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Breast Reduction Surgery In Tijuana Mexico

Breast reduction surgery is one of the most common procedures performed by plastic surgeons and can help relieve pain and discomfort from large breasts. In addition, it can help improve the shape and size of your breasts to give you a more proportionate body.

The procedure can be done on an outpatient basis, meaning that you will be able to go home the same day. The recovery process is relatively quick, with most patients feeling back to normal within three weeks after surgery.

Breast Reduction Surgery In Tijuana Mexico

Breast Reduction Surgery

Large, heavy breasts can cause back and shoulder pain and make you feel uncomfortable in your own body.

Breast reduction surgery removes breast tissue to result in lighter, perkier, and more manageable breasts.

The Benefits of Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery aims to reduce the amount of excess skin and breast tissue through liposuction and other means to result in lighter, firmer, and more manageable breasts. Breast reductions provide patients with many benefits, such as:

Less Pain

Large breasts can be heavy. Removing that weight can alleviate the back, shoulder, and neck pain your breasts and bras may be causing you.

Better Mobility

Large, heavy breasts can make physical activity a challenge. With smaller breasts, you can play sports, attend fitness classes, and work out to the best of your ability.

Improved Confidence

A breast reduction may be exactly what you need to refine your figure, give your body improved proportions, and allow you to wear the clothing you want!

Exploring Candidacy for Breast Reduction Surgery

There are several factors that may make breast reduction surgery a good treatment for you. Dr. Castillo may recommend breast reduction if:

  • Your physical activity is restricted because of the size of your breasts
  • You have chronic pain in your neck, back, or shoulders
  • You have constant skin irritation under your breast line
  • You are self-conscious about your figure
  • You have asymmetrical breasts
  • Your clothing choices are limited due to breast size
  • You are finished having children
  • You have realistic expectations

During your initial consultation, Dr. Castillo will discuss your concerns, determine your candidacy for breast reduction, and explain all of your options. In some cases, you may be a better candidate for a breast lift or another procedure.

Incision Techniques

Prior to your breast reduction, Dr. Castillo will have to determine which incision technique to use. This will depend on the size of your breasts, your goals, and your skin elasticity. The incisions for a breast reduction procedure are the same as those used in a breast lift:

Circular Incision line on black bra


An incision is made around the perimeter of the areola, resulting in a virtually unnoticeable scar. This method is rarely used in breast reduction cases because it only allows for removal of minimal skin and breast tissue.

Vertical incision lines on purple bra


Also known as the lollipop incision, this technique requires an incision around the areola and down the center of the bottom half of the breast. This method can remove a moderate amount of excess skin and breast tissue and leave you with a scar that can easily be concealed underneath clothing.

Inverted-T incision lines on black bra


Also known as the anchor incision, this method makes an incision around the areola, down the center of the bottom half of the breast, and along the crease at the base of the breast mound. This method can be used for moderate to substantial reduction.

Dr. Castillo will always carefully plan your incision pattern and provide detailed instructions on how to make scarring fade as much as possible. He will also place incisions in areas that will be easy to conceal with clothing.

The Breast Reduction ProcedureA STEP-BY-STEP EXPLANATION

Your breast reduction surgery will be performed by Dr. Rodolfo Castillo Calderón in Tijuana, Mexico. It will involve several steps:

Day of Procedure


Dr. Castillo works in a hospital with a registered anesthesiologist who will choose the safest and most effective anesthesia for you. He typically uses epidural or general anesthesia to maintain patient comfort throughout procedures.


Your plastic surgeon will then make incisions to better access and alter the breast tissue.

Remove and Reshape Tissue

Your plastic surgeon will remove excess breast tissue, sometimes using liposuction if your breasts contain excess fatty tissue. He will then reshape your breast tissue into a manageable and attractive contour.

Reposition Areola

Your plastic surgeon will then reposition your areola to result in the appearance of perkier breasts. In rare cases where patients have extremely large breasts, the plastic surgeon may have to completely detach and reposition the nipple and areola.

Close Incisions

After removing all excess fat and tissue, Dr. Castillo will carefully close the incisions with absorbable internal sutures.

When to Expect Results

You should notice results immediately following your plastic surgery,and they will improve as the swelling subsides. Though your breast size may change over time, it is unlikely that they will return to their pre-surgery size. The majority of swelling will subside within the first month.


Following your procedure, there are some simple things you can do to make your recovery easier.

Manage Pain

You may feel sore for two to three weeks following your surgery in Tijuana. Take antibiotics and pain medication as prescribed. Over-the-counter pain medication and warm or cool compresses can also help make you more comfortable.

Get Some Rest

You will have to rest until the day after your procedure, when short walks will be encouraged. You can return to desk work one to three weeks after surgery and start exercising and using your upper body muscles six weeks after surgery.

Wear Compression Garments

After your procedure, you will be provided with a compression garment that can help control swelling and provide your breasts with support. Wear this garment at all times for four weeks following your surgery, unless showering.

Minimize Scarring

Though your scars will be placed in inconspicuous areas that can be concealed with clothing, you can help minimize the appearance of scars by using scar creams, being gentle with the area, and avoiding sun exposure in the years following your procedure.

Breast Reduction for Men

Men who suffer from gynecomastia, or enlarged breast tissue, can also benefit from a breast reduction in Tijuana, Mexico. This plastic surgery can remove the excess breast tissue and skin, giving you a more masculine physique.

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