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Breast Reduction Surgery In Delhi

Has your chest been a source of embarrassment, pain, and discomfort for you? Have you been unable to find clothes that fit properly?

If so, you’re not alone. Many women struggle with large breasts—and not just because they look good in a low-cut top. It can be hard to find bras that fit well and feel comfortable. Large breasts can weigh down your shoulders and back, causing them to ache and even cause spinal damage over time. They can also make it difficult to exercise or even move around comfortably in general.

Fortunately, there is a solution: breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery removes excess skin and fat from the breasts while maintaining their size and shape. By removing excess weight while preserving the natural shape of your chest, the procedure lessens pain from sagging skin and improves physical function.

This article also talk about breast reduction without surgery and breast reduction surgery side effects.

Breast Reduction Surgery In Delhi

A Patient’s Complete Guide to Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi

Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi

Most of us have heard of breast augmentation. Also known as a boob job, this is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the world today. It reshapes and enhances the breasts in the most modern way. For women who feel exceptionally self-conscious about their small breasts, this procedure and its natural-looking results can be a godsend.

However, through a particular blog, we want to talk about women on the other end of the spectrum.

All over the world women are now opting for smaller breasts through breast reduction surgery. Wondering what caused such a shift is natural. After all, with bigger breasts being a symbol of beauty, why would a woman opt for smaller breasts?

Why Women Choose Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi

Women opt for breast reduction surgery in Delhi, mainly due to convenience. While big breasts like double D-cups or E-cups may be considered desirable by those who do not have them, for a lot of women, they are burdens. It is physically nearly impossible for such breasts to be light and perky.

Putting aside the aesthetics, such large and heavy breasts also weigh down the body. They make the woman hunch forward, affecting her back and neck. Additionally, due to their weight, they also tend to be most affected by gravity. This makes them sag more than smaller-sized breasts. Such sagging also weighs the woman down, pulling her bra even down. The straps of the bra may cut into the shoulder, break the skin, and seriously affect the woman’s physical form.

Now coming to the aesthetics – big, sagging breasts look very bad. Often, they also look deflated, particularly if the woman has had multiple children. Such a look can make her feel less beautiful than she should feel. Looking in the mirror every day and not liking what you see can take a huge mental toll on a person. It greatly impacts self-esteem and lowers their image of themselves.

Due to this, several women opt for breast reduction surgery.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi?

Breast reduction surgery is a cosmetic procedure performed all over the world. With constant advancements in the field of plastic surgery, breast reduction or mammoplasty has evolved to ensure very natural-looking and excellent results.

It benefits all kinds of patients. As we previously established, it is primarily for women who feel like their breasts have gotten big and droopy, affecting both their posture and self-esteem. You are the ideal patient for breast reduction surgery in Delhi if:

  • You are unhappy and self-conscious about the large appearance of your breasts.
  • You experience shoulder and upper back pain due to heavy breasts.
  • You get deep furrows in the shoulders caused by the straps of the bra.
  • You get skin alternation in the sub-mammary area.
  • You have droopy or ptotic breasts.
  • You have stretch marks due to heavy breasts.
  • You have very big breasts.
  • One breast is larger than the other.
  • Your breasts have an unattractive shape.
  • Your breasts either have sagged down, or your skin is too loose.

Regardless of the problem you face, mammoplasty combats it successfully. The main aim of this surgical correction is to create breasts that are properly proportionate to the wideness of the thorax and the shoulders. Ensuring such symmetry produces natural-looking results while also helping your body maintain its balance and centre of gravity. These are crucial so that you are not continually leaning forward or hunching over due to heavy breasts. Instead, you always feel comfortable in your body.

You can get all this at the small cost of breast reduction surgery! Which brings us to the next point.

Female Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in India

The Cost of Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi

Breast reduction surgery, like any other surgery, does not have one price across the board. While a lot of patients would love a single answer, it simply does not work that way. There are too many factors that the cost of breast reduction surgery is contingent on. You need to account for all of them while making your choice.

Broadly, these fall into three categories:

#1: The Quality of Your Surgeon

The first category you need to take into account is your surgeon. While going for a cheaper option may seem desirable, you need an excellent surgeon. They have complete control. This means they have the power to either give you precisely what you want or something very undesirable. If you choose a general surgeon who claims to have knowledge of plastic surgery, you may get the latter.

However, if you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience and glowing testimonials, you are much more likely to get the results you want. Or, at least, the results you deserve.

#2: The Quality of Your Centre

The surgeon is nothing without their centre. The centre may be a hospital or a clinic. Whichever it is, they need to be adequately equipped with all the necessary tools so you can get the best results. Without state-of-the-art technology, your quality of care suffers and, as a result, you suffer.

