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Breast augmentation in kenya

It’s no secret that Kenya is a hotbed of plastic surgery. In fact, doctors here are so skilled at repairing botched surgeries and reconstructing bodies that they often attract patients from all over the world. But what about our own country? Can Kenyans get breast augmentation safely, or do we need to go abroad for the best results? The answer depends on your personal needs and what you’re looking for in your procedure.

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in Kenya today, with nearly 1,000 procedures performed each year. This number has been steadily increasing over time as more women are seeking out this procedure to improve their self-confidence and overall appearance.

But what exactly is breast augmentation? It’s a type of plastic surgery that involves adding volume to your breasts through an implant or fat transfer from another part of your body (usually the hips). The goal is to increase the size of your breasts so that they look fuller, more rounded and even more perky than before!

You might be wondering: why would anyone want bigger breasts? Well… for many women, it’s about feeling more confident about themselves! To them, having smaller breasts can make them feel less feminine

Breast augmentation in kenya

Breast Augmentation in Kenya. Does Davinci Medical Group provide breast augmentation services in Kenya? Why is it done? What are the risks involved and what should you do to prepare?

Breast augmentation, also known as a “boob job” or “breast aug” among patients, is a popular cosmetic procedure that involves enhancing the size and shape of the breasts using implants or fat transfer. This surgery is often sought after by women who wish to increase the size of their breasts, restore lost volume due to weight loss or pregnancy, achieve a more rounded breast shape, or correct asymmetry in natural breast size.

There are several reasons why women choose to undergo breast augmentation. Some of these include:

1. Increasing breast size: Many women are unhappy with the size of their breasts and seek breast augmentation to achieve a fuller and more proportionate bust.

2. Restoring breast volume: Factors such as weight loss, pregnancy, and aging can cause the breasts to lose volume and sag. Breast augmentation can help restore lost volume and enhance breast shape.

3. Achieving a more rounded breast shape: Some women may have naturally flat or elongated breasts and desire a more rounded and aesthetically pleasing shape.

4. Correcting breast size asymmetry: It is common for women to have breasts that are slightly different in size. Breast augmentation can help correct this asymmetry and create a more balanced appearance.

During the breast augmentation procedure, the surgeon will make incisions in the breasts, either in the crease beneath the breast, around the areola, or in the armpit. Implants are then inserted either behind the breast tissue or underneath the chest muscle, depending on the patient’s anatomy and desired results. Alternatively, fat transfer involves harvesting fat from other areas of the body through liposuction and injecting it into the breasts to enhance their size and shape.

The recovery process after breast augmentation surgery typically involves some discomfort, swelling, and bruising. Patients are advised to avoid strenuous activities and heavy lifting for several weeks to allow for proper healing. It is essential to follow the surgeon’s post-operative instructions carefully to ensure the best possible results.

Overall, breast augmentation can help women achieve the desired breast size and shape they have always wanted. It is essential to consult with a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon to discuss all options and determine the best course of treatment for individual needs and goals.

Why is Breast Augmentation done?

Breast augmentation might help you to achieve the following:

  • Enhance your appearance if you think your breasts are too small or that one is smaller than the other.
  • Adjust for a reduction in the size of your breasts after pregnancy.
  • Correct uneven breasts after breast surgery for other conditions.
  • Improve your self-confidence.

What are the risks of Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation poses various risks, including:

  • Scar tissue that distorts the shape of the breast implant (capsular contracture)
  • Breast pain
  • Infection
  • Changes in nipple and breast sensation
  • Implant leakage or rupture

Correcting these complications might require more surgery, either to remove or replace the implants.

How to prepare for Breast Augmentation

If you are looking to perform a breast augmentation in Kenya, you are first advised to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon at Davinci Medical Group. Our doctors will guide you about your preferences for size, feel and appearance of your breasts. The surgeon will describe specific types of implants — smooth or textured, round or shaped like a teardrop, saline or silicone — as well as options for surgical techniques.

Carefully review written information, such as the patient information from the manufacturer of the implant you’ll be getting, and keep copies for your records.

