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Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in Nigeria

Breast reduction surgery is a common procedure that can help women who are unhappy with their breast size. The goal of breast reduction surgery is to remove excess fat and skin, which reduces the size of your breasts. It may also correct any problems caused by having overly large breasts, such as back pain and neck pain.

Breast reduction is performed on women with very large breasts who have a lot of breast tissue, but it can also be done if you have small breasts that are growing in size due to weight gain or pregnancy.

During a breast reduction surgery, excess skin and fat are removed from your chest area to make your breasts smaller. Your surgeon may use liposuction or an open technique to remove these tissues. A scar will form along the incision line. This scar will fade over time and completely disappear after about one year.

Breast reduction surgery can reduce your breast size by 1 cup size or more for each side (for example, going from a D cup to an A cup). If you want more than 1 cup size reduction, then you should consider having two procedures done at once. The cost for this surgery will vary depending on where you live and the type of doctor performing it on you

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in Nigeria

MedicoExperts Success ratio of surgeries in Nigeria

MedicoExperts, a renowned medical facility in Nigeria, has recently achieved an outstanding track record of 98.6% successful surgeries. This impressive success rate is a testament to the expertise and dedication of the medical professionals at MedicoExperts, as well as their commitment to providing quality healthcare to their patients.Out of the total number of surgeries conducted by MedicoExperts, only 1.4% of patients experienced post-surgical infections. However, it is worth noting that all of these infections were successfully treated with medication, highlighting the effectiveness of the medical intervention provided by the facility.

Success Rate Breakdown:

Here is a breakdown of the success rate achieved by MedicoExperts

Surgical OutcomePercentageSuccessful Surgeries98.6%Post-Surgical Infections1.4%

Medical Intervention:

For patients who developed post-surgical infections, MedicoExperts provided timely and effective medical intervention. Through the administration of appropriate medications and treatments, all patients were able to recover fully from their infections without any complications.

Commitment to Quality Care:

MedicoExperts’ exceptional success rate and efficient management of post-surgical complications reflect the facility’s unwavering commitment to providing quality care to its patients. The medical professionals at MedicoExperts strive to ensure the best possible outcomes for all surgical procedures, while also prioritizing patient safety and well-being.


MedicoExperts’ impressive track record of successful surgeries and prompt management of post-surgical infections highlight the facility’s excellence in delivering quality healthcare services to the Nigerian community. With a dedicated team of medical professionals and a commitment to patient-centered care, MedicoExperts continues to set the standard for surgical excellence in the region.

The cost for cosmetic surgery at MedicoExperts surgical and OPD camps:

Sr.No.ProceduresCost of Procedure USDCost in Naira
1Hymenoplasty2500 – 2700950000 – 1026000
2Vaginoplasty2500 – 2700950000 – 1026000
3Liposuction3000 – 32001140000 – 1216000
4Tummy Tuck4500 – 47001710000 – 1786000
5Breast Reduction3800 – 39001406000 – 1482000

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in Lagos- Find the Best Surgeons, Reviews and Book Appointment  Claimed

Breast Reduction surgery Cost in Lagos

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in Lagos

Breast reduction, also known as reduction mammaplasty, is a procedure to remove excess breast fat, glandular tissue, and skin to increase breast size in proportion to your body and to reduce the discomfort associated with overly large breasts (macromastia).

Disproportionately large breasts can cause both physical and emotional distress to patients. Patients with macromastia may experience physical discomfort due to the weight of their breasts. The resulting pain may make it difficult for some patients to perform common physical activities.

In addition to the physical ailments of macromastia, some patients may have emotional distress or more serious mental health problems due to their large breasts.

Although breast reduction is often performed to address medical issues, patients who do not have symptoms of macromastia but are unhappy with the size of their breasts may still have breast reduction as the anesthetic procedure. Patients who choose to undergo breast reduction surgery for cosmetic reasons may cite a number of factors, including social stigma and wardrobe concerns.

Breast reduction surgery Cost in Lagos

  Surgery  name   A minimum price (USD)  Maximum price (USD)  Average price (USD)   
Breast Reduction$1,500$ 3,500$ 2,500 

The average Breast Reduction surgery cost in Lagos is 2,500USD.

