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Best places for breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that uses implants to enhance the size and shape of a woman’s breasts. The procedure can be performed on women who have healthy, fully developed breasts but want to improve their proportions or to fill out sagging breasts. The most common type of implant used in breast augmentation surgery is silicone gel, but other materials, including saline and fat transfer, are also available. A breast implant is inserted through an incision made around the nipple and areola (the dark skin around the nipple) and placed under the muscle of the chest wall.

Most women experience minimal pain after breast augmentation surgery, but it can take several weeks for your body to heal completely. You’ll need to follow your surgeon’s instructions about how long you should wear a support bra, how often you can shower or bathe with soap, and when you can start exercising again without hurting yourself.

You may find it hard to access the right information on the internet, so we are here to help you in the following article, providing the best and updated information on Best places for breast augmentation, breast reduction surgery side effects. Read on to learn more. We at cosmeticsurgerytips have all the information that you need about breast augmentation recovery. Read on to learn more.

Best places for breast augmentation

Plan your trip properly. Check the latest COVID-19 travel rules before your medical journey and follow Bookimed safety recommendations

breast augmentation overview

Breast augmentation surgery is the most popular plastic operation globally. According to ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), over 1,800,000 breast implant operations are performed annually. It means that about 5,000 women improve their breast shape every day.

Sounds good. However, health insurance does not compensate for breast enhancement operations, so a patient must cover all expenses from own pocket. This fact forces people to postpone or even cancel an intervention due to high boob job prices in some countries — up to $20,000 in the USA, the UK, Western European states.

Still, you can find affordable breast enlargement options overseas, starting from $2,300-$3,000 in Turkey or Mexico, for instance. All you need is to realize where it is possible to get an affordable boob job without its quality loss.

To make your search easier, the Bookimed service, the #1 medical tourism platform globally, has ranked top places where to get a boob job cheaper, and what is more important — be satisfied with the result. The ranking is based on our 181 clinics and 45 patient reviews:

Top 5 cheapest places to get breast augmentation according to Bookimed partner clinics:

  • Turkey — from $1,750
  • Mexico — from $2,500
  • Thailand — from $3,000
  • Poland — from $3,200
  • Czech Republic — from $3,300

Bookimed, a team of 65 highly-trained medical experts, has ranked the top 5 cheapest states to get breast augmentation. Below you can find the most affordable breast enhancement deals and choose the one that suits you the best. Almost 2,000 people have placed their inquiries for breast enlargement with Bookimed and received a free consultation from our medical experts.

Submit a request on the platform to get all current breast augmentation deals.

Breast Augmentation: Before and After

Breast Augmentation: Before and After
Breast Augmentation: Before and After
Breast Augmentation: Before and After

Estetik International Clinic, Turkey. Breast augmentation price is $3,900

Breast Augmentation: Before and After
Breast Augmentation: Before and After
Breast Augmentation: Before and After

Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center, Turkey. Breast augmentation for $3,500

Breast Augmentation: Before and After
Breast Augmentation: Before and After

Jose Cortes Clinic, Mexico. Breast augmentation for $5,400

Breast Augmentation: Before and After

FORME Clinic, Czech Republic. Breast augmentation for $3,250

cheap breast augmentation from $1,750

Turkey is among several countries in the world where you can get cheap but qualitative breast augmentation. More than 45,000 boob jobs are carried out in Turkish clinics every year, and this number is only going to grow.

Women consider Turkey as the best place to get breast implants due to:

  • Cut prices. The cost of breast enhancement in Turkey is $3,800 on average, and this price covers surgery, doctors’ fees, required consultations, breast implants of the top world manufacturers, transfer, and even language escort. The accommodation is also quite affordable — overnight stay in a comfortable single room is about $40-$50 on average.
  • Board-certified doctors. Local plastic surgeons serve international patients and focus on permanent skills improvement. So they are frequent visitors of international conferences, meetings, and training.
  • Excellent service. The Turkish aesthetic centers aim to attract more and more inbound patients, so they provide clients with all-inclusive service: arrange a free airport pick-up, language assistance, and even accommodation in some cases.
  • Mild COVID-19 restrictions. Turkey is among the few plastic surgery-oriented countries that allow entry for foreigners without mandatory quarantine (as of 2 December 2021) but negative PCR test or vaccination certificate. However, you should always check the updates on the official government website.

