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Best Tummy Tuck Surgeon In Maryland

If you’re looking for the best tummy tuck surgeon in Maryland, look no further. The decision to undergo a tummy tuck is not one that should be taken lightly. The procedure has many benefits and can help patients feel more confident about their bodies, but it also comes with significant risks and a long recovery period. Because of this, it’s important to choose a board-certified surgeon who has experience performing tummy tucks.

One way to find out whether or not a surgeon is qualified to perform your tummy tuck is by looking at their credentials and experience. They should be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) and have at least five years of experience performing plastic surgery procedures such as face lifts, breast augmentations, nose jobs, etc.

It’s also important that they have undergone training in cosmetic surgery techniques such as abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) which are performed by medical professionals who specialize in treating patients who have experienced significant weight loss due to lifestyle changes such as dieting or exercise routines.”

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Best Tummy Tuck Surgeon In Maryland

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Serving Baltimore, Columbia, Owings Mills, Towson, Nearby Maryland & Lower Pennsylvania
Many men and women know the frustration of working towards a flat stomach figure but not seeing results. Living your life in constant dread can also take a big toll on your self confidence. No matter how many sit-ups you do, no matter how carefully you watch your diet, it just never seems to get as flat as you’d like. The reasons for this could be beyond your control.

Weak tissue, pregnancy or weight changes, and genetics can all cause your stomach to protrude. If your skin has been stretched to a certain point, diet and exercise may not be able to help you achieve the look you want.woman wrapping tape measure around her tummy

Dr. Adam Basner, Tummy tuck MD, understands your frustration with stubborn fat and hanging skin around your midriff. With nearly two decades of experience, he can help you finally achieve the body you want through tummy tuck surgery. If you are interested in learning more about a body lift and abdominoplasty in Baltimore, call Dr. Basner today for a full comprehensive treatment plan 410-616-3000 to schedule your consultation.

Pregnancy and excess weight stress the skin and muscles of your abdomen. Over time, the abdomen often loses its tight, healthy appearance. This problem cannot be resolved with diet and exercise, and even those who are generally healthy and fit can be plagued by excess fat and loose skin on the abdomen. The result leaves you looking older, out of shape, and less attractive.

The tummy tuck procedure is customized to address the underlying issues, including excess skin, fat, and muscle laxity. Look to double board certified and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon Dr. Steven J. Rottman if you are considering undergoing tummy tuck surgery as he specializes in body contouring surgery.

What is abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a “tummy tuck,” can dramatically reduce the appearance of a protruding abdomen, creating a more attractive profile that you will not need to hide behind loose clothing. A smooth, taut, firm abdomen can be restored through the removal of excess skin and fat and by surgically tightening weakened or separated muscles.

How is tummy tuck surgery performed?

During a tummy tuck in Maryland, Dr. Rottman repairs the weakened or separated abdominal muscles to strengthen the abdominal wall. Excess skin and fat are also removed so that any drooping or sagging is resolved. Some patients will only need a “mini-abdominoplasty,” or “mini tummy tuck.” This is a less invasive surgery, requiring smaller incisions, with a shorter recovery time.

Before and After

What are the different types of abdominoplasty?

  • Full tummy tuck – During a full tummy tuck, the surgeon creates an incision below the navel stretching from one hip to the other. An additional incision may be created around the belly button so that it can be repositioned after the abdominal muscles are tightened. Once the excess fat, skin and tissue are removed, the skin is pulled back down over the stomach, providing a flatter, more youthful contour.
  • Mini tummy tuck – Mini tummy tucks are suitable for those patients who desire body contouring below the navel. The surgery requires a 4 to 8 inch scar above the pubic bone, with the belly button remaining in the same place. While mini tummy tucks are not right for everyone, they do come with minimized scarring and a shorter recovery period.
  • Extended tummy tuck – An extended tummy tuck is ideal for those who have recently experienced massive weight loss and need a comprehensive solution. This procedure can remove fat, skin and tissue from not only the abdomen, but also from around the hips, waist and lower back. The incision runs circularly around the body, and there may be a second incision encircling the navel.

