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Breast Reduction Scar Camouflage

If you’ve recently undergone breast reduction surgery, you may be feeling excited about the new look of your body. But if you’re like most people who have had this kind of surgery, you may also be worried about how your scars will look once the incisions have healed. This article will consider breast scar camouflage tattoo and breast reduction remedy.

Scars can be a sensitive topic for many people, particularly if they’re located on parts of the body that are exposed to the public eye. It can be difficult to find a way to hide them in such a way that makes them less noticeable and more comfortable for daily wear.

Your options for scar camouflage range from simple makeup tricks to expensive cosmetic products and procedures. The best thing to do is consider all your options before deciding which method works best for you and your lifestyle.

A mastectomy is the medical term for the surgical removal of one (or both) breasts (partially or in full). After this procedure, what is left of the breast is minimal until an implant is put in and there is little to no areola left. Athena has many clients who are breast cancer survivors. Oftentimes, surgeries like this leave visible scars on and around the breast area. Athena is able to camouflage these scars through special techniques within medical needling and cosmetic and corrective tattooing. Also, it is common for the breast to be left with little or no areola, and Athena has achieved excellence in re-creating and repigmenting areolas and nipples for both men and women. Many clients (who are breast cancer survivors) have said that after their procedures are completed, they feel as if they have crossed the finish line in their healing process. 

Many women who have had breast augmentation, breast enhancement, or other surgeries have scars that they wish weren’t there. Athena works closely with the client to camouflage those scars with medical needling and tattooing techniques.

Athena is a miracle worker…it’s amazing how she helps all the breast cancer survivors. Awesome work.

Cricha J.
Athena Beverly Hills is a permanent makeup studio operated by Athena Karsant, a board-certified permanent cosmetic professional artist. I recently went to Athena after having had an unsatisfactory  result  from tattooing my eyebrows at another Beverly Hills permanent makeup studio. All I can say is that Athena is amazing. My eyebrows look incredible. For the first time in my life, I have exactly the eyebrows I’ve always wanted – perfect shape and perfect color that STAYS. I’ve been there more than a couple of times, since my eyebrows don’t take color very well. Not only is Athena an amazing artist – she is technically proficient and truly understands the balance and structure of the female face. The studio itself is clean and beautiful – mirrors everywhere, great lighting and very conveniently located on Bedford in BH. Athena also does advanced permanent makeup for scar concealing and I am having her do my scars from a breast reduction.  It’s so great – I never thought this kind of look would be possible, particularly since I had a bad result from before. Athena uses very good topical anesthetic and she works extremely fast. I can’t say enough good things about this place or about Athena. Finally, I can wake up in the morning and have fabulous-looking eyebrows!

Before/After Photos

Athena Breast Surgery Scar Before 1

Athena Breast Surgery Scar Before 1Athena Breast Surgery Scar After 1

Athena Breast Surgery Scar After

Scar camouflage with mca microneedling, micropigmentation & tattoo

It’s important to know that the first course of action in a scar camouflage treatment plan to improve the appearance of a scar is to start with MCA Microneedling. This can encourage a white scar to re-pigment itself naturally by stimulating Melanin production in the scar tissue. Natural skin colour may come back into the scar tissue as it is broken down and the scar can become less obvious. If the scar can be encouraged to re-pigment on its own this will give the most natural effect.

However, if this does not occur after Microneedling, Mosaic Micropigmentation techniques can be used to gently implant skin coloured pigments into the scar. This can help to match the natural skin colours and blend the scar more closely into the surrounding skin.

I create permanent 3D Nipples for people who have undergone Mastectomy Surgery for Breast Cancer. However, there is often other scarring to the breast area. This can be helped by MCA Microneedling and Micropigmentation. Halo scars around the areola can be helped to blend into the surrounding skin. Portacath scars can be camouflaged. Scars from TRAM or DIEP flap surgery may be camouflaged.

It is also possible to create a custom decorative mastectomy tattoo.  This is designed to cover scars and draw the eye away from them, flattering the shape of the breast. 

The same techniques can be used to camouflage scars on the scalp too. For example, cuts on the head or beard and moustache which leave gaps in the hair. Small areas of white scalp can be micro pigmented so that they blend into the hair and are no longer as obvious. Hair transplant techniques may leave a little row of white scars across the back of the head. These can be camouflaged to blend into the natural hair colour using Micropigmentation.

Surgery to the breast can often result in scarring. This is often in the form of a white halo scar around the nipple or a lollipop scar running vertically down the breast. Micropigmentation, in conjunction with MCA Microneedling is a good option to camouflage these scars as well as others which may occur as part of breast surgery. If parts of the areola are missing, these can be restored by careful artistic tattooing.

