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Body Glycolic Peel

Every once in a while, you need to switch up your skincare routine. It’s important to rinse off the day’s grime and replace your serums with a fresh batch, but those aren’t the only things that should be refreshed on the regular. Your exfoliants should change too! While physical exfoliants are still working for some folks, chemical ones are becoming more popular as people realize how much better they can be for their skin.

One of our favorite chemical exfoliants is glycolic acid, which comes from sugar cane. Glycolic acid has a small molecule structure, which means it can penetrate your skin and work from deep inside the epidermis layers to provide an effective treatment that eliminates dead skin and helps form new collagen. It’s also one of the few acids that work well on dry or sensitive skin, making it a good option for almost anyone who wants to try it out.

Glycolic peels are an easy way to introduce glycolic acid into your skincare routine without having to buy a bunch of products or make any major changes. All you have to do is schedule an appointment with your dermatologist—or find a spa offering glycolic peels near you—and then sit back

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Body Glycolic Peel

There are many beauty treatment terms that we’re familiar with, but don’t quite know what they are. It’s important to understand exactly what treatments involve is before diving in. In this article, let’s try and answer the question “what is a body chemical peel?” So, without further ado. Let’s begin…

A chemical body peel, or simply body peel treatment, is a process that improves the skin texture and tone. It works by peeling off the top layer of the skin, thereby exposing the healthier and younger inside layer. It is essentially like exfoliation. But instead of using friction to remove the dead skin cells, they use acids to chemically exfoliate the skin. There is no scrubbing involved. The chemical skin peel is a completely safe process. It has become a very popular anti-ageing and skin brightening treatment.

It is ironic that while we look after our face and its cosmetic look, many of us tend to ignore skin issues on the rest of our bodies. Many people have acne breakouts on the body, hyperpigmentation, layers of fine lines, and other issues. Dull and dry skin is not healthy. It makes us look aged as well. Advancing age, poor diet, exposure to the sun’s rays and environmental pollutants damage our skin.

A body skin peel can rectify the damage. It can make you look good again. A chemical skin peel can also smoothen your rough and bumpy skin, improve the skin tone, even your complexion, and remove the acne.

What Is a Body Chemical Peel?
It is a body exfoliation process that uses a chemical like glycolic acid (AHA), lactic, trichloroacetic, or salicylic acid (BHA). Because of this, it is also referred to as skin exfoliation. The therapist or dermatologist will remove the surface of your skin.

It seems scary but really there is nothing to worry about. We humans peel off our skin all the time naturally. The dead skin cells fall off. Healthier skin replaces those dead skin cells. A body chemical peel will only fasten this.

Though they call it a chemical peel, the acids used are all compounds that are available naturally from plants and foods. They are obtained from citrus, milk, and willow bark. You will find lactic acid, for instance, naturally in sugar and milk. It is also a part of our skin cells. Lactic acid helps in keeping our skin moisturised. It gives us a “firmer, thicker skin, resulting in fewer fine lines, wrinkles, and acne lesions”.

Body Peel Treatment; How It Works
The peel treatment will weaken the connection between your cells and the top layer of your skin. The acid breaks down this bond and removes the dead skin cells. It will also enhance your cell turnover, which is the way the process treats skin issues like hyperpigmentation and fine lines.

When Can I See the Result of a Full-Body Skin Peel?
It will take some time, usually between two and a half to four months for most people. Remember, you will need follow-up body chemical peel treatments. You will see an effective change after about three sessions. Sometimes, there are improvements after each session, though. The time difference between two sessions can be between four to six weeks.

But the time difference between each session and the total number of treatments needed will be different for each person as we all have different skin conditions. The size of the target area will also determine your treatment. There are many determining factors.

Once done, you will see an overall improvement. The exfoliating body wash can repair your sun damage, remove the sunspots and acne scars. You will get softer, smoother, and more radiant skin.