These are the main reasons why Turkish clinics are considered one of the cheap places for breast implants, and the data on more than 47 Turkish clinics Bookimed cooperates with just proves this belief.

Why is Turkey so cheap for boob jobs?

  • The Turkish government makes considerable investments into medicine development to attract people from over the world.
  • There are a lot of plastic surgery clinics in Turkey which compete with each other and frequently offer a discount for breast augmentation.

The general pricing policy for FMCG and services is relatively low.

If you want to get a boob job on finance and consider Turkey, check out deals on breast augmentation below:

Turkey, Antalya

SALUSS Medical Group

1 reviews



All reviews are verified

Breast augmentation

Price on request

Women can enhance their breasts with silicone implants or lipofilling at Saluss Medical Center. Plastic surgeons provide a lifetime warranty for implants — it is an indicator of their reliability and safety. You can get more info about implant warranty during a preliminary consultation with a plastic surgeon.

Turkey, Istanbul

Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center

4 reviews



All reviews are verified

Breast augmentation

$3026 – $3026

Dr. Ergin Er, a plastic surgeon with 25+ years of experience, mostly manages breast implants placement at Istanbul Aesthetics. The doctor promoted his skills in New York, USA.

More than 4,000 customers entrust their appearance to Istanbul Aesthetics Medical Center. According to the clinic’s data, 99% of them are satisfied with of medical service quality level.

Turkey, Istanbul

Estetik International

4 reviews



All reviews are verified

Breast augmentation

$3520 – $5538

Doctors use Polytech implants for breast enhancement at Estetik International. The Polytech brand provides a wider range of implant shapes, sizes, projection, and width than most other brands. So every woman can pick the most proper option. The quality and safety of Polytech implants are confirmed by ISO and CE certificates.

The unique breast lipofilling technique (breast augmentation with patient own fat cells) is available in the clinic — it is called Cihantimur Fat Transfer. During this procedure, a received fat material does not contact the air, so the result lasts longer than after traditional lipofilling. Dr. Bulent Cihantimur developed this method. He was listed among the TOP 50 best plastic surgeons in the world and received the ‘Gold Lancet’ award. It is a kind of The Oscar but in the beauty industry.

477,000 plastic surgery operations have been performed on the clinic’s premises.

Breast augmentation$3520 – $5538

boob job cost starting from $2,500

One more place where you can get cheap breast implants is Mexico. Annually, over 75,000 breast enhancement surgeries take place in the country. Patients from over the world, and American citizens, in particular, head here to receive a high-qualitative but cheaper boob job.

The reasons are obvious:

  • The prices for healthcare in Mexico are much lower than in the US, Canada, or some European countries. This is specifically important when it comes to aesthetic services that are not covered by the national insurance policy. Compare how much breast enlargement is in Mexico (prices start at $2,500) and the USA (prices start at $4,500), and you will see that you can easily decrease the cost of your surgery by up to 40% by opting for breast enlargement abroad.
  • The accommodation in Mexico is also pretty affordable: an overnight stay in a renovated hotel will cost $50-$60 on average, which is light on the wallet.
  • Mild COVID-19 travel rules. It is still possible to reach Mexico during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out the demands on the official government website.

Below you can check out and book low-cost breast enlargement offers in Mexico:

Mexico, Mexicali

Hospital de la Familia

6 reviews



All reviews are verified

Breast augmentation

$2500 – $4000

In 2003, Hospital de la Familia, (Family Hospital), was created by a group of doctors seeking a higher standard of medical care that was on demand in the region.
In 2004, the hospital decided to expand its services to the entire family, therefore changing its name to Hospital de la Familia

Breast augmentation$2500 – $4000

Mexico, Mexico City

Jose Cortes Aesthetic Clinic

6 reviews



All reviews are verified

Breast augmentation

Price on request

The Jose Cortes Center of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine based in Mexico City and welcomes international patients  to perform surgical and non-surgical procedures of facial rejuvenation and body contouring. 

Mexico, Mexicali

O’dent clínica dental

Breast augmentation

Price on request

Breast implants should be changed in 13-15 years after their installation. The risk of implant damage increases after this time period. Also, patients aged 45+ years old should consider that in 7-9 years, there is a possibility of breast sagging. So, a further breast lift may be recommended. Pick optimal implant volume(250-350 ml) and follow doctors’ recommendations to preserve the result after breast augmentation.

