) and it has a more long-lasting shape (avoids bottoming-out with time).

Dr Hall-Findlay gets so many requests from plastic surgeons to visit that she has started a yearly workshop in Banff. She appreciates all the international requests, but she would rather stay home and take care of her patients!

Breasts which are too large for a woman’s frame can cause physical and emotional discomfort and distress while limiting clothing choices, making it challenging to perform certain activities and taking a toll on your self-esteem. If you are struggling with painful physical symptoms, poor posture, difficulty sleeping or self-consciousness or wish to reverse the effects of pregnancy, weight loss or aging, breast reduction may be right for you.

Dr Hall-Findlay’s philosophy is to do the right thing (surgery or not) for the right patient at the right time for the right reason.

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Breast reduction removes excess fat, glandular tissue and skin to improve cosmetic appearance and proportion of the breasts as well as to alleviate the discomfort associated with overly large breasts. It may also be possible to correct breast asymmetry, improve sagging or reduce the size of large areolas during the procedure if the patient wishes.

At Banff Plastic Surgery, we use a “vertical” approach for most breast reductions. This results in a “lollipop” scar around the areola and down to the crease under the breast. The nipple is not removed but rather moved upwards while staying attached to blood supply and breast tissue. The excess skin and breast tissue are then removed and the final closure resembles a tennis racquet or lollipop. Any remaining scars are usually well concealed beneath a swimsuit or bra. We also use liposuction in the area in front of the armpits and along the sides of the chest to shape the breast and further enhance the results.

In some cases, we can perform breast reduction with liposuction alone. Candidates for this procedure tend to be older, with breast tissue that is more fatty and less glandular. The technique used for a patient’s breast reduction is ultimately determined by several factors, including the patient’s anatomy, the patient’s aesthetic preferences, the amount of reduction desired and Dr Hall-Findlay’s advice.

Some downtime is required after breast reduction surgery. During this time, the breasts may be swollen, bruised, tender and sensitive. Physical activity should be limited and reintroduced slowly. Dr Hall-Findlay will provide specific instructions for recovery that may include how to care for your breasts following surgery, medications to use to aid healing, potential concerns to watch for and when to return for follow-up care.

Breast reduction surgery can provide long-lasting results, and many patients experience dramatic improvements in their lives. A smaller breast size can offer relief from the pain and physical limitations of excessively large breasts, while a more streamlined and balanced figure can bring a welcome boost to your self-image. A breast reduction procedure cannot, however, guarantee permanent results. The breasts will continue to experience the natural transformations of aging, and may also change due to weight fluctuations, hormonal factors or pregnancy.

Hourglass Tummy Tuck
– Mini
– Full

$6000 – $7500
$8750 – $12000
Lower Body Lift$15000 – $20000
Breast Augmentation
– with Fat Transfer
– with Implants

$10000 – $14000
$7250 – $8750
Breast Augmentation with Implants and Lift$11500 – $13000
Mastopexy Breast Lift$3000 – $8500
Breast Reduction$8000 – $10000
Gynaecomastia Treatment Male Breast Reduction$6000 – $8000
Brazilian Butt Lift$8000 – $15000
Liposuction (Price determined by area and number)$3000 – $10000
Brachioplasty Arm Lift$8750 – $10000
Blepharoplasty Eyelid Lift
– Lower Lids Only
– Upper Lids Only
– Upper & Lower Lids

$3750 – $4500
$3500 – $4000
$6750 – $8000
Otoplasty Ear Surgery$6000
Rhinoplasty$8000 – $10000
Facelift (Skin only, Short Scar or Full)$9000 – $20000
Buccal Pad Removal$4000
Lip Lift$2500 – $3000
Chin Implant$4000
Fat Transfer to the Face$6000 – $7500
InstaLift Thread Lift
(We are the first clinic in Canada to offer this!)
Special Introductory Price to Canada

Brow – $1200
Midface – $2000
Jawline – $2100
Brow & Midface – $3000
Brow & Jawline – $3100
Midface & Jawline – $3800
Brow, Midface & Jawline – $4600
BOTOX Cosmetic$13/unit
Injectable Fillers
– Bellafil®
– Juvéderm Volbella®
– Juvéderm Volift®
– Juvéderm Voluma®
– Juvéderm Volux®
– Revanesse®

$750 /syringe
$750 /syringe
$775 /syringe
$650 /syringe
Sculptra Nonsurgical Facelift$900/vial
No Surgery Butt LiftSculptra $6000/session
Sculptra (generic) $4000/ session

Plastic Surgery Financing

Patients can choose to finance their plastic surgical procedures and we can help facilitate this process through our partners in patient care at Credit Medical, Medicard and Paybright (formerly Health Smart).

