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Best Home Laser Hair Removal For Black Skin Quotes

When waxing is too painful and laser hair removal is too pricey, IPL hair removal becomes a good alternative. This hair removal treatment is effective, not painful, and affordable enough. Even more, some IPL devices work on dark skin. In this article, we will focus on discussing the best IPL hair removal for dark skin. You’ll also read about yag laser hair removal for dark skin and best home ipl for dark skin.

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Best Home Laser Hair Removal For Black Skin Quotes

Unfortunately, it is still a common misconception that laser hair removal treatments are not safe for individuals with darker skin. The truth is, with advances in laser technology and technique these days, Latin, African, Mediterranean, Asian and other ethnic groups with dark skin tones can be treated safety and effectively.


At Simply Laser we use the Nd:Yag laser which is specifically designed to treat those with darker skin types.


Laser and light-based devices used for hair removal are highly sensitive to the color and melanin in the skin, which plays a crucial role in the treatment of ethnic skin types.

Dark skin absorbs the laser light more than light skin does, so to make the treatment safe for dark skin tones, the Nd:Yag laser was developed.

This laser has a longer wavelength than lasers for lighter skin types. This allows the laser to bypass the darker epidermis, penetrating deeper into the skin thus avoiding potential epidermal damage (surface damage).


You may need between 8-12 treatments every 4 weeks for facial areas and every 6 weeks for body, however individual needs may vary.
Because facial hair can be hormonal, you may need further maintenance treatments on this area.


When women with darker skin tones have unwanted facial hair, it often goes hand in hand with Folliculitis, a condition where removing the hair can cause bumps, ingrown hairs, papules & pustules.

Conventional hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving, depilatories, and plucking often remove the hair, but can increase the development of this condition.

The good news is that with regular laser hair removal treatments, this condition can be improved and even eliminated.

You can find IPL devices that work better and heat hair follicles safely while keeping the dark skin safe. Now, look at the following recommendations!

1. KOIZUMA Nano Laser Photon8

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If you need IPL hair removal but want to skip the salon, it is a good idea to purchase this IPL device. You will find less hair growth just after one use at home. In addition, this device removes ingrown hairs, allowing you to achieve and maintain smooth skin.

Furthermore, this device provides painless, safe, and gentle hair removal treatment.It is also impressive as it works well on any part of the body. For a full-body treatment, it just takes about 30 minutes. When using it, you can select your preferred intensity level from the six options available.

There are a few reasons why you should consider this. Besides its advanced features, it is safe and doesn’t hurt. Then, you will see results after 3 to 4 uses. For complete results, you just need to use it 12 times. Of course, the result of reduced hair growth is permanent. You can use it on your face, arms, legs, bikini area, or anywhere else. If you are interested, you can visit

2. Infinity IPL and Galvanic

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This IPL device is also safe for black and dark skin, as it comes with gentle IPL that has a special configuration. Besides that, it combines with galvanic current. For your information, galvanic is a type of electric current that is painless, so you cannot feel it. In addition, it creates a circuit if your skin touches the silver electrode and your fingers touch the base electrode.

Then, it flows through your skin to widen your pores. And this exposes more of the hair shaft. It also absorbs more of the IPL energy to reach deeper into the follicle. It heats the follicle cells and hair that are rich in melanin. So, you can direct it to where it is needed.

You need to note that the galvanic energy means your skin is extra absorbent. That’s why you should apply moisturizers afterwards for hydrated, extra-soft skin. Your pores will then naturally close. Anyway, it is reasonable to consider Infinity IPL and Galvanic as the best IPL hair removal for dark skin.

3. Elos IPL and Radio Frequency

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Next, we recommend this because it combines IPL with radiofrequency current. The two energies work better to heat hair follicles. They use a super-gentle IPL that normally will not work alone.

For your information, radio frequency (RF) is a painless electric current. It is sent from one electrode to the other through the skin. Even though you cannot feel it, it works effectively. Even more, it is really safe for both light and dark skin tones because it does not rely on melanin.

The combination of IPL and RF hair removal is extremely effective on any skin type.But you have to cover your skin in flashes and repeat for 2–3 passes. It may be time-intensive, especially on your legs. However, this zaps each hair with enough energy for IPL to work. Anyway, there’s no worry when you use it on dark or even black skin.

Moreover, it is clinically proven and FDA-cleared for any skin tone, including dark skin. Besides being safe for at-home hair removal, it also offers less frequent maintenance sessions.