Note that you should stay in the country for 7-8 nights. So it is better to choose breast augmentation deals with accommodation coverage to save your money.

cheap boob job from $2,900

Plastic surgery is a well-developed specialty in Thailand: local aesthetic clinics manage over 12,000 breast enhancement operations every year. This destination attracts citizens from other countries due to:

  • Low-cost prices. Thai plastic surgery clinics provide breast enhancement about 2 times cheaper than in the USA or the UK. The cost of a boob job in Thailand starts at $2,900, while the same procedure will cost you at least $4,500-$6,000 in America or Great Britain.
  • High medicine level. The Thai healthcare system is ranked no. 6 in the world, so patients can be sure of obtaining high-quality medical services and care.
  • Exotic nature and culture. The primary benefit of having breast augmentation in Thailand is its unique nature and picturesque seasides. You can enjoy them before or after getting your breast enhancement surgery following the doctor’s recommendations.

Despite all the benefits listed above, Thailand remains the country with strict entry rules during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, you can track the updates on the official website of the local government to plan your cheap breast augmentation journey to Thailand.

Thailand, Bangkok

B.Care Medical Center

Breast augmentation

$3004 – $3141

B.Care is located on the premises of the B. Care Medical Center.

Breast corrections, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, facelift are the top procedures of the medical center.

Every year, about 70 international patients improve their appearance at B.Care. The majority of them come from the United States, Australia, Europe, and Southeastern Asia.

Breast augmentation$3004 – $3141

Thailand, Bangkok

Sikarin Hospital

2 reviews



All reviews are verified

Breast augmentation

$2704 – $6828

Sikarin Hospital is a top Thai medical center located in Bangkok. The hospital is oriented to serve international patients. The level of service is one of the best in the capital.

Plastic surgery, orthopedics, gastroenterology, heart surgery are the major Sikarin specialties. 

Patients from Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and Asia come here for treatment.

Breast augmentation$2704 – $6828

low-cost augmentation from $3,200

Poland is among the cheapest countries to have breast augmentation in Europe due to data analysis provided by Bookimed partner clinics in Poland.

The average price of breast enhancement in Poland is $4,100; the same procedure in Germany costs $11,400, in Spain — $8,200, and in Switzerland — $16,400. However, a low cost is not only advantage of having a plastic surgery operation in Poland:

  • Cheap flight tickets. You get from any European country to Poland and back by plane just for $10-$30.
  • Affordable accommodation. A hotel stay in big cities in Poland is also pretty attractive: you will pay about $30-$50 per night.

So, if you want to save money and get high-quality plastic surgery procedures, keep in mind that Poland is among the cheapest places for breast augmentation.

Check out the boob job deals available in Poland:

Poland, Jelenia Góra

KCM Clinic

1 reviews



All reviews are verified

Breast augmentation

$3430 – $4438

KCM Clinic Poland is a comprehensive medical center in Jelenia Góra city, 90 km from Wroclaw.

Doctors specialize in weight loss surgery, plastic surgery, orthopedics, and minimally invasive spine surgery.

The hospital offers special package programs to International patients.

Every year, 700 patients from the UK, Germany, Iceland, Spain, and Oman come to KCM for treatment.

Breast augmentation$3430 – $4438

Czech Republic
breast augmentation deals from $3,250

Being a European Union member, the Czech Republic strictly controls the quality of medical procedures. 20,000 inbound patients choose this country due to cheap and high-quality treatment. The prices for breast augmentation are affordable, they are 2 to 5 times lower than in other European countries such as Germany, Austria, or Switzerland.

For instance, breast enhancement price in the Czech Republic is about $3,300 on average, while in Germany the median price is $10,000, and in Switzerland — $16,400. The clinics in the Czech Republic offer such affordable breast augmentation surgery due to the low general pricing policy within the country and the average salary level of local citizens.

One more reason why people from Western European countries go to the Czech Republic to have breast implant surgery and other cosmetic procedures is low-cost flights — round trip prices were $30-60 per flight.

Czech Republic, Prague

FORME Clinic

1 reviews



All reviews are verified

Breast augmentation

$2925 – $6103

FORME is a private clinic of plastic and aesthetic surgery in the center of Prague.

Doctors specialize in breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction, and abdominoplasty. They perform unique combined operations: several procedures are performed for a patient at the same time.

This way a body endures less stress and overall operation lasts less time. The clinic is popular with patients from the US, UK, and Western Europe.

