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Best post breast augmentation bras

This bra is designed to give you the best support possible. It has a wide band, which creates a secure fit that won’t shift or move around on you. It also has wide straps, which help distribute the weight of your breasts across your shoulders, so they don’t put pressure on your neck or back.

The cups are designed to lift your breasts and push them forward, so that they appear fuller and more youthful from every angle. They’re also padded for extra comfort, softness, and a smooth appearance under clothes. The bra itself is made of high-quality materials that will last through many washings over time without losing their shape or elasticity.

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Best post breast augmentation bras

The days and weeks following a breast augmentation are a whirlwind of emotions. You’re in pain, yet you’re anxious and excited to get your bandages off to check out the (re)newed you! After a breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction, the way you shop for bras will change. You will no longer be able to wear traditional underwire bras, but you aren’t limited to only sports bras. You deserve to feel comfortable and supported while you heal. Read on to see the benefits to a post op bra and get advice for choosing the correct post op breast augmentation bra for you.

How Long Do You Wear a Surgical Bra After Breast Augmentation

The answer to this question differs for everyone as everyone heals at different paces. In most cases, a surgical bra will be worn for two weeks following your breast augmentation procedure. 

However, every patient is unique, so be sure to follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions when deciding whether it’s time to make the switch from your surgical bra into a new bra post breast augmentation. Your surgeon understands your surgery, your anatomy, and your recovery and is in the best position for making this decision.

What’s the Best Bra to Wear After A Breast Augmentation

After you get the Okay from your plastic surgeon, it’s time to shop for bras that accentuate your new figure! That’s where we come in. Your doctor or surgeon likely told you to find a sports bra to wear during your recovery; however, most sports bras are put on overhead, which means you’ll need to lift your arms. 

The thing they don’t mention… you won’t be able to lift your arms without pain for a few weeks following your surgery, so how are you going to get your sports bra on and off painlessly? Cue AnaOno. Our bras are designed specifically for those who have undergone breast augmentation surgeries to help ease discomfort during your recovery. Check out our top three picks for bras to wear during your recovery and be on the lookout for bras with these features: 

  1. Choose a bra that’s wireless.
  2. Find one with adjustable straps.
  3. Lightweight, breathable fabric will be your friend. 
  4. Look for light compression to help reduce swelling.
  5. Front closure or step-in bras make for easier dressing.

The Best Front Closure Bra for Breast Augmentations 

The  Rora Front Closure Bra is our best-selling style for so many reasons. This bra will be your best friend immediately after surgery. Being as comfortable as possible after surgery is the number one priority. Your mobility may not be at its best, so a bra with a front closure is recommended for easy post-op dressing and comfortability. You’ll want a front closure post augmentation bra with super plush material that is soft to the touch yet also functional for your post-surgical needs.

  1. Its front closure hook & eye design allows you to get dressed without putting your hands over your head. 
  2. The front closure offers three rows of hooks to customize your fit. As you heal, your cup size may appear to change due to swelling, so this feature will offer you the most support depending on your daily swelling. 
  3. It’s crafted with softer-than-cotton modal material that won’t irritate any incision sites or stitches during your first days of recovery. 
  4. As with all our bras, it’s wireless. Oftentimes, those who undergo breast augmentations aren’t aware that they cannot wear underwire bras immediately after surgery.
  5. It offers light compression that’s needed to help reduce swelling as your breast implants heal. 
woman in dusty rose front closure bra

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The Best Sports Bra for Breast Augmentations

Wearing a sports bra after your breast augmentation may seem like the best place to start, but traditional sports bras offer too much compression for breast implants. Breast implants don’t compress in the same way that breast tissue does, so typical sports bras may cause unnecessary pain or restriction that is counterproductive to your healing process. The  Bianca Sports Bra is the perfect mix of fit and functionality after you’ve healed for a few weeks. Here’s why it works: 

  1. The  Bianca Bra is one of our most supportive styles and offers the most compression.
  2. Its adjustable straps and front-closure allow you to adjust the fit as swelling goes down. 
  3. It features a mesh back that will keep you cool and comfortable throughout your recovery. 
  4. It can be worn well after your recovery to exercise in (after your doctor clears you, of course).
Bianca Front Closure bra

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The Best Sleep Bra for Breast Augmentations

It can be hard to dress during recovery. The  Leslie Bra has enough to stretch for you to easily pull on or even step into. While offering light support, this bra also has adjustable straps that can be converted to a cross-back or traditional style to provide you the customization and comfort you deserve. 

  1. The  Leslie Bra is lightweight and wireless.
  2. It features mesh panels to keep you cool as you heal. 
  3. It’s a light support option that’s perfect for sleeping in – yes, you’ll need to wear a bra to sleep during your recovery phase. 
  4. It’s made from ultra-soft modal material to keep you cool and comfortable day through night. 
woman in black leslie sleep bra

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With these three bras on-hand after your surgery, you’ll be able to heal in comfort and style. Check out our entire collection of bras made for post op breast augmentations.

