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Bbl And Breast Augmentation At The Same Time

A BBL stands for Brazilian Butt Lift, and it is a surgical procedure that aims to give the patient a more sculpted, fuller buttock. The procedure involves liposuctioning fat from one part of the body (usually the abdomen or thighs) and placing it in another part of the body (in this case, the buttocks). This is done in order to achieve a more rounded buttock that appears larger than it actually is due to its shape.

When combined with breast augmentation surgery (BBA), which involves implanting silicone or saline implants into the breasts to enhance their size and shape, this procedure can create results that are impressive. Not only will both procedures be performed at once as part of one surgery, but they will also share some recovery time together as well. Having these two surgeries performed simultaneously may allow you to save time and money on your recovery process since you won’t have to pay for two separate surgeries that require recovery periods.

In this blog, we will discuss BBL and breast augmentation how to sleep and BBL and breast implants cost

Bbl And Breast Augmentation At The Same Time

Combining BBL and breast augmentation is an ideal way to achieve a coveted hourglass figure. Financial savings and limiting anesthesia exposure are other benefits of combining procedures. Recovery and time away from work are reduced when procedures are combined.

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Getting a Brazilian Buttocks Lift (BBL) and Breast Augmentation at the Same Time

At Schaffer Plastic Surgery, BBLs and breast augmentations are among our most popular procedures. Many women experience the positive benefits of one of these procedures and return later for the other procedure. In some cases, Dr. Schaffer might recommend getting a BBL and breast augmentation at the same time for women who are sure they want both procedures. There are several considerations to account for when deciding on whether to combine breast augmentation and BBL procedures. 

Safety is Our Highest Priority

Before delving into details about combining a BBL and breast augmentation, safety is assured. At Schaffer Plastic Surgery, the commitment to safety is priority one, and we will never place convenience above it. Some patients may not have a fitness level or pain tolerance to combine elective aesthetic procedures. Only  patients with optimized physical health and a full understanding of the active nature of recovery will be able to combine procedures be recommended. 

Benefits of Combining BBL and Breast Augmentation

A BBL involves removing unwanted fat from other areas of the body and grafting it to contour the buttocks. The effect from a BBL includes a trimmer waistline and shapelier buttocks. Many patients are interested in breast augmentation to further enhance their appearance. A significant benefit of combining these procedures is enjoying a more dramatic transformation by enhancing the waistline, buttocks and breasts at once. Combining BBL and breast augmentation is an ideal way to achieve a coveted hourglass figure. 

Financial savings and limiting anesthesia exposure are other benefits of combining procedures. Recovery and time away from work are reduced when procedures are combined. These are some of the more common reasons women choose to get a BBL and breast augmentation simultaneously. 

Potential Drawbacks of Combining BBL and Breast Augmentation

Even though there are so many benefits to combining surgical procedures, a major drawback is the recovery experience. Breast augmentation and BBL procedures are major surgical procedures that require attentive aftercare and considerable downtime. When both procedures are performed at one time, your body may be slower to recover as it works to heal two places instead of one. Ultimately, this could result in a more extended recovery and more time off work than would be required if you only had one of the procedures. 

Recovery from a Combined BBL and Breast Augmentation Procedure

Discomfort is part of any surgical procedure and combining procedures magnifies the discomfort one must endure after elective surgery. Breast augmentation recovery involves avoiding lying on the chest, while BBL recovery involves avoidance of sitting or lying on the back to limit pressure on the buttocks. Therefore, recovering from these procedures can be tricky since lying comfortably on your front or back is challenging. A two-week sitting restriction is necessary during BBL recovery, and a sitting pillow provided to use during this time. Since there will be some limitations on how you sit or lie down during recovery, you will need to carefully follow your aftercare instructions from Schaffer Plastic Surgery on how to position yourself safely for resting.  

Finding an Experienced Surgeon 

Combining treatments like a breast augmentation and BBL is an advanced surgical technique that should only be done under the care of a highly experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Schaffer.  Dr. Schaffer applies the experience he has developed from 20 years of practice and eight years of advanced training to every patient and procedure. His commitment to high standards of patient safety before, during and after operations, is one taken with the utmost sincerity. 

