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average cost of breast reduction in arkansas

A breast reduction is a surgical procedure that helps reduce the size of a woman’s breasts. It also lifts the breasts if they are sagging.

Breast reduction surgery is often recommended when a woman’s large breasts cause back and neck pain, skin irritations, breathing problems, and other health issues. Breast reduction surgery can be a life-changing procedure for women with large breasts. It not only reduces physical discomfort but also improves self-esteem and body image. Women who have had breast reduction surgery report feeling more confident in their bodies, which often leads to more fulfillment in other areas of life.

Breast reduction surgery is typically covered by insurance if it is performed for medical reasons. If it is performed for cosmetic purposes alone, the cost will likely have to be paid out-of-pocket

average cost of breast reduction in arkansas

In Arkansas, tummy tuck prices typically range from $4,900 to $18,000. Why such a wide price range? This includes estimates for mini-tummy tuck (skin removal and tightening alone) all the way up to extended abdominoplasty, which involves extensive muscle repair and torso reshaping. Most patients can expect to pay somewhere in the middle of this range.

At your personal consultation, we will provide you with a personalized, detailed price quote that includes the full cost of having your procedure with Dr. Branman. We can also discuss financing options, if you like.

How is tummy tuck surgery performed?

Tummy tuck surgery is performed under general anesthesia in a hospital or outpatient facility. Little Rock cosmetic surgeon Dr. Branman makes a very precise incision just above the pubic bone. Next, the skin is separated from the abdominal wall and the abdominal muscles are tightened. The skin flap is then stretched down and the extra skin is removed. A new hole is cut for your navel, which is then stitched in place.

For some patients, we can perform only a partial abdominoplasty, or mini tummy tuck, during which the skin is separated between the incision line and the navel. The flap of skin is stretched down, the excess is removed, and the flap is stitched back into place. A full tummy tuck usually requires two to three hours, while partial abdominoplasty may require one to two hours.

What is involved with tummy tuck recovery?

While there will be some soreness and discomfort after surgery, Dr. Branman will prescribe medications to alleviate discomfort. Special drains and a dressing will be in place. Strenuous activity should be avoided for 3 to 4 weeks following surgery. It may be difficult to stand straight at first, but you will be advised to begin walking as soon as possible. Dr. Branman will provide special post-operative instructions about caring for your incisions, drains, showering, and more.

Caring For Your Drains Following Surgery

In this video, our very own Registered Nurse April Gring walks you through the steps for emptying your drains following surgery. For more information about surgical procedures at our surgery center, please watch our general surgery video.

How long after Tummy Tuck will I see my results?

tummy tuck little rock before and after photo


Many patients return to work after 2 weeks, depending on the nature of their job. While strenuous exercise should be avoided, light exercise may help you heal better. Even those who have never followed an exercise regimen should start. It will reduce swelling, lower the chance of blood clots, and tone muscles so you get the best results from your surgery.

Scars will be prominent during the first 3 to 6 months as they heal. After about 9-12 months, your scars will flatten out and lighten in color. They will always be apparent, but should not show under most clothing, even a bikini.

The average cost of breast reduction (aesthetic patients only) is $5,913, according to 2020 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This average cost is only part of the total price – it does not include anesthesia, operating room facilities or other related expenses. Please consult with your plastic surgeon’s office to determine your final fee.

A surgeon’s fee for breast reduction will be based on his or her experience, the type of procedure used and the geographic office location.

Your surgeon may offer patient financing plans, so be sure to ask.

Breast reduction costs may include:

  • Anesthesia fees
  • Hospital or surgical facility costs
  • Medical tests
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Prescriptions for medication
  • Surgeon’s fee

When choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon for breast reduction, remember that the surgeon’s experience and your comfort with him or her are just as important as the final breast reduction costs.

Is breast reduction surgery covered by health insurance?

Many health insurance plans cover breast reduction surgery. Your plastic surgeon may need to obtain authorization from your insurer for the surgery. This may require a letter and the submission of photographs. Once authorization is obtained, you will be able to schedule your surgery.

You will be responsible for any copays or deductibles required by your insurer. If your health plan does not cover breast reduction, you may decide to pay for the surgery yourself.

