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cost of breast augmentation in arizona

Breast augmentation is a procedure that involves the use of a breast implant to improve the shape and size of your breasts. It can be done to enhance the appearance of your breasts, or if you have lost volume in your breasts due to pregnancy, weight loss or aging.

Breast implants come in different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to choose the right one for your body type and desired results. There are three different types of breast implants: saline, silicone gel and cohesive gel.

Saline implants are filled with salt water (saline) and are considered temporary because they need to be replaced every 10 years or so. Silicone gel implants contain silicone gel that does not move around inside the implant shell like saline does; therefore, these implants last longer than saline. Finally, cohesive gel implants are filled with solidified silicone gel that moves around freely inside its shell; therefore, these implants last even longer than silicone gel ones.

cost of breast augmentation in arizona

Breast lift surgery removes excess skin, reshapes the breasts, and lifts the nipples to a higher position. Women find that as they mature, the forces of gravity take over before and/or after pregnancy, breasts begin to droop, sag, and lose shape. In some cases, perhaps the upper portions of the breasts have simply lost their fullness and projection. Therefore, the goal of Scottsdale Breast Lift specialist, Dr. Carlos Mata is to make your breasts look perkier, fuller, and more youthful. Our practice implements short scar, wise pattern, full scar, and periareolar (donut) incision techniques. The purpose of this procedure by our Scottsdale AZ board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Carlos Mata, a.k.a. Dr. Scottsdale® is not to be mistaken with a breast augmentation, which increases the breast size.

Implants can supplement a lift based on the patient’s aesthetic goals. If you desire or need enlargement, you may have a breast enlargement conducted at the same time as your breast lift, which is particularly helpful in filling out the upper portions of your breast. If you feel you will benefit from enlargement and a lift, learn more here about our Breast Augmentation With Lift.

Breast Lift Incision Types

Women who contemplate undergoing breast lift surgery often wonder what the incisions will look like, and how bad the scarring will be after the procedure. The incisions vary depending on how severe the breast sag, and how much tissue volume is present.


Crescent Lift

The incision is made in a crescent-shaped along the top half of your areola. The main goal of a crescent lift is to align the patient’s areolas. It can correct very minor breast sagging.

Donut Lift

The incision is made all around the colored part of the nipple: the areola. The primary goal of a donut lift is to reduce the size of the areola (colored part) and to correct tuberous breasts. It helps with minor lift.


Lollipop Lift

The incisions are made around the areola (like a donut lift) and down vertically to the breast fold. This lift raises the breast and repositions the areola/nipple. The perfect candidate is a patient that has a smaller to medium breast that only requires a moderate amount of lift.


Anchor Lift

The incisions are made around the areola, vertically down to the breast fold, and horizontally under/ on the breast fold. Recommended for larger breasts or breasts requiring major lift, it can be performed on any breast size and shape. The anchor lift corrects the nipple position, breast shape and breast sagginess.

​​​​​Recovery After a Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgeries are performed under IV sedation (light) or deep sedation in our Scottsdale, AZ surgical office. The recovery will vary based on the types of breast lift and patients but varies from a few days to two weeks. Patients are encouraged to move around within the first 48 hours; ie: walking. Activities, such as carrying heavy objects, or any activity that puts pressure on the chest or exercising must be avoided for 6 weeks.

Breast Reduction

Breasts that are too large and heavy can be very painful and can cause serious health problems. They can make it difficult to find clothing that fits properly and for many women are a source of embarrassment and low self-esteem. At Gawley Plastic Surgery we understand the very real discomfort that large breasts can cause and offer breast reduction surgery for patients’ comfort and well being.

Benefits of Breast Reduction

If you are in need of breast reduction you may have experienced resistance to the idea from friends and family and even from doctors. Many people find it counterintuitive to reduce an “asset” such as large breasts in a society where so many women seek enlargement.
Do not be discouraged. Breast reduction simply means bringing your breasts into balance with the rest of your body. After surgery, you will have beautiful, healthy looking breasts, and the relief you experience will show. People who do not approve of your decision do not understand the real problems you experience every day which can include:

  • Back pain
  • Breathing problems
  • Skeletal deformity
  • Rashes
  • Poor posture
  • Bra straps digging a painful groove into your shoulders
  • Difficulty finding clothes that fit
  • Low self-esteem
  • Embarrassing social situations
  • Difficulty in the workplace
  • Discomfort during intimacy with your partner

Talking to Your Partner About Reduction Mammoplasty

Most women find that they are more comfortable with cosmetic procedures if they have the support of their partner or spouse. Breast reduction can be a controversial procedure due to a lack of understanding. Most caring partners will support your decision if they understand the pain and real health problems caused by large breasts. It also helps if they realize how much happier and healthier you will be after your procedure. Breast reduction can actually improve sexual satisfaction for both parties.
Breast reduction is not just an aesthetic procedure. Ultimately, it is an important health decision that is up to you.