Combining BBL with BA?
Can and should I have my Brazilian butt lift done at the same time as my breast augmentation?

I have been to two plastic surgeons for consultations. One has told me to do the Brazilian butt lift at the same time as the breast augmentation. The other surgeon said it has to be done at different times. Is there a right or wrong answer? What is best for my health?

Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Location: Chicago, IL
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Gregory Dowbak
ASPS Surgeon
Yes. The correct and safe way is to do these procedures at different times. BBL combines a 360 Lipo (lipo of entire abdomen, spare tire, love handles, flanks, lower back, wings and bra rolls) and then transfer fat to buttocks and hips creating an awesome hour glass silhouette with out of this world projection, cute cuffs, magnificent butterflies and stunning hips. Post op care is important, requiring one to rest on anterior side of body, keeping pressure off your buttocks and hips for four weeks and then gradually resume pressure over next four weeks. You need time to recover your blood count, strength and health. It is irresponsible for any surgeon to mislead a patient that it is safe to do both procedures at the same time. Wait six months to restore full health and strength to consider breast aug. At this time you will look so absolutely stunning you just might not want a breast aug. I perform over 90% of all BBLs in Miami

Addendum: In Miami it is against the law to do a BBL + BA

Miami, FL 2 years ago Edited

Steven Wallach
ASPS Surgeon
It’s not that the two procedures can’t be done at the same time. It’s that it will be a positioning issue for you during the recovery. You ideally do not want to lie on your stomach after having a breast augmentation it’s not that the two procedures can’t be done at the same time. It’s that it will be a positioning issue for you during the recovery. You ideally do not want to lie on your stomach after having a breast augmentation, And you don’t want to lie on your back after having a Brazilian Buttock augmentation. I usually stage them.

New York, NY 2 years ago

Nelson Castillo
Thank you for sharing your excellent question. Although a combination of procedures is routinely performed, the difficulty with those two is positioning during recovery – because of the BBL you have to limit sitting/laying on your buttocks, while due to your breast augmentation you can not be on your stomach. As a result you have to alternate side to side assuming you are not having fat placed along your hip dips. Talk to your surgeon about more your concerns, they can offer you the best advice.

Atlanta, GA 2 years ago

Karol Gutowski
ASPS Surgeon
Add to Favorites
I have done this combination of procedures more than a few times in selected patients without any problems. The positioning issue can be overcome with with some creative pillows and pads at night. From a health perspective, either option is fine.

Glenview, IL 2 years ago

Karen Leong
ASPS Surgeon
Hello, thank you for your question. We commonly combine procedures like BA and BBL so that you have one recovery and less time under anesthesia. However, safety is the first concern of any ethical surgeon, so your two consultations may have given you different answers based on their comfort level and their experience. – Dr. Leong

Newport Beach, CA 2 years ago

Paul Parker
ASPS Surgeon
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These procedures can be done at the same setting or staged. If they are done at the same time, you and your surgeon will need to arrange for some pillows and pads to help your positioning.



3 Minute Read: 

There are many benefits to combining surgical procedures for both the patient’s well-being and wallet. Some of these include having a shorter recovery period (compared to staggering procedures at different times), having a more impressive initial transformation (since different problem areas are being targeted together), and financial benefits (from performing surgeries together). 

While some surgical procedures are great to combine (such as breast augmentation and breast lift surgery, tummy tuck surgery and liposuction, and different facial procedures like facelift surgery and eyelid surgery), others may not be beneficial. One of these questionable combinations is breast augmentation and the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).

Three close-up images of woman's body with surgical lines. Images are of the breasts, abdomen, and buttocks.

What Are the Usual Benefits of Combining Procedures?

There are several benefits to undergoing multiple procedures at once.


A patient typically saves money when combining surgeries. For example, you only have to pay for anesthesia and the facility once, which reduces cost. Also, some surgeons give special savings prices when combining treatments.

Reduced Risk

A patient risks reacting poorly to anesthesia every time they go under the medication. Combining surgery reduces risk as you are put under anesthesia less often.

Shorter Recovery

When you combine surgeries, you recover simultaneously. This can be extremely beneficial to both your physical comfort and your everyday necessities—like the ability to take time off work.

