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Breast augmentation in oklahoma cost

You are a woman. You are strong, you are beautiful, and you deserve to feel your best every day.

What if there was a way to take care of yourself while also taking care of your family? What if there was a way to make sure that you were healthy and happy while also providing for your children? What if there was a way to feel more confident in your own skin without spending hours in the gym or thousands on beauty products?

That’s where breast augmentation comes in! Breast augmentation surgery is a great option for women who want to make their breasts look bigger, perkier, and more youthful. It’s also an excellent option for women who have had children but still want their bodies back after having children. Breast augmentation can help restore confidence after pregnancy or weight loss by making you feel like yourself again—and we all deserve that! In this guide, we review the aspects of Breast augmentation in oklahoma cost, breast lift cost tulsa oklahoma, how much does it cost to lift saggy breasts, ahd do breasts grow after breast lift?

In this article, we’ll talk about why breast augmentation is an excellent choice for many women and how it can help them achieve their goals.

Breast augmentation in oklahoma cost

Breast Augmentation Cost Oklahoma City, OK

Breast Augmentation is the most common Plastic Surgery procedure performed in the United States and in many parts of the world. The procedure is extremely effective with a very high satisfaction rate, a low complication rate, and typically as easy recovery. Here at Jones Plastic Surgery, one of the most common questions we get is ‘what is the cost?’ The simple answer is: it varies. Many factors determine cost including: implant type, if you need a lift, type of anesthesia, facility, etc. Other factors that affect cost are the supplies used during surgery, like the Keller funnel, etc. These are very important components of a successful surgery and questions that you will want answered, which will contribute to the cost of your procedure. To learn more about your specific cost of Breast Augmentation with Jones Plastic Surgery in Oklahoma City, OK, please contact our office so we schedule a consultation and determine what will be most appropriate for you.

Factors Affecting Cost

As mentioned above, many options exist for breast augmentation and these options affect the price. It is very important to have a consultation with a board certified Plastic Surgeon to determine what is the best approach for you, which will determine the cost. Some of the factors affecting the cost, and more importantly your outcome can be further explained below:

Implant type: One of the major options with breast augmentation is implant type. Silicone implants are the most popular implants worldwide because of their many advantages including a softer feel, lower rupture rate, and lower risk of rippling. However, silicone implants are also some of the more expensive options available. Shaped silicone implants are usually the most expensive, followed by round implants. Also, there is a new saline implant called the IDEAL implant that is similar in cost to a shaped silicone implant and has the advantages of both saline and silicone.

Combined procedures: Many patients who present for breast augmentation also need additional procedures to achieve their desired goals, such as a lift. Many patients also already have breast implants and need additional procedures to correct problems from these implants. These additional procedure add time to the procedure and require more supplies, which increases cost.

Facility type: Another factor in the cost of breast augmentation is the type of facility where your procedure is performed. You want to be careful to avoid a facility that is not accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting organization such as AAAHC and AAAASF. Accreditation of a facility is a rigorous process and adds to the cost of building, as well as running the facility.  This will often add to the cost of your procedure. However, the additional cost is well worth the safety. At Jones Plastic Surgery, we are fully accredited by the AAAASF. 

Anesthesia: A major factor in the cost of any surgical procedure is the type of anesthesia provided. The gold standard is anesthesia provided by a board certified anesthesiologist. This assures a person fully trained and certified to provide anesthesia without any other physician oversight is providing your anesthesia. This important safety component is more costly than anesthesia provided by the surgeon or a nurse, but the added safety is well worth the cost. At Jones Plastic Surgery, we use only board certified Anesthesiologists.

Supplies: As mentioned above, there are many options with surgical supplies that affect the cost of a surgery, especially breast augmentation. At Jones Plastic Surgery, we use supplies of the highest quality possible, regardless of cost. An example of this is the use of the Keller funnel to place the implants. This device is a single use sterile device that allows breast implants to be placed without the implant touching the surgeon’s hands or the patient’s skin. This allows for a smaller incision, less trauma to the patient’s tissues, less trauma to the implant, and decreases the exposure of the implant to potential bacteria, which can cause infection and/or capsular contracture.