4. Smooth Original

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If you are looking for a high-quality IPL device on a budget, this can be a good choice. This IPL hair removal device sacrifices permanent results, which is why it is so highly recommended. We know that it doesn’t use a quartz bulb. Besides that, it comes with a limited number of flashes; it only has 6,000 flashes. However, its system is excellent at treating small areas on the body, such as female facial hair and underarms. How about dark skin? This IPL device is suitable for any skin tone, including dark skin.

5. ELOS Touch Advance Permanent Hair Reduction Device

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We consider it the best IPL hair removal for dark skin because of some fantastic features. First, it features a quartz bulb that emits less diffuse light, resulting in more precise targeting of the hair bulb and the hair shaft.

Besides that, it offers 500,000 flashes. You should be aware that darker skin requires more flashes to achieve the desired results.With half a million flashes, it can cover more areas with a better result.

One more thing: this IPL device is FDA-cleared. It means the device has passed the highest quality standard. So, it is really safe. Furthermore, it ensures effectiveness on a wide range of skin tones. 

Yag Laser Hair Removal For Dark Skin

Currently, the most effective and safest laser for darker skin tones uses Nd: YAG laser technology. The wavelength of this laser goes deep into the skin, so it effectively bypasses the pigmentation in the skin. The combination of technologies allows our highly trained professionals to create a customized treatment plan to fit the exact needs of each client’s skin tone and hair type.

Best Home Ipl For Dark Skin

dark skinned woman getting armpit laser hair removal

As we said earlier, dark skin patients who are looking for the most effective hair removal machines should look no further than Nd:YAG machines, and in some cases, diode machines.

Simply put, Nd:YAG machines produce the Nd:YAG wavelength, the longest wavelength available, making it an absolutely foolproof solutions for dark skin tone patients. With the longer wavelength, it goes deeper through the epidermis than diode lasers, allowing it to bypass the initial layer of skin pigmentation.

Who can benefit from Nd:YAG devices? Any patient with dark skin tones, as well as patients with light skin tones who have recently tanned their skin. It is without a doubt the safest option available for dark skin tone patients, while also boasting higher success rates than other types of laser machines.

Does this mean that the diode – the other “long” wavelength, although not as long as Nd:YAG –has no place in clinics? This doesn’t seem to be the case. Some dermatologists and hair specialists claim that the diode solution is actually the least painful laser hair removal procedure. This is because the diode energy is delivered much slower than the Nd:YAG, giving the skin more time to cool down from the heat.

Diode devices also typically come equipped with a cooling device that instantly cools down the skin, preventing any risk of overheating or skin damage. One popular diode device is the Lumenis LightSheer device, which is equipped with a built-in suction mechanism that helps distract patient from the pain of the procedure.

Does TRIA Work on Dark Skin?

One popular hair removal machine is the TRIA line of devices, specifically the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X. Unfortunately, the Tria Hair Removal 4X is designed specifically to be used on patients up to Skin Tone 4.

This means light skin and light to medium brown skin tones can safely experience TRIA devices for hair removal, but anyone with darker skin should avoid these devices at all costs.

Other Hair Removal Options for Dark Skin

For Indian patients and other patients with brown skin, as well as patients with darker skin tones, Nd:YAG machines are the ideal hair removal solution on the market. It is effective for thick and dense hair, and can be used for bushy hair, facial hair, and body hair removal.

Not only do Nd:YAG machines reduce the hair growth in the targeted area, they also lead to finer and softer hair growth, should it ever begin growing again. However, some individuals with dark skin tones might be considering other hair removal solutions. Here are other ways you can remove your body hair:

Shaving: Shaving is plain and simple, however, it is an easy solution with short-term results. The hair is only gone from your body until it can regrow, and when it grows back it leaves an awkward and uncomfortable stubble that you nor your partner will enjoy feeling.

Threading and Waxing: Threading and waxing salons are quite popular, especially for individuals who aren’t looking for the long-term commitment of a series of hair removal sessions. However, like shaving, threading and waxing do not permanently destroy the hair follicle. They may lead to hair follicle removal, which only prompts the regrowth of the hair follicle rather than paralysis.

Electrolysis: Another safe and effective method for hair removal of unwanted body hair in dark skin individuals is electrolysis. Electrolysis is a great solution for those who aren’t ready for laser hair removal, especially amongst patients with darker skin who are generally more prone to folliculitis, or excess ingrown hairs. Advantages of electrolysis include permanent unwanted hair removal, hair removal along any part of the body, and effective treatment on all skin and hair pigment.

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