Impressive Initial Transformation

While not important for everyone, some people love the idea of shocking everyone with an impressive transformation versus a gradual improvement.

Should I Undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Augmentation at the Same Time?

While many women successfully undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift and breast augmentation together (usually as a part of a Mommy Makeover), there are additional factors to consider.

These factors have to do with the recovery period—particularly, how to stay comfortable during your recovery. 

Since the BBL requires you to stay off your butt and backside and breast augmentation prefers you to stay off your stomach, there is no right way to rest and relax when both sides are healing. 

Your recovery process is as important as the procedure itself if you want to get optimal results and stay safe, and not being able to put pressure on either your front or your back can make this difficult. 

This is why this combination is often better staggered.

What Are the Benefits of Separating Your BBL and Breast Augmentation?

If you are disappointed to hear that you may not be able to combine your breast augmentation with your BBL, don’t be! 

Both of these procedures provide you with significant results, and you can undergo the second one as soon as you have finished recovering from the first.

While your final transformation may not be apparent as fast, you can feel assured that you will be more comfortable and you will heal correctly.

The ideal female figure is reminiscent of a curvy hourglass. Unfortunately, most women are not naturally born with this shape. As a result, more and more women turn to plastic surgery to give them the form they have always wanted. 

Silhouette of a slim woman's buttocks. Black background

When a woman gets breast augmentation and a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), she achieves a curvy, womanly shape. Breast augmentation gives full, perky breasts while the Brazilian Butt Lift delivers a voluptuous, lifted buttock. 

Some overachievers looking to have a comprehensive makeover might consider doing their breast augmentation and Brazilian Butt Lift procedures simultaneously. But, is it safe to do so? 

Is It Possible to Get a Breast Augmentation and Brazilian Butt Lift at the Same Time?

Combining plastic surgery procedures is not an uncommon practice. For example, the popular Mommy Makeover is a combination of operations that look to give a mom her body back post-childbirth. However, patients can’t merely combine any surgeries they want. Some combinations make more sense than others.

Theoretically, you can undergo breast augmentation and Brazilian Butt Lift at the same time. However, many plastic surgeons don’t recommend this route, as there are a few more negatives than positives to this approach.

What Are the Pros of Combining Breast Augmentation With a BBL?

While it is not always recommended, it is possible to combine these surgeries. Some of the benefits of this combination include:

  • You only are put under anesthesia once. This is safer, as there is always a risk when using anesthesia.
  • You will save some money by combining the surgeries.
  • You will have a more shocking transformation by doing everything at once.
  • You can take less time off work than if you underwent these separately.

What Are the Cons of Combining Breast Augmentation With a BBL?

The recovery for both of these procedures is extensive. When you perform both at once, your body may be slower to recover as it is healing two places instead of one. Ultimately, this could result in a more extended recovery period and more time off work.

Additionally, breast augmentation recovery wants women to avoid laying on their chest, while a Brazilian Butt Lift recovery involves not sitting directly on your buttocks. Therefore, recovering from these procedures may be difficult as you can’t comfortably lie on your front or back.

This is one of those scenarios where it is most likely worth the wait to stagger these procedures.

Ultimately, you should discuss with your plastic surgeon if combining surgeries is the best route for you. Your surgeon always has your best interests in mind and will steer you in the right direction. Most surgeons will recommend you wait six months between surgeries to allow your body to recover and heal.

BBL And Breast Augmentation How To Sleep

Basically, you must sleep with your head raised for one to two months following breast augmentation surgery (around six weeks for the majority of patients). The explanation is that by relieving pressure on the incision sites and the implants themselves, this position helps to minimize edema.

BBL And Breast Implants Cost

If you are thin, your ideal or desired proportion can be achieved with less fat. 600-800cc of fat are always available for transfer, even in “thin” people. Each side should ideally have 300–400cc of fat in order to produce the required results. And yes, you will lose some of the fat on your butt as you lose weight after surgery. The majority of patients choose to have many procedures or surgeries done at once since it reduces recovery time, downtime, and time away from work while also being much less expensive. In our practice, the cost of a breast implant procedure with a BBL ranges between $5,000 and $6,000 USD.

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