Breast augmentation$2925 – $6103
Turkeyfrom $1,700
Mexicofrom $2,500
Thailandfrom $2,900
Czech Republicfrom $3,300
Polandfrom $3,200
South Koreafrom $3,300
UAEfrom $3,700
UKfrom $4,500
USAfrom $5,000
Germanyfrom $7,900
Israelfrom $8,500
Spainfrom $8,200

Frequently asked questions on breast augmentation surgery

You can ignore this section if you’ve already decided to get cheap breast enlargement in 2021, have made your research, and know all ins and outs of breast surgery. However, if you still have some doubts or insecurities regarding your aesthetic treatment, take several minutes to see what Bookimed experts have to say on the most popular questions asked by our clients.

What is the best place for breast augmentation?

The choice of best boob job places depend on your personal requirements: where you want to go and how much money you are ready to spend for an operation. According to Bookimed patient reviews, among the best countries with offer affordable prices and qualitative level of provided services are Turkey, Mexico, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Thailand, and South Korea.

Where is breast augmentation the cheapest?

According to Bookimed partner clinics data, you can find the cheapest breast augmentation for $2,000-$3,500 on average in such countries as Turkey, Mexico, Poland, the Czech Republic, or Thailand.

Are boob jobs cheaper abroad?

It depends on your country of residence. Typically, the cost of breast augmentation abroad may be up to 5-7 times lower: for instance, boob job price starts at $1,750 in Turkey, while in the USA — at $5,000, in Germany or Switzerland — $10,000-$11,000.

Where is the cheapest to get a boob job?

It is possible to find cheap breast enhancement options in Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, and some European countries like Poland, the Czech Republic, and Ukraine.

What kinds of breast implants exist on the market?

A breast implant is a dense protective shell with a special filling. There are several popular brands of breast implants used by leading medical centers.

  • Motiva is a brand that offers silicone implants with a unique shell, specifically developed and patented by the company. This shell prevents the filling migration in case of the implant’s damage and minimizes the risk of capsular contracture.
  • Mentor implants (Johnson & Johnson) are divided into several types depending on the filling.
    • Valve brine implants are filled with liquid after installation. If you realize that you want to increase or decrease the volume of your implants, your surgeon will be able to correct your breast size within 6 months.
    • Silicone (MemoryGel and MemoryShape) are the implants with the “memory effect,” which allows them to return to their initial shape after any mechanical actions.
  • Polytech offers silicone and silicate implants. The company produces several types of implants that differ in their shape and texture.
    • Microthane, round implants with a textured finish.
    • POLYtxt, round, textured implants.
    • MESMO sensitive, round breast implants with fine structured coating.
    • POLYsmoooth, smooth round implants.
  • Natrelle (Allergan) are silicone implants that return to their original shape after any mechanical impact. Due to the special structure, in case of some damage to the breast implant, the filling doesn’t leak out of the shell limits.
  • Eurosilicone (GC aesthetics) are silicone-filled implants. The brand offers breast implants in round and tear-drop shapes.
  • Nagor (GC aesthetics) is the brand that offers two types of cheap breast implants: IMPLEO is for round implants with a smooth to the medium-textured surface and CoGEL is textured implants of the tear-drop shape.

Ask your doctor to help you choose the best breast implants for your surgery.

Am I a good candidate for breast augmentation surgery?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there are not so many demands to the patients or restrictions that could prevent you from achieving the curves of your dreams. All in all, you have to have a fully developed breast, be physically healthy, and don’t be pregnant or breastfeeding. However, the final verdict should be proclaimed by your surgeon.

What should I pay attention to when looking at before and after breast augmentation photos?

To choose the best doctor for your surgery, you should check out his or her portfolio. When looking at the before-and-after photos, pay attention to whether breasts are symmetrical, do their shape and size suit the patient, can you see the scars, and are they well-hidden? The final result should look natural.

What is the recovery time after breast implant surgery?

We’re all unique and our bodies can react differently to surgery. Most plastic surgeons, however, agree that six weeks or two months is enough to come back to all your normal day-to-day activities, including sports.

As a rule, breast enlargement aftercare includes rest for the first couple of days, a special diet that will help you to avoid swelling, some restrictions on the activities you can enjoy, and wearing special underwear.

What other cosmetic surgery on the breast might improve my appearance?