To conclude, there are many factors that affect the cost of breast augmentation. At Jones Plastic Surgery we utilize the gold standard for all aspects of your care to give the best chance of a successful outcome with the lowest risk possible. If you would like to determine your specific cost for breast augmentation at Jones Plastic Surgery, please contact our office so we may schedule a consultation to help you determine what is best for you.

Breast Augmentation And Reconstruction

Tulsa breast augmentation plastic surgery may be chosen to balance the asymmetries of your breasts or correct the proportions of your body.

You may simply desire larger breasts to increase your self-confidence.

Tulsa Plastic Surgery utilizes both saline and silicone breast implants. Dr. Miller’s breast augmentation patients report increased confidence and a lasting appreciation for their enhanced breasts.

Desired Results of Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery:

Breast enlargement offers the unique opportunity to customize the size and shape of your breasts as well as create the desired proportions between your chest and hips. Breast augmentation with Tulsa Plastic Surgery can enhance your sense of confidence, beauty and shape.

tulsa plastic breast augmentation

Your Individual Goals

Your breast augmentation cosmetic surgery goals will be discussed realistically with your surgeon at Tulsa Plastic Surgery.

Together, you will decide which procedures your doctor will perform, and which type of implant will be used in order to achieve your desired results.

You will set a date for surgery and be given instructions about how to prepare. You will also schedule a pre-operative appointment to review your medical history, take pre-operative photographs and experiment with sizer implants using a special fitting bra.

Breast Augmentation Procedure Details

On the day of surgery, you will have a final consultation with the doctor. Your breast augmentation surgery will be performed under general anesthesia. Tulsa Plastic Surgery offers several incision options:

  • Periareolar (around the edge of the nipple).
  • Inframammary (hidden under the breast).

The implants may be placed underneath the muscle (submuscular) or over the muscle (subglandular). Dr. Miller prefers submuscular placement in women who are thin and have very little breast tissue, but he always considers the potential benefits that subglandular implant placement may provide.

Each patient presents a unique case. Together, you and the doctor will decide the best location for your implants, while minimizing the visibility of any possible scarring.

You may be sore for a few days following your breast augmentation procedure, but soon you will be able to resume your normal activities.

breast augmentation procedures tulsa oklahoma

Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost

The average suergeon fee for breast augmentation is $4,516, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s 2020 “Plastic Surgery Statistics Report”.

There are lots of costs to consider, including anesthesia, operating room facilities, tests, necessary prescriptions, and other expenses.

The exact costs of your procedure will depend on the extent of the work you need done, but we offer several financing options to make your augmentation more affordable.

Breast Cancer Reconstruction

Tulsa Plastic Surgery provides high-end cosmetic surgery in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

Dr. Miller with Tulsa Plastic Surgery is one of the most trusted and highly rated Tulsa, Oklahoma plastic surgery surgeons. Call now to schedule your FREE consultation. Tulsa Plastic Surgery provides high-end cosmetic surgery in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Tulsa Plastic Surgery’s Dr. Miller has extensive training, a background in research, a lifetime of surgical experience and a gentle bedside manner making him one of the most trusted and highly sought-after Tulsa, Oklahoma plastic surgery surgeons.

With nearly 12,000 women developing breast cancer in the US each year, thousands of these patients will have mastectomies to eliminate their cancer. Mastectomies without reconstruction may lead to feelings of low self-esteem and social isolation; but, with cosmetic reconstruction as an option, many of these women are able to feel better about their bodies.

Desired Results of Breast Cancer Reconstruction Plastic Surgery

After going through breast cancer, women may elect to have their breasts reconstructed. These procedures can result in a natural-looking and long-lasting
outcome with relief of physical pain, increased self-confidence and return to health. If you are considering this procedure for yourself or someone close to you who has endured a battle with cancer, you will want to be educated on the complete process so that your experience is a positive one.

Some women can withstand the physical and psychological trauma of breast cancer
with their breasts intact, but many others still seek reconstructive surgery to repair a breast or provide symmetry for both breasts. There are some variations on how a reconstruction is performed depending on whether you want to use your own tissue (a DIEP flap, TRAM flap), take tissue from another part of your body (latissimus dorsi flaps) or borrow skin from elsewhere on the body. These procedures – along with other forms of cosmetic plastic surgery and non-cosmetic plastic surgeries – can be used to recommend high-quality care by meeting criteria established by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ Board Certified Plastic Surgeon certification process.

