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Best sports bra for breast lift

A breast lift is a surgical procedure that improves the overall appearance of your breasts. The goal is to make them look firmer, larger, and more youthful. You may want to consider this procedure if you are unhappy with the way your breasts look or feel. You may also want to consider it if you have lost weight and your breasts have deflated over time. The most common type of breast lift involves removing excess skin and fat from the breast area and repositioning the nipple area higher on the breast mound so that it sits in a more youthful position. In some cases, an implant may be used to help lift or augment the size of your breasts.

Although there are many different types of breast lifts, only some are typically covered by insurance companies because they’re considered medically necessary procedures. If you’re considering having a breast lift done as part of your regular checkup with your doctor, talk with them about whether or not this specific procedure would be right for you before scheduling any appointments or tests like mammograms.”

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Best sports bra for breast lift

Best Post Surgery Bra - Tannan Plastic Surgery

Whether you are having a Breast Reduction, Breast Augmentation, or Breast Lift (Mastopexy), it’s normal for patients to start wondering about a post surgery bra in the days leading up to surgery. You may find yourself up at 2 am on a Wednesday googling: “What bra should I wear after surgery?” or “Post-surgical bras.” We have great news for you – there’s no need to stress over it!

At Tannan Plastic Surgery we provide you with a plastic surgery garment that suits your needs in the immediate post-surgical period at no extra charge. We want our patients to be in the most stress-free mindset in the days leading up to surgery. After all, your overall health is our main priority. Now, for those planners, it’s ok! We want to remind you all that no further purchase is needed. That said, often our patients want an extra bra or post-surgery garment as a back-up to wear while they are washing their surgical bra.

So, now let’s take a look at options if you do want an additional garment! Where to begin? Right here. We’ve rounded up a list of back-up bras to wear after breast surgery to help you navigate your recovery after plastic surgery.

Post Surgery Bra: Breast Augmentation Bra Favorite

Capricia O’ dare Women’s Seamless Zipper Front Racerback Sports Bra

The Women’s Zip Front Wireless Post Surgery Brafound on Amazon, is the winner in our book. This bra strikes that balance of providing just enough compression and comfort for each patient after breast implant surgery without the pressure of an underwire. Compression is crucial to help with swelling reduction and to help stabilize and support the healing tissues in their proper position.

It’s important to note that you don’t need to splurge on a second bra. This is only a temporary situation, while you’re in the healing process. We will advise you when it’s okay to start buying all the fancy bras your heart desires! Until then, this economic racerback multi-pack without underwire should do the trick while your surgical bra from Tannan Plastic Surgery is in the laundry!

Update: If the zippers are a problem for you and you prefer a front clasp instead, Try the Shaper-X Bra listed below.  Front closure is much more comfortable in the early weeks. Since I originally published this post feedback has been positive about both bras in the early breast augmentation recovery period.

Post Surgery Bra: Breast Reduction and Breast Lift Bra (Mastopexy) Favorite

Shaper-X Post Surgery Bra

The Shaper-X Post Surgery Bra is versatile and effective at compression after Breast Reduction and/or Breast Lift surgery. One of the reviewers even named it “The Post Surgery Miracle Bra.” The front closure makes it easy to take on and off, and it’s both gentle and snug in all the right places. According to one of our patients, she loved the flexibility of the thick straps in the front, making it easier for her to adjust to her desired comfort level.

The thick bra straps and comfortable compression are important features that you’ll be thankful for throughout recovery and once you see your new results! This too is a great alternative to wear while your surgical bra from our office is on the drying rack.

For How Long Do I Have to Wear a Post-Surgical Compression Bra?

We get asked this question a lot. Our patients are always eager to change out of their compression bras and into something more stylish. We get that! However, the answer to how long you have to wear the post-surgical Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction or Breast Lift bra really depends. It’s very specific to each surgery and each patient, so it’s always best to do a quick check with us first before making any changes in your garment choices.

We generally want women wearing tight bras without underwire for about a month during Breast Augmentation recovery. For Breast Reductions and Breast Lifts, we typically like to wait between 6 weeks and 2 months before introducing underwire. The healing process differs for each procedure and we don’t want the underwire of bras putting pressure on the healing tissues and irritating healing incisions. Be sure to bring any bras you find during your recovery to your post-op visits. When you bring them, we can try them on you, make sure they provide the right amount of compression, and we can update this list with new fan favorites for all our patients!

