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Best Breast Augmentation Surgeon In Okc

Are you looking for a breast augmentation surgeon in Oklahoma City?

The best way to find a surgeon who will meet your needs is by reading reviews. We’ve compiled some of our favorites for you here.

When you’re looking for a breast augmentation surgeon in Oklahoma City, it’s important to find someone who has the experience and skills to help you achieve your goals. At [company name], we’ve put together a team of board-certified plastic surgeons who have been performing breast augmentation surgery for years, and our team of doctors is happy to talk with you about your options.

The best breast augmentation surgeon in Oklahoma City is the one who will make sure you get what you want and need. How do you know if they’re the right fit for you? Read on to learn how to choose the right surgeon for your procedure.

In this article we will breast augmentation oklahoma city cost and best plastic surgeons in okc

Best Breast Augmentation Surgeon In Okc

Are you looking for the best breast augmentation surgeon in Oklahoma City? There are many options available, but one thing is clear: finding the right doctor is essential.

When it comes to your body, you want to make sure you’re getting the highest-quality care possible. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to choose the best breast augmentation surgeon in Oklahoma City.

First things first: how do you know if someone is qualified? When you’re looking for a doctor, there are some things that should be a red flag—and others that aren’t necessarily bad signs. You want to find someone who has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery or American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), and who has been practicing for at least five years. It’s also important that they have experience working with patients with similar concerns as yours—in other words, if your main concern is wanting more volume on top of your breasts, make sure your surgeon has experience doing just that!

Breast augmentation surgery is a common procedure that is performed to increase the size of a woman’s breasts. The procedure can be performed using either saline or silicone implants, and the implants can be placed above or below the breast tissue.

The best breast augmentation surgeon in Oklahoma City will likely have experience performing the procedure with both types of implants, as well as in different positions. They will also likely have experience with patients who have had previous surgery on their breasts, and they should be able to offer you advice on what options might be available to you based on your current situation.

View the natural-looking results that Dr. Jones provides and read what satisfied patients say about us.

Compassionate, Personalized Care
If you are considering plastic surgery in Oklahoma City, OK, you deserve an outstanding doctor who respects your privacy and aesthetic goals. Dr. Justin Jones at Jones Plastic Surgery provides a comfortable, discreet environment with an emphasis on patient education and individualized planning to ensure the satisfaction of every patient. Dr. Jones is highly experienced in advanced techniques such as the Keller funnel to provide breast implants with smaller incisions and a lower risk of infection or capsular contraction. He can perform any breast, body, and non-surgical treatment with natural-looking results to enhance your figure and boost your confidence.

our office
Our Mission
At Jones Plastic Surgery, our mission is to provide natural-looking results that meet your aesthetic goals and exceed your expectations.
Dr. Justin Jones
Meet Dr. Jones
Dr. Jones is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is among the few surgeons in the country to be appointed to the advisory board of all three FDA-approved breast implant manufacturers. He received his surgical training in Oklahoma and Manhattan, New York at the prestigious Lenox Hill and Manhattan Eye and Ear hospitals, where he learned from pioneers and authors in plastic surgery. Dr. Jones differentiates himself by providing individualized care through each step of treatment, from the initial consultation to final stages of recovery.

Stunning Breast Augmentation Results
before breast augmentation photo
After breast augmentation photo
Silicone breast implants placed under the muscle helped this patient go from a small B cup to a full C cup with natural-looking results.
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“An excellent doctor. Professional, honest, and a highly skilled surgeon. Highly recommended.”
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Our State-of-the-Art Facility
Our large facility is spacious and inviting. We are especially proud of our brand new, state-of-the-art surgical clinic, which features fully furnished operating and recovery rooms for all breast and body procedures. All of our treatment rooms are comfortable and equipped with advanced technology, like touchscreen monitors to keep you informed about your treatment and recovery.

What to Expect From Your Treatment
Dr. Jones will explain all procedure options to design a precisely personalized treatment plan that is suited to your needs. We strive to ensure that you are completely comfortable during your treatment. Following your procedure, Dr. Jones will guide you through the healing process. Thanks to his expert care, you should experience minimal discomfort and downtime.