Gender reassignment surgery can leave scarring to the chest area. Scar Camouflage Tattooing may be able to help minimise the appearance of the scars and blend them into the surrounding skin as much as possible. If a nipple graft has failed, artistic tattooing can restore the appearance of a realistic 3D Nipple. Chest scars may also be able to be hidden by a decorative tattoo if appropriate.


Each individual scar and case is different so cost varies. Please get in contact for a FREE consultation to discuss your individual needs

Scar camouflage can help with burn scars, acne scars, stretch marks, surgical scars and scars caused by accidents.Scar relaxation can help to soften  scars, promote collagen production and make them less noticeable over time. Depending on the severity of the scar and other factors such as how long you’ve had the scar will determine the outcome.Alopecia AreataBreast AugmentationBreast Lift (Mastopexy)Breast ReconstructionBreast ReductionBurn ScarsScar RelaxationScar RevisionFace Lift ScarsHypo-Pigmentation Surgical Scars Trauma ScarsWHAT IS SCAR CAMOUFLAGE?
Skin or scar camouflage is tattooing of the skin with different colors of flesh tone pigments. Its purpose is to disguise a scar or skin area that is missing pigment or color. It is a specialized area of permanent cosmetics that falls under the category of Medical or Paramedical Tattooing. This process is also called Corrective Pigment Camouflage (CPC), Corrective Camouflage, Skin Re-pigmentation, Scar Camouflage, Skin Camouflage, Camouflage Tattooing, and Skin Color Tattooing. Scar Camouflage is a type of medical tattooing which helps reduce the appearance of scars from accidents, burns, surgery, or the repair of congenital disorders such as Cleft Palate. Other forms of medical tattooing include hair simulation which helps restore the appearance of missing hair lost to disease (Cancer or Alopecia), trauma, or natural thinning within an eyebrow, or scalp. Restorative camouflage like areola re-pigmentation helps post-mastectomy patients by creating a nipple and areola on the new reconstructed breast. The appearance of areola incision scars from breast surgeries for augmentation, reduction, and breast lift can also be masked.  

You might be a candidate if you meet the criteria below. Your scar should be:Healed and no longer pink or changing color: Your scar should be at least 9 to 12 months old with stable color. If it is red or pink or still changing color, the tissue may still be healing. A reputable, experienced medical tattooist will not work prematurely on scar tissue because it may cause further damage to the skin.Smooth and relatively flat: Camouflage tattooing cannot disguise or correct extreme changes in skin texture. If your scar or skin area is bumpy or raised, the process may not be effective. If you have any skin surface irregularity, please consult with a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon first to see if any type of medical treatments can first improve the skin texture.Without dark edges: Dark edges or borders around a scar indicate Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation (PIHP) from the initial trauma or surgery. It is possible that the camouflage tattooing process may increase the hyper-pigmentation and create a wider, darker border. The risk of this happening is usually greater with darker skin tones.Do not have one of the following: Keloid, scars with raised dark edges, Port Wine birthmarks; spider veins; freckles; age spots; under eye circles; hyper-pigmentation; or unstable vitiligo (not in remission). These can be improved with non-tattoo medical treatments such as lasers, sclerotherapy, or chemical peels. Please consult with a physician regarding the best course of treatment for these conditions.Have realistic expectations: Camouflage tattooing will not completely restore skin to the way it looked before it was injured. The process will not “erase” a scar or skin abnormality, so it appears completely gone and the area looks “perfect” again. It improves color differences to help disguise the scar or anomaly and make it less noticeable to other people.Do not spend time tanning: A scar camouflage tattoo will not be a “perfect” match to the surrounding skin color. This is due to the constant changes in skin tones from blood flow, body temperature, and tanning. The pigment in the tattoo will not darken if it is exposed to sunlight or tanning booths, so the tattoo may appear lighter if the surrounding skin tans. When the tattoo color matches tanned skin, it may appear darker once the surrounding tanned skin fades. Therefore, if you spend time outdoors, you will need to adjust your lifestyle or decide to match the tattoo to “winter” or “summer” skin and live with the changes in between.Do not expect results in one session: Camouflage re-pigmentation is a process, not a one-time “cure”. It is performed on “unhealthy” skin that has been damaged or altered. Its response cannot be predicted—a scar or vitiligo patch may have areas that absorb pigment, reject it, or both. The area will look dark and red immediately after a tattooing session, and then it takes several weeks to show the healed color (or not). This requires time and patience.WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP?
A consultation is required to determine if you are a candidate for scar camouflage tattooing and discuss your options. Consultations are $75 for up to 45 minutes and the cost of your consultation will be credited to your treatment cost if you are a candidate and wish to move forward with the treatment.
What is Scar Relaxation?
Non-surgical Scar Revision also known as Scar Relaxation uses advanced skin needling techniques to reduce the appearance of scars.  Old scar tissue fibers deep within the skin are released when the skin tissue is punctured with micro-needles.  The treatment repairs the skin naturally, working below the epidermis layer in the dermis layer of the skin tissue. This takes time as new collagen and elastin fibers are formed, softening scars, generating new skin cells, and enhancing blood supply. Results can be seen in as little as a few weeks with a dramatic improvement of scars. This is a beneficial procedure for women and men who have surgical scars from mastectomy and breast reconstruction.What is a scar?
A scar is a result of a series of wound healing steps that the body undertakes to repair damage to the skin. Scars that heal poorly may become:Discolored where a scar becomes lighter or redder than the surrounding skin Raised or recessed like a dimple   Abnormally textured
What causes post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) of scars?
PIH refers to the increased pigment (darkening) of the area around a scratch, cut, burn or other injury to the skin.  Melanocytes are the skin cells responsible for making melanin, the substance that gives color to the skin.  Melanin is made through a chemical process that changes the amino acid tyrosine with the oxidative enzyme tyrosinase.  The process is stimulated by the exposure of the skin to ultraviolet light (UV).   Skin irritation, like rashes, contact dermatitis, acne, or exposure to chemicals, is sufficient to cause the problem of PIH in susceptible individuals.   Traumas to the skin like surgical incisions or burns can also trigger the enzyme tyrosinase to stimulate an increased production of melanin in the scar area.Benefits of Scar Relaxation:Improved cosmetic appearance and reduced visibility of the scar   Improves the appearance of red and hyper-pigmented scars   Brings your skin back as close to its normal appearance as possible