Post Surgery Bra: Breast Surgery Fitness Girl Fave

SheFit Ultimate Flex Sports Bra

Now for those of you who are all healed up and ready to get moving and working out, it’s time to splurge! The winner for the best post surgery bra (after healing for approximately 2 months after which you are allowed to work out, of course!) is the SheFit Ultimate Flex Sports Bra.

This bra kicks butt and takes names. It provides support, compression, and adjustability. It comes in a variety of sizes, bringing inclusivity to the table along with flexibility.

Before you pull the trigger on an expensive backup bra, feel free to reach out and ask us. You can always check with us after your plastic surgery in Raleigh at our on-site operating room. If you are driving for your plastic surgery in Raleigh from Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, Garner, Knightdale, Fayetteville, Greenville, Wilmington or out of state, feel free to call, text or email us regarding the best post-surgery bra you have found. 

Are breast implants worth it

breast augmentation surgery, Kitto Plastic Surgery, VA

For several years, breast augmentation surgery has been a top-performing cosmetic procedure. According to a study conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, just under 200,000 women underwent breast enlargement surgery in 2020 alone. This popular cosmetic surgical procedure has a controversial history, and many women may wonder, are breast implants even worth it?

At Kitto Plastic Surgery, we have witnessed many women transform into the most confident version of themselves, thanks to breast enlargement surgery. However, it is ultimately up to you whether or not it is worth it. In this article, we wanted to explore the benefits and potential drawbacks of breast enhancement surgery so that you can make an informed decision.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

There are many benefits of breast enhancement surgery—it can increase your self-esteem, boost your confidence, improve your sexual satisfaction, and help you achieve a natural full breast shape with limited recovery.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Increased Self Esteem

Many women who seek out breast enlargement are incredibly self-conscious about the size and shape of their breasts. This can be caused by an abnormal breast shape, an underdevelopment of the breast, or even asymmetry. After the surgery, many women feel increased self-esteem and self-worth. Because they are more comfortable with their appearance, some women begin to take better care of their overall health—leading to a healthier lifestyle.

Boost Your Confidence

In addition to feeling a greater sense of self-esteem, many women report a boost in confidence. Confidence is similar to self-esteem, but with one significant difference—confidence is about your abilities, while self-esteem is about your sense of self. When you feel confident, you feel like you can take on the world. So with breast enlargement, women can become more confident in themselves, which translates into other areas of their life such as personal, professional, and spiritual confidence.

Increase in Sexual Satisfaction

With the increase of self-esteem and confidence, many recipients of breast augmentation surgery reported increased levels of sexual satisfaction. According to a study in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, “Eighty percent of breast augmentation respondents […] declared improvements in sexual satisfaction.” This increase is likely due to a psychological boost in body image confidence.

breast augmentation surgery

Achieve a Natural Full Breast Shape

The main objective of breast enlargement surgery is to achieve a natural and full breast shape that suits your body. Whether one breast is larger than the other or one sags more, a breast lift and implants can help you achieve your desired look. Now, you don’t have to depend on a padded bra, boob tape, or breast enhancing garments to feel confident. You can have it all right when you wake up.

Recovery is Relatively Quick

Breast enhancement surgery today doesn’t require as much downtime as it used to. Within 5-7 days of recovery, you can return to work and feel better. (So long as your job doesn’t require manual labor.) Plus, with pain medication, your aftercare is much more bearable.

Drawbacks of Breast Enhancement Surgery

As with any surgical procedure, there are some risks involved. Whether these risks outweigh the benefits is up to your personal preference. Some drawbacks of breast enhancement surgery include an impact on your health, your ability to breastfeed, the loss of feeling in your nipples, the cost, and the possible cost of follow-up procedures.

Some Implants Can Impact Your Health

Depending on the type of implant you get, it can affect your health. Certain implants have been linked to Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (a type of cancer). These implants have been recalled, and plastic surgeons no longer use them. However, there is a health risk associated with any implant, including an increased risk of autoimmune/rheumatic disorders.

It Can Affect Your Ability to Breastfeed

In most cases, a breast enlargement does not affect your ability to breastfeed, but that is not always true. The surgery requires the surgeon to cut through breast tissue. This can disrupt the anatomy of your breast and your mammary glands. As long as the incision is a reasonable distance from your nipple, your ability to breastfeed should remain intact.

