Cost Of Laser Eye Surgery In Ireland

Laser eye surgery cost in Ireland can vary a great deal depending on the clinic you choose and how they price their services. For example, some clinics advertise a price as low as €795 but then you find out this is a “per eye” price and does not include a host of extras adding thousands to the price.

For this reason we offer all-inclusive transparent pricing with no hidden extras. (Please also ask us about our financing options.)

See our helpful guide to comparing prices below, which includes a cost comparison of laser eye clinics in Ireland. We hope this will help you to figure out the best laser eye surgery clinic for your needs.

Cost Of Laser Eye Surgery In Ireland

We engaged in an independent journalist to research the cost of Laser Eye Surgery in Ireland. Here is a summary table comparing like with like which was valid on 23rd July 2020..

Clinic Name:Mater PrivateBlackrock ClinicButterfly VisionWellington ClinicOptilaseOptical Express
Cost of Laser Eye Surgery (both eyes) with aftercare€3,870 to €7,300 range quoted€3,590 or €5,400 range quoted€3,400 Fixed Inclusive Cost€5,000€3,790€2,390 to €6,390 range quoted with lots of non specific extras
Hardsell or Not?Hard to get through to discuss it but no hard sell. Long waiting list at moment.Very long waiting list currently. Three months wait for the assessment due to Covid-19 backlog. No hard sell.Spoke directly to the consultant surgeon in a video appointment  after booking in for this with reception. Really excellent.Hard to get through to discuss it but no hard sellSpoke with clinic manager. No hard sell. Very polite and informativeNot a hard sell but spoke to a call centre in UK. Wasn’t very informative.
Free phone or video consultation with an ophthalmic surgeon?NoNoYesNoNoNo
Cost of suitability assessment (usually takes at least one hour)€180 non refundable€125 non refundable€100 refundable if not suitable or if you go ahead with laser eye surgery€150 non refundableFree of chargeFree of charge
Does a consultant ophthalmic surgeon carry out the suitability assessment?YesYesYesYesNoNo
Do you see your ophthalmic surgeon before the day of your surgery?YesYesYesYesNoNo
Is There a higher charge for a higher prescription?NoNoNoNoYesYes
Is Wavefront Technology Included?YesYesYesYesNo (I had to ask and quoted extra €500)Extra charged
Aftercare included4 checkups and €120 each thereafterOne checkup or more if you want them6 checkups but more if needed with no charge in first 2 yearsIncluded for first year but pay after thatIncluded until dischargedCouldn’t get a straight answer to this question
Guarantee i.e. if you need further laser eye surgeryNoYes within first year10 YearsOnly if you come for paid checkups every yearLifetime but with conditionsCouldn’t get a straight answer to this question

How Long Does Laser Eye Surgery Last

LASIK surgery is a popular procedure that aims to correct vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. While the effects of LASIK surgery are considered permanent for most patients, it is important to note that the benefits of this procedure can decrease over time. According to national statistics, about 10-12% of patients may require an enhancement surgery due to anatomical changes in the eye or eyes.

During LASIK surgery, a laser is used to reshape the cornea, which is the clear front part of the eye. This reshaping allows light to focus correctly on the retina, improving vision. The surgery is typically quick and painless, with most patients experiencing improved vision almost immediately. However, as the eye continues to change over time, some patients may find that their vision begins to regress.

An enhancement surgery, also known as a touch-up procedure, may be necessary for patients who experience a decline in their vision following LASIK surgery. This procedure involves further reshaping of the cornea to restore clear vision. While the majority of patients will not require an enhancement surgery, it is important for those considering LASIK to be aware of this possibility.

It is essential for patients to have realistic expectations when undergoing LASIK surgery. While the vast majority of patients will enjoy improved vision for a lifetime, some may require additional treatment down the road. Regular eye exams and follow-up appointments with an eye care provider are crucial for monitoring any changes in vision and determining if further intervention is necessary.

In conclusion, while the effects of LASIK surgery are generally considered permanent, it is important to understand that the benefits of this procedure can decrease over time for some patients. By staying informed and proactive about post-operative care, patients can ensure the best possible outcome for their vision correction journey.

Does VHI Cover Laser Eye Surgery

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