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Benefits of Lemon Skin Peel

Lemon skin peel is a process of removing the outer layer of skin. It is done with a chemical solution, which reacts with the dead skin cells of the outer layer and causes them to dissolve and slough away from the body. This process is known as exfoliation, and it helps improve the condition of your skin by removing dead skin cells, which get trapped in pores and can clog them. Lemon peel has many benefits for your health. It helps with blood circulation, which improves nutrient delivery and oxygenation to the tissues.

It also helps treat acne by removing dead skin cells, which can clog pores and lead to pimples. Lemon peel also helps with cellulite, stretch marks, and wrinkles to give you healthier-looking skin. In this guide, we review the Benefits of Lemon Skin Peel, what does eating a lemon peel do for a woman, orange peel vs lemon peel for skin, and boiled lemon peel water benefits.

Benefits of Lemon Skin Peel

Unleashing the Power of Lemon Peel

When it comes to incorporating lemon into your wellness routine, most people think of adding a slice to their water for a refreshing kick. However, the humble lemon peel is often overlooked despite its numerous health benefits. The peel of a lemon is actually packed with nutrients and compounds that can boost your overall health, making it a valuable addition to your daily routine.

Antioxidant Powerhouse

Lemon peels are rich in antioxidants, such as flavonoids and vitamin C, which help to combat oxidative stress and inflammation in the body. These compounds can protect your cells from damage and reduce your risk of chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer.

Immune-Boosting Properties

The vitamin C content of lemon peels can also help to strengthen your immune system. Vitamin C is essential for immune function, as it helps to stimulate the production of white blood cells and antibodies that fight off infections.

Gut Health Support

Lemon peels contain soluble fiber, which can benefit your digestive system by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut. This can help improve your digestion, prevent constipation, and reduce your risk of digestive issues like bloating and gas.

Weight Management Aid

The pectin fiber found in lemon peels can help you feel full and satisfied, which may aid in weight management. Pectin can slow down the emptying of your stomach and promote feelings of fullness, potentially reducing your overall calorie intake.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Some compounds in lemon peels, such as limonene and citral, have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation is linked to various health conditions, so incorporating lemon peels into your diet may help support overall wellness.

Incorporating Lemon Peel into Your Routine

Now that you know about the health benefits of lemon peels, you may be wondering how to incorporate them into your daily routine. Here are a few simple ways to enjoy the nutritional benefits of lemon peels:

  • Add grated lemon zest to salads, dressings, marinades, or baked goods for a burst of flavor.
  • Infuse water with lemon peels for a refreshing and detoxifying drink.

  • Add lemon peel strips to hot tea for a soothing and aromatic beverage.

  • Blend lemon zest into smoothies or juices for an extra nutritional boost.

By making use of the entire lemon, including the nutritious peel, you can maximize the health benefits of this citrus fruit and feel like a wellness rockstar in no time.

“Despite the fact that lemon peels are often discarded, they do have nutritional benefits,” says registered dietitian Katherine Brooking, RD. “The lemon peel contains small amounts of calcium, vitamin C, and potassium, as well as fiber.” Considering you’re not exactly going to sit down and nosh on lemon peel, you might be wondering what the best way is to reap that stellar list of benefits. Well, keep reading my friend. Besides more details on the nutritional benefits, we’ve got some other surprising ways to put lemon peel to good use.

Nutritional Benefits of Lemon Peel

1. Lemon peels contain calcium. As Brooking pointed out, lemon peels have a small amount of calcium, which is important for maintaining strong bones and cellular communication. Simply put, if you don’t get enough calcium, your body isn’t going to function properly, so it’s important to get enough. (For women, that’s 1,000 milligrams a day for women 50 of younger.)

2. They’re good for your immune system. Like other citrus fruits, lemon peels contain vitamin C, which can help keep your immune system strong. If you’re starting to feel sick, zesting lemon peel into your foods or even in your tea could help give your body the extra boost it needs to power through.RELATED STORIESLemon or Lime? Which Type of Citrus You Should You Be Putting…This Waste-Free Chef Tip Ups the Anti-Inflammatory Benefits You’ll Reap From Tomatoes

3. Lemon peels have potassium.  Lemon peels also have a small amount of potassium, which like calcium, is needed for cells in the body to communicate properly. Especially if you sweat a lot (yes you, in your post hot-yoga drenched workout clothes), it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough. Otherwise, your body just isn’t going to function.

