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Beautycounter Glycolic Peel

Beautycounter is a brand that makes chemical-free beauty products. Their first product was the Glycolic Peel and It has been discontinued. They have to sell it off and it’s on sale now.

Glycolic acid is a naturally occurring acid found in sugar cane and lemons. It’s an exfoliator that helps to remove dead skin cells, which can make your complexion appear healthier and more youthful.

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Overview of Beautycounter Glycolic Peel

One essential part of my skincare routine each week is Beautycounter’s Overnight Peel. The word peel sounds scary, but I promise it’s not! You put it on at night and it gently exfoliates and brightens your skin. With continued use, I’ve seen more even skin tone, less breakouts and generally more glowing skin.

A gentle, non-irritating overnight peel that helps to boost skin’s radiance, diminish fine lines and improve skin texture. It’s made with 15 botanically derived acids remove dead skin cells to reveal brighter skin and fatty acids help to brighten skin.

One on of the biggest reasons this product is safer than most peels on the market is that it does not contain retinol, a high dose of vitamin A, which can be irritating and potentially harmful. Retinol and Retin-A were the ONLY ingredients my doctor suggested I stay away from during pregnancy. It’s also not nearly as harsh as chemical peels!

Botanically Derived

The acids—malic acid, glycolic acid, and lactic acid—are all botanically derived, meaning they come from plants, not harsh chemicals.

PEGs are common ingredients in a lot of skincare products as thickeners and softeners. But, they are often contaminated with with ethylene oxide and dioxane. Ethylene oxide is a known human carcinogen, while dioxane is a possible human carcinogen, according to this article. Not what you want in your skincare products, right?!

Benefits of Beautycounter Glycolic Peel


It isn’t called a RESURFACING peel for no reason. This leave-on peel actually helps to resurface your skin, gently and without irritation. After just a few uses, I noticed that my skin felt smoother and softer.


This AHA BHA peel helps to fade discoloration and dark spots without any harsh, bleaching ingredients. Overtime, I’ve noticed lightened dark spots, less noticeable acne scars and more even skin tone.


I’m in my 30s and have definitely started noticing more fine lines, and this product has worked wonders. After a month, I noticed that my fine lines on my forehead and in between my eyebrows had majorly softened.


The peel helps to get rid of dead skin cells and break up congestion. As your pores clear, they tighten back up and appear smaller. I’ve found the peel to be essential against getting rid of blackheads.


Because it resurfaces your skin and gets rid of dead skin cells, the new, brighter and healthier skin below can really shine. The morning after I use the peel, I can visibly tell that my skin looks brighter and healthier.

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