 Lagos is the preferred destination for Breast Reduction Surgery because of the Low Cost of Breast Reduction Surgery in Lagos 1,500 USD.  Many patients travel from abroad and different parts of the country because the Breast Reduction Surgery price in Lagos 1,500 USD is affordable. 

There are many Hospitals with highly experienced Breast Reduction surgery in Lagos. Lagos city also has a very good supply of Implants required for Breast Reduction in Lagos. 

Breast Reduction Surgery reviews in Lagos by past clients are very encouraging because the Breast Reduction Surgery success rate in Lagos is high. 


Breast Reduction Insurance surgery coverage in Lagos 

Breast Reduction Surgery is a very common procedure in Lagos. Many health insurance companies assist you with this medical emergency surgery.  

 Top Insurance companies covering Breast Reduction Surgery  are, 

AIICO Insurance Breast Reduction Surgery coverage 

Lead Way Assurance company Breast Reduction Surgery coverage 

Custodian and Allied Insurance Breast Reduction Surgery coverage 

Cornerstone Insurance Plc Breast Reduction Surgery coverage 

AXA Mansard Insurance Breast Reduction Surgery coverage 

African Alliance Insurance Plc Breast Reduction Surgery coverage 

Goldlink Insurance Plc Breast Reduction Surgery coverage 

Continental Insurance Breast Reduction Surgery coverage 

Industrial and General Insurance Plc Breast Reduction Surgery coverage 

Breast Reduction  Surgery coverage from Lasaco Assurance Plc 

How to Prepare for Breast Reduction Surgery in Lagos?

You need to be in good physical shape to make sure you heal the way you should, so follow your surgeon’s instructions before and after breast reduction surgery.

Get your home ready for recovery before surgery. Have these things in hand:

  •  A lot of ice
  • Clean gauze and washcloths and towels
  • Loose and comfortable shirts
  • Special ointments or creams as recommended for incision sites by your surgeon.

You should also plan for someone to drive you home and stay with you for at least the first night after the procedure if you don’t stay in the hospital.

The cost of  Breast Reduction Surgery in Lagos is as following: 

  Surgery name   A minimum price (Naira)  Maximum price (Naira) Average price (Naira)  
Breast Reduction₦5,700,00₦ 1,330,000₦ 9,500,00

The Cost for Breast Reduction Surgery may vary according to the following factors: 

  • Doctor’s Fee 
  • Hospital charges 
  • Medical condition after Breast Reduction Surgery
  • Type & Quality of Implants/Consumables 
  • Lab Tests recommended post-Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure in Lagos?

Depending on your case, you may have breast reduction surgery in an outpatient facility, or you may have to stay in the hospital for at least one night. In either case, you will get general anesthesia, which means that you will be put to ” sleep” during the procedure.

Breast reduction surgery will take approximately 2 to 5 hours, sometimes longer.
Your surgeon may use one of a few methods of surgery, depending on the shape and size of your breasts, how much tissue they need to remove, and how you want to take care of the surgery:

Liposuction man. The surgeon will make small cuts in your skin and insert a thin tube attached to a vacuum that suctions fat and fluids from your breast. This option is best for small cuts and for people whose skin will “snap back” into place.

Vertical or “lollipop.” This method is used for moderate breast reduction and visible sagging. The surgeon will make cuts around your areola and down to the crease below your breast, remove extra tissue and fat, reshape your breast, and lift it.
Inverted-T or “anchor.” The surgeon will make cuts around the edge of the areola, from the areola to the breast crease, and along the crease below the breast. This type of surgery is best suited to large reductions and to people who have a lot of sagging or unevenness.

Your surgeon may use drainage tubes and then stitch your breasts and wrap them in a special gauze. You might also need to wear a surgical bra.

Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery in Lagos

Expect to leave work or school at least a week later. Some people need a few weeks, but each situation varies. Your surgeon will instruct you on follow-up appointments to remove bandages and stitches.

You’ll need to stop physical activity for at least a month after surgery while you recover.

After surgery, you should expect to feel tired and have breast pain. Your surgeon will give you an oral analgesic to ease you through the first few days. You should avoid heavy lifting, too.