The latest equipment also ensures that you incur minimal trauma. This is very beneficial, especially during recovery, since it is much more painless and comfortable with less trauma.

#3: The Quality of the Surgeon’s Technique

Modern technology requires modern technique. So ensure your surgeon knows how to use the technology they have access to. For example, if they are well-versed in Liposuction, ensure that they also know their ways around tools like MicroAire and VASER.

While these machines may increase the cost of breast reduction surgery, they simultaneously reduce trauma, which we have established as desirable. This makes a recovery much better for the patient. The increased sophistication in technology also means that the surgeon has better control over the results. This automatically means enhanced results that are tailored to your liking.

These are the things you need to keep in mind when opting for a breast reduction surgery in Delhi.

Do cheaper alternatives really affect the results?

Yes, they do. The problem with setting your standards lower is that you may end up getting terrible results. This is not a chance you should be willing to take. Especially since correcting a cosmetic procedure gone wrong is more expensive than getting the procedure in the first place.

Play your cards right and set your standards high. If you are trying to increase your self-esteem and self-worth, high standards are an excellent way to start. High standards show that you deserve better. They ask you to take yourself and your needs seriously. This is very important because it is part of the emotional journey towards being confident in your skin.

So, now that we know what to look for what to expect from the cost of breast reduction surgery let us discuss the procedure.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi – The Procedure

Mammoplasty is usually performed through incisions on your breasts and the surgical removal of excess fat, glandular tissue and skin.

Depending on the patient’s needs, excess fat may be removed through Liposuction.

The technique used in mammoplasty is determined by:

  • Amount of reduction desired
  • The patient’s individual condition
  • Their breast composition
  • Their personal preferences
  • Their surgeon’s advice

Keeping all these factors in mind during the procedure gives you the best results. So, what is the procedure?

Step One: Anaesthesia

Like any other surgery, breast reduction surgery in Delhi needs to be performed under general or local anaesthesia. This maximises comfort and reduces pain for the patient.

Step Two: The Short-Scar Technique

As we mentioned earlier, the technique is everything—the more sophisticated is the technique, the higher is the cost of breast reduction surgery. However, with the short scar technique, this is definitely worth it.

The ultimate aim of any cosmetic procedure is maintaining natural-looking results. The short-scar technique contributes to this since the scar remains hidden and almost completely fades during recovery.

In the short scar technique, the incision is made under the breast to the areola and around the areola. It is made at the point where light skin becomes dark. This hides the resulting scar very well.

Step Three: Removing Excess Fat and Tissue

As we said earlier, removing excess fat may be done through Liposuction. Using the latest Power-Assisted (PAL) and Ultrasound-Assisted (UAL) Liposuction ensures the best results.

PAL is done through the MicroAire machine. Here, a small, blunt cannula moves rapidly back and forth, breaking up the fat and excess tissue. This is then suctioned out. Similarly, UAL is done through a VASER machine, using ultrasound energy to melt and emulsify fat. This enables quick and easy removal.

VASER additionally produces heat which makes the skin contract. Once the skin contracts over the removed and repositioned tissue, it looks very natural. Tissue should always be the focus of removal. Removing more fat than the tissue can make the breasts look deflated and unappealing.

Step Four: Removing Excess Skin and Repositioning the Areola and Nipple

Mammoplasty implies mastopexy. Translation: breast reduction always includes a breast lift. Often, heavy breasts sag, causing the nipples to point downwards. This also pulls on the skin, reducing its elasticity and stretching it out. Depending on the amount of breast reduction a patient wants, this excess skin also needs to be surgically removed.

Also, the nipple and areola on each breast need to be repositioned, so they are pointing upwards. This creates a much perkier and more youthful result. If you are worried about this affecting the cost of breast reduction surgery, trust us, the results are worth it. Your goal is for nice, aesthetic-looking breasts. This is only achieved through a breast lift.

Step Five: Enhancing the Shape

Deflated breasts can often look like deflated balloons. Even with the tissue tightened and repositioned so that everything points upwards, it may still look very unnatural. To counter this, your breast reduction surgery in Delhi may include a slight augmentation on top of your breasts. Just a little padding to make it rounder. When your surgeon makes this change, the resulting breasts are gorgeous and conical, as they should be.

Step Six: Closing the Incisions

The incisions are closed and contribute to reshaping the now smaller breast. Sutures are deeply layered within the breast tissue, further enhancing and supporting the newly shaped breasts.

Although the scars are permanent, they fade and significantly improve over time.

Recovering from Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi

Your surgeon should give you a compression garment fitted for your size. This keeps your breasts in their new shape and ensures you get the best results. The garment must be worn 24/7 for at least three weeks while your body heals and recovers.

