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Can You Get a BBL and Tummy Tuck at The Same Time

It’s an age-old query that many people have posed: can you have multiple cosmetic procedures done at once? The answer is yes! We’ve had patients who have opted to do both procedures at once. The main reason they do this is because they want to make sure they are going to get the best results possible, and they want to save some money in the process. By combining procedures, patients can minimize their recovery time and achieve their desired look more efficiently. Ultimately, the decision to have multiple procedures done at once is a personal one that should be made in consultation with a qualified cosmetic surgeon.

The average cost of a tummy tuck alone is around $8,000–$10,000. If you add on a breast lift or augmentation (BBL), it will be more than $12,000. However, if a skilled surgeon who has performed countless BBLs before (and not just any surgeon) combines both surgeries into one procedure, it can cost you much less—roughly $14,000–$17,000 in total.

BBL and Tummy Tuck Before and After

For many of us, sleeping on our stomach feels natural. It is when we are the most comfortable. 

However, a tummy tuck is a major surgery, and it takes time for the muscles and tissues to heal and recover. Sleeping directly on your stomach puts too much weight and pressure on your abdomen, interfering with its ability to heal. This can not only damage your muscles, but it can affect your results. 

After spending the time and money to undergo a tummy tuck, the last thing you want is for your sleeping position to mess up your results—or cause you pain. 

When Can I Sleep on My Stomach Following My Surgery? 

As you know by now, sleeping on your stomach while recovering from tummy tuck surgery can be damaging to your results. 

So, how long will you have to avoid sleeping on your stomach? 

It is recommended that patients avoid stomach sleeping for at least six weeks after surgery. During those six weeks, your abdomen is healing and producing your results. You do not want your sleeping position to disrupt this process. 

It is important to note that some patients heal differently and may need to stay off their stomachs for more than six weeks. Please speak with your surgeon regarding when it is safe to return to your normal sleeping position. 

If I Cannot Sleep on My Stomach After My Tummy Tuck, How Should I Sleep? 

Since you cannot sleep on your stomach after your tummy tuck, you may be wondering what comfortable, safe sleeping position is right for you. Surgeons often recommend sleeping on your back while recovering from a tummy tuck, but you may be able to sleep on your side a few weeks after surgery. 

When you sleep on your back, you should elevate yourself with pillows. This can help make sleeping on your back more comfortable and easier to get used to. Additionally, sleeping flat on your back stretches out your abdomen and can harm the incisions. 

Elevation and lots of pillows are going to be the best option. 

At Centre for Surgery, patients often come to us interested in more than one body contouring procedure and it’s often the case that they would like to have them as one combined procedure. This certainly makes sense in a number of ways including having only one anaesthetic, one recovery period, and more affordable treatment costs. In many cases you will already have made the decision to transform your body with a cosmetic body contouring procedure so why not have a dramatic transformation with a combined procedure?.

A lot of patients have as their treatment goal, a flat contoured abdomen and a shapelier buttock region.

In theory, it is entirely possible to combine a tummy tuck with a Brazilian buttlift procedure. In practice, none of our surgeons would recommend the combination of a BBL with a tummy tuck and we will explain why below.

Many surgical procedures can be successfully combined for optimal results

We commonly perform combination procedures for women who have developed abdominal laxity and changes to their breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Common treatment combinations include liposuction or tummy tuck with some form of breast surgery including breast augmentation and a breast lift. This is known as a mummy makeover procedure and leads to fantastic results with a much shorter recovery time than if you were to have had the tummy tuck and breast surgery separately. Having said that, a mummy makeover is still a major surgical procedure with a longer recovery period than most individual surgical procedures involving the breast or body.

The reason why mommy makeover surgery works so well is that when performing a tummy tuck, liposuction will often already be included to contour the flanks and waist area and the breasts can easily be dealt with whilst the patient is lying on their back whilst still being able to maintain operating times below five hours. Patients for mummy makeovers need to be in excellent health with a normal weight and body mass index to ensure that they are as safe as possible under anesthesia, which can last for up to 5 to 6 hours. The recovery after mummy makeover is fairly straightforward, as all the Surgery is on the same side of the body.

Keeping Procedure Times as Short as Possible

Procedures like tummy tuck and BBL can take a significant amount of time to carry out as there are a number of individual steps to each procedure that have to be carried out as thoroughly as possible to get the best possible results. If patients were to combine a BBL and tummy tuck, they would need to be in pristine health with no medical problems, all their blood test results would need to be normal, and they would need to have a BMI below 25 in order to be as safe as possible under the longer anaesthetic times which can be associated with such surgery.