Your Individual Reconstruction Goals

Your breast cancer reconstruction plastic surgery goals will be discussed realistically with the doctor. Breast reconstructions are often performed in conjunction with breast augmentation surgery. Together you will decide which procedures Dr. Miller will perform to achieve your desired results. You will set a date for surgery and be given instructions about how to prepare. You will also schedule a pre-operative appointment to review your medical history, take pre operative photographs and (if you are also undergoing breast enlargement surgery) experiment with sizer implants.

Breast Cancer Reconstruction Procedure Details

On the day of surgery, you will have a final consultation with Dr. Miller. Your breast cancer reconstruction procedure will be performed under general anesthesia. Through a combination of techniques similar to those used in breast lift (to achieve a perky breast appearance) and breast reduction (to remove excess skin), Dr. Miller will create shapely breasts that look and feel natural. He offers several incision options to achieve your breast correction, incisions that usually heal well and present minimal scarring. You may be sore for a few days after your breast correction procedure, but soon you will be able to resume your normal activities.

One of the most difficult aspects in a woman’s life who has been diagnosed with breast cancer is considering how the surgery may alter her body image and self-confidence. Enhanced recovery, reconstruction or pectoral implants may be an option to help alleviate some distress in these trying times. 

breast lift cost tulsa oklahoma

Age, genetics, weight gain or loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding and simple gravity can all cause changes to your breasts over time.1 If these changes have left you unhappy with the size, shape or position of your breasts, you’re not alone.

According to the most recent American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ Plastic Surgery Statistics Report, breast augmentations continue to rank in the top five cosmetic procedures performed each year. While far fewer breast lifts are performed annually, the procedure still ranks as the second most popular cosmetic surgery for breasts, and has seen a 65 percent increase over the past two decades.2

So, if you wish your breasts were a little higher, fuller, rounder or maybe just more like they used to be, then a breast lift or breast augmentation surgery may be worth considering.

Read on to learn more about the differences between these two types of breast surgery procedures. For more information about associate costs, read our article about breast augmentation (boob job) costs, financing and insurance.

What is a breast lift?

A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a procedure designed to change the position of the breast.1

A breast lift procedure can be useful for improving the appearance of droopy, sagging breasts due to some of the following common causes:1

A breast lift can also reduce the size of the areola, which can become enlarged over time.1 A breast lift may be a procedure to consider if you’re satisfied with the cup size and volume of your breasts, but unhappy with the position of your breasts.

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery, sometimes referred to as a “boob job,” focuses on increasing the size and shape of the breast by using saline or silicone implants.3

While a breast implant can improve the fullness of the breast, which may provide the appearance of lifting, a breast augmentation on its own will not adjust the position of your breasts.3

Breast lift vs. breast augmentation: key differences

While both procedures may often get categorized under a “boob job,” breast lifts and breast augmentations are separate procedures, each with their own benefits, depending on your cosmetic goals and personal preferences. Keep in mind that both breast lifts and breast augmentation are surgical procedures that involve incisions; however the scars are usually minimal and fade to a thin line over time.

While they are unique procedures, it is important to note that both can be performed in the same surgery to help achieve your desired results. A consultation with a certified plastic surgeon can help you make an informed decision about which procedure is right for you.1,3


Preparation for both procedures is quite similar. Before deciding whether a breast lift or breast augmentation surgery is right for you, it is recommended to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon.

If you are preparing for breast augmentation surgery, specifically, this is where you may discuss and choose your type of breast implant including the style, size and profile for your augmentation. Beyond that difference, preparation for both breast lift and breast augmentation surgery may include:

Key Takeaway: Preparation for a breast lift and a breast augmentation is very similar.

