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Average Cost Of Laser Printing Per Page

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They may have an idea but are unsure of the exact cost per page.

In this article we will discuss about how much does it cost to print 300 pages and average cost of laser printing per page in india

Average Cost Of Laser Printing Per Page

. Black-and-white laser printing costs around 8 cents per page, while colour printing costs around 12–15 cents per page. Photos and detailed graphics can increase the price of colour printing to as much as 60 cents per page.

How Much Does It Cost To Print 300 Pages

Printing 300 Pages

Larger printing jobs will often use up more ink, paper, and resources, which is why the cost to print 300 pages will be greater than that of smaller print jobs. For 300 pages, Print only offers tracked next-day delivery options, aside from Click & Collect. Below are common printing options and costs when you Printt. 

Single-sided printing in black and white with next-day tracked shipping and no binding or laminating costs £33.99.
Single-sided printing in full colour with overnight shipping and no binding or laminating is £60.00.
One copy, printed in black and white, with no binding or lamination, and available for click-and-collect for £50.50.

Average Cost Of Laser Printing Per Page In India

0.30 Paise Per Page India’s #1st Printer and Cartridge Online Store India’s #1st Printer and Cartridge Online Store.

How to Determine Actual Print Cost for Laser Printers

  1. 1.Compute the cost per page of the paper you use. For example, if you purchase paper by the case, a standard case contains five reams of 500 sheets each for a total of 2,500 sheets. If the case costs $30, then $30 divided by 2,500 equals $0.012 or 1.2 cents per page.
  2. 2.Write the page count and the date in the notebook for the first day of every month as you use the printer.
  3. 3.Write the date and the printer’s page count in your notebook when you change a laser toner cartridge. Include the cost of the cartridge in your notes. If you have a color laser printer, note the toner’s color. Divide the cost by the printer’s page count to get a cost per page figure. For a $100 toner cartridge and a page count of 10,000, $100 divided by 10,000 equals $0.01 or 1 cent per page.
  4. 4.Write the date and the printer’s page count in your notebook when you replace a component such as the printer drum or fuser assembly. Note the cost of the item and calculate the per-page cost of each. If the page count is 75,000 when you replace the printer drum, and its cost was $200, then the per-page cost for that item is $0.0027 or 27 hundredths of a cent per page.
  5. 5.Add the amounts together when you have at least the costs for the paper and toner. If your printer is color, wait until you have cost figures for all four cartridges: cyan, magenta, yellow and black, and add these together. Maintenance items tend to figure less in your long-term per-page printing costs, but are necessary for an accurate number. If the cost of paper is 1.2 cents per page, toner is 1 cent, and the printer drum is 0.27 cents, the total per-page cost is 2.47 cents.
  6. 6.Calculate the average cost for a month’s worth of printing. For example, if you printed 3,000 pages in January, 3,300 in February and 2,800 in March, the average is 3,000 plus 3,300 plus 2,800, divided by 3, or 3,033 pages per month. Multiply this figure by your per-page cost to determine the average monthly cost of laser printing. For example, 3,033 multiplied by 2.47 cents equals $74.92 per month.

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