The average cash price for bilateral breast reduction surgery care in Arkansas is $5,522 at a surgery center versus $9,046 at an outpatient hospital. While a surgery center may offer fewer complimentary services, and may not have the full range of support services that outpatient hospital provides, it may still be worth the (39%) you’d save when comparing the cost of bilateral breast reduction surgery performed at an outpatient hospital. Read More

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Average cash price in Arkansas

surgery center$5,522 outpatient hospital$9,046

A common bilateral breast reduction surgery at surgery center facility in Arkansas includes

Plastic & reconstructive surgeon visit provider feeFirst time visitStandard1$114
Provider fee for breast reductionStandardBilateral Procedure1$1,988
Surgery center fee for breast reductionStandardStandard1$2,539
Anesthesiologist fee to be “put under” for procedureLevel 3Standard1$187
Anesthesiologist time to be “put under” for procedurePer minuteStandard367$680
Total average cash price $5,522.20

What is bilateral breast reduction surgery?

Bilateral breast reduction surgery is a cosmetic procedure that removes excess fat, tissue, and skin from large breasts. During the procedure, the breast is reshaped, and the nipple is repositioned.

How long is bilateral breast reduction surgery?

The average bilateral breast reduction surgery takes from two to four hours. After the surgery is performed, you’ll be taken to the recovery area and monitored while you wake up from the surgery. Some patients will spend the night at the hospital, while others will be allowed to return home the same day. Your surgeon will advise you on if you’ll need to spend the night at the hospital.

Does a breast reduction include a lift?

Most surgeons will perform a breast lift at the same time as breast reduction surgery. Lifting the breasts ensures breasts will not sag after the removal of excess tissue.

How long does it take to recover from bilateral breast reduction surgery?

Complete recovery from bilateral breast reduction surgery will take about eight to 12 weeks. Light activity can be resumed about two weeks after surgery. You will need to take some time off work. Depending on the type of work you do, your surgeon will advise you when it is safe to return to work.

What happens after bilateral breast reduction surgery?

Immediately after bilateral breast reduction surgery, your breasts will be covered with dressings or bandages. You may have drainage tubes placed under your arms to keep excess fluid or blood from building up. You will be prescribed pain medications to keep you comfortable and antibiotics to prevent any infection. Bruising and swelling are common after bilateral breast reduction surgery, and your surgeon will ask you to wear a supportive bra without an underwire for several weeks after surgery. 

Other common instructions after breast reduction surgery include:

  • Avoid driving until you are no longer taking any prescription pain medication.
  • Avoid bathing until incisions are healed (around six to eight weeks). Showers will be allowed after about 48 hours.
  • Avoid using upper body muscles repeatedly or strenuously for six weeks.
  • Avoid jogging or high-intensity exercise for six weeks. 

You’ll follow up with your surgeon about a week after surgery to check your incisions and remove any drains that were placed.

How long do breasts stay swollen after reduction?

Swelling and bruising after bilateral breast reduction surgery can last for one to two weeks. Scars will gradually fade after surgery and eventually become barely visible.

Will I look thinner after breast reduction?

While you won’t lose much weight from a breast reduction surgery, your appearance will change, and you will look slimmer. Large breasts tend to change the proportion of your figure and make you appear bigger. When the breast size is altered, it has a slimming effect.

About the bilateral breast reduction surgery Average Cash Prices

This procedure is most commonly performed at either a surgery center or an outpatient hospital.

Surgery centers, also known as ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), are independent, licensed medical facilities that are governed by distinct regulatory requirements compared with a hospital. Procedures performed at an ASCs are often less expensive than when they are performed at an outpatient hospital, but they typically offer fewer complimentary services, and may not have the full-range of support services that a hospital provides.

Outpatient facilities are outpatient departments or clinics that may be within or next to a hospital, but is owned and run by the affiliated hospital. These facilities can perform surgical treatments and procedures that do not require an overnight stay. Procedures performed at an outpatient hospital are often more expensive than when they are performed in an ambulatory surgery center, but outpatient hospitals may offer more complimentary and support services for patients because they are connected to the hospital system.

Your actual costs may be higher or lower than these cost estimates. Check with your provider and health plan details to confirm the costs that you may be charged for a service or procedure. You are responsible for costs that are not covered and for getting any pre-authorizations or referrals required by your health plan. Neither payments nor benefits are guaranteed.

The site is not a substitute for medical or health care advice and does not serve as a recommendation for a particular provider or type of medical or health care.

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