You Can Lose Feeling in Your Nipples

After the surgery, the breast tissue is still recovering, so it is common for women to temporarily lose feeling in their nipples. However, there are rare instances in which the nerve endings become damaged and permanently lose feeling.

Health Insurance Doesn’t Cover Breast Implants

There are a few instances where health insurance covers breast implants (such as breast reconstruction after a mastectomy) but very few. Breast implants are typically not covered by health insurance, meaning you are left to deal with the breast augmentation cost out of pocket. This surgery is costly and averages $4,516 for the surgeon’s fee alone. The total cost depends on your location, the surgeon, the type of implants, the anesthesia, the materials, and the facilities.

Revision and Replacement Surgeries May Be Necessary

Breast implants are a lengthy procedure, and complications can occur, so it is necessary to take on the additional cost of revision surgeries. Similarly, breast implants do break down over time. Typically they last between 12 and 15 years, but you must be aware you will need another surgery later.

Are Breast Implants Worth It?

As you can see, there are many benefits and many drawbacks to breast augmentation surgery. It is ultimately up to you to decide if breast implants are worth it. Do the risks of breast enhancement surgery outweigh the benefits? Or do the benefits outweigh the risks? Breast implants are worth it if you have the money and feel like they will significantly increase your self-esteem and confidence.

Saggy Breasts

As the years go by, the breasts start to lose their perkiness and become saggy. This is a normal part of the ageing process. But, the sagging could also be the result of drastic changes in weight, childbirth, abnormal breast tissue enlargement (macromastia), and hormonal changes.

To restore that perkiness and youthful vigour, countless women are looking for saggy breast solutions that work. Including practical information that can help them recognize the symptoms and causes of the sagginess. Here, you can find all the answers to your queries.

Saggy Breasts – Causes, Symptoms, and Surgical Solutions – Implants, Lift, or Reduction Blog Image Coco Ruby

Why Do Breasts Begin to Sag?

Sagging of the breasts (breast ptosis) is a highly prevalent condition. But, the exact reasons are not clearly defined. One review studied 132 patients presenting for mastopexy (breast lift) or breast augmentation to fix the sagging breasts. (1)

Researchers evaluated the degree of breast ptosis. About 85% of the patients who had at least a single pregnancy, developed negative changes in the shape of their breasts after pregnancy. In 35%, their breast size reduced, and in 30% the size of their breasts increased.

Based on the results, age, history of drastic weight loss (over 50 pounds), increased BMI, bra size, number of pregnancies, and smoking habits were found to be the biggest risk factors for sagging breasts. To find out what causes saggy breasts in detail, take a look at the list below.

The potential causes include:

  • Aging – When the body gets older, it creates fewer reproductive hormones. This changes the shape and texture of the breasts. Age affects the connective tissue in the breast causing it to lose its elasticity. This is a natural consequence of aging.
  • Significant weight changes – Even if you lose a lot of weight, it doesn’t mean you will automatically get perkier breasts. Rapid weight loss shrinks the fatty tissue, but it won’t tighten the already stretched supportive ligaments. Because the breasts have lost their volume, they can look saggy and deflated.
  • Giving birth – Sometimes, when pregnant, the ligaments that support the woman’s breasts could stretch as the breasts grow in size and weight. This type of stretching can leave a mark, or in this case, saggy breasts after giving birth. The sagginess could be easier to spot with every subsequent pregnancy.
  • Macromastia – This condition causes extra breast weight. Excessive breast tissue can make the breasts sag.
  • Hormonal changes – When menopause draws near, the estrogen levels plummet. The glandular tissue shrinks and the milk system no longer works. This makes the breasts more fatty and less dense, which could be a reason behind the sagginess.
  • Big cup size – Breast tissue weight can have a drastic impact on the breasts. The larger the breasts, the bigger their weight and volume. They can start to droop as gravity takes its toll.
  • History of smoking – Long-term smokers may notice they have more stretched breast tissue. They may also be prone to saggy and soft breasts.
  • Insufficient upper body exercise – Since your breasts don’t have muscle, you can’t rely on physical activity to firm up their tissue. But, under the breasts, there are muscles and fibrous connective tissues, which can benefit from upper body exercise. When you do focus on this area, you can amplify the overall look of the chest. (2)

How Can I Fix Saggy Breasts?