Breast Reduction for Men (Gynecomastia)

Most men don’t talk about it, but enlarged male breasts (gynecomastia) are a very common condition affecting about 40% to 60% of men. Unfortunately, many men find it deeply embarrassing and suffer silently rather than seeking help. If you are living with gynecomastia, our surgeons at Gawley Plastic Surgery can give you a flatter, firmer chest. 

For many people, large breasts are associated with attractiveness and femininity. However, women that live with overly large breasts understand that it can impact your life in a negative way. They can lead to chronic back and neck pain, impacting your ability to live an active lifestyle. In addition, breasts that are extremely large may make you self-conscious and impact your self-esteem. At Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery, we perform breast reduction procedures to help women eliminate the issues associated with overly large breasts.

Why Choose Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction is a procedure performed to reduce the size and weight of the breasts. The procedure will also lift the breasts to eliminate sagging or drooping. This can have a lot of benefits, including:

  • A reduction in chronic back, shoulder, and neck pain
  • Improved physical comfort
  • Improved ability to exercise and engage in athletic activities
  • A more proportional body contour
  • Improved clothing fit
  • A more positive body image
  • Improved self esteem

Breast reduction comes with one of the highest rates of satisfaction among patients because they experience a drastic improvement in their quality of life. This makes a breast reduction one of the best options for women with large breasts.

Am I a Candidate?

In general, you may be a good candidate for breast reduction surgery if you experience one or more of the following issues:

  • Chronic back, neck, or shoulder pain
  • Grooving in your shoulders from bra straps
  • Numbness caused by stretching of your breast skin
  • Discomfort while exercising
  • Difficulty participating in athletic activities
  • Chafing or irritation of the skin beneath your breasts
  • Poor posture caused by the weight of your breasts
  • Difficulty finding accommodating clothing
  • Feelings of self-consciousness due to the size of your breasts
  • Unwanted attention focused on your breasts

Certain lifestyle factors can impact whether it is the right time to undergo breast reduction. For example, if you are planning on having children in the near future, you should discuss these plans with Dr. Ali and Dr. Tamir during your consultation. While future pregnancies will not rule you out as a breast reduction candidate, difficulty breastfeeding is common after breast reduction surgery and breast changes can necessitate further surgery.

Your Customized Breast Reduction Procedure

Although a breast reduction procedure is straightforward, there are some options to discuss with Dr. Ali and Dr. Tamir during your consultation.


Dr. Ali and Dr. Tamir typically perform breast reduction using Wise Pattern incisions, which involve an incision around the nipple areolar complex, a vertical incision from the areola to the inframammary crease, and a horizontal incision within the inframammary crease. This results in an anchor scar which typically heals very well and fades over time. The resulting thin lines are not usually visible in clothing, including most swimwear. Other incision types exist, however, and you will discuss the best options for you during a consultation.

Breast Lift

Traditionally, a breast reduction procedure focuses on removing fat and glandular tissue from the breasts. However, because of stretched skin and sagging, a breast lift always accompanies the breast reduction procedure. This helps to lift the breasts into a more upright and perky position, as well as repositioning the nipple and areolae if they point downwards. Dr. Ali and Dr. Tamir can recommend the right combination procedure based on your unique anatomy and goals for a breast reduction.

Breast Reduction Recovery

You will notice results immediately after your breast reduction procedure, especially after swelling begins to subside in the weeks after surgery. Your plastic surgeon will prescribe medications to manage pain and swelling. Most patients are able to return to work or social activities within a week, although this can vary based on your unique procedure and anatomy. It will take time for your final results to emerge as swelling goes down and your breasts settle into their natural state— most patients see their final results within 3-6 months.

Breast Lift FAQs

How to tell if I need a breast lift or augmentation?

The difference between a breast augmentation and breast lift is that an augmentation adds volume and makes your breast bigger versus a breast lift (mastopexy) tightens and lifts the breast and nipples. Both surgeries can be combined if you are looking for a tighter and bigger breast. A breast lift is recommended if your nipples are low or if your breasts are sagging.

Is it possible to breastfeed after breast lift surgery?

In most cases, women will be able to breastfeed but there is no guarantee. Getting a breast lift can alter your ability to breastfeed. If you plan on breastfeeding in the future, it’s a risk to consider.

Will a Breast Lift Alter the Size of My Breasts?

A breast lift will not alter the size of your breast, it will only make them perkier. If you want to change your breast size during a breast lift you can have a breast reduction to reduce your breast or breast implants to add volume.

When is the best time to get a breast lift?

Breast lifts may last for years, especially when patients adhere to a healthy lifestyle. Any significant weight gain or additional pregnancies could compromise the results of the surgery. This is why it is recommended to have this type of surgery when the patient is at or near their goal weight and do not plan to become pregnant in the future. As for breast implants, while they may not last a lifetime, they are manufactured to last up to 15 years or longer.

How Bad is Scarring after a breast lift?

Due to the nature of the procedure, scarring is unavoidable. The incisions made during a breast lift are patterned to best meet the aesthetic goals of the patient. Although these incisions may be concealed under clothing, they will still exist. The good news is that over time and with proper scar care, they do fade and become barely noticeable. Most women find that their new shape and beautiful figure outweigh the scarring.

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