Breast Scar Camouflage Tattoo

Treatments for breast scar concealment help you forget painful memories and reclaim your confidence.

They can reconstruct the appearance of the nipple and areola, which are frequently removed as part of cancer treatment procedures and gender reassignment surgery, and considerably improve the appearance of healed post-surgical scars.

Breast scar camouflage is a term that refers to a group of cosmetic procedures designed to conceal breast scars and restore the nipple and areola.

Cosmetic tattoos for breast scar camouflage, sometimes referred to as medical or paramedical tattooing, are primarily used to conceal discolouration and add pigment to skin areas deficient in color.

Unfortunately, some breast procedures leave vertical scars that run from the nipple to the lower part of the breast. These scars may need to be relaxed in order to be concealed by cosmetic tattoos later on.

In order to do this, a lot of artists suggest scar-relaxing procedures like MCA Dry Needling or Inkless Stretch Mark Revision, both of which are quite good at hiding breast scars.

Breast Reduction Remedy

Some women decide to have surgery to have smaller breasts in order to decrease pain and increase mobility. You can try less intrusive methods at home, nevertheless, to reduce breast size. Before attempting any of these home cures, consult your doctor.

  1. Workout
    Frequent exercise can help you lose chest fat and tone the muscles that support your breasts so they are smaller.

Focusing on aerobic and high-intensity activities can aid in weight loss and help target problem areas because the breasts contain some fat. Exercises that boost your metabolism and reduce total body fat include stair climbing, cycling, and power walking.

Pushups and other strength training exercises can tone the chest and alter the appearance of the breasts. Pushups can tighten and tone your chest muscles, which will help you have smaller breasts overall. Strength training and focused exercise, however, by themselves, cannot reduce breast size. Certain workouts might make the breasts appear larger when done without cardio or a full body workout.

It is advised to work out for 30 minutes at least four times per week.

  1. Diet
    The amount of fat you store in your body is influenced by what you eat. The amount of body fat can influence breast size.

Striking a balance between physical activity and a nutritious diet will maximize your weight loss and reduce the size of your breasts. Consuming more calories than you expend results in weight gain and enlargement of the breasts.

Foods like lean meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables aid in fat burning even when you aren’t working out regularly. It will also make you lose weight more quickly if you consume fewer processed meals and sweets.

  1. Leafy tea
    Another all-natural treatment for weight loss is green tea. Many antioxidants in green tea can speed up metabolism and help you burn more calories and fat. Your breast size will decrease as a result of the reduced accumulation of fat. Green tea might also provide you more energy throughout the day.

Ginger 4.
Ginger can aid in boosting your metabolism and burning extra fat all over your body, much like green tea can. While you can use it as a natural element in your meals, nutritionists advise drinking it as a tea three times per day to increase weight reduction effects and speed up your metabolism.

Five. Flaxseed
Some fatty acids, especially omega-3 fatty acids, are essential for hormone regulation, decreasing blood pressure, and brain function. This is crucial for breast reduction because hormonal imbalances can cause development.

Regrettably, some of the nutrients our bodies require to flourish are not naturally produced by them. We must consume foods high in these chemicals to obtain them. Flax seed is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, as are fish like salmon and tuna. It may eventually result in a reduction in breast size by regulating estrogen levels. Moreover, it is recognized for enhancing digestive functions.

Flax seed can be consumed by itself or mixed with water. At your neighborhood health food store, you might also be able to purchase ground flaxseed egg substitute and nondairy flaxseed milk.

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