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Homemade Chemical Peel For Age Spots

If you’ve been struggling with age spots, you know that they can be extremely stubborn and hard to get rid of. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to fade those spots is by using a skin peel.

You don’t have to spend a fortune at the beauty salon to get the results you want. There are plenty of home peels that make it easy to get rid of those spots in the comfort of your own home. We’re going to go over some of our favorite skin peels for age spots so you can see why they’re such an effective treatment option.

In this post, we’ll also consider homemade chemical peel for acne scars and natural skin peeling at home.

Homemade Chemical Peel For Age Spots

A spotless and flawless complexion lies just beneath the surface of your skin. And many think that chemical peels are the fastest way to get there. That is debatable. But even if it were true, the fastest route can also be the most dangerous. At least that is true considering the side effects of chemical peels.

Glycolic peels were the talk of the ’90s, with just about everyone trying out the treatment to get younger and brighter looking skin. But, like with most chemical treatments, these peels come with their share of side effects. Many are hard to ignore because they remain on your skin forever in the form of marks and discolored patches. So ironic that chemical peels are supposed to fix these issues but leave them worse in many cases.

Chemical peels also leave your skin dry, parched, and extra sensitive. It’s easy to understand why. When your skin is bombarded with a high concentration of harsh acids, it suffers. Its protective oils and hydration are removed and it is left defenseless.

Today, more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of going natural with their skin care. There are a number of natural ingredients in your very refrigerator that can help you achieve the same results as a chemical peel at half the price and pretty much no risk. These same ingredients, when used in their purified and concentrated form in your skin care products, can be the natural & friendly option your skin craves. A natural skin care routine with exfoliating products in it is the way to achieve radiant and youthful skin without chemical peels. Bid adieu to repeat appointments and expensive treatments. Don’t risk the health and appearance of your skin.

Homemade facial peels are made of natural ingredients and they gently slough off dead skin cells and make way for new skin cells to shine through. This means no more rough and flaky facial skin―only baby-like soft and smooth skin that you will fall in love with. It also means dark spots and pigmentation fade naturally and safely.

The natural acids in these homemade options to chemical peels are all natural. They are derived from fresh ingredients that have “peeling” qualities. Read on for a list of natural alternatives to expensive chemical peels that you can try in the comfort of your home.

1. Glycolic Acid Natural Facial Peel

Used since time immemorial to brighten the complexion, glycolic acid is a member of the AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) family and is also a natural derivative of your favorite sugar cane. Ditch session after session at the dermatologist and try glycolic acid at home. This skin-friendly acid penetrates and loosens the surface layer of the skin; it also acts as a gentle exfoliator and thereby removes dead skin cells. Regular application of glycolic acid can work miracles on your skin tone. It can also lighten stubborn skin spots and slough away fine lines. This is why glycolic acid finds its way in our Papaya and Sugar Face Mask. It also helps cleanse skin pores and is hence used in acne remedies also.

Home Remedy

Pour a quarter cup of fresh powdered brown sugar into a mixing bowl. Do not use large granular sugar as it can graze your skin. Pour in 1/2 teaspoon of orange juice and stir the mixture till it turns into a uniform paste. Orange juice contains citric acid, which is in itself a type of AHA. Now add enough rosewater to make a thick paste. Use your

fingertips and dab the paste evenly on your skin using your fingertips in gentle circular motions. You may start from your nose and move out towards your hairline. Avoid your eyes and eyebrows. Let this peel stay for 15 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water. Immediately after use your toner, serum, and lotion to nourish your skin and prevent any dryness. This mask is easy to put together and renders a satisfying spa-like experience at your very home. Use 1-2 times a week.

2. Pumpkin Face Peel

Now, this is yet another option to a chemical peel that is inexpensive and combines the goodness of natural ingredients to give you soft and blemish-free skin in no time at all. The peel uses natural acids from the jack-o-lantern to gently exfoliate your skin. Pumpkin doesn’t just make yummy pies at Thanksgiving but also helps dissolve dull skin layers. Pumpkin is chock full of vitamins A, C, K, and E apart from alpha and beta-carotene. It also has traces of potassium, iron, and magnesium. It is no less than a magical potion for acne-prone skin and damaged skin too. Vitamins C and K help fade age and sun spots and brighten up a dull complexion. It also works wonders on hyperpigmentation. So if you want glowing skin you must try this remedy below:

Home Remedy

Throw in a cup of cooked pumpkin and a tablespoon of powdered brown sugar into a blender. Blend until you get a lump-free smooth paste. Or simply mash the ingredients using a spoon or your fingers to make a homogenous paste. Now apply this paste gently on your cleansed face and neck. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Pat dry using a dry soft towel. Apply toner, serum, and lotion after.

3. Baking Soda, Lemon, and Pineapple Peel

Pineapple and lemon together can help exfoliate dead skin cells. Pineapple does this due to the enzyme bromelain in it. Together with citric acid from lemon juice this pairing is an awesome option to a chemical peel. Baking soda can help deep clean clogged pores and that results in glowing skin.

