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average cost of breast reduction in ohio

The average cost of breast reduction in Ohio is $3,000-$5,000.

Breast reduction surgery is a common procedure used to remove excess skin and fat from the breasts. It can also be used to reduce the size of the areola (the darker area around the nipple), which can make it look less obvious that you have had breast surgery. There are many different types of breast reduction surgery. The most common type involves removing excess skin, fat and glandular tissue from your breasts with an incision under each breast. Another type of breast reduction involves removing excess skin only through an incision around the perimeter of your areola.

The cost for breast reduction surgery varies widely depending on where you live and what kind of facility you choose to perform your surgery. It can range anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000 per breast in some areas. Some factors that may affect how much you pay include:

-Your location -The cost will vary based on where you live because different cities have different costs associated with living there

-Type of facility -If you choose a private practice instead of an accredited hospital or clinic then it will likely cost more because they charge higher fees than public facilities

average cost of breast reduction in ohio

Breast reduction is a transformative procedure that brings balance to the bust line. Looking good is wonderful, but feeling good is a gift. When the body is out of proportion, it can cause disarray, both aesthetically and physically. 

A breast reduction decreases the size of the breasts while lifting and shaping them. Many women with excessively large breasts have complaints of back, neck, and shoulder pain. They may also struggle with skin irritation under the breast fold. Dr. Gregory Fedele can address these concerns and bring harmony back to the upper body.

Under Dr. Fedele’s esteemed leadership, The Art of Plastic Surgery is a beacon of restoration and rejuvenation. Conveniently located in Cleveland, our offices welcome patients from all over Northern Ohio. Contact Dr. Fedele at your earliest convenience to explore the benefits of breast reduction surgery. We also offer virtual consultations to serve your needs and lifestyle. No matter where you log on, Dr. Fedele wants to connect with you. 

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About Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Procedure

Also called reduction mammaplasty, a breast reduction surgery promotes optimal dimensions and sensation. If a woman’s chest size prevents her from comfortably performing certain activities, then she should consider the benefits of a visit to our Cleveland clinic. 

Breast reduction procedures remove excess breast tissue, skin and fat to reshape and lift your breasts. This can reduce the strain on your back and neck and may relieve the discomfort.

Dr. Fedele performs the reduction mammaplasty procedure to greatly benefit women of all ages. Breast reduction surgery relieves discomfort and gives the patient a bust line that is in better proportion to the rest of her body.

Before and After Photos


Breast Reduction Before & After Patient #3539
Breast Reduction Before & After Patient #3539



The human body is both a work of art and a powerful machine. It performs vital functions every minute of every day to keep us thriving and surviving. But the body is also an expression of our style and stature. When one element of the human form overshadows its surroundings, it creates discord both cosmetically and functionally.

Breast reduction surgery may alleviate concerns in both the physical and psychological realms. When your image reflects your attitude, you can attain a heightened sense of realization. Dr. Fedele recognizes the artistry of the human form, and he celebrates the contours of a woman’s body with every procedure he performs. 


  • Clothes fit more comfortably and flatteringly
  • Physical activities are less strenuous
  • Back and nerve pain may be eased
  • Women achieve their ideal silhouette

To experience the benefits of reduction mammaplasty for yourself, contact The Art of Plastic Surgery soon.

Eligible Candidates

Breast Reduction Procedure

If you are dissatisfied with the look or feel of your breasts due to their enlarged nature, then you may be an ideal candidate for breast reduction surgery. The procedure is not intended as a weight loss solution. Eligible patients should be within 30 pounds of their goal weight. Please inform Dr. Fedele about your struggles with weight fluctuations so that he can strategize the best approach to your enhancement needs.

Breast reduction surgery is not just for women. Men who have enlarged breasts may have a condition known as gynecomastia. Dr. Fedle can address oversized male breasts through gynecomastia surgery

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