Some people have an emotional response, such as feeling depressed after surgery. That may be normal, but make sure you tell your doctor about all your concerns.

Breast Reduction Surgery Risks and Complications

Scars are a normal side effect of breast reduction surgery. These scars will fade over time, but they will never go away completely. They may be worse if you lift heavy objects too soon after surgery.

Other potential problems include:

Loss of feeling in your breasts or nipples, which may be short or long-term.
Side effects of drugs to help you sleep during surgery (anesthesia)
Bleeding is
Clots of Blood
Blowing and bruising

Damage to your nerves, blood vessels, and other parts of your body

More surgery is needed

Rarely, certain complications, such as inadequate healing of the nipple area, may require grafting of the skin.

What is the Breast Reduction Surgery success rate in Lagos? 

According to a recent study, eighty percent of women who underwent breast reduction surgery rated their cosmetic results as good. The study included 125 women who had undergone reduction mammaplasty, a surgical procedure aimed at reducing the size of the breasts and improving their overall appearance. The women were asked to rate their cosmetic results using a questionnaire specifically designed for this purpose.Reduction mammaplasty is a common surgical procedure that is often performed to alleviate physical discomfort caused by oversized breasts. In addition to improving physical symptoms such as back pain and neck pain, breast reduction surgery can also have a significant impact on a woman’s self-esteem and body image.The questionnaire used in the study included a range of questions designed to assess the women’s satisfaction with their cosmetic results. The women were asked to rate various aspects of their breast appearance, including size, shape, symmetry, and overall aesthetic outcome. They were also asked to rate their overall satisfaction with the results of the surgery.The results of the study showed that the vast majority of women were happy with the cosmetic outcomes of their breast reduction surgery. Eighty percent of the women rated their cosmetic results as good, indicating that they were satisfied with the size, shape, and overall appearance of their breasts following the procedure. This high level of satisfaction suggests that breast reduction surgery can be a successful and effective treatment option for women seeking to improve both the physical and aesthetic aspects of their breasts.

Table 1: Summary of Cosmetic Results Ratings

RatingPercentage of WomenGood80%Fair15%Poor5%

Overall, the findings of this study highlight the positive impact that reduction mammaplasty can have on a woman’s satisfaction with her breast appearance. By reducing the size of the breasts and improving their overall aesthetic outcome, breast reduction surgery can help women feel more confident and comfortable in their bodies.

breast reduction surgery side effects

Breast reduction surgery is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed today. It was even featured on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy where Meredith had her breast reduction surgery and then went back to work immediately after her procedure. However, there are some side effects associated with breast reductions that you should be aware of before going in for this procedure. In particular, infection and bleeding are two possible complications that could arise from having a breast reduction—and these complications can lead to permanent scarring or loss of sensation in your breasts


Bleeding is a common side effect and can last for a few days. It’s not dangerous, but you should be prepared to see blood coming from your breasts or incisions—it’s nothing to worry about.

If you experience heavy bleeding, contact your surgeon immediately so that he or she can administer medication to stop it.


Infection is rare, but it can result in scarring. If you notice any signs of infection (redness, swelling and tenderness) see your doctor immediately. Infection can be treated with antibiotics but the scarring could be permanent if not treated early enough.

Preventing infection:

  • Keep the incision clean by washing it gently with antibacterial soap each day until the stitches dissolve on their own. Do not scrub or use harsh soaps because this may irritate the area and delay healing time.
  • Do not pick at or scratch at scabs as this may cause them to come off prematurely and expose raw skin underneath which will increase chances of developing an infection


The most common way to minimize scarring is by scar therapy. Scar therapy involves massaging the scars and applying silicone gel sheets, which are available at most pharmacies.

If you don’t take care of your scars, they can become thick and raised. They might also stretch over time as your skin stretches when you gain weight or get older. This can make it difficult to wear certain clothes, especially tight-fitting ones like bathing suits and bras with underwire.

numbness, loss of sensation

Numbness and loss of sensation—especially around the nipple—is a common side effect following breast reduction surgery.