Longer anaesthetic and surgical times can be associated with an increase in post-operative risks and complications. This is why at Centre for Surgery, we always advise simpler treatment combinations to stay absolutely safe and not to increase your risk profile unnecessarily. Also, as we are a day surgery facility, every surgical procedure must be assessed to ensure it meets our stringent admission criteria. It is always important to bear in mind that patient safety comes first.

Recovery After Brazilian Butt Lift and Tummy Tuck

The most important reason why we do not recommend combining a BBL with a tummy tuck is that the recovery period would be very difficult to endure. It is always important to bear in mind that both a BBL and a tummy tuck individually are quite major procedures that can each take 3 to 4 hours to carry out. Longer surgical procedures generally result in much longer recovery periods.

We would always advise anyone considering a BBL to take one week off work and to avoid any strenuous exercise or gym activities for at least four weeks. The major issue here is that for at least two weeks he will not be able to sit on your buttocks or lie flat on your back when you sleep and your surgeon will probably recommend you avoid any pressure on your buttocks for longer periods of time for the first 4 to 6 weeks.

Patients having tummy tuck surgery should generally expect a recovery period last in between 4 to 6 weeks before they can consider resuming strenuous exercise. Many patients will find that they are unable to stand fully upright in the first week following their tummy tuck procedure. All patients are advised to avoid lying on the front to prevent any pressure from being exerted on the abdominal area.

So the major problem with combining a BBL with a tummy tuck procedure is that you will need to stay away from putting any pressure on either your back or your buttocks. This, therefore, makes it virtually impossible for you to lie down comfortably and so the rest and recovery period are significantly more difficult. The overall recovery period therefore may end up being much longer than if you had had the two surgical procedures carried out as individual surgeries.

It is very important after all cosmetic surgery that patients take the proper time out for rest and recovery. Surgery can lead to a number of changes in the body and it’s important that you comply with all the post-operative instructions to achieve the desired results. The inherent disadvantages of a combined BBL and a tummy tuck procedure often prevent patients from fully following all of the surgeon’s post-operative instructions. The final results could, therefore, be significantly impaired.

So in theory, it is entirely possible to combine BBL with a tummy tuck into one combined surgery. Getting ideal results is probably most possible in the hands of the most specialist and experienced body contouring surgeon. However, the same surgeon will look to put patient safety and your well-being above all else and will tailor his or her advice to make sure that you will be able to tolerate the recovery period.

Cosmetic surgery is something that should not be taken lightly and certainly should never be rushed in any way. In many cases, it is always better to commit to a slightly longer but ultimately more sensible treatment plan to ensure you get the very best results matched with the most favourable and lowest risk profile.

Tummy Tuck and BBL Cost Near Me

If you are considering getting a tummy tuck or Brazilian butt lift (BBL) procedure, one of the first things you may be wondering about is the cost. The cost of these cosmetic surgeries can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the location of the clinic, the experience of the surgeon, and the specific techniques used during the procedure. In this article, we will explore the average cost of tummy tucks and BBLs near you, as well as some factors that may influence the price.

A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen to create a smoother, firmer profile. People who have lost a lot of weight or have extra skin from pregnancy frequently seek out this procedure. The cost of a tummy tuck can range from $6,000 to $12,000, with the average cost being around $8,000. Factors that may affect the cost of a tummy tuck include the extent of the surgery, the surgeon’s experience, and the geographic location of the clinic.

On the other hand, a Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that involves transferring fat from one area of the body to the buttocks to create a fuller, rounder appearance. The cost of a BBL can range from $4,000 to $10,000, with the average cost being around $6,500. Factors that may influence the cost of a BBL include the amount of fat that needs to be harvested, the techniques used during the procedure, and the surgeon’s expertise.

When looking for tummy tuck and BBL procedures near you, it is important to research and compare prices from different clinics. Keep in mind that the cost of the surgery should not be the only factor to consider when choosing a surgeon. It is crucial to also consider the surgeon’s qualifications, experience, and patient reviews.

In conclusion, the cost of tummy tucks and BBLs near you can vary depending on several factors. It is essential to do thorough research and consult with multiple surgeons to find the best option for your needs and budget. Remember to prioritize safety and quality when considering cosmetic surgery procedures.

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