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Average Cost Of Laser Hair Removal Ideal Image

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the United States, with nearly 13 million people having undergone it. It’s quick, relatively painless, and can leave you looking more youthful than ever. But how much does laser hair removal cost? And what factors affect the price?

Cost vs. value: what’s the ideal image laser hair removal price?

Average cost of laser hair removal ideal image

Most people are surprised to learn that there aren’t actually any set prices for laser hair removal. The average cost of laser hair removal depends on a number of factors related to your individual circumstances as well as which treatment you choose to undergo.

Laser hair removal is a great way to get rid of unwanted hair. It’s fast, it’s effective, and it can help you look your best. But how much does it cost?

If you’re considering laser hair removal, but you’re worried about the price tag, we’ve got some good news for you. We’ve done the research so that you don’t have to! We surveyed over 100 people who have had laser hair removal treatments at Ideal Image to see what they paid for their treatments and what kind of results they achieved.

In this article we will discuss what laser does ideal image use and brazilian laser hair removal cost

Average Cost Of Laser Hair Removal Ideal Image

Laser Hair Removal is usually completed after 6-8 treatments.


AreaFull Face & Neck
“Big Brand Laser Company” Price$7,128
Find A Better You Price$499 (6 Treatments) Save up to $7,916
Ideal Image Prices$8,415 (Partial Face)

Find A Better You vs that”Big Brand Laser Company” vs Ideal Image

When doing your research for Laser Hair Removal, you will come across several companies and or med spas. There are pros and cons of each and in this article you will learn about them. 


Laser Hair Removal is usually completed after 6-8 treatments. Anything after that is most likely unnecessary and a giant waste of money. These prices are directly from quotes given to our clients before they switched to us.

Prices below are to remove hair fully. (Find A Better You prices are for 6 treatments)

Area“Big Brand Laser Company” PriceFind A Better You PriceIdeal Image Prices
(6 Treatments)Save up to $1,043
Nipples (Areola)$2,352$349
(6 Treatments)Save up to $2,003
Toes & Feet$1,392$349
(6 Treatments)Save up to $1,043
(6 Treatments)Save up to $4,151
Bikini Line (Sides)$4,704$349
(6 Treatments)Save up to $5,650
(6 Treatments)Save up to $1,043
(6 Treatments)Save up to $3,749
(6 Treatments)Save up to $6,629
(6 Treatments)Save up to $3,773
(6 Treatments)Save up to $2,333
Full Face & Neck$7,128$499
(6 Treatments)Save up to $7,916
$8,415 (Partial Face)
(6 Treatments)Save up to $6,653
(6 Treatments)Save up to $5,965
(6 Treatments)Save up to $5,601
Lower Legs orUpper Legs$5,712$899
(6 Treatments)Save up to $4,813
$3,300 (Price is 80% Off)
Lips & Chin$3,240 (Chin only)$499
(6 Treatments)Save up to $941
$900 (Lip only)

*The prices are quotes given to clients of ours that switched from these two companies (they may fluctuate in price). These are the prices to normally get rid of hair fully. Find A Better You prices are for 6 treatments.

The Price Breakdown

“Big Brand Laser Company” Laser Hair Removal Cost

As you can see in the table above there are some pretty crazy high prices here. For example: the Bikini Line is $4,355, lower legs are $4,813, underarms are $3,528! Just look at the price differences between Find A Better You vs that other “Big Brand Laser Company”, at Find A Better You, you save $1,043-$6,653 more on just one area! And both businesses use the same laser!! 

Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal Prices

Ideal Image laser hair removal cost is hard to find online. We have some quotes from clients that switched to us. For example: a Full Bikini cost $5,999, a Ideal Image Brazilian cost $3,700, and even the Chest is 6,500! Again these prices are outrageous compared to Find A Better You, you instantly save $901-$5,650 on a single area! Also they have the same laser as Find A Better You and that other “Big Brand Laser Company”.

Find A Better You Prices

Check out our updated prices on our laser hair removal page. It shows all of the areas and prices, we believe in transparency. Our small area is $349 (6 treatments), medium area $499 (6 treatments), and a large area $899 (6 treatments). Those are our prices, and it really is that simple.