4. They’re good for your digestive system. To Brooking’s point about the fiber in lemon peel, this is important because fiber is crucial for keeping your digestive track running properly. Other major fiber benefits: helping lower inflammation and keeping your metabolism in check.

5. They could be good for your heart. “There is some evidence that lemon peels may help to lower blood pressure,” Brooking says, citing a scientific study that found that a combination of consuming lemon and walking every day lowered blood pressure. “The water extract of lemon peels had a suppressive effect on blood pressure,” the study reads, in part.

6. Lemon peels could help protect against cancer. “Some studies indicate that limonene and the other flavonoids in lemon rind are directly linked to preventing the formation and spread of cancerous tumors, particularly, cancer of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, and stomach,” Brooking says. It seems that their anti-inflammatory powers are really quite strong.

what does eating a lemon peel do for a woman

Lemon is that one fruit that is blessed with natural healing and soothing properties which we can use, but the amazing thing is that we are also able to take advantage of the benefits of lemon peel. Surprisingly enough, the lemon peel that most of us throw away contains certain enzymes, vitamins and minerals, which can help us live a much healthier life. In fact the lemon peel contains as much as 5 to 10 times more vitamins than the actual lemon juice.  

Lemon peels help in preventing and fighting skin problems such as wrinkles, acne, pigmentation and dark spots. The free radicals play a very important role in this process. These are also rich in antioxidants which tend to detoxify the skin to a very great extent.Lemon is rich in pectins, phenols & hydroxycinnamates which are all essential oils that areuseful to your skin. Lemon peel is a great skin enhancer giving you glowing and soft skin after use. Because of the acidic nature of lemon, the acid helps in cleansing and lighteningyour skin when used to remove the dead skin and stimulate new skin growth.

Lemons are immensely good for treating brown spots, age spots and freckles. The citric acid contained in lemons helps in bleaching and clarifying the skin. The top layer of your skin is exfoliated by the acids and thus, it helps to fade pigmentation.  Direct application offresh lemon juice on blackheads help to remove them effectively. The citric acid aids to dissolve the blackhead-causing oils in your skin.

Lemons contain important essential oil citral, limonene and flavonoids, more than 44 different flavonoid glycosides, citric acid and other plant acids. Rich in pectin, phenols and​ hydroxycinnamates.  Lemon peel contains citric acid and phytic acid which clean, brighting color, remove dead skin cells and promote the growth of new skin.People hardly know, but Lemon peels are also used in the prevention and treatment of cancer. It contains salvestrol Q40 and limonene, which help in fighting the cancerous cells present in the body.

orange peel vs lemon peel for skin

The peels of citrus fruits usually end up in the garbage (or hopefully the compost pile). They are tough to chew and bitter, so it’s not surprising that most people don’t give them a second thought.

This is not true, however, for herbalists who have been well aware of the health benefits of lemon and orange peels for centuries. In fact, many herbal stores will sell dried orange and/or lemon peel because of how popular they are.

Of course, you may have used citrus zest in a recipe before, but you’ll probably want to start using it more often when you hear how good it can be for you.

The Background on Citrus Peels

Citrus peels have a richer history of use than most modern people realize.

To avoid food waste, orange and lemon peels were often candied (especially as a holiday treat) in the western part of the world. They were also used with lemon and orange slices to make marmalade.

In Indian and Chinese cuisine, orange peels were frequently included in dishes along with the juice.

Orange peels (mainly mandarin oranges) have also been a staple in traditional Chinese medicine, likely for thousands of years. They are most frequently used for digestion and to move energy.

Even today, you’ll frequently find find orange or lemon peel in a herbal tea blend because they have such great citrusy flavor. However, it’s important to know that they are doing more than just tasting good.

Health Benefits of Lemon & Orange Peel

Very Nutritious

A little known fact is that citrus peels contain more enzymes, nutrients, and plant compounds than the inner fruit does. This is one of the reasons they are so beneficial, even in small amounts.

For example, one tablespoon of orange peel can provide about 14% of the daily value (DV) of vitamin C, which is about three times more than the fruit itself. Citrus peels are also much higher in fiber than the fruits, although if you use them to make tea, you won’t actually be consuming the fiber.

Along with vitamin C, both orange and lemon peel are packed full of antioxidants, particularly polyphenols and flavonoids. Again, they both contain higher amounts than the fruit itself. (1)(2)

Orange peels also have vitamin A, B vitamins, and calcium. Lemon peels contain minor amounts of magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

Digestive Aid

Both lemon and orange peels contain essential oils and bitter compounds that help your digestion function better.