Home Remedy

To one tablespoon of oat flour, add 8 drops each of pineapple and lemon juice. Add 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda. Any more baking soda and you will risk drying out your skin. Add almond milk to make a paste and apply on your skin. Wash in 12 minutes and follow with your toner, serum, and lotion. This can be used 1-2 times a week.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar Homemade Peel

We present to you just the homemade peel to reveal radiant skin in just an application. Try apple cider vinegar (ACV) with applesauce to do away with dark spots and dead skin cells.

Get ready to welcome glowing skin without a chemical peel. Apples are a natural source of malic acid, which not just boosts your immunity but also detoxifies metals from the body and helps maintain healthy skin. ACV, on the other hand, has natural acids that slough off dead skin cells. The acids in a facial peel made out of these two ingredients even out complexion and fade brown spots naturally. 

Home Remedy

You will need 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar (organic and unfiltered) and 1 tablespoon applesauce, preferably homemade. Combine the two in a bowl and set aside. Clear your face of all makeup and apply the mixture to your face and neck using your fingertips or a brush. Avoid the region around your eyes. Let this sit for at least 15 minutes before you wash off with some warm water and a soft cloth. Use this mask 1-2 times a week and always follow with your toner, serum, and lotion.

5. Tomato and Aloe Vera Face Peel

If you have sensitive skin and are in the hunt for a chemical peel alternative that is not harsh, you are in luck. Reach out for those good old tomatoes and let them work their magic in making your skin even and fading out dark spots, dullness and excess tan. Tomatoes also help in gently tightening your skin. Tomatoes are a natural source of sulfur that increases the rate at which the upper layers of your skin shed. Thus glowing skin is revealed without the need for a chemical peel. Aloe vera supplies plant hormones like auxins to your skin. These are known to help healthier skin cells surface quickly.

Best At Home Chemical Peels for Hyperpigmentation | SkinDeepr

Homemade Chemical Peel For Acne Scars

The road to glowing skin is paved with potent skincare products. From wrinkle-busting retinols to sun spot-banishing vitamin C serums, strategic use of high-performance skincare can keep your complexion clear, dewy, and more youthful-looking year-round. But there’s another secret to beautiful skin that shouldn’t be overlooked: proper exfoliation—not only because it ensures soft, radiant skin, but because it helps all of the other products you apply work better. And one of the most effective methods that you can incorporate into your regimen is an at-home chemical peel.

Less intense than in-office peels, at-home peels help break down the “glue” that keeps complexion-dulling dead skin cells hanging on. “Peels are intended to remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells, giving the face a smoother, more radiant appearance. They work to exfoliate top layers of cells and help clear up clogged pores, breakouts, dull skin, and dry skin,” explains dermatologist Dr. Howard Sobel. “They are also great for minimizing pores and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.”

To get the most out of an at-home peel without leaving your skin irritated from over-exfoliation, dermatologists recommend incorporating one into your regimen no more than twice a week. If you’re using a retinol product, take a break from it on the nights that you use a peel, and be sure to follow up with a rich moisturizer and, of course, sunscreen. While peels are a good option for most skin types, those with very sensitive skin could experience irritation and should consult a dermatologist before incorporating peels into their routine to determine the best timing and ingredients to use to get the glowing results you crave.

“Home chemical peels have to be necessarily gentle, so they can be used safely and regularly,” says dermatologist Dr. Linda Chung Honet. “I like recommending them as a boosting treatment between professional treatments in the office.”

Home peels come in a variety of formulations, from disposable pads to masks to overnight serums. It is important to bear in mind that both “chemical” and “peel” are slight misnomers—many of the key acids you’ll find in these products are derived from fruit, and you should not actually see any peeling in your skin. If you do, you’ve overdone it. Best practice is to look for options with AHAs such as glycolic, lactic, and citric acids as well as brightening ingredients such as vitamin C and ferulic acid. Below we’ve rounded up some of the home treatments dermatologists recommend to give your skin the clean sweep.

Best All-Around
TLC Sukari Babyfacial Mask

Drunk Elephant
With a blend of 25% AHAs (glycolic, tartaric, lactic, and citric acids) as well as 2% BHA (salicylic acid) to work both at the skin’s surface and down inside the pores, this putty-colored peel leaves skin looking and feeling smoother in 20 minutes, without overpowering sensitive complexions.

Bargain Buy
AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

The Ordinary
The high-octane ingredients found in peels mean that many versions also come with steep price tags. Not this bottle, which offers 30% AHAs and 2% BHA for maximum exfoliation on a shoestring budget.

Fastest Acting
30% Glycolic Acid Peel Concentrate

Sobel Skin Rx
If you’re ready to take on skincare like a pro, look no further than this 30% glycolic acid peel that will clear away dullness-inducing dead skin cells, help unblock pores, and boost your natural radiance in just two minutes.