Find A Better You vs that “Big Brand Company” vs Ideal Image

All three companies use the same laser (Candela GentleMax Pro). 

At Find A Better You: 
-All our laser technicians are certified by Candela (the company that makes the laser).

-Whenever the laser is in use, we have a doctor (Dr. James Sturm D.O. DABA, FIPP) in the building.

You will most likely get very nice people at all three companies and hopefully be satisfied with your results with all three. You might hear of “unlimited packages” from other companies but honestly it is a waste of money because it only takes 6-8 treatments to get rid of hair completely.

Make sure to ask your laser technician to see their certification. They should be proud to show it to you.

My Laser Hair Removal Experience at Ideal Image
retro swimsuit photoshoot
Laser hair removal is a game-changer. The odd thing about it, though, is it can be hard to find answers about how well it works, how much it costs, and what a laser hair removal experience is really like.

Here I hope to be transparent and share my laser hair removal experience and give you my honest Ideal Image review.

Here’s the thing: shaving and waxing are one of those things that seem unavoidable as a woman.

Time consuming, expensive, painful, annoying, unpleasant, inconvenient- these are all things frequently associated with shaving and waxing- and with no end in sight!

Hold up- there actually is an end in sight if you consider laser hair removal!

Imagine having that freshly shaved/waxed confidence ALL the time.

Yeah, I wouldn’t mind that one bit.

Here’s what I’ll cover here:
Each round of treatment

Does it hurt?
How many treatments do I need?
Why Ideal Image?
How do I know if I qualify for laser hair removal?
What is the cost like?
How long does the treatment take?
How does it compare to MedSpas?
My Ideal Image review
I wanted to write a blog post where I could keep you all updated on my laser hair removal journey with Ideal Image! So here goes!

First, can I just say that if you are considering laser hair removal, just consider how much of a difference it can make!

No shaving/waxing/Nairing… Instead you can have a boost of confidence in that tank top or whatever it is you’re wearing. The difference is profound, almost painless, and so easy!

Anyway, I started my Ideal Image experience in March 2018.

Fast forward and my personal results still speak for themselves as I update this post in 2022!

I started off getting complimentary laser hair removal for my underarms as a promotional deal, but loved it so much that I added my bikini line (which I paid for out of pocket)!

retro swimsuit poolside
Round 1
The steps (as experienced by me) after my first treatment
Get laser hair removal. To prepare for this, you just need to shave the morning of the treatment.

Leave the hairs alone for at least a few days before shaving them. During this period, the existing hairs start growing out as they fall out.
Your hairs start falling out a bit at a time (it takes 2-3 weeks for the hair to shed). DO NOT pluck them or get them waxed!
Once they’ve all come out, this is followed by a 3-5 week period where I don’t see any hair at all!
After that, when the next hair cycle starts kicking in, I see really thin, light hairs starting to grow. You can definitely shave them! Fewer hairs grow back compared to what you had originally.
They start getting a bit darker and thicker by the time your second treatment comes around. Make sure you avoid sun exposure on your underarm area a few weeks prior to your next treatment!

Round 2
My second laser hair removal treatment was not as painful as the first one (not that it was super painful on the first go-around, it just was less this time!). My nurse said that usually the second one can hurt more because they increase the voltage– but I didn’t get that feeling. Maybe it was because I knew what to expect, or maybe it was just that I had fewer hairs to zap this time around. Either way, it wasn’t as intense!

I’m currently at the cool stage where the little hairs are slowly coming out. I love this stage because it really fascinates me to see less and less hairs on my underarms each day. That might be weird, but I just love seeing the results!

And of course I love the completely hairless stage. It’s unreal to think that after all of my treatments are done, the hairless stage will be permanent!

Round 3
Guess what! I love my underarm hair removal so much that I’m added on my bikini line!

What I noticed: to me, bikini definitely stings more than underarms.

I think it’s just the nature of the hair down there.

Beauty is pain, y’all.

