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Be Balance Skin Peel Serum

Jual BE BALANCE STING PEEL SERUM - Serum Peeling Wajah Indonesia|Shopee  Indonesia

Be Balance Skin Peel Serum was created on an unseasonably warm February day, when the weather was so nice that people couldn’t help but smile. The main ingredient in our product—ginger—is known for its ability to perk you up and make you feel more alive, which is why we chose it to be the cornerstone of our anti-ager. And when people’s faces light up when they see the effect our serum has had on them, it’s hard not to feel inspired by all the possibilities ahead of us.

The Be Balance Skin Peel Serum has two main functions: one is to slough off dead skin cells (which it does very well) but the other is to prevent clogged pores from forming in the first place by blocking oil production from the inside out.

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Be Balance Skin Peel Serum Review

Be' Balance Sting Peel Serum 50g, Beauty & Personal Care, Face, Face Care  on Carousell

Design of serum peel skin, biological skin replacement Be’balance The product has a very prominent red color, at first glance I thought it was SKII ‘s serum , because its design is similar. But if you look closely, it’s not, on the body of the bottle is printed the words BE’BALANCE clearly, below are the 2 main ingredients of this serum bottle AHA/BHA, the typical treatment of the product line to treat skin problems. skin.

This serum bottle is designed in the form of a pump to help you easily apply and get the right amount, and is a “special care” product for all skin types. Which skin needs to use serum peel, biological skin replacement Be’balance The girls have acne-prone, dark, acne-prone skin, pitted scars, and large pores. Do not want to use peels, which are easy to cause allergies, infections such as microalgae, non-metallic. There is no time at home to wait for the skin to peel off, as this product does not cause swelling, redness, or peeling of the skin.

The price is much cheaper than going to the spa to do peel services. Ingredients of serum Peel skin, biological skin change Be’balance With the main ingredients are AHA and BHA with a slightly higher concentration than usual, completely extracted from nature with 100% from ripe wild berries, Aronia, so the product is very safe for the skin, does not cause any harm to the skin. irritation, allergies too much like other types of acid peels.

Uses of Be Balance Skin Peel Serum

Uses of serum Peel skin, biological skin replacement Be’balance Gently exfoliates dead skin cells, stimulates collagen production, helps you have new white, soft and smooth skin. Push hidden acne, clean pores, and at the same time antibacterial, reduce inflammation of the skin. Blurring acne, pitted scars left by acne. Reduce wrinkles, prevent aging. Helps whiten and soften skin. Tighten the pores by removing the residue in the pores out. How to use serum Peel skin, biological skin change Be’balance Clean the skin with makeup remover and cleanser, then absorb all the water on the skin.

Apply an appropriate amount on the face, gently massage for 5 minutes. When you first use your skin will sting a little, itchiness and the most obvious feeling is that your pores will expand and absorb nutrients. Then leave the serum on the face for 1-2 minutes and then rinse with clean water. Use 1-2 times a week for best results. Do not use a mechanical exfoliator while using this serum. Apply sunscreen and limit the sun as much as possible when using the product.

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