Dr. Jones demonstrates how he places silicone implants through small incisions for less scarring and lower risk of capsular contracture.
Prestigious Affiliations
ABMS Maintenance of Certification, American Board of Plastic Surgery, Certification Matters
LEAD logo, leadership, experience, and development in breast augmentation
American Society of Plastic Surgeons
CareCredit white Logo
Flexible Financing Is Available
We accept CareCredit® to help patients finance life-changing plastic surgery procedures.

Dr. Justin Jones
Jones Plastic Surgery
Dr. Justin Jones is board-certified and offers a wide range of aesthetic procedures at his practice in Oklahoma City, OK. He is proud to be affiliated with the:

American Board of Plastic Surgery
American Society of Plastic Surgeons
You can request a consultation with Dr. Jones by contacting us online or by calling our office at (405) 674-4067.

Best breast augmentation in california

If you’re looking for a breast augmentation in California, you’ve come to the right place.

At [company name], we pride ourselves on providing the best possible experience for our patients. We are a team of compassionate and skilled professionals who take the time to get to know each patient’s unique needs and desires so that we can create an individualized plan. We understand that this is a big decision, and we want to make sure that you feel comfortable with your choice.

Whether you’re looking for more information about breast augmentation or are ready to schedule your consultation, we would love to speak with you!

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery in California. It’s one of the most common procedures performed in the country, and it’s no wonder why: breast augmentation can increase your self-confidence, help you feel more comfortable in your own skin, and make you look great in a swimsuit! But there are also some downsides to breast augmentation surgery. How do you know if it’s right for you? We’re here to help.

In this article we’ll discuss:

  • The types of breast augmentation available
  • The risks and side effects of breast augmentation
  • How to find a board certified plastic surgeon near me

The Breast You Always Wanted

As women age or go through pregnancy, their bust may lose its naturally youthful shape, leading to a loss of volume and firmness. This can affect their self-confidence and body image, as well as the overall proportions of their figure. However, with advancements in cosmetic surgery, women now have the option of breast augmentation to enhance their breasts and restore a more feminine silhouette.Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure that involves the placement of implants to increase the size, shape, and fullness of the breasts. This procedure is highly customizable, allowing women to choose implants that best suit their personal preferences and aesthetic goals.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation
  • Enhances breast size and shape
  • Restores volume lost due to aging or pregnancy

  • Improves body proportions

  • Boosts self-confidence and body image
  • During a breast augmentation procedure, the surgeon will make incisions in inconspicuous locations to minimize visible scarring. The implants, which are typically filled with saline or silicone gel, are then placed either under the breast tissue or beneath the chest muscle, depending on the patient’s anatomy and desired outcome.

    Types of Breast Implants

    Type of Implant Composition
    Saline implants Sterile salt water solution
    Silicone implants Silicone gel

    After the implants are placed and positioned to achieve the desired result, the incisions are closed with sutures, and a supportive bra or bandage is applied to aid in the healing process. Recovery time varies for each individual, but most patients can resume normal activities within a few weeks of surgery.It’s important to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation to discuss your goals, expectations, and any concerns you may have. A thorough evaluation will help determine the most suitable implant size, shape, and placement for your unique anatomy and desired outcome.With breast augmentation, women can achieve fuller, more youthful-looking breasts that enhance their overall figure and boost their self-confidence. Whether you’re seeking to restore lost volume, improve body proportions, or simply enhance your natural curves, breast augmentation is a safe and effective option for achieving your aesthetic goals.

    What Are My Options?

    You have several options in the type of implants for your breast augmentation with Dr. Shafa. The procedure is most often performed with saline, silicone, or Gummy Bear implants, although some patients may opt for a natural fat transfer breast augmentation. During your private consultation, Dr. Shafa will ensure that you are fully empowered with the education and information you need to make the best choices for your cosmetic outcome.

    What Are the Benefits of Breast Enhancement?