Before you decide to have surgery, consider the following:

  • Breast implants might hamper breast-feeding. Some women are able to successfully breast-feed after breast augmentation. For others, however, breast-feeding is a challenge.
  • Insurance does not cover breast implants. Unless it’s medically necessary — such as after a mastectomy — breast augmentation isn’t covered by insurance. Be prepared to handle the expenses, including related surgeries or future imaging tests.
  • Breast implants won’t prevent your breasts from sagging. To correct sagging breasts, you might need a breast lift in addition to breast augmentation.
  • Breast implants aren’t guaranteed to last a lifetime. The average life span of an implant is 10 years. Implant rupture is a possibility. Also, your breasts will continue to age, and factors such as weight gain or weight loss might change the way your breasts look. These issues will likely lead to more surgery.
  • Mammograms might be more complicated. If you have breast implants, in addition to routine mammograms, you’ll require additional, specialized views.
  • You might need additional surgery after breast implant removal. If you decide to have your implants removed, you might need a breast lift or other corrective surgery to help restore your breasts’ appearance.
  • You might need an MRI scan. However, recent studies show that there’s little data to support routine screening unless you have symptoms.

You might need a baseline mammogram before your surgery. Your doctor might adjust certain medications before the surgery as well. For example, it’s important to avoid aspirin or other medications that can increase bleeding. If you smoke, our surgeon will ask you to stop smoking for some time before the surgery.

Arrange for someone to drive you home after the surgery and to stay with you for at least the first night.

What happens after Breast Augmentation

Soreness and swelling are likely to occur for a few weeks after surgery. Bruising is possible, too. Expect scars to fade over time but not disappear completely.

While you’re healing, it might help to wear a compression bandage or sports bra for extra support and positioning of the breast implants. Your surgeon might prescribe pain medication as well.

Follow our surgeon’s instructions about returning to regular activities. If you don’t have a physically demanding job, you might be able to return to work within a few weeks. Avoid strenuous activities — anything that could raise your pulse or blood pressure — for at least two weeks. While you’re healing, remember that your breasts will be sensitive to physical contact or jarring movements.

If you notice warmth and redness in your breast or you run a fever, you might have an infection. Contact us as soon as possible. Also reach out to us if you have shortness of breath or chest pain.

Breast Implants Cost in Nairobi

Low self-esteem and low self-confidence can be caused by small breasts. This can have an impact on the afflicted person’s quality of life. One of the most prevalent operations is cosmetic surgery to improve the look of the breasts. Breast augmentation has resulted in a favorable body image and increased self-confidence for millions of women.

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgical treatment that involves the implantation of silicone or saline breast implants to improve breast size and form. The ultimate objective of breast augmentation, according to a cosmetic surgeon, is to improve a patient’s natural proportions and produce a more symmetrical, aesthetically acceptable breast profile. The process is tailored to a woman’s specific requirements.

Most Common Breast Implants,

Silicone Breast Implants, Saline Breast Implants and Textured Breast Implants.

Breast Implants Cost in Nairobi

Breast Implant Type in NairobiAverage Cost (Kenyan shilling)
Saline Breast ImplantsKsh 326,000
Silicone Gel Filled Breast ImplantsKsh 346,000
Composite Breast ImplantsKsh 316,000
Polypropylene Breast ImplantsKsh 356,000
Gummy bear breast implantsKsh 325,000
Round breast implantsKsh 333,000
Smooth breast implantsKsh 343,000
Textured breast implantsKsh 353,000

Why Breast Implants Surgery in Nairobi

Many people travel from different parts of Kenya and abroad for Breast Implants surgery in Nairobi. Top five reasons people choose Nairobi for Breast Implants surgery are,

  • Qualifies and Experienced Breast Implants Surgeons in Nairobi
  • Availability of latest Breast Implants technologies and required Infrastructure
  • High Breast Implants Success rate in Nairobi
  • Breast Implants price in Nairobi is affordable
  • Breast Implants Before and After photos in Nairobi are awesome

Breast Implants Cost in Nairobi

Breast Implants Cost in KenyaCost in Kenyan Shilling (Ksh)
NairobiKsh 350,000
MombasaKsh 364,000
KisumuKsh 369,600
NakuruKsh 361,200
RuiruKsh 369,600
EldoretKsh 375,400
KikuyuKsh 391,000
ThikaKsh 393,800

Breast Implants Insurance Coverage in Nairobi

Insurance coverage for Breast Implants Surgery in Nairobi depends on Insurance company and product you have purchased.

Top Health Insurance companies in Kenya are,

Jubilee Health Insurance

CIC General Health Insurance

APA Insurance Health Insurance

UAP Insurance Health Insurance

Britam Health Insurance

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