What can I do for my breast to stand again? This is a question that often pops up among female patients who want to work on the shape and position of the breast. They want to find the most effective ways to make their sagging breasts firm again.

breast lift can raise the saggy breasts and restore their previous position. Breast lifts are highly effective at tightening saggy breasts to make them appear fuller. Experts may also suggest other surgical treatments as well, such as breast augmentation or breast implants.

But it depends on the severity of the sagging. For example, a first-degree sagging, surgeons tend to suggest a breast lift only. For moderate sagginess, a breast lift accompanied by breast augmentation might be a more viable treatment option.

Whereas to fix severe ptosis, a breast lift combined with breast implants and augmentation may give patients the desired outcome. If the patient has very large saggy breasts, then a breast reduction can help. But, only a doctor can suggest the best form of treatment.

Real Patient Before and After Brest Reduction Photos

Dr Briggs before and after Breast Reduction patients are shown below. These exhibit a variety of patient outcomes at our Melbourne location. Here is a selection of real patient before and after photos.

All these images have been used with the permission of the patient.

How to Fix Sagging Breasts Naturally?

There are things about your breasts that you can and can’t change naturally. Breast tissue mostly consists of ligaments, glandular tissue, and fat cells. You can use natural options to gain a slight improvement.

If you are dealing with mild breast sagging, but have no desire to surgically treat the breasts, then there are a couple of natural options you can use to improve the bust. With them, you can minimize the sagging. 

Physical Activity

To work on your breasts, it’s a good idea to strengthen the upper body. Exercises like arm curls, pushups, bench press, and swimming can come a long way. They are capable of bettering the overall look of the chest, posture, and muscle strength.

Changes in Nutrition and Diet

Supplying your body with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals should be a top priority. But, the problem is, many women underestimate the impact of a well-balanced eating routine. Feeding the body with all the nutrients it needs, not only nourishes the skin but also makes the system more resilient and healthy.

By doing that, you are less likely to pack on a few extra pounds. Besides, obesity can put a lot of strain on the skin tissue. The extra fat makes the breasts heavier, thus prone to sagging. Other than the food you are eating, you should steer clear of tobacco.

Smoking is one of the many causes that lead to sagging breasts. So, it would be in your best interest to eliminate this contributing factor. Also, don’t forget to remain hydrated. Water is good for the skin. It can also help the breast tissue work on its overall strength and firmness.

Wearing Proper Breast Support

A bra won’t necessarily fix the sagginess, but it can give the breasts adequate support. It decreases the stress and strain on the breasts’ supporting muscles and tissues. This is particularly useful in women with larger and heavier cleavage. If you lose or gain a few pounds, then you should get the bra re-fitted.

Bras come in different shapes, designs, and styles. A strapless bra wraps around the bust, but won’t create extra support. It is better meant for formal attire, especially when you are going strapless. A T-shirt bra is designed to offer comfort. It can be a good choice for bell-shaped breasts.

But, for fuller and larger breasts, an underwire bra may be necessary. It offers solid support. People who don’t like the underwire can wear wireless bras. However, for very large breasts, an underwire might be optimal to get that full support. (5)

Fixing the Posture

When you sit bent or hunched, your breasts start getting pulled down by their weight. This is creating tension and pressure on the tissue. In some cases, the constant bad posture can make the sagging worse.

Fixing the posture, on the other hand, teaches the body to use better sitting and standing positions. The more you pay attention to it, the least amount of strain you will place on the supporting muscles and ligaments. The good posture is evenly distributing the weight and can slightly help with the sagging.



As you can see, it is completely normal to experience some level of breast sagging. Especially as you get older or you’ve recently given birth. You can recognize the sagging by paying attention to the shape and position of your breasts and nipples.

To treat the sagginess, women opt for a breast lift. But, sometimes, if the sagging is moderate or severe, then additional procedures may be useful. Like breast augmentation or breast implants. All of these treatments can offer notable results.

When it comes to natural options for better-looking breasts, diet, exercise, good posture, and proper breast support can help. But, don’t expect them to be as effective as surgery. On the contrary, they can provide a mild benefit. Yet, they can be quite handy in the long run.

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