    Some of the benefits of breast enhancement include:

    • Renews self-confidence and self-esteem
    • Enhances wardrobe options
    • Corrects and balances the body’s proportions
    • Is an integral component of a mommy makeover
    • Increases the cup size
    • Provides a more youthful, attractive figure
    • Improves breast symmetry
    • Helps contours the body after weight loss, pregnancy, or aging
    • Can help address imperfections in the chest due to injury, illness, or genetics

    Schedule a Free Consultation

    What Is Recovery Like After Breast Augmentation?

    Dr. Shafa will be available to you throughout your recovery and will meet with you several times to ensure your recovery is both smooth and successful. For the full results, you should expect about six weeks for the implants to settle into place, and the swelling to disappear. In the early stages of recovery, you will have prescription pain medication to limit discomfort.

    Most postoperative pain occurs in the first week, after which you should feel ready to return to work or other non-strenuous activities. You must avoid raising your arms above the shoulder, lifting, or vigorous workouts until your recovery is complete. You will be cleared to return to more vigorous activities, such as running, sports, or exercise, in about four to six weeks. 

    Why Choose Dr. Shafa for Breast Surgery in Los Angeles?

    The use of advanced surgical techniques is a vital point in the natural beauty of your new breasts. Dr. Shafa provides an extraordinary level of care and attention to his patients. Dr. Shafa’s knowledge, skill, confidence, and creativity make him the ideal breast surgeon in Los Angeles. 

    Your journey will be under the care of a doctor who is genuine, honest, and exceptionally talented in this procedure.

    You deserve it.

    Top 7 Best Breast Augmentation Surgeons in the U.S. (with Reviews)
    What Makes a Great Breast Augmentation Surgeon?

    The most important step in your breast augmentation process is to find a plastic surgeon whom you can rely on not only the day of the surgery itself, but also during pre-surgery consultations and long-term care post-surgery.

    What was great for a friend who had breast implants may not necessarily be the kind of great you’re looking for. This is why it’s crucial to find a plastic surgeon who understands your breast augmentation goals and shares your aesthetic sensibility.
    When looking for the best plastic surgeon for your breast augmentation, it can get overwhelming and confusing really fast. Just about every plastic surgeon’s website (including ours) will try and make the case as to why they are the right choice for you.

    So how do you know which plastic surgeons are genuinely the best at breast augmentation? Look no further as we list some of the finest in the field across the United States.

    The Best Breast Augmentation Surgeons in the United States
    Dr. Steven Teitelbaum (Santa Monica, California)

    Besides leading the Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation (ASERF), the research and education arm of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), Dr. Steven Teitelbaum is often sought out for interviews in the media for his expertise and ability to candidly articulate explanations about plastic surgery. Additionally, Dr. Teitelbaum lectures around the country and abroad on the latest in plastic surgery research, with a particular focus on breast augmentation.

    Patient Reviews:
    1-year update!

    Wow. I mean just wow. They bounce, they are perky, they feel so real, they look natural, proportionate and they are just beautiful. I can’t recommend Dr. T enough… 6 stars if I could!

    OH! and the scars… that is what I was worried about the most. What gentle hands because I can hardly see them and it’s only been a year. I’m sure they will just about disappear by year 2 but honestly it doesn’t even matter because the scars are so perfectly in the fold that you can’t even see them. Thank you again!

    • Audrey N.

    More reviews..

    Dr. John Tebbetts (Dallas, Texas)

    Revered by his colleagues as one of the best in plastic surgery, Dr. John Tebbetts is the first surgeon in the history of breast augmentation to accomplish a zero percent reoperation rate for a consecutive series of patients within the independently monitored FDA Pre-Market Approval (PMA) study.

    He is also the first plastic surgeon to develop a technique and process that allowed patients to return to their normal activities within 24 hours.

    Patient Reviews:
    I met with Dr. Tebbetts before the surgery for my consult who was very courtesy, answered my questions and made me feel that he was, in fact, the best choice for the surgery. I also was given his book to read, which is an excellent resource. After my procedure, I received several follow up phone calls to check on how I was doing. The staff and Dr. Tebbetts are very caring, professional, and I am very pleased with my results. I am glad I made the decision to have my surgery at his office. – A. B.

