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Best tummy tuck surgeon in new york city

What do you look for in a tummy tuck surgeon? Are you looking for someone who has experience and can give you the results you want? Do you want someone who is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery? Do you want someone who can give you the best chance of avoiding complications and downtime?

The best tummy tuck surgeons in New York City have all of these qualities—and more. Tummy tucks are a popular procedure because they can help close stretch marks, remove excess skin, and tighten abdominal skin in ways that many other procedures cannot. If you’re considering this procedure, then it’s important to find a surgeon who has extensive experience performing tummy tucks on patients like yourself. They should be able to give you an idea of how long your surgery will take, what kind of recovery time is involved, and what kind of results they think they can achieve for you.

Your surgeon should also be able to provide before-and-after photos from their own patients so that you can see how other people have benefited from their work. A good doctor will also be able to answer any questions that come up during your consultation with them and discuss any concerns or fears that may arise during your appointment.

You may find it hard to access the right information on the internet, so we are here to help you in the following article, providing the best and updated information on Best tummy tuck surgeon in new york city, best tummy tuck surgeon in the world. Read on to learn more. We at cosmeticsurgerytips have all the information that you need about top rated tummy tuck surgeons. Read on to learn more.

Best tummy tuck surgeon in new york city

Plastic Surgeon | New Jersey | Burnett Plastic Surgery

Abdominoplasty, commonly known as Tummy Tuck Surgery, can create a slimmer, more toned abdomen. NYC Tummy Tuck Specialist Dr. David L. Cangello is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has helped many men and women achieve their goal of a flat, sculpted stomach. A healthy diet and regular exercise are not always effective in changing the appearance of your midsection. Pregnancy, aging and weight changes can result in sagging skin, stubborn fatty deposits and abdominal bulging. Abdominoplasty is among the top five cosmetic surgery procedures in the U.S. because it tightens the stomach muscles and removes excess skin to restore a toned, youthful look.1

Benefits of Tummy Tuck Surgery

During your abdominoplasty consultation appointment, Dr. Cangello will help you determine if you are a candidate for this procedure. If tummy tuck surgery is right for you, potential benefits include:

  • Repair diastasis recti, which is a separation of the abdominal muscles that is common after pregnancy and causes a bulge that does not respond to diet or exercise
  • Improve Self-Image that can help you feel happier and more confident
  • Reduce or Remove Excess Skin and Stretch Marks, so you can feel comfortable at the beach or wearing clothing that shows off your midsection
  • Restore a Youthful Look with a smaller waist, and flatter, more toned tummy
  • Combine With Other Procedures such as a customized Mommy Makeover. Patients who combine abdominoplasty with liposuction report a 99% patient satisfaction rate.2

Are You a Good Candidate for Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Tummy Tuck surgery can repair stretched abdominal muscles and tighten sagging skin, but it is not a weight loss procedure. Ideal candidates for this procedure include men and women who are non-smokers in good health and maintain a healthy, stable weight.3 Women planning additional pregnancies in the future should consider postponing their tummy tuck surgery until they’re finished having children, as pregnancy can reverse some of the effects of treatment.Abdominoplasty patients should be motivated to follow Dr. Cangello’s preoperative and postoperative instructions. This includes wearing an abdominal binder following surgery and refraining from exercise or any lifting and straining for a few weeks. It’s essential for patients to have realistic expectations about their outcomes. Abdominoplasty results are long-lasting when accompanied by a healthy lifestyle. To see what kind of results you can achieve, take a look at our photo gallery for NYC tummy tuck before-and-after photos from prior patients.

Tummy Tuck patient before
Tummy Tuck patient after

Your NYC Tummy Tuck With Dr. Cangello

The Most Natural-Looking Results

Being trusted with your plastic surgery treatment isn’t a responsibility that Dr. Cangello takes lightly. He takes great care during the procedure to help you reach your aesthetic goals while producing the most natural-looking results possible. The goal is to create an appearance that matches the subtle shape of a naturally flat abdomen, rather than making it look out of proportion with the rest of your body.

As a surgeon with a finely tuned artistic sense, Dr. Cangello relies on the principles of artistry when approaching surgery, allowing him to create superior results. Whether you have excess skin from weight loss or you merely want to restore body contours following childbirth, Dr. Cangello sculpts your abdomen in a way that complements your body shape.

Board-Certified Expert

For optimal results, your NYC abdominoplasty should be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon. Surgeons who are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery have undergone extensive training in the field of both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. They must also pass rigorous examinations to verify their proficiency in the area.