5 Things You Need to Know About a Breast Reduction

5 Things You Need to Know About a Breast Reduction

Large breasts can be a burden for many women. Over a lifetime, they can cause mental and emotional stresses (including social and body-image anxieties) and take a physical toll on your body through the strains they put on your neck, back, and posture.

A breast reduction procedure helps to lighten those difficulties, decreasing the size of your breasts to make them firmer and shapelier.

Check out these five things you need to know if you’re thinking about a breast reduction:

1. Consider a Breast Reduction in Combination with Other Cosmetic Procedures

Depending on the outcomes you want to achieve, it might be beneficial to have a breast reduction in combination with other cosmetic procedures including:

  • A breast lift, which elevates sagging skin and gives your breasts a more youthful contour.
  • Liposuction – the removal of isolated fat deposits – in targeted spots (around your underarms, abdomen, etc.).

Your cosmetic surgeon will be able to offer expert guidance on which procedures make the most sense for you.

2. Wait until You’re Finished Developing to Plan for a Breast Reduction

Breast reductions aren’t typically recommended for patients whose breasts are still changing, as future fluctuations can affect the results initially achieved. As a general rule, it’s best to wait until your teen and child-bearing years are behind you to undergo a breast reduction.

If, however, your breasts are causing significant difficulties – whether psychological struggles or physical pains – choosing to undergo a breast augmentation earlier can bring about positive, life changing effects.

3. Understand the Risks Associated with a Breast Reduction

Possible side-effects associated with the procedure could include:

  • A Change in Nipple Sensation: You might find that – compared to what you’re used to – your nipples don’t feel the same after a breast reduction procedure. Some people experience heightened or lowered sensitivity in one or both nipples, while others discover only small changes or don’t notice any difference.

Although your nipple sensation might not return to its pre-procedure norm, keep in mind that these types of side-effects will subside as you continue to heal.

  • Asymmetry: The reality is that no two breasts are exactly alike, making a certain degree of asymmetry a natural feature of the human body. That being said, a breast reduction can help to drastically improve symmetry and give your body a more balanced contour.

Working with a skilled, experienced cosmetic surgeon will reduce risks and maximize your safety and comfort. If you have any questions or concerns before your breast reduction or as you’re recovering, make sure you address them with your cosmetic surgeon.

What are the four realistic expectations you should have for your breast augmentations surgery? 

4. Maintain Realistic Expectations about the Recovery Process

A breast reduction is an outpatient procedure. That means you’ll be able to have your surgery and go home in the same day, although the whole recovery process will take roughly six weeks:

  • You can expect to return to work (and have stitches removed) after one to two weeks.
  • Don’t expect to exercise (beyond moderate walks) or lift, stretch, or reach your arms for about six weeks after your breast reduction.
  • You’ll need to wear a bra 24/7 post-surgery in order to maintain your results. To keep them up over the long term, you should wear a bra as often as possible (even finding a comfortable and supportive one for sleeping).

Carefully following your cosmetic surgeon’s instructions will make healing easier and quicker. If you experience any discomfort (pain, itching, etc.), talk with your cosmetic surgeon about how to alleviate it. They might be able to prescribe pain medications or recommend moisturizers formulated for your sensitive, post-procedure skin.

Keep in mind that a breast reduction procedure will leave scarring – the areola and vertical scars being narrower than the one on your breast fold. Scars will become less noticeable after about a year, although they will never disappear completely.

5. Give Your Body Time to Adjust to Its New Shape

A breast reduction isn’t going to deliver instant results. You’ll be in recovery mode for at least a few weeks, and swelling can take up to six months to completely disappear. You need to give yourself (and your body) up to a year for your breasts to settle and let the final results show themselves.

Along the way, you might have moments when you’re unhappy with how you look or feel – and that’s okay. Maintaining realistic expectations about the healing process and discussing any concerns with your cosmetic surgeon will help you overcome those obstacles.

In the end, it’s going to be worth it.

Whatever lifestyle changes a breast reduction means for you (whether it’s being able to shop at that store you’ve always wanted, trying new activities and exercises, or simply not dealing with back and neck pain), the results the procedure brings can help to boost your self-confidence and restore the love and pride you have for your own body.

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