What is the difference between a tummy tuck and liposuction?

During liposuction, the doctor will insert a small tube called a cannula into a tiny incision and then suction out excess fat to trim and sculpt the belly, arms, legs, butt or love handles. Liposuction is an excellent solution for those unsightly bumps and bulges that make clothing fit poorly and lower your self-confidence.

Liposuction is less invasive than a tummy tuck procedure, which requires scarring, anesthesia and lengthier downtime. However, it cannot adequately address cosmetic concerns such as sagging skin, stretch marks or loosened abdominal muscles found in moms and those who have experienced massive weight loss.

A tummy tuck can accomplish the same goals of liposuction while also tightening the six-pack muscles and reducing the excess skin, fat and tissue that interfere with an attractive appearance. With a tummy tuck, the doctor will create an incision spanning from hip to hip. This will allow the surgeon to lift the skin and tighten the abdominal wall. The skin is then re-draped over the belly, and the belly button may be repositioned in a more ideal location.

Dr. Rottman will help to determine which treatment – liposuction or tummy tuck – is best for your unique cosmetic concerns, your anatomy and your aesthetic wishes.

What are the benefits of tummy tuck surgery?

tummy tuck in Baltimore can give you a beautiful, flat, smaller tummy if diet and exercise fail. Dr. Rottman may perform various surgical techniques, depending upon your condition:

  • Removal of excess skin
  • Tightening of underlying muscles
  • Removal of small fatty deposits

A tummy tuck can:

  • Make you feel more confident in your appearance
  • Provide you with an increase in wardrobe choices
  • Create a more youthful physique
  • Offer your long term, natural-looking improvements
  • Be well combined with other body sculpting procedures such as a mommy makeover


The improvements that are achieved with a tummy tuck in Maryland by Dr. Rottman are simply remarkable. The abdominal area, after healing, will appear flat and toned. If you would like to see real results of a tummy tuck at Rottman Plastic Surgery, look at the images of our patients who have had a tummy tuck in our photo gallery.

Who is a good candidate for a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck is not a weight loss surgery. Good candidates for abdominoplasty are men and women who are in relatively good shape, but are bothered by fatty deposits on the abdomen, excess or hanging skin, love handles, all of which do not respond to diet and exercise.

Clients pursuing surgery should be non-smokers of sound mind and body, who have realistic expectations for their results based on their private consultation with Dr. Rottman.

How can I best prepare for abdominoplasty?

A tummy tuck requires that you be no more than 25 pounds over your ideal body weight. If you do not meet this requirement, we recommend you continue to diet and exercise until you lose more weight. Certain medical conditions and desire to have children in the future could mean this procedure is not appropriate for you at this time.

What will recovery entail?

Abdominoplasty is a major surgery and requires adequate recovery time. For the first few days, you will experience swelling in the area and discomfort, which we help you control with pain medication and muscle relaxers. Although you may not be able to stand completely upright until your muscles have healed, walking during the initial stages of recovery aids in healing and is advised.

It may take several weeks to feel like yourself. Your incisions will flatten and lighten in color after several months. Dr. Rottman places abdominoplasty incisions very low so they can be hidden under most clothing and swimsuits.


What is the cost of a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck is a customized surgery, based on the condition of the patient, so the cost varies. Please visit our financing page to find out about the option of using CareCredit® or AlphaeonCredit® if you are interested.

Why Choose Dr. Steven J.Rottman for tummy tuck surgery?

Having realistic expectations about what to expect from a tummy tuck is important. Dr. Rottman takes all the time needed to answer all your questions and concerns, and explain what to expect with regard to the outcome of the procedure, even if this means determining that the surgery is not right for you. His patience, understanding, and direct communication style, along with his impressive credentials and experience, have resulted in his stellar reputation in performing cosmetic and reconstructive treatments and arguably the best tummy tuck in Maryland.