Which Parts of Body Can a Chemical Peel Be Done On in NYC?
A full-body chemical peel in NYC is possible. It can be done for your…

Dark Spots
It will lighten your skin, improve pigmentation, which is often the result of hormones. The full-body peel will effectively eradicate the dark spots from your legs, back, knees, and arms. If you have a darker skin tone, your therapist is likely to use a lightening agent with hydroquinone.

Stretch Marks
Stretch marks are usually caused because of two reasons; the marks after pregnancy or when you gain or lose fat quickly. We have elastic skin, but it cannot adjust itself if the change is too random, like getting overstretched quickly. These marks are actually scarring in the skin’s middle layer or the dermis. They appear because as you pull or tear skin, the body shape changes. A chemical skin peel rejuvenates the skin’s surface layer.

Arms and Legs

Some of us have skin that looks like sandpaper, especially in the elbows and knees. This is a very effective cosmetic treatment to treat these conditions. it will also cure issues related to sun damage, pimples, freckles, and small bumps, which are often the dead skin cells, blocking your hair follicles.

Elephant Skin
As we age, the production of elastin and collagen proteins in our body goes down. This is one of the main causes of premature ageing. This prevents our skin from stretching and contracting easily, which can lead to a skin condition known as elephant skin. You will normally find it in the chest, neck, and shoulders of those above the age of 40 years. A chemical body peel with a glycolic solution can provide the remedy. It will give you softer, glowing, suppler skin.

There are several other advantages of a body chemical peel. For example, it can remove scars from the body, help you to get rid of tan, heal your acne scars on the body and even on the buttocks, it can tone the body, and you can use it for tattoo and body art removal.

Body Chemical Peel Before and After

Are There Any Risks?

A chemical peel for body treatment is usually a completely safe process. There are rarely any risks. In some instances, a few people have reported a minor irritation and redness on the targeted skin area. But they almost always go away in a few days. Always report if you have any other issues or if the redness or irritation stays after 4—5 days.

Do always make sure to get the process done by a board-certified therapist or dermatologist who has extensive knowledge and experience. Remember, a cosmetic chemical peel is a new process. So you must get it done by the best professional you can find.

Body Peel For Hyperpigmentation

Did you know that chemical peels have been around for literally thousands of years? 😮

Early adopters like Cleopatra and the ancient Egyptians were famous for bathing in sour milk (which contains lactic acid) to cleanse their skin and remove imperfections.

Among their many uses, chemical peels are very effective for treating hyperpigmentation, including melasma, dark spots, and uneven skin tone. 🤗

In addition, regular use can soften wrinkles, smooth fine lines, and correct acne scars as well.

In this post, I’ve hand-picked the best at home chemical peels for hyperpigmentation, based on peeling agent, active ingredients, customer reviews, price/value, and my personal experience.

I only recommend skincare products that I’d use myself (every product here passes this test), so you can feel confident that you’re getting a high-quality chemical peel for your skin. 👍

What Is The Best Chemical Peel for Hyperpigmentation?

Overall, the best chemical peel for hyperpigmentation is Platinum Skin Care TCA Peel 13%. Here’s my full list of recommendations based on skin type, skin condition, and budget:

  1. Editor’s Choice: Platinum Skin Care TCA Peel 7-13-20-30
  2. Best Budget Pick: Glycolix Elite Glycolic Acid 20% Resurfacing Peel
  3. Most Popular Pick: QRxLabs Glycolic Acid 20% Resurfacing Pads
  4. Best for Dark Spots: Perfect Image Hydro-Glo Peel Pads 40%
  5. Best for Melasma: CANE+AUSTIN 30% Miracle Pad+
  6. Professional Level: Exuviance Performance Peel AP25
  7. Best for Sensitive/Dark Skin: Platinum Skin Care Mandelic Peel 22-40+
Platinum Skin Care TCA Peel 13+


Platinum Skin Care TCA Peel 7-13-20-30

Best For:

✅ Hyperpigmentation
✅ Melasma
✅ Dark Spots
✅ Uneven Tone
✅ Age Spots / Sun Spots
✅ Fine Lines / Wrinkles
✅ Acne / Acne Scars

Key Ingredients:

⭐ Trichloroacetic Acid

Key Features:

👍 Professional Quality
👍 “Cool-Action” Menthol
👍 Unbuffered pH of 1.3

If I had to choose one chemical peel for the rest of my life, I’d pick a trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peel.