Traditionally, citrus peels have been used to aid sluggish digestion and help relieve complaints like gas, bloating, and constipation. They can also help to stimulate a weak appetite and encourage the production of gastric juices that help your body to digest food.

Supports Liver Health + Detox

Many herbs that contain bitter compounds support both liver health and digestion. If you’ve ever bit into a citrus peel (on purpose or by accident), you know how bitter they can be.

This bitterness promotes good liver function, which in turn helps your digestion even more. Both of these also help your body with detox- the natural process of getting waste and toxins out of your body.

While orange and lemon peel aren’t as strong as some other detoxifying herbs, they can certainly help and have the bonus of tasting good.


Some benefits of lemon and orange peels match the rest of the fruit. Stress reduction is one of them- something you can get by simply inhaling the scent of freshly cut lemons or oranges.

Technically speaking, the stress-relieving properties of citrus peels most likely come from the essential oils found in the peel. Sweet orange essential oil, for example, has shown an ability to calm stress and anxiety in studies. The same compounds are present in orange peels, although they are less concentrated. (3)

Anticancer Potential

Both orange and lemon peel contain a powerful antioxidant known as D-limonene. It has demonstrated many benefits in research studies, including lowering your risk of heart disease and having anti-inflammatory properties. (4)

Studies have also shown that limonene has potential cancer-fighting properties. It has shown a specific ability to inhibit stomach cancer cells. Also, consuming it and other flavonoids may lower your risk of several different cancers. (5)(6)

Orange peels also contain compounds known as polymethoxyflavones (PMFs), which are being studied for their anticancer potential as well. (7)

Keep in mind, these anticancer properties haven’t been “proven” in humans yet, but there’s no doubt that consuming antioxidants is good for your overall health.

May Give Your Immune System a Boost

With their vitamin C and antioxidant content, there are definite benefits of lemon and orange peels for your immune system. Again, they aren’t quite as powerful as other natural immune boosters, but every little bit counts.

Another way they may help you is by fighting bacteria and other microbes. Lemon peel, in particular, has shown antibacterial and antifungal properties in lab studies. Most notably, it was able to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria, although only test-tube studies have been done so far. (8)

Improves Flavoring of Herbal Tea

While many herbal teas are enjoyed simply for their flavor, there are many more that are created specifically for their health-boosting properties.

If you want to make an herbal infusion, for example, which is much stronger than a tea, herbs are chosen for their beneficial properties rather than how they taste.

Of course, in order for an infusion or tea to be successful, either you or the person you make it for has to drink it. This is where both orange and lemon peel come in. They impart a great citrusy flavor that can mask or add to the flavor of other herbs.

You only need to use a small amount to make the taste come through, and children are usually in favor of citrus flavors- as long as they aren’t too bitter.

boiled lemon peel water benefits

Exercising and eating right are proven effective at speeding up weight loss and helping you to achieve your goals. But working out and eating right can be a difficult and long process.

There’s no magic pill that can help you lose weight overnight, but there are some ways that you can try to expedite the process. And believe it or not, one of them might be as simple as boiling some of your favorite yellow citrus fruits.

Lemons are a great tool for helping to lose weight, and they might be the key to help you towards the body of your dreams.

Here’s how boiling lemons can help with weight loss:

When Life Hands You Lemons…

There’s no better way to spruce up a home-cooked salmon than by adding some lemon zest. The acidity of lemon makes it a great element for cooking, and it can help to expand the flavor profile without adding on any calories.

In fact, incorporating more lemons into your life will only serve to improve it.

Acid aids in digestion, and the high acidity in lemons can help to supplement the existing stomach acid in your gut to help break down food better and faster. This is especially important for older individuals who lose some of that stomach acid with age. This property of lemons is one of the main reasons why it might be helpful for weight loss.

Furthermore, lemon juice is a powerful antioxidant that can help fight against diseases and cell death. One study found that lemon juice helped to protect against injury in the testicular tissue of mice. We don’t know about you, but that sounds like it’s some pretty effective stuff.

On top of that, lemons are loaded with nutrients, especially in the lemon peel. Vitamin C, stress-relieving limonene, pectin, antimicrobial compounds, and more are all loaded into each individual fruit.

So squeezing a lemon slice into your water or adding some to your chicken definitely won’t hurt. But you can maximize their effectiveness by bringing them to a boil.