What can I expect during my consultation?

A private exam will allow Dr. Rottman to determine if a tummy tuck is right for you. Your personal consultation will involve discussing your overall health, including diet, exercise, and what you hope to achieve with the surgery.

Dr. Steven Rottman is a respected, accomplished plastic and reconstructive surgeon, recognized for his surgical talent, and his ability to create exceptionally natural-looking results.

A tummy tuck is a custom surgery, as each patient is unique. Both traditional and advanced surgical techniques may be used in performing an abdominoplasty, based upon condition.

Best plastic surgeon for breast augmentation

America's Best Plastic Surgeons 2021 - Breast Augmentation

It’s natural to want to feel more confident about the appearance of your breasts. Breast augmentation in Kansas City with the experienced team at Associated Plastic Surgeons can help you have full, beautiful, natural-looking breasts, whether you’d like to gain just a cup size or make a more noticeable change.

Considering breast enlargement with implants in Kansas City? Request a consultation online or give our office a call at (913) 451-3722.

Want to see our work for yourself? Check out our photo gallery to view real photos of previous patients of Associated Plastic Surgeons.
Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.


The surgeons at Associated Plastic Surgeons have extensive experience performing breast augmentation to help women feel happier about their appearance and more satisfied with their lives. Women often choose this procedure for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Increasing the size of naturally small breasts
  • Restoring or increasing breast volume after pregnancy or weight loss
  • Correcting a difference in breast sizes
  • Balancing breast and body contours
  • Increasing a sense of femininity in swimsuits, fitted tops, and other clothing options


During your breast augmentation consultation, you will meet with one of our plastic surgeons to ensure you are a good candidate for the procedure. They believe you should consider this procedure for your own personal reasons — not the desires of others. Breast augmentation involves several choices when it comes to breast implants, incision location, and implant placement. Your surgeon will guide you through the options to determine which are best suited to your body, aesthetic goals, and lifestyle.

Your health history will be reviewed along with potential risks and complications. If you decide to schedule the surgery, your surgeon may order lab testing, medications, and age-appropriate mammograms as part of your preparation.

Our surgeons can also talk with you at this time about any additional procedures you may be interested in. Many women with sagging breasts benefit from breast lift surgery at the time of breast augmentation. It’s also common for mothers to want to incorporate breast augmentation into a custom mommy makeover. We’re happy to discuss whether combining treatments is right for you.


In order to provide personalized breast augmentation results, our surgeons offer a variety of breast implant choices including size, fill material, shape, texture, and profile. You will have the opportunity to physically try on different types and sizes of breast implants during your consultation to help you visualize your possible results.


Choosing the right implant size for each patient is an art. Our surgeons have extensive experience performing breast enhancement procedures and work with patients to help them choose implants that will meet their cosmetic goals. A size that looks great on one patient may look completely different on another because of her anatomy.

Your body type and the amount of existing breast tissue you already have are important factors in choosing a size that will provide the results you desire. Our surgeons understand this can be a complicated decision and recommend options based on their expertise.


The more recent generation of cohesive silicone implants is the most popular choice among our patients, but saline implants are still an appropriate option for some women. Each type of implant offers advantages. For example, saline implants are filled after being inserted, so a slightly smaller incision is required and your surgeon can fine-tune the size of the implants once they are in place.

Cohesive gel implants and highly cohesive gel implants (which are sometimes called “gummy bear” implants) look and feel more like natural breasts, according to many patients. Some of the complications associated with saline implants, such as visible wrinkling and rippling, aren’t an issue for cohesive gel implants.

To learn more about these options, as well as profile, shape, and texture, please visit our comprehensive Breast Implant Options page.


Our surgeons perform breast augmentation at a licensed surgical center in the Kansas City metropolitan area. The procedure is usually an outpatient surgery using general anesthesia.