That’s because TCA is the ultimate Swiss army knife – effective yet versatile – that addresses many skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, signs of aging, and scarring.

But what makes a TCA peel unique? 🤔

For starters, TCA is a medium-depth peel that penetrates beyond the epidermis into the papillary (upper) dermis. This allows it to remove more layers of dead skin cells than a superficial peel like glycolic acid to help your body rebuild healthy and younger looking skin.

Next, TCA has a very predictable penetration depth that’s controlled by the number of layers, which makes it suitable for both beginners (using 1-3 layers of 13%) and advanced users (using 3-5 layers of 13% or 1 layer of 20%).

For an effective and affordable TCA peel at home, I recommend Platinum Skin Care.

With over 1,300 reviews, Platinum Skin Care is the best TCA peel on the market. 🏆

Platinum Skin Care TCA Peel 13% 1oz

This certified chemical peel is often used by professionals like dermatologists and estheticians and comes in 4 concentrations:

  • 7% TCA: for eyes and extremely sensitive areas
  • 13% TCA: for beginners and dark skin types (Fitzpatrick IV-VI)
  • 20% TCA: only if you’ve completed 5 layers of 13% TCA with no results
  • 30% TCA: for body peels, TCA CROSS, or dilution into lower concentrations

In addition, all TCA peels (except the 30%) include “Cool-Action” menthol to soothe stinging and reduce irritation for a more comfortable peel experience. 👍

If you have mild hyperpigmentation, such as dark spots, brown spots, or post-acne marks, start with a 13% TCA peel (single layer) every 2 weeks for a total of 6-8 treatments.

Over time, you can gradually increase the number of layers to 3 (with 5 minutes in between).

By the end of this treatment plan, you should see visible improvements in hyperpigmentation, smoother skin texture, and brighter skin tone, as well as fewer blemishes and dark spots.

If you have severe hyperpigmentation, however, such as age spots, sun spots, or melasma, you should still complete a beginner TCA peel series (unless you’ve already completed one), but consider adding a peel enhancer like Platinum Skin Care Luminosity Serum (0.5% Retinol) at the end of each TCA peel to promote further cell turnover and skin regeneration.

As before, you can (and should) gradually increase the number of layers to 3-5 to remove more damaged skin tissue, including the problematic skin cells with excess melanin pigments that are responsible for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) and melasma.

In both cases, make sure to follow all pre-peel and post-peel instructions for the best results, including pretreatment with a melanin inhibitor like Fade Bright or Meladerm for darker skin, and of course, a broad spectrum sunscreen like my personal favorite, Josie Maran SPF 47.

Glycolix Elite Glycolic Acid 20% Resurfacing Peel


Glycolix Elite Glycolic Acid 20% Resurfacing Peel

Best For:

✅ Hyperpigmentation
✅ Melasma
✅ Dark Spots
✅ Uneven Tone
✅ Age Spots / Sun Spots
✅ Fine Lines / Wrinkles
✅ Acne / Oily Skin

Key Ingredients:

⭐ Glycolic Acid
⭐ Witch Hazel
⭐ Green Tea Extract
⭐ Vitamin A, C, E
⭐ Coenzyme Q10

Key Features:

👍 Ultra Pure Glycolic Acid
👍 60 Treatments
👍 Unbeatable Value

Looking for an affordable at home chemical peel? 🤑

Glycolix Elite is one of the best deals on the market: a 20% glycolic acid peel with 60 peel pads for under $30!