And it’s totally worth it in my book if I can avoid awkward razor burn down there…

Rounds 4-6
Laser hair removal is just the best beauty expense out there in my book.

I go so long without having to shave, and when I do, it’s tiny hairs that I don’t even realize are there until I look carefully.

On my bikini line, I’ve notice that the hair takes even longer to grow back than for my underarms- the treatments are working so well!

Rounds 7-9
At the time of writing, I have now been done with my underarm treatment for three months, and have noticed some light underarm hair growth.

However, in the same three months without laser hair removal (due to current world events), I haven’t noticed any bikini line hair growth at all! And I’m not done with my bikini yet- I still have three more sessions to go.

Why? Well, apparently some areas are tougher to treat than others, and it does vary from person to person.

My Ideal Image nurse explained to me that sometimes if people have both areas treated, they might notice that one area is more effective than the other.

That was definitely my case.

And honestly I’m really happy that my bikini is the more effective of the two with laser hair removal treatment!

Bikini has always been more problematic for me (razor burn, the unplanned times you end up in a swim suit, etc.), so I’m ecstatic with the results.

2022 Update
Results vary from person to person, but here’s how my laser hair removal experience has been almost four years later!

Up until I got pregnant in August of 2021, I still had to shave my underarms once every month or so, but my bikini line had stayed clear! So my personal Ideal Image review is that I still would recommend laser hair removal at Ideal Image.

But let’s talk pregnancy and laser hair removal.

With pregnancy hormones, you can expect your hair to grow/regrow/change. I’m currently pregnant at the time of writing this update, and I’ve noticed that I’ve had to shave my underarms once a week or so. Definitely more frequently than pre-pregnancy. That being said, the hair on my underarms is still way, way more sparse than it was before laser hair removal.

My bikini line has stayed hairless except for one or two stragglers that show up every couple of months.

It’ll be interesting to see if my underarm hairs continue to grow at this pregnancy-related faster rate after birth or if it’ll go back to my pre-pregnancy rate. I’ll keep you posted!

If it does continue to grow back more quickly, I think I’ll go back to Ideal Image and test out how they do with their lifelong warranty… and if so, I’ll definitely let you know how that goes!

Laser Hair Removal Questions:

  1. Does laser hair removal hurt?
    This was the number one question asked by my friends and family.

For underarm laser hair removal, I’d describe the pain as a mild to moderate pin-prick sensation. Most of the moderate pain is in the center of your underarm, and the mild pain is around the edges.

If you’re afraid of pain like I am, don’t worry! It only lasts for about 30 seconds. Then it’s over and it’s on to the next underarm.

Afterwards, for about an hour or so (for me at least) there was a very mild stinging sensation- emphasis on very mild. It faded pretty quickly.

By the time my second treatment came around, I no longer had a mild stinging sensation afterwards.

However, my bikini line was definitely more painful than my underarms!

I’d say laser hair removal on the bikini line feels like a moderate to intense pin-prick sensation depending on where exactly the laser is targeting. (It’s more painful on the pubic bone and less painful the further out they go, ie. towards your leg). If needed, you can get numbing cream prescribed. I never used numbing cream- just held on to a stress ball that they had in my treatment room.

Let me be clear, though, the temporary pain has been so worth it!

Also, here’s a tip that one of my Ideal Image nurses taught me on how to ease the pain naturally: you can ask your nurse to press on the lasered area directly after it is zapped. It dulls the pain almost instantly! So be sure to ask your technician to do the same thing if you need it!

They also give you a cooling gel to apply after the treatment, which definitely helps.

  1. How many treatments do I need?
    The package with Ideal Image comes with 9 treatments, though most people only need around five.

The experts at Ideal Image assess you to make sure that you’re completely done with your treatment.

You’ll notice less and less hair growing back after each treatment.

And the reason for multiple treatments is due to the hair growth cycle. The lasers only get hair follicles that are in the active stage.

  1. Why do laser hair removal at Ideal Image?
    When it comes to any sort of treatment on your body, you want the best of the best. You definitely want to be in good hands.

