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Breast Reduction During Menopause

If you are menopausal and still suffering from breast pain, size and shape concerns, or wearing a bra that doesn’t fit, it may be time to have breast reduction surgery. One of the most effective ways to reduce breast size and improve symmetry is through breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction during menopause can restore to you a more balanced and proportional body.

In this article we will discuss about does breast tissue change during menopause and can you have breast reduction surgery while on your period

Breast Reduction During Menopause

Yes, it’s completely safe for women over 40 to have breast reduction surgery. If your breasts have grown exponentially during menopause, breast reduction can relieve the pain, discomfort, heaviness, and rashes you may be experiencing. 

While there are always some risks and side effects associated with cosmetic surgery, choosing an experienced, board-certified surgeon will ensure that breast reduction during menopause is a safe option. 

Does Breast Tissue Change During Menopause

Estrogen keeps the connective tissue of your breasts hydrated and elastic. In the hormone’s absence, the breasts shrink because the ducts and mammary glands shrink, and the breasts become less firm and lose their shape. You may notice a sagging of the breasts in older women.

Can You Have Breast Reduction Surgery While On Your Period

Breasts are known to show cyclic changes in accordance with the menstrual cycle, and speculations have been made regarding the ideal timing of breast surgery in this extent, but the clinical evidence to support global acceptance and application is lacking. This study was designed to establish the relationship of intraoperative bleeding and postoperative drainage with the menstrual period of 35 reduction mammaplasty patients. The results indicate that both perioperative blood loss and postoperative drainage were significantly reduced when breast reduction is performed during the periovulatory phase compared with the perimenstrual phase. The authors strongly recommend the interval between days 8 and 20 of the menstrual cycle as a more convenient period to perform breast reduction. Drains may be avoided during this period, but they are preferred if the surgery is done during the perimenstrual phase.

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