There is a myth that over time, the breast with implants sags, and a lift is needed. The sagging process can be speeded up compared to the natural processes due to gravitation, only if you’ve chosen too big implants for your physique.

What are the risks of breast enlargement surgery?

The most common risk of any surgery is the complications after anesthesia. Bleeding and bruising in the area of surgery is also possible. Choose the clinic for your surgery meticulously to minimize the possibility of infections or the improper placement of the implant.

There is also a risk that the surgery will affect the sensitivity of the nipple or breast. Though modern breast implants find new methods to increase the density of the implants, their damage is still one of the risks of breast augmentation surgery.

You will dramatically decrease the chances of any of these risks if you take your time to choose a reliable clinic and adhere to your surgeon’s recommendation during the rehabilitation period.

How often should I check my implants? Can I take the implants off?

FDA recommends the breast augmentation patients to make check-ups three years after the surgery and every two years thereafter.

You can always ask your surgeon for a breast reduction and take your implants out or change them with another one of a different form or shape.

Breast reduction surgery side effects

Breasts in a braWomen who suffer from physical pain or insecurity due to large, heavy breasts often benefit from breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery can help alleviate discomfort and improve self-esteem by reducing the weight and size of large, pendulous breasts. Before undergoing breast reduction surgery, it is important to understand the possible side effects involved. Plastic surgeon Oren Z. Lerman explains the possible breast reduction side effects during patient consultations at his Manhattan, NY practice. For answers to your questions about breast reduction surgery, we welcome you to schedule a consultation.


It is normal to experience some minor side effects after breast reduction surgery. Some possible side effects include:

  • Pain: It is normal for the breasts to feel sore and tender due to the tissues being manipulated during surgery. Pain is often greatest for the first few days after surgery but can be managed with pain medication, which is typically prescribed to help patients through the recovery process.
  • Swelling: Swelling is also normal and to be expected after breast reduction surgery. Swelling is the body’s natural reaction to injury and important to the healing process. Patients are often advised to wear a compression bra to help reduce swelling and support the tissues while the body heals.
  • Scarring: Some amount of scarring should be expected after breast reduction surgery. The location and size of scarring will vary based on the type of incision used during the procedure.
  • Bruising: Bruising may be apparent on the breasts after breast reduction surgery due to bleeding inside the breast tissue. Bruising generally fades within a week or two.
  • Loss of nipple sensation: Some patients may experience a loss of nipple sensation following breast reduction surgery. In most cases, this loss of sensation is temporary.


For many women who suffer from pain or insecurity due to large breasts, the benefits of breast reduction surgery far outweigh the risk of potential side effects. Some of the many benefits of breast reduction surgery include:

  • Relief from physical discomfort: Reducing the size and weight of large breasts can help relieve back, neck, and shoulder pain related to oversized breasts.
  • Improved posture: Carrying the weight of heavy breasts can affect posture, causing a woman to stoop forward. Reducing the size of the breasts can make it more comfortable to stand up straight.
  • Improved fit of clothing: Reducing the size of the breasts can help allow clothing to fit better.
  • Improved breast appearance: Not only does breast reduction reduce the size of the breasts, it can help improve the overall appearance by improving breast firmness and proportions. Breast reduction may also be used to create symmetrical breasts and reduce areola size.
  • Improved mobility: Large breasts can interfere with mobility, making it difficult for some women to be as active as they would like. Reducing the size of the breasts can help.
  • Improved confidence: Breast reduction surgery can help boost overall confidence by creating a well-proportioned bust line.

Breast augmentation recovery

You should be able to return home on the same day as your breast augmentation surgery. If you require additional aftercare, you may need to stay overnight in one of our hospitals. Your surgeon will be able to discuss your breast augmentation recovery and what is best for you after your surgery. It is important to note that you will not be able to drive a car yourself on the day of the surgery, and possibly for a few days after. You may feel physically up to it, but many insurers will not cover you immediately following the administration of a general anaesthetic.

Reducing the risk of infection

One of the most important risks associated with breast surgery is the risk of infection. Whilst this is important and should be considered when weighing up whether to undergo surgery, experts are regularly investigating how to reduce the likelihood of these infections occurring. Mr Ashley Topps, one of our breast surgeons at The Harley Medical Group recommends infection screening before surgery and treatment with antibiotics to prevent infection. There are also specific techniques that breast surgeons can implement to prevent infection such as double gloving preparing the skin with an alcohol wash. [1]

Signs of surgery

Minor scarring on the underside of the breast and bruising around the breast area is common after surgery. Most of your breast augmentation scars should fade after six to seven weeks, however, each case is different.

