Best Breast Lift Surgeon In Raleigh Nc

Are you looking for the best breast lift surgeon in Raleigh, North Carolina? Do you want to find a surgeon who can help you achieve your goals, no matter how big or small they are? If so, we’re here to help!

The first thing you should know is that there are two different types of breast lifts: mastopexy and reduction. Mastopexy involves lifting and reshaping the breasts, while reduction involves removing fat from the breasts and reducing their size. Both procedures are performed through an incision made just under your breast.

The second thing you should know is that there are several options available for each procedure. For example, if your goal is to increase the size of your breasts, then there are three types of implants available for this purpose: silicone gel implants (which are filled with saline), saline-filled implants, and cohesive gel-filled implants (which contain silicone gel). You may also have heard the term “gummy bear implant” but these aren’t actually available in North Carolina at this time

In this article we will discuss about breast lift raleigh nc cost and raleigh breast surgeons

Best Breast Lift Surgeon In Raleigh Nc

  1. Amelia Aesthetics
    Medical SpasCosmetic SurgeonsSkin Care$$Raleigh

Closed until 9:00 AM

“Three weeks ago I had a breast augmentation with Dr Roughton. Recovery has gone smooth and I am SO…” more

  1. Michael Law Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
    Laser Hair RemovalCosmetic SurgeonsMedical Spas

Closed until 9:00 AM

“on their website, I was informed that they do not offer breast augmentation for transgender women.” more

  1. Wake Plastic Surgery
    Laser Hair RemovalMedical SpasPlastic Surgeons$$

Closed until 8:30 AM

“I had my first breast augmentation by Dr. Stoeckle in December 2017. He completely transformed the…” more

  1. CARE Plastic Surgery
    Medical SpasPlastic Surgeons

Closed until 8:30 AM

“I got my Breast augmentation surgery with Dr.Coan and he is AMAZING! My surgery had no bruising and…” more

  1. Raleigh Plastic Surgery Center
    Cosmetic SurgeonsPlastic Surgeons

Closed until 8:00 AM

“High 5 weeks ago for a breast augmentation revision. A year ago, I had my initial breast aug with…” more

  1. Morea Plastic Surgical Center
    Cosmetic Surgeons

Closed until 8:30 AM

“He did a fabulous job for my breast augmentation! I recommended him to 3 other friends, who also…” more

  1. Specialists in Plastic Surgery
    Plastic Surgeons

Closed until 8:00 AM

“Carlino for my breast augmentation 10 years ago. It was agreed that my implants were to be placed…” more

  1. Blue Water Spa
    Medical SpasTattoo RemovalSkin Care$$$

Closed until 9:00 AM

“Law made me feel very comfortable about my breast augmentation, answered any and all questions I had…” more

  1. Zenn Plastic Surgery
    Cosmetic SurgeonsPlastic SurgeonsMedical Spas

Closed until 9:00 AM

“Dr. Zenn and his staff are the best. He is an expert and his staff is top notch. He guided my wife through a breast reconstruction surgery and we felt prepared, thanks to them. I…” more

  1. Tannan Plastic Surgery
    Plastic Surgeons

Closed until 8:00 AM

“I never thought about getting breast implants before, but after having my son and breastfeeding him..

Breast Lift Raleigh Nc Cost

Pricing Range for Services
Increased breast size
$7875 – $9660
the breast
$9450 – $11,025
Breast Augmentation and Lift
$11,025 – $13,125
Correction of Breast Asymmetries
Breast Reduction: $6825 – $9975
$11,550 – $12,600
Nips and Points
$1,785 Nipple Reduction
Reduced Areola – $3,858
Revision of Breast Implants $8925 – $12600
Reduced Male Breast Size
$6720 – $8925

Raleigh Breast Surgeons

We know the worry and stress that comes after an abnormal mammogram or the identification of an issue with your breast that raises a concern. That’s why we’re dedicated to offering coordinated care, timely appointments and swift intervention. In fact, we offer same or next day appointments because we know waiting and worrying is not an option.  Call 919-350-PINK (7465) or schedule an appointment online. 

  • Breast mass/lumps
  • Breast pain
  • Cysts
  • Abnormal mammogram
  • Lymphedema of the breast
  • Discharge from the nipple
  • Fibrocystic breast changes
  • Duct ectasia
  • Fibroadenoma
  • Dense breasts
  • Nipple inversion

A diagnosis is the start of a journey and we’re here every step of the way for our patients to provide the medical and surgical care they need with the care and compassion that they deserve.

Our Physicians


Lori Lilley, MD, FACS

Michalina Kupsik, MD

Our Breast Services Program is led by Dr. Lori Lilley, a board-certified surgeon with more than 20 years of experience. Joining her in practice is Dr. Michalina Kupsik, a board certified surgeon with clinical interests in treating a spectrum of benign and malignant breast diseases.

There are many types of breast surgery and both Dr. Lilley and Dr. Kupsik use their advanced skills and experience to help patients decide what is best for them. Schedule today. 

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