(previously known as Glycolix Elite Treatment Pads)

With over 1,300 reviews on Amazon, Glycolix Elite is a popular product for fading dark spots and acne marks, while helping you fight blackheads, whiteheads, and clogged pores as well (it’s great for acne-prone skin).

This chemical peel features 20% crystalline glycolic acid, which is the highest purity and medical grade form, plus witch hazel to refine pores, green tea to soothe skin, and vitamin A, C, E and CoQ10 for antioxidant protection.

Overall, it’s an excellent ingredient list that rivals even premium chemical peels like CANE+AUSTIN Miracle Pad+.

Glycolix Elite recommends using this product 1-2x daily, but that’s a bit too much for a 20% glycolic peel.

Instead, I recommend starting with 2-3 times a week and working your way up to every day or every other day.

Glycolix Elite Treatment Pads vs Glycolix Elite Glycolic Acid 20% Resurfacing Peel

In terms of results, hundreds of customers claim Glycolix Elite helped clear up their breakouts, promote smooth skin, and fade dark spots and acne marks.

However, I noticed that most of the top reviews on Amazon are a bit outdated (2016-2018).

Regardless, Glycolix Elite provides unbeatable value for under $30 and should last you at least 4-6 months (if you use them 3x a week) which works out to only $0.50 per treatment. 👏

Finally, as one helpful reviewer points out: make sure to neutralize this chemical peel after 1-5 minutes and rinse with cold water as it does not include a neutralization pad.

You can easily create a neutralizing solution with 1/4 cup baking soda and 4 cups water or purchase a professional chemical peel neutralizer.

QRxLabs Glycolic Acid 20% Resurfacing Pads


QRxLabs Glycolic Acid 20% Resurfacing Pads

Best For:

✅ Hyperpigmentation
✅ Melasma
✅ Dark Spots
✅ Uneven Tone
✅ Age Spots / Sun Spots
✅ Fine Lines / Wrinkles
✅ Acne / Oily Skin

Key Ingredients:

⭐ Glycolic Acid
⭐ Witch Hazel
⭐ Allantoin
⭐ Vitamin B5, C, E
⭐ Calendula Flower
⭐ Green Tea Extract

Key Features:

👍 Over 8,000 Reviews!
👍 50 Treatments
👍 Highly Durable Material

With over 10,000 reviews (yes, you read that right! 😮), QRxLabs Glycolic Acid 20% Resurfacing Pads has basically won the Oscars, Emmys, and Grammys combined. 🏆

Editor’s Note: I’ve connected with the founder before and he’s always busy handling all those orders!

Overall, this chemical peel is very similar to Glycolix Elite:

  • Both are 20% glycolic acid peels
  • With almost identical ingredient lists
  • And available at very affordable prices

Once again, glycolic acid helps transform your skin by removing dead skin cells, increasing collagen production, shrinking enlarged pores, and evening out skin tone.

Meanwhile, allantoin (comfrey extract) and panthenol (vitamin B5) provide much-needed hydration and stimulate tissue regeneration while vitamin C and E form an antioxidant network to fight free radical damage.

Finally, calendula flower and green tea extract soothe stinging and reduce skin irritation during the peel.

Each pad is made from highly durable rayon/polypropylene material with a waffle pattern textured surface for easy application and convenient finger notches as well.

In terms of results, there’s literally thousands of positive reviews that you can read on Amazon (a new entertainment source in case you’ve exhausted Netflix, YouTube, and Tik-Tok 🤣).

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with how this chemical peel has maintained a very high rating even after 8,000+ reviews (over 83% of customers gave it 4- or 5-stars ⭐).