This is the timeline you can expect for recovery:

  • First 24-48 hours: You may experience a small amount of swelling, bruising and discomfort, but you can do your daily chores and go for a walk if desired.
  • Three days post-op: You can return to work if you have a sitting job that doesn’t require strenuous activity.
  • Seven days post-op: You can start driving, but it always has to be wearing the compression garment which has to be used during day and night time.
  • One month: By this point, most of the bruising, discomfort, and swelling subside. A Majority of the patients feel normal.
  • 6-8 weeks: You can resume all your physical activity.

The breasts continue to “settle” into their final position over the next few months.

The results of breast reduction surgery in Delhi are very long-lasting. Your new breasts should help relieve the pain and physical limitations you experienced before mammoplasty. Your better-proportioned figure will also enhance your self-image and boost your self-confidence.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi

Gynecomastia, also called male boobs, is a hormonal condition that affects males all over the world. This is caused by a hormonal imbalance in adolescence, resulting in the development of breast tissue. Since it is the development of tissue, only cosmetic surgery can remove it.


It is a similar procedure to breast reduction except the incision is made on the side of the chest. This way, there is no scar on the front. Then the excess fat can be removed through Liposuction, and excess tissue can be excised.

The scar remains hidden underneath the arm, and the recovery is comfortable and easy – much like female breast reduction.

Cost of Gynecomastia Treatment

Similar to female breast reduction, the cost of breast reduction surgery for men is determined based on the surgeon, centre and technique. A surgeon who places the incision on the front of the chest may charge less, but the patient often feels conscious about the resulting scar. Therefore, they still cannot enjoy topless activities like swimming or beach holidays. Their self-esteem remains low.

Such technical knowledge determines the kind of results you get. Therefore, it should always be something you account for.

Breast Reduction Without Surgery

1. Diet

The breasts are mostly made up of adipose tissue, or fat. Losing body fat can reduce a person’s breast size.

People can lose body fat by using up more calories than they eat, and by eating a healthful diet. A low-calorie, highly nutritious diet can indirectly help to shrink breast tissue.

Focus on eating nutrient-dense foods that are low in calories. Fruits, vegetables, fatty fish, such as salmon, and lean meats, such as grilled chicken, can help a person feel full while still supporting healthy weight loss.

People who are breastfeeding or pregnant should talk to a doctor or midwife before trying to lose weight.

2. Exercise

Like diet, exercise can help a person lose body fat, which might also help reduce breast size over time.

Many people mistakenly believe that targeted exercises can burn fat in a specific area. While push-ups and other chest exercises will tone the arm and chest muscles, they will not directly remove fat from the breasts themselves. The key is to burn fat throughout the body.

Cardiovascular exercises that increase a person’s heart rate are highly effective at burning fat. Depending on health and fitness factors, people can try running, swimming, or taking brisk walks.

3. Reduce estrogen

Flaxseed in a bowl
Flaxseed may help reduce estrogen levels.

Estrogen plays a key role in the development of breast tissue. So countering excess estrogen could reduce breast size, especially in people with hormonal imbalances.

Hormonal contraceptives contain estrogen and progesterone and can make a person’s breasts grow bigger. The effect usually goes away again once the person stops taking the medication.

Some research suggests that a person can reduce their body estrogen levels through dietary changes.

For instance, animal studies suggest that flaxseed supplements may helpTrusted Source regulate estrogen levels by reducing estrogen expression in the ovaries. Flaxseed may also protect the heart, reduce the risk of cancer, and prevent inflammation.

There is, however, little evidence about natural remedies to reduce estrogen in the body. People may wish to talk to their doctor about estrogen-lowering medication.

4. Binding

Binding involves wrapping material tightly around the breasts to flatten them. It will not shrink breast tissue or prevent the breasts from growing, but binding can help the breasts look smaller and may make a person feel more comfortable. Talk to a doctor about the safest way to use a binder.

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5. Change bra

A bra cannot permanently change breast size, but minimizer bras can create the illusion of smaller breasts. These bras change the breast shape to make the breasts look flatter and higher on the chest.

Some minimizer bras also offer more supportive straps, which may reduce back and neck pain.

Finding a supportive, well-fitting bra can significantly improve a person’s comfort levels. Many stores offer free bra-fitting services. Simply changing bras can reduce some of the pain associated with large breasts.

Breast Reduction Surgery Side Effects

  • Thick, obvious scarring
  • Unevenly shaped breasts or nipples
  • Wound healing problems
  • Loss of nipple sensation
  • Being permanently unable to breastfeed
  • Red or lumpy breasts if the fat dies (fat necrosis)
  • Excess skin left around the scars, which may need to be surgically removed
  • Bleeding inside the breast tissue (haematoma) – this generally happens within the first 24 hours after the operation

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