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Breast Reduction Surgery For Free In Trinidad

Short scar breast reduction in Trinidad provides a vertical scar and a vertical concept – the entire movement of the breast is in an upward direction. This characteristic makes vertical, short scar techniques eminently suitable for breast lifting and ptosis (sagging of breasts) correction. In the course of short scar breast reduction in Trinidad, the projection of the breast is also increased and the shape becomes more conical, closer to a youthful ideal.

This conical, more natural breast shape tends to be very durable. The projection can be further increased in cases of breast lifting by not resecting the drooping lower aspects of breast tissue but actually moving it under the central portion of the breast, much like a small breast implant. This is a meaningful application of “autoaugmentation”—providing b breast augmentation with the patient’s own tissue.

Short scar breast reduction in Trinidad refers to operations trying to avoid the long inframammary scar in the design of the skin reduction pattern. Short scar breast reduction in Trinidad is a particularly advantageous procedure to treat enlarged breasts as the length of the scar is far shorter than in the inverted T standard closure. Reducing the length of scars in women with dark skin reduces the amount of scar visible. Shorter scars mean fewer potential problems and improved appearance.

This article also talk about breast reduction surgery cost and breast reduction surgery for free in Trinidad and Tobago.

Breast Reduction Surgery For Free In Trinidad

Short scar breast reduction in Trinidad – is it for you ?

You have enlarged breasts and suffer from the problems that go along with them – neck, shoulder and arm pain, rashes or macerations under / in between breasts, bra straps leaving grooves on your shoulders, difficulty finding wardrobe and / or participating in sports / recreational activities, self-consciousness with respect to the size of your breasts. You desire an improved quality of live and body image. You are not severely overweight and have no medical problems or prior breast procedures.

You have realistic expectations with respect to the results of the procedure – 90% of our clients experience complete symptom relief when the procedure is performed by our board certified plastic surgeons with their experience of several hundred breast reductions and your breasts will look better and more uplifted. You accept the presence of a scar in the shape of a lollipop around the areola and towards the fold underneath your breast. You are aware that your breasts are not perfectly symmetrical prior to the procedure and will not end up perfectly symmetrical after the procedure. You are in accordance with the 95% rule – everything about the breasts working prior to the procedure will with 95% likelihood work after the procedure – breast feeding, sensation etc. You can afford the procedure.

Then you are as close as perfect a candidate for breast reduction surgery in general. In consultation with our board certified plastic surgeons the final question has to be settled – are you a candidate for short scar breast reduction surgery in Trinidad ? The crux of the short scar technique is that much more breast tissue is removed during the procedure than skin can be removed with only a vertical incision (as opposed to a T shaped pattern, which can virtually remove any amount of excess skin).

So your skin has to be elastic enough to shrink to a certain degree around the reduced breast size. It is a judgment call made by the plastic surgeon based on his examination of the breasts during the consultation and his experience with short scar breast reduction procedures. Skin also does not shrink instantaneously and thus it usually takes a couple of weeks for the results to settle after the surgery.

The lecture below details some of the thoughts we have at Trinidad Institute of Plastic Surgery regarding vertical short scar reductions and breast lifts.

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost

The average cost of breast reduction (aesthetic patients only) is $5,913, according to the most recent statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This average surgeon’s fee is only part of the total price – it does not include anesthesia, operating room facilities or other related expenses.

Breast Reduction Surgery For Free In Trinidad And Tobago

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Breast reduction procedure

Under anesthesia, a key hole shaped incision is made around the areola extending vertically down to the crease of the breasts. Extra fat, tissue and skin is removed while keeping the nipples tethered to the original blood and nerve supply. The underlying breast tissues are lifted, strengthened and reshaped. Finally the nipple is repositioned as per new size of breast and the incision is sutured in layers within the breast tissue to provide god support for new breast and the external incision is closed with sutures, surgical adhesives or tapes.

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