Perfect Image Hydro-Glo Peel Pads Level 2


Perfect Image Hydro-Glo Peel Pads 40%

Best For:

✅ Dark Spots
✅ Brown Spots
✅ Sun Damage
✅ Uneven Tone
✅ Dull Skin

Key Ingredients:

⭐ Lactic Acid
⭐ Mandelic Acid
⭐ Kojic Acid
⭐ Papaya
⭐ Pineapple
⭐ Licorice Root
⭐ Bearberry
⭐ Glutathione
⭐ Botanical Extracts

Key Features:

👍 Professional Strength
👍 30 Treatments
👍 pH of 2.5-3.0

“You have a bright future ahead…”

Said almost every fortune cookie ever 🤣.

With Perfect Image Hydro-Glo Peel Pads 40%, however, your skin has a very bright future indeed!

This professional strength skin brightening peel features a 40% blend of lactic acid and mandelic acid, along with powerful brightening agents like kojic acid, licorice root, and bearberry (arbutin) extract.

Meanwhile, natural enzymes from papaya (papain) and pineapple (bromelain) help dissolve dead skin cells and polish uneven skin texture to get your skin glowing!

Finally, glutathione and select botanical extracts provide antioxidant protection and reduce skin irritation.

This at home chemical peel is perfect for dark spots, correcting uneven tone, re-energizing dull skin, and reducing the appearance of skin discoloration.

In other words, you’ll be on your way to glowing skin!

For best results, use Hydra-Repair Super Moisturizer with this product.

CANE+AUSTIN 30% Miracle Pad+


CANE+AUSTIN 30% Miracle Pad+

Best For:

✅ Hyperpigmentation
✅ Melasma
✅ Dark Spots
✅ Uneven Tone
✅ Acne / Acne Scars

Key Ingredients:

⭐ Glycolic Acid
⭐ Witch Hazel
⭐ Lactic Acid
⭐ Salicylic Acid
⭐ Vitamin A, C, E
⭐ Cucumber
⭐ Chamomile
⭐ Coenzyme Q10

Key Features:

👍 Premium Quality
👍 60 Treatments
👍 Daily Peel

Studies have shown that 30-50% glycolic acid is an effective treatment for melasma that helps reduce common symptoms like brown spots and gray patches.

An easy way to incorporate a 30% glycolic peel into your skincare routine is CANE+AUSTIN 30% Miracle Pad+.

Created by dermatologist Dr. Craig Austin, Miracle Pad+ claims to be comparable to professional in-office peels.

With the equivalent of 30% glycolic acid, plus lactic acid, salicylic acid, and tartaric acid, this chemical peel can produce significant improvements for your skin.

Meanwhile, vitamin A, C, E, and CoQ10 (ubiquinone) provide anti-inflammatory properties while cucumber and chamomile extracts nourish and refresh your skin.

The company recommends using Miracle Pad+ daily but I’d start with twice a week and go from there.

Editor’s Note: CANE+AUSTIN is relatively expensive but you can save 20% by signing up for their email list and buying Miracle Pad+ directly from their online store.

Alternatively, an excellent budget option is Glycolix Elite.

Exuviance Performance Peel AP25


Exuviance Performance Peel AP25

Best For:

✅ Hyperpigmentation
✅ Melasma
✅ Dark Spots
✅ Uneven Tone
✅ Blemishes
✅ Redness
✅ Sensitive Skin

Key Ingredients:

⭐ Glycolic Acid
⭐ Mandelic Acid
⭐ Gluconolactone

Key Features:

👍 Professional Level
👍 2-Step Peel Pad
👍 Includes 13 Treatments (6 Week Supply)

Are you looking for a simple yet powerful solution for your hyperpigmentation?

Exuviance Performance Peel AP25 is an award-winning professional chemical peel (as seen in Harper’s Bazaar) that has helped thousands transform their skin.

With almost 1,000 reviews on Exuviance and Ulta Beauty, Performance Peel AP25 is one of the bestselling and highest rated at home chemical peels with over 87% of customers giving it 4- or 5-stars! ⭐

But what makes Performance Peel AP25 so effective?