This can affect your ability to feel hot or cold, pain and touch. Nerve damage is most often caused by trauma during surgery, but it can also occur due to infection, scarring or skin grafting.

It’s important to note that numbness will return over time (usually within two years). However, if you still have issues with sensation five years after your procedure then you should consult your surgeon as there may be other causes for this problem that need treatment.

change in nipple sensation

After breast reduction surgery, the nipple may have a different feeling. It’s possible that you’ll feel less or no sensation in your nipples at all. You may also notice that your nipples are smaller and darker than before.

There are many factors that can contribute to these changes in nipple sensation:

  • The amount of breast tissue removed during the procedure
  • How much skin was taken from around each nipple (called inverted-T incision)
  • The amount of skin used to cover each scar

alteration in skin color

Skin color changes can occur due to the removal of skin from the breast during your procedure. The skin may be lighter or darker than it was before surgery, which is a normal side effect that will resolve over time. However, if you are concerned about any unusual skin changes immediately following your surgery, talk to your doctor about it. While these changes will not remain permanently, there is no harm in getting this checked out and making sure everything is okay.

breast shape irregularities

  • Nipple or areola malpositioning. This is when the nipple or areola is not positioned correctly after breast reduction surgery, resulting in a distorted shape of your breast.
  • Skin irregularities. This can occur if the skin doesn’t heal properly after a breast reduction surgery, and it’s more likely to happen when you smoke or have diabetes or other conditions that affect the healing process.

skin death (necrosis)

Necrosis is the death of skin cells, usually as a result of infection or lack of blood flow. It can occur on any part of your body and often takes several days to fully heal.

If you experience necrosis during or after breast reduction surgery, it’s important to stay alert for symptoms like redness, tenderness, swelling and warmth in your breast area. If you notice these symptoms (or any others), contact your doctor immediately so they can evaluate the situation and determine whether they need to administer antibiotics or drain out any fluid build-up around your wound site.

The best way to prevent necrosis is by keeping up with medical advice during recovery; check in regularly with your surgeon throughout this process until he or she gives you permission to stop coming in so frequently!

Breast reduction surgery is very safe and effective but can result in some serious side effects.

Safe and effective

Breast reduction surgery is very safe and effective. It is a good option for many women who suffer from excessive breast size, drooping breasts or other physical problems caused by large breasts. The procedure can result in some serious side effects. Most of these are minor and temporary but others can be more serious or permanent.

We hope this article has helped you understand what to expect after breast reduction surgery. It’s important to know that while there are side effects and risks associated with this procedure, most of them are manageable. You should consult with your doctor about these risks before deciding whether or not it’s right for you.

breast reduction surgery cost 2022

If you’re considering getting breast reduction surgery, you’re likely wondering how much it will cost. And not just the initial price tag of the operation itself, but also the expenses that come with it. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive list of what to expect when it comes to how much breast reduction surgery costs in 2022. It’ll help you get a better idea of what kind of financial commitment may be involved and whether or not it’s right for you!

If you are considering breast reduction, first consult a board-certified plastic surgeon who can assess your individual situation and determine the best approach for you. Breast reduction is not for everyone. It is a major procedure that may not provide all of the results you expect or hope for. The risks associated with breast reduction surgery include infection, bleeding, blood clots in your legs (deep vein thrombosis), loss of sensation in the nipple area, implant problems such as deflation or shifting out of position.

Before deciding to have breast reduction surgery it is important that you understand what to expect during recovery time as well as how long it will take before seeing optimal results after surgery has been performed on each person’s unique anatomy.”

Breast reduction surgery, known to some as “reduction mammoplasty,” reshapes breasts so they are smaller, lighter and firmer. The main goal of breast reduction is to reduce the size of a woman’s breasts while keeping them in proportion with her body.

Breast reduction can improve physical symptoms like back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain because it reduces the weight of your breasts and minimizes their extra skin. In addition to improving your comfort level physically, breast reduction may also help you feel more confident about your appearance.*

  • These benefits are possible for most women who undergo this procedure but not guaranteed for everyone who has it done; talk to your doctor about what could change for you during treatment or after it’s over.