Complete healing usually takes around 18 months. Following your post-op consultation, if your surgeon agrees, you can use Bio-Oil to help the healing process. Your surgeon will be able to explain at length the kind of scarring you should expect after your surgery.

Recovery time

During your boob job recovery time, your breasts may feel numb, tingly, sensitive or swollen for several weeks after surgery. From six weeks onwards, your breast implants should begin to feel more natural.

A week-by-week guide can be found below, detailing typical recovery times for breast augmentation patients. Please note, breast augmentation recovery time may vary between patients.

Breast augmentation recovery stages

Week 1

  • Discomfort and swelling is expected.
  • Bruising is likely to appear.
  • Initial fluid leakage is normal.
  • Pain killers may be needed during this stage (avoiding aspirin).

Week 2

  • Your stomach area may feel swollen. Stomach swelling after breast augmentation is normal as the swelling moves down the body.
  • Bruising remains stable.
  • Pain is at its worst between 3AM and 6AM.
  • Pain is less common during the day.

Week 3

  • The vast majority of swelling subsides.
  • Occasional pain is expected at night.

Week 4

  • Nerves will begin to wake up in the breast tissue, causing a pins and needles sensation in the nipple area.
  • Skin numbness is common.

Weeks 5 and 6

  • The remaining 20 percent of breast healing takes place during this period.
  • A lesser dose of pain killers may be necessary.

Week 7 onwards

  • The final 5-10% of swelling subsides.
  • Your breasts will feel softer and more natural.
  • Scar tissues progressively relax and fade. Scar creams may be helpful.

How long does swelling last after breast augmentation surgery?

For most patients, any swelling will have gone down when reaching the three week mark post surgery. However, it’s normal to experience some swelling for up to three months.

Tips to reduce swelling after breast augmentation

  • Wear a supportive surgical bra
  • Apply cold compresses to the breast area
  • Sleep in an upright position to avoid fluid accumulation in the breast area
  • Drink plenty of water and eat nutritious foods to help your body heal faster

When does tightness go away after breast augmentation?

Experiencing temporary post-operative breast tightness is normal. This is due to the implants pressing at the skin and the tissue of the chest, as well as the implant pocket created to accommodate the augmentation.

Patients will typically experience tightness in the breast area for several weeks, but this tends to gradually subside. Since every patient is different, the level of tightness and its duration will vary on a case-by-case basis.

What you should avoid

Strenuous exercise and stretching should be kept to a minimum for at least six weeks post operation, as vigorous movement can cause stitches to open. Your stitches will be removed once the healing process begins.

Immediately following surgery, we advise you do as little as possible, including washing your hair, as it may be difficult and uncomfortable to raise your arms too high. After the first week to 10 days you will notice more free movement. At this point, we recommend gentle stretches to keep your muscles agile.

After the first month, you can begin low impact cardio provided it doesn’t impact your recovery process. If your breast implants have been placed below the muscle, you may wish to avoid pectoral exercises, such as push-ups, for the first 12 weeks.

Any breast lift scars should be kept out of direct sunlight and artificial UV for around one year, as skin in this area is much thinner and prone to burning. Our experts recommend wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 25 or more.

Driving should be avoided for one week following surgery as your mobility and reaction times will be impacted. If you are on any strong pain medication, you should avoid driving long distances for the first few weeks. Medicine can make you drowsy and may impair your reflexes.

Breast augmentation recovery tips

We recommend wearing a sports bra 24 hours a day for a minimum of six weeks after your breast surgery. Depending on the rate at which you heal, a breast augmentation recovery bra may need to be worn after three months. Your surgeon should be able to advise you on the appropriate measures to take.

You will be advised to sleep sitting up, which can impact the quality of sleep experienced. Even if you sleep for eight hours, if the quality is poor it can impact how efficiently your brain functions. Sleep deprivation impacts everyone differently but can make you slower to respond or short tempered. You may want to consider how poor quality sleep will impact you and anyone around you.

You will have limited mobility for at least one week following your breast surgery which should be considered if you have young children. We recommend you arrange child care, or at the very least someone to help with the lifting during the first stage of your recovery.

Women who have undergone breast enlargement surgery should seek an MRI scan three years after surgery, and every two years following that, as a precaution.

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