As always, it comes down to the ingredients: a 25% blend of glycolic acid, mandelic acid, and gluconolactone.

Glycolic acid, the smallest alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), helps remove dead skin cells and stimulate collagen growth, while mandelic acid brightens your skin tone and reduces the appearance of blemishes and redness.

Meanwhile, gluconolactone, a polyhydroxy acid (PHA), resurfaces texture and restores hydration.

In addition, Performance Peel AP25 is very suitable for sensitive skin as mandelic acid and gluconolactone are two of the most gentle acids due to their large molecular size. 🤗

So what can you expect in terms of results?

Well, Exuviance conducted a 30-day study where participants used a PHA skincare regimen along with Performance Peel AP25 twice a week. By the end of this study:

  • 100% of users noticed improvements in fine lines and wrinkles
  • 94% of users noticed more even skin tone

Finally, check out these before/after photos after 5 weeks of treatment:

Exuviance Performance Peel AP25 - Before and After

In this example, this woman experienced a significant reduction in hyperpigmentation, particularly the brown spots (most likely sun damage) along her cheeks and temples.

Of course, keep in mind that everyone is different and your mileage may vary (YMMV).

For mild hyperpigmentation, I recommend using Performance Peel AP25 twice a week until you complete the 6-week treatment plan (reduce in frequency if you experience side effects).

Make sure to apply a hydrating moisturizer like Overnight Transformation Complex and use a broad spectrum sunscreen like Skin Caring BB Fluid SPF 50 to prevent future pigmentation.

For severe hyperpigmentation, however, I wouldn’t recommend Performance Peel AP25 because it only uses superficial AHAs and PHAs that don’t penetrate beyond the epidermis to address deeper skin conditions like age spots and dermal melasma.

Consider a TCA peel like Platinum Skin Care that will penetrate into the papillary (upper) dermis or a retinol peel like Exuviance Pure Retinol Correcting Peel (0.3% Retinol) instead.

Platinum Skin Care Mandelic + Azelaic Peel 22+


Platinum Skin Care Mandelic Peel 22-40+

Best For:

✅ Sensitive Skin
✅ Dark Skin

Key Ingredients:

⭐ Mandelic Acid
⭐ Azelaic Acid

Key Features:

👍 Professional Quality
👍 Buffered pH of 2.5
👍 Daily Peel

Last but not least, we’re right back where we started with Platinum Skin Care.

This time, we have a mandelic acid peel that’s perfect for sensitive skin and darker skin tones (Fitzpatrick IV-VI, including Asian, Indian, Hispanic, and Black skin, which are generally more prone to developing PIH).

As I mentioned earlier, mandelic acid is like a gentle giant – it provides great results without any skin irritation.

That’s because this AHA has a larger molecular size that makes it more difficult to pass through your skin.

Platinum Skin Care provides two options:

  • Mandelic Peel 22+ (20% mandelic acid plus 2% azelaic acid for bonus brightening benefits)
  • Mandelic Peel 40%

Both are suitable for sensitive skin but I’d start with 40% unless you have extremely sensitive skin.

Overall, you should expect more subtle improvements than deeper chemical peels like glycolic acid and TCA.

Chemical Peel Safety Tips!

You’ll also need a few tools to perform a safe chemical peel:

  • Chemical Peel Neutralizer
  • Fan Brush
  • Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)
  • Latex Gloves
  • Timer (or Cell Phone)

Immediately after a chemical peel, it’s a good idea to apply a cream, moisturizer, or sheet mask to keep your skin hydrated and help it rebuild its moisture barrier. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid, panthenol, allantoin, and copper peptides to accelerate the healing process.

In the following days, it’s extremely important to wear sunscreen and avoid direct sun exposure as your skin is more sensitive to UV photodamage (which may result in hyperpigmentation!).

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