    More reviews..

    Dr. David Hidalgo (New York City, New York)

    Aside from being quoted in almost every prestigious print media out there — from The New York Times to Vogue, Dr. David Hidalgo has written more than 80 scientific papers and won the James Barrett Brown Award (one of the most prestigious awards given in plastic surgery). He has also appeared on CBS, ABC News, and CNBC.

    Patient Reviews:
    He is hands down the best doctor in NYC. I want to keep myself anonymous but i have had 3 surgeries with him already and going in for my fourth! I had breast augmentation as one of my surgeries and as much as all of my surgeries came out amazing I am just obsessed with my breasts!! Its crazy because nobody can ever tell not even my husband in the beginning of our relationship thats how amazing they are! He is number one and I’m so excited to get my next surgery with him because i know I’m in amazing hands! – J.N.

    More reviews..

    Dr. Leonard Hochstein (Miami, Florida)

    Regarded as a celebrity surgeon, Dr. Leonard Hochstein has performed over twelve thousand surgeries and has been awarded the Allergan’s Black Diamond Award, typically granted to the highest level of breast augmentation surgeons. People from around the world, including those from Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, India, and Europe, seek his expertise in performing breast augmentation.

    Patient Reviews:
    Just had surgery yesterday and I feel and look amazing, I have no idea why the reviews are so low for Dr. Hochstein. I’m in love with the results and it’s only been 1 day. Dr. Hochstein even called me and left a message at night checking up on me and to see if I had any concerns. Definitely worth every penny, can’t wait for the swelling to come down and begin clothes shopping! I went from an A/B cup to a C cup. – Maria M.

    More reviews..

    Dr. Patrick Maxwell (Nashville, Tennessee)

    Dr. Patrick Maxwell has been recognized by both patients and his peers in plastic surgery as one of the best in breast implant surgery. He has been included in virtually every “Best Doctor” and “Best Plastic Surgeon” list compiled for the past two decades. Dr. Maxwell has also received many major awards bestowed by fellow plastic surgeons.

    Patient Reviews:
    Dr. Maxwell is an amazing doctor, and I feel blessed to have had him perform the revision for my breast reconstruction. I had my breast reconstructed after breast cancer/mastectomy in 2000. The original reconstruction by another doctor was never right, but I just made it work (swimsuits and snug tops were an impossible challenge because of the asymmetry which had worsened with age) for many years until I found Dr. Maxwell. Dr. Maxwell was highly professional and caring. He really is an artist. I believe he’s actually invented devices or products for breast reconstruction. My surgery was several years ago and i’m still thrilled with the results.

    More reviews…

    Dr. Dennis Hammond (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

    Besides being one of the world’s most recognized authorities in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the breasts, Dr. Dennis Hammond has co-authored and written several textbooks on plastic surgery. Having participated in nearly every known breast implant study since 1990, Dr. Hammond routinely gives lectures and seminars at the annual meetings of several respected plastic surgery organizations.

    Patient Reviews:
    Everything has been great. Dr. Hammond did a great job answering questions and he seemed as excited I was about the procedure which relaxed me. The anesthesiologist was amazing, this part was the worst for me and I had so much anxiety, but he relaxed me and encouraged me through his explanation of the procedure and answering questions. My pre surgery nurse was Joanne and she was wonderful, kind, and very patient. The whole procedure went really well. I can’t wait for my follow up appointment!

    More reviews..

    Dr. Larry Fan (San Francisco, California)

    As the founding director of 77 Plastic Surgery in San Francisco, Dr. Larry Fan has been recognized as one of the best breast augmentation surgeons in the US. Patients rave about Dr. Fan’s finesse in providing aesthetically beautiful and natural results. He is also one of the first plastic surgeons in the US to use Virtual Reality technology in breast augmentation.