Your surgeon uses the detailed surgical plan you agreed upon during your consultation as the operation’s blueprint. The primary surgical options include the incision locations and where your surgeon places the implants. Those options are discussed below in detail. The procedure’s steps include:

  • Making the incisions
  • Creating spaces for the implants, called pockets
  • Inserting the implants into the pockets

Your surgeon then assesses the appearance of the implants, fine-tuning the shape and size of your breasts, and then closing the incisions with tiny sutures and surgical tape. After the operation is complete, our medical team monitors your progress in a recovery room. Your surgeon ensures you are ready to leave the surgical center before you return home.


Our surgeons offer the following placement options for breast implants:

  • Below the muscle or submuscular placement provides optimal coverage of the implant by placing it beneath both the breast tissue and the chest muscle. This option is often a good choice for women who have very little of their own breast tissue because extra tissue covers the breast implants. Submuscular placement may reduce the possibility of capsular contracture, a complication in which the natural scar tissue that forms around the implant thickens and distorts the breast shape.
  • Above the muscle is technically called subglandular placement because the implant sits directly beneath the breast tissue (also called the mammary gland). Because only breast tissue and skin cover the implant, the implant may be more easily felt, especially in thinner women with little existing breast tissue. However, this placement provides attractive results when silicone implants are used, especially for women with more natural tissue.


Subglandular PlacementSubmuscular Placement


Our surgeons perform breast augmentation through 3 possible incision sites described in the table below.

Incision LocationProsCons
Around the nipple
Gives the surgeon clear access for implant placementConceals the scar along the lower edge of the areola where the darker skin meets the breastGood for silicone and saline implantsMay impact breastfeeding because milk glands are cutMay cause changes in breast and nipple sensationNot suited for small areolas
Within the breast fold
Gives surgeon clear access for implant placementConceals the scar under the breast foldGood for silicone and saline implantsAvoids impact to milk glandsLeaves a scar on the breast that may be noticeable when lying down
Under the arm
Concealed in a natural crease of the armpitAvoids any scar on the breastAvoids impact to milk glandsGood for saline implantsRequires obstructed access for implant placementNot suited for larger silicone implants


A successful recovery begins with following your surgeon’s instructions. There are some steps you can take prior to the surgery to enhance your comfort during the recovery, especially in the first few days after the procedure:

If you live alone, arrange to have a trusted friend or loved one drive you home and spend at least the first night with you. Also, it’s a good idea to:

  • Clean your home and prepare meals for at least the first day or 2 following surgery.
  • Have books, magazines, a tablet or laptop, and the TV remote all handy near your bed.
  • Fill your prescriptions for pain relief medication before surgery.

It is common to feel some discomfort after getting breast implants, although it is generally less pronounced than most patients expect. You are encouraged to carefully walk around your house on the day of the operation to promote circulation and enhance the healing process.

You should wear a support bra around the clock during the first 2 weeks following the operation. Recovery time differs for each patient, but many women find they are able to undergo breast augmentation on a Thursday and return to work the following Monday. Incisions typically heal within 5 to 10 days. Postpone vigorous exercise for at least 4 weeks. Check with your surgeon before doing workouts that engage muscles in your upper body, especially if you’ve had implants placed below the muscle.

The vast majority of breast augmentation patients enjoy their results for several years, but breast implants shouldn’t be considered lifetime devices. Implant manufacturers generally say implants can last 10 to 15 years. If you get silicone gel implants, an annual MRI is recommended after the first few years to monitor your implants.

The same life changes that can affect the appearance of natural breasts, such as pregnancy, weight loss or gain, and menopause, can alter the look of your breasts.



To ensure successful healing, we recommend that our breast augmentation patients be nonsmokers who are in good health. We also recommend that our patients have positive outlooks and specific, realistic goals in mind related to their surgeries.


Breast augmentation does require ongoing maintenance, including regular examinations for breast health and to evaluate the condition of your breast implants. Ultimately, you may need to have your implants removed or replaced.