Unlike surgeons who undergo cosmetic training alone, plastic surgeons have comprehensive experience with reconstruction of the entire body. Dr. Cangello has demonstrated his mastery of plastic surgery by these standards and treating elite patients, helping to ensure your surgical experience is positive.

Your Comfort and Safety Are Top Priorities

For optimal comfort, safety and the best outcome your surgery will be performed at Dr. Cangello’s state-of-the-art operating facility in NYC. This on-site surgical facility is fully accredited to meet strict standards of the AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities). For maximum safety, Dr. Cangello only works with board-certified anesthesiologists.

If you’re considering a tummy tuck, you are more than welcome to take a tour of Dr. Cangello’s operating facility during your consultation. And for patients who feel more comfortable having their procedure performed in a hospital setting, Dr. Cangello also has operating privileges at Lenox Hill and Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital in NYC.

David L. Cangello, MD, FACSPlastic Surgery New York

Dr. David Cangello is one of the top board-certified plastic surgeons in all of New York City. His approach of treating plastic surgery with an artistic eye has successfully shaped his practice. Dr. Cangello cares about the result of the surgery as much as the patient does. Read more to learn why you should choose Dr. Cangello for your next procedure.Schedule a Consultation

Understanding Your Tummy Tuck Surgery in Detail

On the day of your surgery, Dr. Cangello marks the critical areas the operation will aim to correct. Dr. Cangello also asks you to wear an undergarment that is representative of the type that you wear most frequently. This way he can place his skin markings to conceal incisions in positions that will be hidden. This will be completed while you are standing to make sure that the most natural-looking results are achieved following your abdominoplasty.

Once your anesthesia has been administered, Dr. Cangello makes an incision along the marking drawn below your undergarment line. The incision length will depend on how much skin needs to be removed, and it can range from a few inches to a span of one hip to the other. If a large amount of skin needs to be excised, the incision will be longer.

Next, Dr. Cangello carefully separates the loose skin and fat from your abdominal muscles so he can repair and tighten these muscles. An incision is also made around the umbilicus (belly button) so all the excess skin and fat above it can be mobilized downward and removed. Once the muscles are repaired, excess skin and fat are removed from the abdominal area.

The remaining skin is carefully stretched toward the bikini-line incision and closed with absorbable sutures. At this point, Dr. Cangello will also insert drains to keep fluid from building up in the area. Patients who have just a small amount of excess skin in the lower portion of the abdomen only (below the belly button) may not need an incision around the navel.

Take the First Step: Your Consultation for Abdominoplasty in NYC

The first step toward achieving your goals is a consultation with Dr. Cangello. This friendly, informative meeting will give you a chance to fully explain why you’re seeking a tummy tuck and what kind of results you’d like to achieve. With this in mind, Dr. Cangello conducts a physical examination to assess your areas of concern. Using this information, he will then create a custom treatment plan to ideally enhance your anatomy and help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

Dr. Cangello is happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the procedure, and he will provide you with detailed pre-operative and post-operative guidelines. These are designed to make sure you are fully prepared, and they will also include information to help you have a safe and successful recover. Dr. Cangello is dedicated to serving patients with the highest standard of care – every step of the way.

Best tummy tuck surgeon in the world

Best Facial Plastic Surgeon in Bergen County, NJ and Manhattan, NYC

A little nip in here, a little tuck over there. Plastic surgeries, be it reconstructive or cosmetic, can definitely help a person as it could assist the body function better, enhance one’s looksBY SAMMY SAIDPUBLISHED APR 29, 2013

A little nip in here, a little tuck over there. Plastic surgeries, be it reconstructive or cosmetic, can definitely help a person as it could assist the body function better, enhance one’s looks and boost morale as well. With that in mind, here is a list of the top 10 best plastic surgeons in the world today.Close

10Dr. Ivo Pitanguy, Brazil

Dr. Ivo Helcio Jardim de Campos Pitanguy is based in Rio de Janeiro. Born in 1926, he studied at the Bethesda North Hospital in Connecticut before moving to Europe to learn plastic surgery. In 1953, he moved back to Brazil where he worked in a hospital. In 1961, he treated burn victims for weeks after a circus tent burned down, hurting 2,500 people. He later established the Clinica Ivo Pitanguy, a private clinic in Botafogo in Rio de Janeiro where he trains other surgeons and operates on clients. Pitanguy is considered a pioneer in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and his clinic specializes in the well being of both mind and body.

