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Bbl and tummy tuck price

Hello, and welcome to [blog title]. I’m [author name] and I’m here to talk about the benefits of a BBL and tummy tuck at the same time. I know you’ve probably been wondering whether or not you should get a BBL or a tummy tuck, but why not just do both at once? It’s all in the name of convenience!

Both procedures are fairly simple, but they can be painful. However, when you combine them, they’re much easier on your body while still giving you the results you want. And since they’re performed at the same time, it’s also less expensive than having them done separately! Before we dive into how these procedures work together and how they benefit your health, let’s talk about what each of them does individually.

BBL stands for “Brazilian butt lift,” and it literally means that fat is transferred from some other part of your body (typically your stomach) to your buttock area in order to give you a rounder shape. This procedure is often done along with liposuction on other parts of your body as well as liposuction around your waistline if necessary. It helps remove excess fat while also giving skin support so that it doesn’t sag

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Bbl and tummy tuck price

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The Brazilian butt lift (BLL) and the tummy tuck are two popular procedures that can help create a flattering hourglass figure. Some doctors perform these two surgeries simultaneously. However, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Victor Perez believes it’s in your best interest to do them separately.

The main issue is that undergoing these procedures at the same time can cause difficulties during recovery. You need to sleep on your back for some time after a tummy tuck. However, a BBL requires the opposite. Laying on your back after a BBL can place pressure on the treatment area and diminish your results.

Having a tummy tuck sometime before or after your BBL is a great way to achieve all your body goals. A tummy tuck can give you a flatter stomach by removing excess skin and fat while providing muscle tightening. Meanwhile, a BBL takes stubborn fat from other areas of your body and uses it to give you a fuller, higher, and rounder backside.

Am I a Candidate for These Procedures?

Many people are excellent candidates for a tummy tuck and a BBL. These procedures may be a great fit for you if you are in good health and near your goal weight. They are particularly popular with women who have gone through pregnancy or major weight loss.

Still, a tummy tuck and a BBL are not right for everyone. For example, patients who have a BMI over 30 will need to lose weight before surgery to ensure a safe experience and optimal results. And patients who have unrealistic expectations for these two procedures may not be good candidates at all.

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Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Dr. Perez has over 25 years of surgical experience. He has helped countless patients achieve their body goals through plastic surgery and looks forward to helping you too.

tummy tuck and bbl together recovery

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If you are considering having cosmetic surgery, you may be researching different procedures to determine if they reach your aesthetic goals. It may seem to make sense to combine a few different surgeries into one session, and often, it does. You could be thinking: “Since I am already having surgery, and will be under anesthesia, why not go ahead and just get all of this done at once?”

Can I Combine a Tummy Tuck and a Brazilian Butt Lift?

There are certainly some procedures that work very well when done together, while others are better done separately.

While it is surgically possible, combining a tummy tuck and a Brazilian butt lift is not recommended for some patients, while for the right kind of patient it’s an option. Each case is individual and needs to be evaluated by a board certified cosmetic surgeon.

Sometimes, combining certain surgeries can be a plus perhaps even offering better results and a shorter recovery time. During a mommy makeover, where several areas are being targeted (i.e. stubborn fat deposits, saggy skin, and breast) it would be beneficial to combine liposuctiontummy tuck, and breast lift into one surgery session.

Liposuction is normally performed as part of the tummy tuck procedure and the breasts and tummy are both on the front side of the body making the process easier to manage for the surgical team and offering you a shorter recovery time than if these surgeries were done individually. Keep in mind that combining these is still a surgery and comes with amazing benefits but also a more substantial recovery time.

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Read About 4 Reasons Why You Should Combine Liposuction and a Tummy Tuck.

Is It Safe to Do BBL and Abdominoplasty Together?

Each procedure takes a certain amount of time to perform and during that time, you are under anesthesia. Even though severe adverse reactions to anesthesia are rare, being under anesthesia has associated risks and the longer you are under, the more the post-operative risks increase.

Before any surgical procedure, you will undergo some tests and labs to determine your overall health. The surgeon will discuss the procedures and options with you to determine what scenario is the best fit for your unique circumstances.

Both the tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift surgeries can take fairly long on their own so combining the two would take special consideration. Patient safety is our top priority.

Recovery After a Tummy Tuck and BBL

Your level of aftercare and how well you follow the surgeon’s post-surgery instructions are critical elements in determining the final results of your procedure. For example, if you are seeking a nice round bottom and a flat tummy, the surgeon will let you know which things you can and cannot do after surgery to ensure those results.

BBL recovery is approximately 4 weeks and involves sitting on a special cushion that prevents you from putting weight on your buttocks. Some patients can return to work after one week, depending on their job, but are not allowed to do anything strenuous for at least 4 weeks.

Tummy tuck requires a recovery period of 4 – 6 weeks. The first several days you will have trouble standing up straight and you can not lie on your stomach.

One of the largest obstacles of combining BBL and tummy tuck is that there is no way for you to sit, rest or sleep in a position that will  completely follow the recommended recovery instructions for either procedure.

With a BBL you cannot put any pressure on your buttocks for several weeks, and with a tummy tuck you can not lie on your stomach and it is recommended that you use a resting position like if you are lying in a recliner chair.

Taking time to rest and recover is necessary to give your body time to heal. Due to the nature of these two surgeries, finding a position to rest or sleep could be challenging and could make your recovery longer than if you did the two procedures at different times.

BBL surgery in tandem with a tummy tuck would mean a fairly extensive recovery process.

In conclusion, I should say it is possible to combine Brazilian butt lift surgery with a tummy tuck into one procedure, especially with a triple board-certified, highly experienced surgeon like Dr. Angelina Postoev. However, your safety, health, and results are most important. Sometimes it is wiser to take the slightly longer route to ensure you obtain the result you desire with the least amount of risk.

We would welcome the opportunity to accompany you on your journey to achieving your aesthetic goals. Please schedule a consultation today with Dr. Angelina to discover the procedures that are right for you.

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