Procedural differences

Breast Lift: During a breast lift, once anesthesia has been administered, the surgeon will make incisions to remove excess skin, tighten surrounding breast tissue and (if needed) reposition the nipple to create a more youthful, contoured look. Once the procedure is finished, the surgeon will close the incisions and bandage the area.5 A breast lift usually takes two to three hours.6

Since some skin is removed, breasts may appear fuller and shapelier as a result of a lift. However it is important to note that a breast lift is not designed to significantly change the size of your breast.1

Breast Augmentation: During breast augmentation surgery, the surgeon will make incisions under the breast, under the arms, or around the areola depending on the type and size of the implant, your body type and the least conspicuous area for a scar.7

Once the implant has been inserted, the surgeon will close the incisions and bandage the area. A breast augmentation procedure usually takes one to two hours.8

Key Takeaway: Breast lift surgery may take slightly longer than a breast augmentation procedure.

Recovery Time

Breast Lift: After a breast lift, you’ll need to wear a support bra or elastic bandage to help reduce any swelling and provide support for your breasts as they heal. Some surgeons may also place a thin tube from an incision site to drain excess fluid that may collect. Be sure to follow your surgeon’s directions on medication, activity level and how to care for your drain.9

Many patients report that a breast lift is less painful than they anticipated, with discomfort mainly at incision sites.10 Patients will typically take three to seven days off from work after a breast lift and have reduced activity for up to three weeks. After initial swelling from the procedure, you should see the final results of your breast lift within six to 12 weeks.11

Breast Augmentation: After the implants have been inserted, the surgeon will close up any incision with sutures, wrap the breasts with gauze and provide you with an elastic support bra to help minimize swelling.7

The pain from a breast augmentation can depend greatly on the placement and size of the implant.12 On average, a full recovery from a breast augmentation usually takes about four to six weeks.

Breast augmentation recovery can be made easier by following tips such as completing any physically strenuous exercise before the surgery, having low-maintenance food available post-surgery and using a recliner or wedge to sleep at an incline for the first few weeks after the post-operation.13

Key Takeaway: Recovery time for a breast lift and breast augmentation is similar. Post-operative pain may be slightly higher for breast augmentation surgery.

Cost Difference

For a more detailed breakdown of the costs related to each of these procedures, read our article about costs, financing, and insurance coverage for breast surgery. Below, we provide a high-level overview of costs.

Breast Lift: The average price of a breast lift is about $5,000.14

Breast Augmentation: The average cost of breast augmentation surgery is $4,516.15 However, that price includes only the procedure itself and does not account for hospital or surgical center costs, anesthesia, operating room, the surgeon’s fee or other related expenses. Depending on your geographic location and the experience of the surgeon though, the total price of a breast augmentation may jump from $6,000 up $12,000.16 Also keep in mind that breast implants may need to be replaced over time.17

Key Takeaway: Breast augmentations cost slightly less than a breast lift, but prices can vary greatly based on geography and surgeon.

How to choose between a breast lift and a breast augmentation?

While breast size and position often dictate which breast surgery is right for you, many patients opt to undergo both cosmetic procedures at the same time.3

A consultation with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon can help you determine whether a breast lift or breast augmentation procedure — or both — makes the most sense for your situation and desired goals.

CareCredit financing for breast surgery

The CareCredit credit card is an easy way to pay for breast lifts, breast augmentation surgery and other cosmetic procedures and treatments to help you look and feel your best. Use the Acceptance Locator or download the CareCredit Mobile App to find a nearby provider who accepts the CareCredit credit card.

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how much does it cost to lift saggy breasts

Costs of a breast lift include payments for the surgeon, anesthesia, facility fees, medical tests, prescription medications, and more. Where you live also affects the total cost.

In 2021, the average surgeon’s fee for a breast lift was $4,864.

Health insurance plans don’t cover the cost of a breast lift done for cosmetic reasons, but they often do if it’s part of post-mastectomy breast reconstruction.

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, and the natural aging process can lead to sagging or droopy breasts. To reshape them, some women choose to undergo a breast lift ― a type of “boob job” officially known as mastopexy. The surgeon tightens breast tissue, removes excess skin, and moves the areola and nipple, leaving the patient with perkier, firmer breasts.

Health insurance rarely covers this surgery, because insurers see it as a cosmetic procedure. For cosmetic surgery, patients typically pay 100% of the cost out of pocket.

However, a cosmetic breast lift is different from breast reconstruction that’s done in connection with medical treatment. Health insurance generally does cover reconstruction after cancer-related mastectomies. For most plans, this coverage is required by federal law.