You Make Boiled Lemon Water

Everyone has probably had a sip of lemon water at some point in their lives. And while this will reap some of the positive benefits of the citrus, it doesn’t include all of the great stuff that you can find inside the peel.

By boiling lemons, you can extract the nutrients and vitamins from the most important part. In fact, boiled lemon water’s main benefits come from the peel itself.

Here’s how you can make it yourself:

You can also enjoy boiled lemon water as a hot beverage if you’d prefer. Additionally, feel free to throw in some other fruits like cranberries, strawberries, or raspberries to balance out some of the acidity or bring in a new flavor profile.

Lemon water has a number of profound benefits for your health, and it can help with weight loss because this flavored water’s acidity can help break down food more quickly in your stomach. But on top of that, it makes water more flavorful and desirable to drink. Increased water intake may be able to facilitate weight loss on its own.

Replacing your morning cup of sugary orange juice or your cream-filled coffee with a glass of lemon water can have some indirect effects on weight loss as well. Instead of filling your body with sugar first thing, you’re loading up on vitamins and other important nutrients.

Load Up on Lemons

Since lemons are an easy and effective way to kickstart weight loss and provide your body with essential nutrients, why not try to incorporate them as often as you can!

One of our favorite ways to bring the zest of lemon into your life is by adding to your meals. The acidity and citrus flavor of lemons brings a really appealing flavor to lean meats like chicken or seafood such as shrimp and fish. Pan-seared salmon with lemon zest makes for a delicious, and healthy, and high protein post-workout meal.

You can also incorporate lemon into many other beverages that you enjoy: not just water. Adding some lemon to hot tea is both delicious and relaxing. Lemons contain a compound called limonene, and it’s been found to be a natural stress reliever.

And if you’ve already hit your calorie count for the day, but you’ve got too many lemons to handle, you can still find more household uses for them:

Soak discolored utensils in lemon juice to remove stains or combine a mixture of water and lemon juice to clean your glass windows. Making sure your home is clean will make you feel even more comfortable doing an intense Gorilla Bow workout inside.

More Weight Loss Tips

If you’re looking to lose weight, you’ll need to do a little bit more than drink some hot lemon water. And while it will certainly help you along the way, there are some things you need to make sure you’re doing to lose weight and keep it off.

Emphasize the Exercise

As important as it is to eat right, it’s equally important to remain active. If you’re trying to lose weight, you need to be in a calorie deficit where you’re burning more calories than you’re consuming. This can only be done through mindful eating and physical activity.

Cardio is one of the best ways to accelerate your heart rate and burn fat. By increasing your heart rate, you’ll burn calories fast and jumpstart your journey towards the perfect body. Things like running, rowing, HIIT routines, or hiking are great ways to elevate your heart rate and maximize your routine.

But don’t forget about the strength training. While cardio and eating right will make you lose weight, that alone can lead to less desirable physical characteristics. Incorporating strength training helps to tone or bulk up your muscles to give you a more balanced physique overall.

Don’t Stress

If you’re like pretty much every single person in the world, you probably feel a great deal of stress every single day. And while some stress is good, having too much of it can negatively affect your health.

In addition to things like hypertension risk, stress has a complicated relationship to your weight. For one, stress can cause you to overeat, leading to weight gain, and weight gain can make you feel stressed out.

Try to lessen your stressin’ by taking some time for self-care. Watch some episodes of your favorite Netflix series, spend some time with friends after a long day of work. Better yet, turn your stress into muscle gains by getting in a high-intensity workout.

Small Changes Equal Big Results

Losing weight can take some time and effort, but you can sneak in some progress by making some simple, small changes to your routine.

Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Switch to a protein fruit smoothie every morning instead of a bowl of cereal. Add five more minutes to your typical workout.

These small changes will have a huge impact on your results, even though you’ll hardly need to try.

A Well Boiled Machine

Boiling lemons might not sound like the ticket to weight loss, but something as simple as citrus-filled H2O can have an immense impact on your health. Lemons, and their peels, are filled with antioxidants and other vitamins that are great for your body. But on top of that, the acidity in lemons can help your stomach break down food faster.

Boiled lemon water lets you incorporate all parts of the lemon rather than just the inside. However, squeezing some lemon into your iced water or incorporating the juices in your next chicken and fish dish will be just as beneficial.

For more fitness tips and nutrition tricks, the Gorilla Bow All-Access Membership is your one-way ticket to the body of your dreams. From live and on-demand classes to nutrition tips and wellness instructions, it’s everything you need in the palm of your hands.

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