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Breast Reduction Surgery In Kolkata

Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammaplasty, is a common procedure designed to remove excess fat tissues from the breasts. This surgery can be performed for both medical and cosmetic reasons, depending on the needs and desires of the patient. Many middle-aged women undergo breast reduction surgery after experiencing significant changes in breast size due to factors such as pregnancy or ptosis.

Excessively large breasts can cause a variety of physical problems that can impact a person’s quality of life. Some of these problems include nerve pain, backache, chronic rash under the breasts, and restricted physical activities. Many women find that these issues can significantly impact their daily life, and breast reduction surgery offers a solution to alleviate these symptoms successfully.

During breast reduction surgery, a plastic surgeon will remove excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin from the breasts to create a more proportionate and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The type of surgical technique used will depend on the patient’s individual anatomy and goals for the procedure. Common techniques include the anchor or inverted T incision, the vertical or lollipop incision, and the periareolar or donut incision.

Recovery from breast reduction surgery typically takes several weeks, during which time patients may experience swelling, bruising, and discomfort. It is important for patients to follow their surgeon’s post-operative care instructions carefully to ensure proper healing and optimal results. Over time, the breasts will settle into their new shape, and the incision lines will fade.

Overall, breast reduction surgery can provide significant physical and emotional benefits for women with excessively large breasts. By alleviating symptoms such as pain, discomfort, and limitations on physical activity, this procedure can improve a person’s overall quality of life and self-confidence. It is important for individuals considering breast reduction surgery to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss their options and determine if this procedure is right for them.

|Symptom |Description |
|Nerve pain |Pain caused by compression or irritation of nerves in the breast area |
|Backache |Pain and discomfort in the back region often caused by the weight of excessively large breasts |
|Chronic rash |Persistent skin irritation and rash beneath the breasts due to friction and moisture buildup |
|Restricted activities|Limitations on physical activities and exercise due to the size and weight of the breasts |

This article also talk about breast reduction exercise and breast reduction surgery side effects.

Breast Reduction Surgery In Kolkata

Breast Reduction in Kolkata

Hospitals, clinics and plastic surgeons in Kolkata, India performing Breast Reduction.

Cost of Breast Reduction in India
ProcedureMinimum priceMaximum price
Breast Reduction$US 2,000$US 4,200

What are the different components of breast reduction surgery and how much do they cost?

The different aspects of breast reduction surgery cost in Kolkata are given below with their respective costs- 

  • Doctor’s fee- Rs. 30,000 Rs. 50,000
  • Hospitalization charges- Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 8,000 per day for room 
  • Diagnostic tests- Rs. 500 to Rs. 1,000 for each test
  • Anesthesia fee- Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 12,000 (depending on the type of anesthesia) 
  • Operating room & ICU charges- Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000
  • Medications prescribed before and after surgery- Rs. 3,500 approx. 
  • Post-surgery garments or support- Rs. 2,000 approx.

Depending on the patient’s profile and requirement, the cost may fluctuate.

Factors That Affect Breast Reduction Cost in Kolkata

The cost of breast reduction in Kolkata is different for each patient. The doctor usually gives a brief estimate of the price during consultations to give you an idea of the cost. Overall, the cost depends on the following factors- 

  • The Extent of Reduction- Depending on the amount of tissues that need to be removed, the cost will vary from one patient to another. For instance, if a patient’s breast size is extremely large with grade 4 ptosis, the surgeon has to remove a huge amount of tissues to provide the desired results. As a result, the surgery will cost more. At the same time, if a patient has large breasts with no sagging, the surgery will be comparatively easier and hence costs less. 
  • Surgeon’s Fee- The fee charged by a surgeon depends on his/her experience and specialization. If a doctor is highly experienced, the fee is likely to be more than a less experienced surgeon. 
  • Choice of Hospital- The type of medical center chosen by the patient also affects the cost. An accredited hospital adheres to the highest standard of safety and hygiene and provides better amenities as well. Due to this, the treatment cost is also higher at such medical institutions. 
  • Hospitalization– During your stay in the hospital, you’ll have to pay the room rent, bed charges, meal charges, and other services as well. And the longer your stay, the higher the will be the cost. 
  • Technique Used- Different techniques are also available to perform breast reduction surgery. And each technique costs slightly different. The most suitable technique is chosen by the doctor based on safety criteria. Hence, the technique is something that cannot be changed by the patient on request.