Read on to learn how much a cosmetic breast lift could cost you and how various factors affect the price tag.

What happens during a cosmetic breast lift?

A breast lift can restore a rounder shape to breasts that are sagging, flat, drooping, or uneven. As part of the process, the surgeon can reposition downward-pointing nipples or low nipples that fall below the breast crease.

Your surgeon will choose a technique and incision pattern that’s suitable for you. There are three typical incision patterns:

Around the areola and vertically from areola to breast crease

Around the areola, vertically to the breast crease, and then along the breast crease

In choosing the best approach, the surgeon will consider:

The size and shape of your breasts and areolas

The quality and elasticity of your skin

The amount of sagging tissue and excess skin you have

On the day of surgery, you’ll receive either intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. The surgeon will make the incisions, lift and reshape the breast tissue, and reposition the nipple and areola, as needed. To reduce the size of the areolas, the surgeon can trim skin from the perimeter and remove excess breast skin. The surgeon secures the internal breast tissue in place and then sutures the incisions closed in a way that minimizes scarring.

A breast lift uses only existing breast tissue — not breast implants. However, some women choose to combine a breast lift with an augmentation or a reduction.

do breasts grow after breast lift

Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty, can help women with oversized breasts. Many women suffer because they have overly large breasts. These include neck and back pain, permanent shoulder grooves and difficulty exercising. A breast reduction provides relief from these symptoms and can improve your ability to exercise.

If you’re investing your time and money into surgically reducing the size of your breasts, you’ll want to make sure your results are long-lived. You might wonder: “can my breasts get bigger again after a breast reduction?” and if so, “what can I do to avoid changes to my breast size?”

Dr Michael Kernohan is a Sydney plastic surgeon with clinics located in Central Sydney, the Southwest Suburbs and Southern Highlands Australia. He will paint you a clear picture of what to expect from your breast reduction surgery and how you can make your results last as long as possible.

Breast reduction surgery or reduction mammoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that reduces the size of the breasts. Your surgeon removes fat, breast tissue, and excess skin from the breasts to make them smaller, improve their appearance, and ease discomfort caused by large breasts.

This cosmetic procedure can benefit heavy-chested women, especially if they suffer from the following issues caused by overly large breasts:

Aside from physical discomfort, having oversized breasts can cause emotional and mental stress.

Women who undergo breast reduction surgery can benefit from the following:

Dr Kernohan can also combine your breast reduction surgery with a breast lift to tighten your breasts while lifting them up into a perkier position.

The short answer is yes. Breast tissue can regrow after breast reduction surgery under certain circumstances. But the growth isn’t usually significant or a cause for concern.

One systematic review estimated that around 18% of breast reduction surgery patients reported regrowth of their breast tissue after the procedure. However, the breasts didn’t get bigger by much, and some breast reduction patients were as young as 12 years old. 

While breast reduction surgery makes your breast size smaller, it does not prevent your breasts from increasing in size in the future. Nevertheless, breasts rarely grow significantly in size after reduction mammoplasty without significant lifestyle or body changes.  

Breast reduction surgery can permanently and significantly decrease your breast size. In most cases, the results of your procedure can last you a lifetime. 

Less commonly, breasts may get bigger after reduction surgery because of the following reasons:

In the unlikely event that your breasts grow larger after your reduction procedure, there are surgical options that can correct their appearance. 

The more likely scenario is that your breasts might sag or droop with time after a breast reduction rather than become bigger.

In such cases, Dr Kernohan can perform a breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, to lift your breasts and restore their youthful appearance.

During a breast lift procedure, Dr Kernohan can remove excess skin and breast tissue, lift sagging tissue at the bottom of the breast, reduce the size of large areolas, and raise the nipples into a perkier position.  

As a result, your breasts look firmer, tighter, and younger.

In the rare cases when breasts become larger again after breast reduction surgery, the increase in size isn’t usually significant. Many patients are not bothered by the slight increase in size and choose to leave their breasts as is. 

A revision reduction mammoplasty is possible if your breasts become noticeably bigger after your first breast reduction. However, you must first make sure that any underlying cause for the increase in breast size has been resolved so you wouldn’t face the same issue again.

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