Pro-Level Peel
Clinical Grade Resurfacing Liquid Peel

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare
When you’re ready to get serious about smoothing and brightening, this potent two-step peel offers dark spot eliminating power as well as redness-fighting soothers. Step one features lactic and glycolic acid and the pineapple-derived enzyme bromelian and can be customized depending on the amount that you apply. After just two minutes of exfoliation, apply step two which deactivates the peeling action with soothing oatmeal and green tea.

Best for Anti-Aging
Rapid Reveal Peel

These individually portioned tubes of high-potency lactic acid and caviar lime help resurface skin and give your natural collagen production a little nudge to make skin look firmer.

Best for Acne Scars
Rejuvenating Mini Peel Gel

With a 10.8 glycolic acid value, this straightforward gel peel (it has just 7 ingredients) is perfect for those who aren’t kidding around with their exfoliation routine. With regular use, it can also help smooth the appearance of uneven texture.

Best Natural Peel
Resurfacing Mask

Tata Harper
Famed for its farm-sourced ingredients, this best-selling mask uses BHA from willow bark and exfoliating pomegranate enzymes to wake up tired-looking skin.

Best for Fine Lines
Caviar Lime Acid Peel

Lancer Skincare
Australian caviar lime lends its peeling power to AHA glycolic acid, as well as brightening phytic acid and wrinkle fighting retinol for a do-it-all weekly peel.

Best for Travel
Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare
Travel can be tough on skin, but these convenient packets of pre-soaked peel wipes with glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acids make sure that you can maintain your glow on-the-go.

Most Splurge-Worthy
Glyco Extreme Peel

Natura Bissé
Washington, D.C.-based dermatologist Dr. Noëlle Sherber recommends this luxe, ultra-effective peel for a home glow. “It has a nice blend of 5 AHAs (glycolic, lactic, malic, tartaric, and citric acids) plus a BHA,” she says. “It also contains an enzyme that is more active at higher temperatures, so a pro tip is to use this on warm skin in the bath or shower for a more intense treatment. It also includes glycerin which is an excellent small molecule hydrator to prevent skin getting dehydrated and flaky.”

Dermatologist Recommended
AlphaRet Exfoliating Peel Pads

SkinBetter Science
Dermatologists love SkinBetter Science AlphaRet Exfoliating Peel Pads due to their unique formulation. “They are a great combination of retinoid with alpha-hydroxy and beta-hydroxy acids,” says Dr. Honet. “They are effective yet gentle enough to use at home 2-3 times a week and are well-suited for nearly every skincare regimen.”


Best for Acne
Max Complexion Correction Pads

Peter Thomas Roth
Though formulated to tackle acne—chiefly with 2% salicylic acid—these powerful pads are also super effective at whisking away the dryness that can cause fine lines, minimizing pores, and regulating oil production.

Best for Brighter Skin
1 oz. Gold Profection22 Mask

Ambari Beauty
This super-potent rinse-off treatment mask incorporates a blend of 22% AHAs, plus adaptogenic reishi mushroom and comforting CBD, to polish skin and boost glow in only 10-15 minutes.

Most Hydrating
Micro Peel Peptide Pads

Dr. Loretta
These anti-aging peel pads from Dr. Loretta incorporate plant peptides in the formulation, so that skin is receiving a hit of hydration and nourishment while also being treated with low pH medical grade 10% glycolic acid.

Best Overnight Option
KateCeuticals Resurfacing Overnight Peel

Kate Somerville
Wake up with a visibly brighter complexion after using an overnight treatment, such as this multi-tasker from Kate Somerville, which tackles dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and pores with glycolic acid, ceramide-encapsulated retinol, and niacinamide.

Best for Pores
Skin Perfecting 25% AHA + 2% BHA Exfoliant Peel

Paula’s Choice
In just 10 minutes, a combination of 25% AHAs and 2% BHA do just the trick to visibly brighten skin, refine texture, smooth any fine line and wrinkles, and unclog pores. Also, shoutout to the butterfly pea flower, which calms redness and soothes skin.

Easy Application
TCA Lactic & Glycolic Face Peel

Stacked Skincare
This multi-tasking, at-home peel has a lightweight, liquid texture that’s packed with five acids—including lactic and glycolic—that gently minimize dullness and dark spots, prevent acne, promote radiance, and soften fine lines. Even better? No rinsing required.

Natural Skin Peeling At Home

Glycolic acid is one of the stronger AHAs on the market, and is usually derived from sugarcane. Known for its anti-ageing properties, it helps fight fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. “Glycolic acid is also known for its antimicrobial properties and we have always raved about sugar being a natural exfoliant. This is where they come together. A sugar peel is highly effective for a plump looking and firm skin,” says Sethi. Take two tablespoons of sugar and honey. Add two to three tablespoons of water to it. Mix them all together and make a paste. Apply this mixture on the face evenly. Keep it for five minutes and rinse.

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