Breast Reduction Surgery Cost Charlotte NC

Surgery to minimize breast size is known as breast reduction. There are other methods that can be used, but the anchor breast reduction is the most popular one. An anchor breast reduction involves shrinking the breast area by removing extra skin, fat, and tissue.

The pain brought on by enormous breasts, including shoulder ache, back and neck pain, and skin irritation from bra straps, can be lessened with breast reduction surgery. It also lowers the likelihood of developing other ailments or diseases, like back abnormalities (such as lymphedema).

If a woman is thinking about having her breasts reduced, she should consult her doctor to determine whether this procedure is right for her health. If so, she should find out how much it will cost and how long the recuperation process will take.

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Breast Reduction Surgery Cost Charlotte NC

Breast Reduction

Beautiful breasts are often seen as full, shapely, and in harmony with the rest of the body. However, some women may find themselves with disproportionately large breasts that can cause physical discomfort and emotional distress. At Beck Aesthetic Surgery in Charlotte, NC, Dr. Beck offers breast reduction surgery to address these concerns and create a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Breast reduction, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure that involves removing excess breast tissue, fat, and skin to reduce the size and weight of the breasts. This can help alleviate symptoms such as neck, back, and shoulder pain, as well as improve posture and overall quality of life. During the procedure, Dr. Beck also focuses on reshaping and repositioning the breasts to achieve a more natural and youthful appearance.

One of the key benefits of breast reduction surgery is the ability to customize the procedure to meet each patient’s unique needs and aesthetic goals. Dr. Beck works closely with his patients to understand their desired outcome and develop a personalized treatment plan that will achieve the desired results. This may include adjusting the size and shape of the breasts, as well as repositioning and reshaping the nipples to create a more balanced and proportionate look.

In addition to improving physical symptoms and appearance, breast reduction surgery can also have a positive impact on a woman’s self-confidence and body image. Many patients report feeling more comfortable in their own skin and enjoying a greater sense of freedom and mobility after undergoing the procedure. Dr. Beck and his team at Beck Aesthetic Surgery are committed to providing compassionate and comprehensive care to help patients achieve their desired results and enhance their quality of life.

Overall, breast reduction surgery can be a life-changing procedure for women who are struggling with the physical and emotional burden of overly large breasts. By reducing the size and weight of the breasts, reshaping and repositioning them, and improving overall balance and proportion, Dr. Beck can help patients achieve a more comfortable and confident silhouette. If you are considering breast reduction in Charlotte, NC, Beck Aesthetic Surgery is here to support you every step of the way. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how breast reduction surgery can benefit you.

How Is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

Dr. Beck, a board-certified plastic surgeon, removes excess fat, tissue, and skin through the incisions, reshapes the breasts, and repositions the nipples. Although they are repositioned, the nipples remain attached to blood vessels and nerves to preserve sensation. Dr. Beck has the natural artistry and technical skills to produce spectacular, body-transforming results in breast reduction surgery.

Performing breast reduction in Charlotte, NC, Dr. Beck removes excess fat and tissue to create a more proportionate, shapelier breast. The surgical approach and the incision placement will depend on your unique anatomy and aesthetic goals. Dr. Beck will use one of several possible surgical techniques.

What Is Recovery Like After Breast Reduction Surgery?

Patients undergoing breast reduction surgery in Charlotte, NC can expect to return home on the same day of the procedure. Upon discharge, they will be required to wear a compression garment to help reduce swelling and maintain the new, improved shape of their breasts. This garment helps to provide support to the healing tissues and promote optimal healing. Additionally, the compression garment can help alleviate discomfort and reduce the risk of complications such as hematoma or fluid accumulation.

Most patients are able to return to work and resume their normal daily activities within seven to 10 days following their breast reduction surgery. However, it is important for patients to follow their surgeon’s post-operative care instructions closely to ensure a smooth recovery process. These instructions may include avoiding heavy lifting and strenuous activities for a certain period of time, taking prescribed medications as directed, and attending follow-up appointments with their surgeon.

During the initial recovery period, patients may experience some discomfort, swelling, and bruising. This is normal and should subside over time as the body heals. It is important for patients to stay hydrated, get plenty of rest, and follow a healthy diet to aid in the healing process. Patients should also refrain from smoking and consuming alcohol, as these can interfere with the body’s ability to heal properly.

In some cases, drains may be placed during the surgery to help remove excess fluid and prevent complications. These drains will typically be removed within a few days after the surgery. Patients may also be advised to wear a supportive bra to provide additional comfort and support to the healing breasts.