The cost of breast augmentation surgery, much like other elective cosmetic procedures, varies depending on a number of factors. Among those are the geographic location where the operation is performed, the implants chosen, and the training and experience of the surgeon. When we quote a price for breast augmentation, it includes several related costs. Surgeon’s fees, anesthesiologist’s fees, and the operating fee are all part of the total price. We are committed to making our surgical services accessible to as many women as possible and are happy to offer financing options to qualified patients.

Plastic surgery prices

Cosmetic plastic surgery costs vary from patient to patient. Therefore, we can only offer the typical cost for each procedure. These figures only represent Dr. Bortnick’s fees. Dr. Bortnick believes in the safest surgical environment possible, so all surgical procedures are performed in an accredited outpatient surgical facility.

Try our Wish List Calculator to help you budget for the body of your dreams.

 Wish List Calculator

Often, we can offer significant price reductions when more than one procedure is performed. An exact cost for any procedure can only be determined after a consultation. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.


Cosmetic plastic surgery is not typically covered by health insurance. However, insurance companies will usually cover or partially cover the costs of certain procedures such as breast reduction, breast reconstruction, upper eyelid surgery and acquired deformities of the nose. In these instances, we will gladly help you determine your coverage.


We accept CareCredit, the healthcare credit card designed specifically to help finance your health and beauty needs. With CareCredit, you can get the cosmetic procedures of your dreams with special financing on purchases of $200 or more.


*Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. Visit for details.

Brilliant Distinctions Program
Earn points every time you purchase an Allergan treatment or product, such as Botox or Juvederm. The points you earn can be redeemed for future treatments. Learn more or sign up here.

Brilliant Distinctions


ProcedureOur Average Price
Mommy Makeover (Tummy Tuck Plus Breast)Starting At $7,600
(Tummy Tuck)
Mini Abdominoplasty$4,600
Extended Abdominoplasty$6,000
Circumferential Abdominoplasty$6,500
Fleu De Lis Abdominoplasty$7,000
Arm Lift$4,000
(Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery)
Quad Blepharoplasty$3,000
Breast Augmentation$3,200
Breast Lift$3,800
Breast Lift With Implants$4,600 Plus Cost Of Implants
Implant Exchange Without Capsulectomy$3,700
Implant Exchange With Capsulectomy And Capsulorrhaphy $4,100
Mastopexy Augmentation$4,600
Breast Reduction (Women)$5,000
Breast Reduction (Men)$3,300
Breast Reduction Extended$5,800
Chin Augmentation$2,200
Fat Grafting$2,200
(Cosmetic Ear Surgery)
Bilateral Earlobe Repair (Apply $50 Consultation Fee)$500
Face Lift$6,000
Face Lift And Quad Bleph$6,800
Face Lift, Brow Lift, Quad Bleph$8,800
Neck Lift$4,500
Autologous Fat Graft$1,500
Brow Lift Endoscopic$3,200
Liposuction$3,000/First Hour
Liposuction Each Additional Hour$1,750
Lower Body Lift$9,000
(Nose Reshaping)
Tip Rhinoplasty $3,500
Medial Thigh Lift$5,500
Injectables – BOTOX®$350 ($13 Per Unit)
Injectables – Sculptra Poly-L-Lactic Acid$660
Injectables – Juvederm Hyaluronic Acid (Syringe)$550
Juvederm Voluma™ XC$850
Kybella™$1,500/First Injection
$1,000 Subsequent
Chemical Peels – TCA$1,500
Full Face CO2 Laser (Plus $850 Rental Fee) $2,500
Cosmetic Lesion (Apply $50 Consultation Fee)$450
Cosmetic Consultation$50
Implants Supply Charge
Saline Implants Per Pair$500
Silicone Implants Per Pair$1,350
Soft Touch Per Pair$1,900
Cohesive Silicone/410 Implants Per Pair$2,600

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