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Botox for wide nose

Botox for wide noses has been around for a while, but it’s still a fairly new concept. The procedure, which has become increasingly popular in the last few years, involves injecting Botox into the muscles that cause an overly wide nose. The result is a more narrow nose with a much more attractive profile.

The procedure itself is fairly straightforward, and doesn’t require any sort of special training or certification on the part of the practitioner. A needle is used to inject the Botox directly into one or two points inside each nostril. This can be done during a simple visit to your dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

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Botox for wide nose

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Many people are interested in non-surgical rhinoplasty as an alternative to an invasive nose job.

 Botox treatments can help improve the appearance of the nose without needing to go under the knife.

Botox to slim the nose is not about physically altering the shape of the nose, as with a surgical rhinoplasty.

Rather, by limiting the muscles near the sides of the nose with Botox, the nose can appear slimmer.

 This “Botox nose job” is often paired with Botox for the nose tip, which can dip if the muscles used to smile pull down on the nose.
Sometimes in some people we notice that their nostrils flare as they smile and also the nose tip droop downwards which make their nose look very wide and unattractive.

If we correct the flaring of nostrils and lift the droopy nose tip the nose will look very aesthetic and not wide even during smiling or laughing. It will give nose a thin look.

In C&S clinic Dr Chetna Singh treats such patients with botox injections giving them aesthetically pleasing results

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botox for wide nose before and after

non surgical nose job

The thought that you can get your ideal nose shape in under 15 minutes sounds impossible, but Los Angeles-based cosmetic surgeon Alexander Rivkin has found a way to do it in — wait for it — approximately five minutes. In less than the time it takes to run a mile, Rivkin injects the bridge of the nose with hyaluronic acid filler (he prefers Restylane), creating a smooth, heightened nose using a treatment dubbed the non-surgical nose job. Given all of this, I decided to have the procedure. Here’s what happened.

Although people have told me that my nose is just fine, I am extremely unhappy with it. I think it’s a bit too wide and I wish it wasn’t so flat. When offered the chance to get a non-surgical nose job, I jumped at the opportunity. The catch? The procedure would be filmed live (as in during a Facebook Live), so I had to keep my cool while on camera.

Easy peasy, I thought. Because I have an extremely high pain tolerance and the procedure’s name is prefaced with “non-surgical,” the whole thing felt less daunting. Cut to when Rivkin pulled out the needle. Like my first experience getting a tattoo, the apprehension didn’t set in until I watched Rivkin prepare the superfine needle in front of me. Before the injection process began, he walked me through exactly what he’d do to achieve the nose shape I desired — one that was higher and less wide. He said he would inject along the bridge of my nose and a few times on the tip to give it more height. Fear really set in at that point. How many injections would this actually take? I thought. Then, he pulled out the numbing cream and swiped it across my bridge. The tingling sensation was intense, giving me a sense of security that I wouldn’t feel a thing.

As soon as we went live, comments began flooding in asking why I wanted this procedure in the first place. To readers who wonder the same: I’ve always wanted a nose job because when I was growing up I never thought my nose fit my face. Besides, this is my nose and if it would make me feel more confident, why wouldn’t I get it altered? After Rivkin finished introducing the procedure on camera, he turned to face me and at that point my nose was completely numb. He pinched my bridge and started injecting. Yes, I could feel the pressure of the needle, but there was no pain as he went down the bridge. I only felt a pinch when he started jabbing at the tip of my nose with the needle.

The end result wasn’t what I expected. Although the procedure did not reduce the width of my nose, it gave me the height that I wanted, along with a cute little “ski-jump” at the end of my nose. The results were so dramatic from the side profile that even my family (I hadn’t told them that I was getting the procedure) began complimenting me on how “cute” my nose was.

Overall, I was extremely happy with the results, but sadly, the hyaluronic acid filler metabolized over the course of four months. I would, hands down, get this procedure again in lieu of the surgical nose job I plan to get one day.

If you’re considering undergoing treatment via a non-surgical nose job, make an appointment with a board-certified dermatologist and/or cosmetic surgeon beforehand to figure out your options. Prices for the procedure depend on the provider, but the average cost of a non-surgical nose job is typically around $1,000.

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