Overall, breast reduction surgery can provide patients with not only physical relief from the symptoms associated with large breasts, but also emotional relief and increased self-confidence. By following their surgeon’s post-operative instructions and taking good care of themselves during the recovery process, patients can achieve optimal results and enjoy the benefits of their new, improved breast shape.

You can have some bruising, soreness, and tightness or restriction in the early phases of your recuperation. Use cold compresses now to ease discomfort and lessen edema following surgery. To assist you deal with your discomfort, Dr. Beck may prescribe medication.

What Is the Cost Of Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery costs between $10,000 and $13,000. This represents the entire cost of the treatment and includes ALL charges for things like the operating room, anesthesia, and surgeon fees.

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Who Is a Good Candidate for Breast Reduction?

Women with weighty, disproportionately large, or pendulous breasts may benefit from breast reduction surgery. This procedure is performed for medical as well as cosmetic reasons. Overly large breasts can cause pain, discomfort, and health problems.

You may be a good candidate for breast reduction in Charlotte, NC if:

  • Your overall health is good
  • You have reached or are close to your ideal weight
  • You do not plan on becoming pregnant or breastfeeding soon
  • You feel your breasts are overly large in proportion to your body
  • You feel less confident and self-conscious because of disproportionately large breasts
  • The weight of your breasts causes pain in your neck, back, and shoulders
  • Heavy breasts pulling down on your bra straps have caused grooves to form in your shoulders
  • You suffer from skin irritation or rashes in the creases of your breasts
  • Your posture has been affected by the size and weight of your breasts
  • Your overly large breasts make exercise and physical activities uncomfortable.
  • Your breasts are both large and asymmetrical – one breast is larger than the other

Charlotte Plastic Surgery

When it comes to top-notch plastic surgery in Charlotte, look no further than Criswell & Criswell. With a focus on providing high-quality procedures in a luxurious and discreet setting, our team of skilled physicians is dedicated to enhancing the patient experience and delivering remarkable results. Our goal is to empower our patients and boost their self-esteem by rejuvenating their faces and bodies through a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatments.

At Criswell & Criswell, we offer a range of cutting-edge procedures, including body sculpting, anti-aging treatments, and facial operations that can help turn back the clock and give you a more youthful appearance. Our skilled surgeons and estheticians are committed to providing natural-looking results that leave our patients feeling confident and satisfied.

Our welcoming and attentive staff create a cheerful and comfortable environment for our patients, ensuring that they feel supported and cared for throughout their journey. Whether you’re considering a surgical procedure or a non-invasive treatment, our team will work closely with you to develop a personalized plan that meets your needs and helps you achieve your aesthetic goals.

We invite you to experience the exceptional care and expertise that Criswell & Criswell has to offer. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how our innovative treatments can help you look and feel your best.

Procedure Description
Body Sculpting Enhance your physique with liposuction, tummy tucks, or body lifts.
Anti-Aging Treatments Combat signs of aging with Botox, dermal fillers, or skin tightening procedures.
Facial Operations Restore a youthful appearance with facelifts, eyelid surgery, or rhinoplasty.


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Piedmont Plastic Surgery

Piedmont Plastic Surgery & Dermatology has assembled an integrated team of seasoned, board-certified specialists who work together seamlessly to provide an unparalleled array of outstanding services. From comprehensive skin evaluations to the nuances of breast augmentation, PPSD has earned a reputation for providing world-class care in Charlotte, Gastonia, Shelby, Hickory, Lake Norman, and surrounding cities.

Our group of dermatologists and board-certified plastic surgeons work out of 11 offices in Charlotte, Gastonia, Shelby, Hickory, Lake Norman, and other towns. In order to attain the highest level of general skin health and beauty care, they have combined their resources to offer the most thorough assessments and cutting-edge procedures. With regard to laser therapies, injectables, dermal fillers, and cutting-edge specialized procedures like Mohs micrographic surgery and plastic surgery, we provide an unmatched assortment.


At PPSD, we believe that beauty and health aren’t just an ideal,they are your birthright.

That’s why our hand-selected team of board-certified dermatologists is so passionate about offering you the most advanced and effective skin treatments in the industry.

Our trusted team of board-certified plastic surgeons offers the full range of transformative cosmetic procedures for the face and body. We favor a personalized, patient-centric approach that corrects aesthetic flaws while accentuating our patients’ natural attractiveness.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and breakthrough technology to address the full spectrum of skin conditions, from the blights of premature aging to the damage caused by everyday environmental toxins. PPSD has many practices located in North Carolina including Charlotte, Gastonia, Hickory, Shelby, Denver, Belmont, Huntersville, and Forest City.

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