Benefits from breast implant surgery

Breast Augmentation Surgery Richmond Virginia

Breast augmentation using breast implants is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the country. And it’s no wonder why. Breast implants have numerous physical and mental benefits for women, making them well worth the investment of time and money.

If you are considering breast implants, you should know about these 10 benefits:

1. Higher Self-Esteem

Women who undergo breast implant surgery overwhelmingly report that they experience higher self-esteem after their procedure. In one survey of women who had undergone the procedure, 9 out of 10 reported they have higher self-esteem.

Higher self-esteem can have greater, longer benefits, too. When you have higher self-esteem, you might be ready to go for that promotion or ask someone out. You might feel better in your relationships and friendships. Once you really love yourself, you can love your life, too.

2. Long-Lasting Results

How long do breast implants last? Years and years. No matter what type of breast implant you choose, you can expect to enjoy your new appearance without any issues for 10 to 20 years. The recovery time for breast implants is only about 4 weeks, so you’ll be able to see and enjoy your results fast.

3. Improved Breast Symmetry

Male Surgeon Prepares Woman For Surgery In Clinic

Many women have breasts that aren’t symmetrical. One may be larger than the other. Nipples might point in different directions or be of different sizes. One breast may hang higher or lower than the other.

When you undergo breast implant surgery, you can address all of these issues and get truly symmetrical breasts and nipples.

4. Better Looking Breasts After Pregnancy

Whether or not you choose to breastfeed, your breasts can look very different after pregnancy. Breasts swell when you are pregnant and postpartum. But when it’s all over, they may sag or look empty. You may have lost volume but have plenty of extra tissue. Multiple pregnancies can have even worse effects on your breast appearance.

Implant surgery can fill in missing volume after pregnancy, helping your breasts look full again. It can also help them look higher if they have sunk a little low.

5. More Attractive Cleavage

Many women want beautiful cleavage to show off, but find they are revealing more sternum than breasts. A breast augmentation can help you create the cleavage you’ve wanted. Your surgeon can place breast implants in a specific place to help your cleavage stand out. The increased volume from breast implants can also improve cleavage.

6. New Wardrobe Options

New breasts mean a new shape and a new way to wear clothes. You might find your old clothes don’t look the same, but that you can wear new necklines and new styles you couldn’t before. You might enjoy a deeper V-neck or an elegant scoop neck. You might want a fit and flare dress to balance out your new shape. Breast implant surgery opens up new ways to show off your body.

7.  A Younger-Looking Appearance

As we age, breasts can sag and lose volume. This happens to every woman, so low-hanging or flat breasts have become associated with aging. But breast augmentation surgery can fix both of these issues. When your breasts look fuller and higher, it’ll make your entire appearance change. It can make you look younger and even like you have better posture.

8. Improved Confidence

The majority of women who undergo breast implant surgery report feeling more confident in themselves. And confidence is good for your health. Poor confidence and self-esteem have been linked to poor health. When you feel great about your body, you take better care of your body and enjoy better overall health.

9. Larger Breasts

Young Woman Getting Breast Examination At The Hospital

Though it sounds obvious, larger breasts are a huge benefit for many women who undergo breast augmentation. Women with very small breasts (called micromastia) see the greatest benefit from increasing their chest size with implants.

10. A Better Sex Life

When you feel more confident and more beautiful, that shows everywhere you go—even the bedroom. Women who undergo breast augmentation surgery report having more sex and feeling more sexually satisfied after their procedure.


Breast augmentation surgery is safe and offers so many benefits to women who are unsatisfied with the size, shape, or symmetry of their breasts.

What is breast revision surgery

revision breast surgery

The appearance of a woman’s breasts can have a significant impact on mental and emotional well-being. Women can often develop a deep sense of unhappiness when their breasts’ size, shape or feel significant changes. A loss of self-confidence can result in increased stress and anxiety when trying to form intimate relationships. In some cases, depression may develop. Cosmetic breast surgery is one of the most commonly performed types of cosmetic surgery in the UK.

As with any cosmetic surgery procedure, breast surgery will have specific risks depending on the type of breast procedure undertaken. Many women may have had a breast procedure and have been unhappy with the results. Some may have sought to choose a clinic or surgeon offering the cheapest prices rather than basing their decision on choosing a quality provider with an excellent reputation. In these cases, breast revision surgery, also known as corrective breast revision, is an effective option to restore a desirable appearance to the breasts. Certain risks and complications may develop after surgery and may not be related to errors or mishaps but to how your body heals. Results of certain types of breast surgery naturally change over time, such as breast augmentation. Women may find their breasts after having breast implants to develop sagging with age. Breast revision surgery is commonly performed at our state-of-the-art London facility for patients who have had surgery elsewhere, often in Turkey.

What does breast revision surgery involve?

Breast revision surgery involves correcting problems from previous surgery, which include breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction. After these procedures, breast asymmetry may persist leading to the appearance of uneven-looking breasts. The outcome of breast surgery may have produced results that are not in line with patients’ treatment goals. Corrective breast surgery is the ideal procedure for patients looking to improve the look and feel of their breasts to enjoy the results of the procedure. Although many women may go into revision breast surgery feeling disappointed, a properly planned procedure carried out correctly allows women to regain their self-confidence.