In some cases, the procedure also can reduce the size of the areola, the darker skin surrounding the nipple.

You can reduce the size of your areola and nipple at the same time. In some cases, the procedure also can reduce the size of the areola, the darker skin surrounding the nipple.

If you want to have both procedures done at once, it’s important to understand that breast reduction surgery is major surgery with a long recovery period. While many women say they’re happy with their results, there are risks involved in any type of surgical procedure. Talk to your doctor about which option is right for you: reducing just one part or both parts at once.

Breast reduction is a highly individualized procedure and you should do it for yourself, not to fulfill someone else’s desires or to try to fit any sort of ideal image.

You should do it for yourself, not to fulfill someone else’s desires or to try to fit any sort of ideal image. The decision can be a very personal one and what is right for one person may not be right for another.

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure that is often requested by women who have large breasts, which can cause physical pain as well as psychological distress.

Breast reduction surgery is designed for women who are physically healthy and realistic in their expectations. If you have a history of heart disease or other serious medical conditions, your doctor will want to postpone the surgery until these conditions are under control.

Breast reduction surgery is not appropriate for women with a history of heart disease or other serious medical conditions.

Most insurance companies require that at least 500 grams (approximately one pound) of tissue be removed from each breast before they will cover the cost of breast reduction surgery.

The amount of tissue required varies by insurance company and also by geographic region. The average amount is between 500 and 1000 grams (1 lb to 2 lbs).

Insurance coverage varies from health plan to health plan. Check with your insurance company to find out if your specific plan covers breast reduction surgery .

If you have health insurance, it’s important to check with your insurer to find out if your specific plan covers breast reduction surgery. Most plans will not cover any type of breast reduction surgery, but some plans may only cover certain types of breast reduction surgeries or they may limit the amount they pay for each procedure. To find out if your plan covers any type of breast reduction surgery, contact your insurer directly using the contact information on the back of your insurance card or by calling their customer service center at 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227).

For example, some insurers will only pay a set amount per year toward medical costs while others may set a lifetime maximum dollar amount that can be paid over time. Some insurers also require that claims must be submitted within a specific timeframe after services are provided in order for them to be covered by the plan at all. If you do not meet these requirements under Medicare Part B (which usually covers surgical procedures), then it may not pay for anything related to this surgery at all! This could mean no coverage from Medicare and no coverage from any supplemental private insurance plans either.

It’s important that before scheduling any surgeries such as this one–you talk first with both doctors involved so each knows exactly what needs done beforehand so there aren’t any surprises later on down along way.”

While breast reduction is covered by some insurance plans, most medical policies consider it a cosmetic procedure and will not pay for it.

As you probably know, breast reduction surgery is covered by some insurance plans. That’s because it’s often considered a cosmetic procedure that isn’t medically necessary for many women.

For example, if you have back pain due to your large breasts and don’t want to continue living with the pain, your insurance company may pay for it. But if you just want to lose weight and feel better about yourself—even though there aren’t any medical issues involved with having big breasts—your insurance company won’t cover the cost of breast reduction (though they will likely cover other weight loss programs).

If you’re looking for a doctor that does free or low cost breast reductions in your area?

Breast reduction surgery cost near me

Breast reduction surgery cost 2022 with insurance

Breast reduction surgery cost 2022 without insurance

Breast reduction surgery cost without insurance

The average breast augmentation starts at $4,000 and can reach as high as $15,000 per procedure. The price varies based on the complexity of the procedure, your body type and whether or not you are undergoing a bilateral (both sides) procedure. Doctors who perform these surgeries may offer discounts if you pay cash instead of financing through your health care provider or an outside company like Care Credit.

While breast reduction surgery is generally a covered procedure, not all doctors accept insurance as payment. Find out whether your doctor accepts insurance before scheduling your appointment.

If you have questions about choosing a surgeon, contact the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). The ASPS has information on how to find a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area who performs breast reduction surgery and other procedures related to cosmetic surgery.

As you can see, breast reduction surgery is a serious procedure that requires careful consideration. It is important to make sure your doctor is board-certified and experienced in performing this type of surgery. Your doctor will be able to answer any questions you have about the process and help determine whether it’s right for you.

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