    Dr. Fan has been voted one of America’s Top Plastic Surgeons for the past seven years by the Consumers Research Council of America. He has been an invited speaker at numerous national and international meetings including the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American College of Surgeons. Additionally, Dr. Fan is a recognized expert who is highly sought after by both industry and the media. He has appeared on CNN, NBC, ABC, Bloomberg, and Refinery 29.

    Patient Reviews:
    Dr. Fan is amazing and does amazing work! I went to Dr. Fan for breast augmentation after he had done one of my friends and my sister’s breast augmentation. Not only does he do amazing work but the staff that work there are just as amazing and everyone makes you feel extremely comfortable, I am beyond satisfied with my results and would recommend anyone I know looking to get some work done to Dr Fan. – Jenny S.

    More reviews..

    Choose Your Breast Augmentation Surgeon Wisely
    As you research plastic surgeons for your breast augmentation, you may ask friends, read reviews, and schedule multiple consultations.

    Before you schedule these consultations, read 14 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Plastic Surgeon. As you go through the process of picking the right doctor, keep in mind that your choice of plastic surgeon is a choice you will live with for years. And, when you make the right choice, you’ll have the breasts you’ve always wanted, for the rest of your life.

    Are You A Candidate for Breast Augmentation?
    About the Author
    Dr. Larry Fan is a Harvard educated, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in San Francisco, CA. He is a Master Artist who is known for creating beautiful, stunning, and natural results. Dr. Fan has been named One of America’s Top Plastic Surgeons for the past 10 years running and has received several national awards for his work in Plastic Surgery. He has successfully performed more than 10,000 cosmetic procedures of the face, breasts, and body over a 20 year period. Dr Fan has been an invited speaker at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American College of Surgeons, and has been featured in national media outlets such as CNN, NBC, and ABC.

    Breast Augmentation Oklahoma City Cost

    In Oklahoma City, the price of a breast augmentation procedure is $5,635. High deductible health plan holders and those without insurance can shop around, compare costs, and save money.

    Best Plastic Surgeons In Okc

    Premier Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics, first recommended
    7 health spas
    Surgery for Cosmetics
    Hair removal with lasers

    He is a highly regarded plastic surgeon who supervises his staff to ensure quality work. more

    1. 6 Cosmetic Surgeons James Lowe

    “With Botox and Filler, I could not have made a better choice of plastic surgeon! Extremely pleased with mine…” more

    1. 13 Cosmetic Surgeons Tim R. Love

    Centers for Hair Loss

    Surgery Plastic


    “scar where he failed to use ultrasound guidance to inject a steroid, and a mistrust for cosmetic surgeons.” more

    1. Cosmetic Surgeons Gonce Cosmetic Surgery

    I started by checking out the top plastic surgeons on a website for cosmetic procedures.

    1. Affiliates of Cosmetic Surgery 17 Cosmetic Surgeons

    He is board qualified in mylofacial surgery and is a cosmetic surgeon, not a plastic surgeon. more

    1. Ivan Wayne, MD 3 Otolaryngologists, Otolaryngologists, and Cosmetic Surgeons

    “Board certified and without a doubt Oklahoma’s best and perhaps even most talented facial cosmetic surgeon,” more

    1. Cosmetic surgeons Hunnewell Jennie MD 1

    Star and I had botox on Thursday, and it already looks fantastic! Excellent customer service, lovely office, and no wait at all! Can’t wait to return for additional beautifying!”

    1. Plastic Surgeons Cosmetic Surgery Center

    Surgery for Cosmetics

    The staff at Dr. Fogleman’s office were excellent. I felt really at ease throughout the entire process, from my first appointment through the operation and post-op. I’m a couple weeks out from a breast lift and augmentation.

    1. Cosmetic surgeons Gonce Mike MD

    “I am very grateful that I came across Dr. Gonce and his team! I could tell he had a caring attitude because he was the only surgeon who didn’t rush through any of the appointments, from the consultation to the follow-up.

    1. Cosmetic Surgeons from Aesthetic Institute of Oklahoma

    S for any cosmetic procedure, no matter how minor or major, to make you happier.

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