And the great thing about Ideal Image is that they give you treatment options that are catered to you, and use medical grade machines.

There are different types of laser hair removal machines. Most medspas use IPL (Intense Pulse Light) for hair removal and it is less effective (and more painful!) than lasers.

But at Ideal Image, they use medical grade machines that are used by medical professionals. And that’s another reason- Ideal Image only uses licensed medical professionals to perform treatments. You won’t find that at many other medspas.

At Ideal Image, these medical professionals have performed over 6 million laser hair removal treatments.

It definitely gives you confidence in what they are doing!

retro bathing suit photoshoot

  1. How do I know if I qualify for laser hair removal?
    You’ll want to go in for a consultation.

The best combination for laser hair removal is dark hair and light skin (though Ideal Image is able to treat both darker skin tones and lighter hair unlike most medspas!).

Once you’re done with your consultation, you can get your first treatment done on the same day.

  1. How much does laser hair removal cost at Ideal Image?
    Honestly, it varies based on what you need done and what specials are going on.

I’d reccommend setting up a consultation at your local Ideal Image.

I went to the new Fort Worth location, where I worked with Dede, Mindy, and Molly. These ladies are the sweetest, and made me feel right at home!

While I don’t know the cost of my underarm treatment since it was comped, I did pay for my bikini line treatment.

I did a payment plan (with zero interest!) where I paid $100 a month for my bikini line, and total cost was $1261.

Worth EVERY PENNY to me!

There was a special going on, so I don’t have a hard and fast answer for how much bikini usually costs, but this is just to give you a very rough idea of how much Ideal Image treatment costs for your bikini line.

You could pay way more, the same, or less.

It really depends on the type of treatment you’ll need based on skin tone, hair type and whether there are any specials going on- so don’t be surprised one way or the other!

Either way, the consultation is worth it and you’ll get to see how much your individual treatment will cost.

And keep in mind that you should be able to set up an easy payment plan with low monthly payments.

  1. How long does laser hair removal treatment take?
    I was at Ideal Image for about an hour for my very first treatment, and much less for following treatments.

You spend forty minutes in the consultation, where they make sure you are a good candidate, explain the procedure, etc.

Then you spend about five minutes with the nurse to verify that you’re ready for the treatment.

After that, you get your laser hair removal package set up and confirmed. You are then ready for the actual procedure, which takes about three minutes total.

And voila! Your first treatment is done!

Following treatments take about 15-30 minutes from the time you step in the door to the time you leave (in my experience).

reading retro magazine swimsuit photoshoot

  1. How does Ideal Image compare to MedSpas?
    I wanted to get a full scoop on MedSpas vs. Ideal Image for you all (and for myself to know!).

I called a few local MedSpas inquiring about getting my bikini line done to see what answers they had to my questions.

There are some great deals on Groupon for MedSpa laser hair removal, and since these deals are probably the ones most people opt into, I figured I’d ask exactly what you can expect with them.

One office didn’t give much information, but the other was pretty helpful. The lady I talked to at Ultimate Image MedSpa explained that their goal is hair REDUCTION. After all of your treatments you can expect less hair in the future, but it’ll be back this time next year.

So the only time you don’t have hair is that sweet spot when the existing hairs have fallen out and the next round have not grown in yet.

The reason for the temporary nature of the MedSpa treatments is due to the quality of laser machine they are using. Meanwhile, at Ideal Image, they offer a Lifetime Membership for treated areas as a guarantee that the hair removal is permanent!

After considering the options, I decided to get underarm hair removal with the laser hair removal center ranked number one in the US: Ideal Image.

What Laser Does Ideal Image Use

In the field of laser hair removal, the Alexandrite laser is often regarded as the gold standard. Those with lighter skin tones will find this to be especially true. But, if you have darkly pigmented skin, a laser like the YAG laser that is made specifically for your skin type will give you the best results. Both are used by Ideal Image at all of our locations.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Cost

The average person needs approximately six sessions before they experience the best results, and each session costs between $150 and $300. This means that the total cost of your sessions should be $1800.

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