Besides these above-mentioned factors, anesthesia fees, diagnostic tests, medications required, travel expenses, support bra, post-surgery follow-ups, etc. are some additional factors that will increase the final cost at the patient’s end. That’s why it is always advised to get a clear-cut estimate from the surgeon prior to the surgery.

Does health insurance cover breast reduction surgery costs in Kolkata?

Whether you live in Kolkata or any other city in India, the cost of breast reduction will be covered by health insurance only under certain conditions. These conditions include the following- 

  • Excessive breasts are causing physical discomfort. 
  • Reduction is recommended by the doctor as a medically necessary procedure. 
  • There is enough evidence to support the claim that breast size is a matter of concern for the patient.

If you meet the following requirements, the health insurance company will approve your claim, given that a statement by the doctor is submitted as evidence stating your problems. Depending on the terms and conditions of your policy, such as copays or deductibles, the amount of coverage you can get may vary. To clear all your doubts and concerns, it is advised to have a detailed discussion with the insurance provider.

Choose Pristyn Care to Undergo Breast Reduction in Kolkata At Affordable Price

At Pristyn Care, we understand the challenges faced by women due to large breasts. Thus, we offer competitive pricing for the surgery. We also have highly experienced surgeons who have performed numerous surgeries with as high as 95% success rate. Moreover, we also provide flexible payment options to the patients, such as credit cards, debit cards, cheques, and No-Cost-EMI service. 

Our services make it easier for the patients to choose a payment mode that is suitable for them. To learn more about the breast reduction surgery cost in Kolkata and payment options, you can give us a call and talk to our medical coordinators.

Disclaimer: The Cost mentioned in this blog is what Pristyn Care charges as per the City and Treatment and this cost may vary as well depending on the other factors which increase and decrease the cost. The market cost of the treatment may vary depending upon the healthcare service provider and the functional city.

Breast Reduction Exercise


This simple exercise helps tone the chest muscles and reduce breast size.

  • Lie chest down on a rubber mat.
  • Put the hands next to the shoulders, lift the body using hands and pull the stomach in.
  • Try staying in this position for a few seconds and make sure the body is in a straight line.
  • Do a set of pushups every day as per the strength of your body.

Pushups are a great form of exercise to reduce breast size.

Wall press technique

This is an easy and effective way to minimise breast size. It is a simple exercise for breast reduction at home.

  • Stand facing the wall and place both hands on the wall.
  • Press the arms and lean slightly towards the wall to do some weight press.
  • Repeat to the start position and repeat till you are exhausted.

Leg raise

This exercise reduces breast size and tones the abdominal muscles and prevents the sagging of the breasts. It is one of the best exercises to reduce breast size.

  • Lie flat on the floor, placing the arms at the side, and raise both legs up.
  • Keep the knees straight. Inhale while raising the legs and exhale while lowering the legs.

Shoulder shrugs

This is a simple yet effective exercise for breast reduction and to reduce the cup size. It is best performed with the help of weights, like a 1 litre filled bottle in both hands or 1kg dumbbells.

  • Hold the weights in your hands. Stand straight with the back and elbows straight.
  • Shrug the shoulders in the upward direction, almost touching the earlobe.
  • Repeat the movement until you feel tired.

Breast Reduction Surgery Side Effects

  • thick, obvious scarring
  • unevenly shaped breasts or nipples
  • wound healing problems
  • loss of nipple sensation
  • being permanently unable to breastfeed
  • red or lumpy breasts if the fat dies (fat necrosis)
  • excess skin left around the scars, which may need to be surgically removed
  • bleeding inside the breast tissue (haematoma) – this generally happens within the first 24 hours after the operation

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