Corrective breast revision surgery is designed to address:

  • Abnormal or excessive scars
  • Achieve a size of breast that patients are happy with
  • Correct excessive breast asymmetry
  • Address saggy breasts caused by the ageing process
  • Treat capsular contracture or implant rupture

What is breast augmentation revision?

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the UK. Every woman has different expectations for treatment, and each procedure must be customised to the needs of the individual patient. In some cases, the first surgery they have involved inserting implants that appear too small. Revision breast augmentation can be a straightforward procedure involving breast implant removal only, or it can be a complex procedure involving combined breast implant replacement, capsulectomy and breast uplift. The exact treatment plan will depend on the surgeon listening carefully to the patient’s wishes and performing a thorough physical examination to plan what can be realistically achieved following revision breast surgery. You will have the opportunity to ask your surgeon questions, which will allow you to build an accurate picture of what the revision breast implant procedure will involve.

Examples of breast augmentation revision procedures include:

  • Breast implant removal or explant
  • Breast implant replacement or implant exchange
  • Fat transfer to breasts
  • Breast lift
  • Scar revision

What does revision breast reduction involve?

Although surgery to increase the size of the breasts with breast augmentation is the most common type of breast procedure, many women would like to reduce the size of large and heavy breasts. Breast reduction is a highly successful procedure for reducing the size of large breasts, which are often a source of significant discomfort for many women. Many women suffer from severe back pain from having heavy breasts and can live pain-free after breast reduction with smaller and better-shaped breasts. Other women may feel a lot of confidence from having large breasts, which may be an unwanted source of attention.

In a small number of cases, women may be unhappy with their breast reduction results and may request revision breast surgery to improve breast appearance.

Typical scenarios for needing breast reduction revision include:

  • Patients are unhappy with the amount of breast tissue removed and still feel the breasts are too large.
  • Patients may feel the breasts are excessively small following press reduction.
  • Patients have developed an excessive degree of breast asymmetry.
  • Patients are unhappy with the appearance of their breast reduction scars.

What are the different types of revision breast surgery?

Breast revision surgery is tailored to the individual patient, and your surgeon will advise you of the optimal treatment after clinically assessing you and your expectations for treatment. Commonly performed types of corrective breast surgery include:

  • Breast implant removal – often, many women decide they do not want to have breast implants anymore or they may have developed a complication related to having breast implants. Breast implant removal can be performed on its own without breast implant replacement.
  • Breast implant replacement – some women may have developed complications such as breast implant rupture and will need to have these removed and replaced with new implants. Some may be unhappy with the size of their breasts after breast augmentation and desire to go bigger or smaller with new breast implants swapping out the old ones.
  • Breast fat transfer – fat is first removed from unwanted parts of the body using liposuction, followed by its purification. The purified fat is then injected into the breasts to enhance their size and shape. Fat transfer to the breasts can be combined with other types of revision breast surgery to improve overall breast contour.
  • Breast lift revision – women’s breasts naturally develop sagging over time as a result of the ageing process. The breasts may appear more droopy than when you were younger. A Breast lift revision procedure can be performed to produce perkier-looking breasts and can be combined with implants.
  • Surgical scar revision – our plastic surgeons have a special interest in minimising the appearance of scars following breast surgery. In a small number of cases, particularly in darker-skinned women, excessive scarring may develop. We have a full range of non-surgical and surgical techniques to improve the appearance of scars after breast surgery.

Can I have breast revision surgery?

It is essential to consider all the available options before deciding to have revision breast surgery. The best way to determine appropriate treatment is to have a face-to-face consultation with an experienced breast surgeon who carries out many types of revision breast surgery regularly. It is essential to have realistic expectations as two what to expect from having corrective press surgery. Surgery should be considered if non-surgical options are considered inappropriate. Unfortunately, breast revision surgery is commonly required when the first procedure is not carried out competently. This is often because surgery was performed by an inexperienced surgeon. We would always recommend having any type of cosmetic surgery in the UK where you have access to your Surgeon after the procedure. Your surgeon will personally monitor your car to ensure you are healing as expected. Having surgery overseas denies you access to this possibility for ongoing post-operative care. Even by choosing a reputable UK cosmetic surgery clinic, there may still be a need for revision breast surgery, particularly if your healing did not proceed as planned. Developing certain complications after breast surgery should not be viewed as a failure of the original surgery. Breast surgery may often be required for women who are still unhappy with the size or shape of their breasts. Other women may still have persistent back pain after breast reduction surgery which often requires further breast tissue removal. Some women may develop thick and prominent scarring after breast reduction that does not improve naturally with time. These are all examples of problems that can be corrected with breast revision surgery.

Breast implant surgery has specific complications related to the insertion of breast implants, and these include:

  • Capsular contracture.
  • Breast implant rupture.
  • Implant malposition.
  • Breast asymmetry.
  • Breast sagging due to having heavy implants.
  • An unnatural appearance due to breast implants being placed on top of the muscle in slim women with minimal breast tissue.

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