9Dr. Raj Kanodia, California

Dr. Raj Kanodia is an in-demand plastic surgeon who is known for combining advanced medical skills and training with the holistic principles of Ayurveda, which he learned while growing up in India. He is behind Ayurmedic, a foremost skincare brand that combines herbs and anti-aging compounds. He is known to conduct extensive consultations before proceeding with surgery. Kanodia specializes in rhinoplasty, though he makes it a point to refine and enhance, not to reshape, the nose

8Dr. Jose Juri, Argentina

Dr. Jose Juri is an Argentinean plastic surgeon based in Buenos Aires. He is the founder and director of the Juri Clinic of Plastic Surgery. He is known to be flexible and adapt to the requirements of his client. He is considered as an expert in various areas of plastic surgery. He has performed over 10,000 rhinoplasty procedures. He also specializes in the augmentation of the breast.

7Dr. Woffles Wu, Singapore

Dr. Woffles Wu Tze Liang is a plastic surgeon from Singapore. He grew up in London before his family moved back to Singapore when he was 12 years old. He earned his degree from the National University of Singapore and worked in pediatrics at the Toa Payoh Hospital in the 80s. In 1989, he transferred to the Singapore General Hospital where he worked as a plastic surgeon for 12 years. He then set up a private practice at the Camden Medical Centre. He invented the Woffles Lift, a facial rejuvenation procedure performed under local anesthesia with no skin being removed.

6Dr. Des Fernandes, South Africa

Dr. Des Fernandes graduated from the Witwatersrand University in South Africa before becoming a fellow at the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. He trained in cardio-thoracic surgery and was part of Christiaan Barnard’s team that performed the first double heart transplant in the world. He then shifted to plastic surgery under the tutelage of Dr. David Davies. Fernandes pioneered a facelift technique called Suture Suspension that minimized scarring and restored dropped tissues to its original place. Nylon threads are then placed through tiny incisions, which then lift and tighten the facial area from the eyebrows to the jaw.

5Dr. Jorge Herrera, Argentina

Dr. Jorge Herrera is an Argentinean plastic surgeon based in Buenos Aires. He is known to be an expert in the field of reconstructive surgery, helping out patients of all ages regardless of background. He performs surgery on people with unsightly birth defects and with injuries suffered from accidents. Herrera aims to minimize the abnormality of body structures in order to improve function and uplift morale.

4Dr. Michel Pfulg, Switzerland

Dr. Michel Pfulg is the founder of the Pfulg Laclinic in Switzerland. He used to be the head of the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery before getting appointed as the head of the Department of Surgery at the Clinique Valmont in Montreux. He also practiced at the La Prairie Clinic in Montreux-Clarens. Pfulg also served as chairman of the Swiss Society of Aesthetic Medicine in 2004.

3Dr. Sherrell Aston, New York

Dr. Sherrell Aston is the Director of Surgery and head of the Department of Plastic Surgery of Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York City. He is also a professor in plastic surgery at the New York University School of Medicine and Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. He is known for his development of a technique called the finger-assisted malar elevation, or FAME, procedure. It involves the repositioning of both skin and soft tissue of the face that helps produce a young looking but non-operated appearance.

2Dr. Sydney Coleman, New York

Dr. Sydney Coleman got his medical degree from the University of Texas. After serving as an intern and resident at the Ochsner Foundation Hospital in New Orleans, he completed his residency in plastic surgery at the St. Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco. He also studied aesthetic and craniofacial surgery in Mexico under Fernando Ortiz-Monastario, before completing his fellowship in microsurgery at the R.K. Davies Hospital in San Francisco. Coleman is credited for the invention of a fat-grafting technique called lipostructure that is designed to restore the luster of young skin. While it enhances a person’s natural assets, it can also correct several deformities, like scarring due to acne or problems brought about by other medical procedures.

1Dr. Olivier H. De Frahan, France And England

Dr. Olivier Henry de Frahan is a French plastic surgeon who practices in both France and England. He specializes in cosmetic surgery procedures, particularly in Botox, fillers and lipostructure. He is also well known for the natural-looking results of his procedures, especially in eyelids and facelifts. He advocates a restoration of volume when performing his cosmetic surgeries, as he views a full face to be a better representative of youth. Providing more volume, along with tightening of the skin, can help rejuvenate the face in a more holistic way.

Top rated tummy tuck surgeons

New Jersey Plastic Surgery ® Official Site | Dr. DiBernardo | Montclair, NJ

If pregnancy or weight loss have left excess abdominal skin in their wake, a tummy tuck is a worthy solution. When performed by Dr. Fisher with total attention to detail, a tummy tuck becomes the essence of a body contouring procedure. Folds of skin are transformed into a sleek exterior, while underlying musculature is repaired to both structural and cosmetic perfection. By addressing aesthetic pride along with physical comfort, a tummy tuck is not merely a tummy tuck—it is an upgrade to one’s quality of life.

Making the Right Decision

Understanding what is involved in abdominoplasty is the first step when considering this procedure. Dr. Fisher believes that his patients are better served when the process, recovery and expected outcome are fully understood.

There are several tummy tuck variations, each one addressing specific issues. For most patients, a standard tummy tuck consists of surgically tightening the abdominal muscles and removing excess skin tissue that is located above and below the belly button. It should be noted that if there is an excessive amount of fat in the belly, liposuction may be needed to ensure an optimal outcome.

A mini tummy tuck addresses mild skin laxity located below the belly button only. This variation of the tummy tuck generally does not address any bulging of the abdominal musculature.

An extended tummy tuck is performed when excess skin exists on the abdomen as well as the flanks. In this case, a longer incision is necessary to fully address all excess skin.

To help his patients make the correct decision regarding abdominoplasty, Dr. Fisher has developed a unique surgical philosophy. Rather than accepting any patient for cosmetic surgery in Beverly Hills based on their ability to pay, he goes above and beyond to determine what’s truly the best course of action. After a rigorous consultation process, his surgical plan must be in coordination with his patient’s goals, and his confidence to achieve their goals must be absolute. If Dr. Fisher accepts a patient for a tummy tuck, it is because he has total confidence that he can provide among the best tummy tuck Beverly Hills has available.

Tummy Tuck Results

There is a good reason why the world’s elite trust only Dr. Garth Fisher to perform their cosmetic and body contouring procedures. He has earned his reputation as one of the best tummy tuck surgeons in the world due to his supreme technique, artistic eye and – most importantly – his exquisite, long-lasting results.

Following a tummy tuck in Beverly Hills with Dr. Fisher, you can expect to possess a firmer, younger-looking abdomen and an artfully shaped body contour. When you look in the mirror after surgery, any excess skin will have been removed and your stomach will be smooth and flat – creating a slimmer and more toned overall appearance. And the best part is, you’ll finally feel confident enough to wear form-fitting clothes and show off your stomach, because you’ll have the slender, beautiful body you’ve always wanted.

Thanks to Dr. Fisher’s meticulous nature and devotion to perfection, the end result of your surgery will also appear extremely natural. Dr. Fisher will go to great lengths to ensure that the resulting scar is minimal and easily concealed by most bathing suits and undergarments. Other than the scar, there will be no signs that you had a tummy tuck, as your abdomen will be free of any telling skin and belly button irregularities. You’ll simply look as though your stomach is naturally smooth, slim and contoured.

Your Consultation in Beverly Hills

Dr. Fisher’s consultation is focused on educating his patient on the procedure and discussing goals and expected outcome. After he conducts a thorough examination, he discusses his proposed surgical plan and answers any questions the patient may have so the decision to proceed is based upon mutual agreement and his confidence that he can attain the expected result.

While independent research is helpful for educational purposes, it will never fully relate a tummy tuck to you. During a consultation at Dr. Fisher’s Beverly Hills office, your plastic surgery education goes beyond general information and becomes a personalized experience. With Dr. Fisher’s exceptional aesthetic sense, he is known for his uncompromising assessment of your best options.

The Need for Surgical Rejuvenation

It isn’t lack of diligence at the gym or inherited genetics that is sabotaging efforts to attain a flat midsection. The bulge is most likely due to separated or stretched abdominal muscles that cause the bulging appearance in the abdomen. If there is also excess skin on the abdomen, the pouch is emphasized.

Abdominal muscle separation is called diastasis and often occurs as a result of pregnancy. Unfortunately, abdominal muscles are not very elastic—once they separate and sag, they do not shrink back. Surgery is required to reconnect the separated rectus muscles and flatten the midsection.

Properly Repositioning the Navel

An often-neglected part of abdominoplasty is recreation of the belly button. During a tummy tuck, the navel must be repositioned after the excess skin has been removed. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Fisher is a perfectionist in positioning the navel properly, with all stitches hidden under the skin, making the resultant scar completely invisible. He considers it imperative that the navel looks completely natural with no telltale stitches outlining the new position.

Minimizing Tummy Tuck Scars

Dr. Fisher personally closes every incision, as this is one of the key skills that differentiate him from other plastic surgeons around the world. He works very hard to minimize the inevitable scar that will form. During abdominoplasty an incision is made usually from hip bone to hip bone, extending very low and over the public bone to ensure the resulting scar can be well hidden by clothing. As one of the leading plastic surgeons in America, he has earned the reputation of being one of the best tummy tuck surgeons in Beverly Hills due to his ability to create a thin scar that virtually disappears over time.

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