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How Long After A Tummy Tuck Can I Take A Bath

After your tummy tuck surgery, it is necessary to take care of yourself in order to avoid complications, but you should also be able to enjoy your new look and feel confident about your new body. As soon as you are comfortable with the pain level and can move around with minimal assistance, you can start bathing yourself.

Baths are good for you because they help reduce swelling and pain and promote healing. Bathing is also a great way to get a good look at your new body after surgery. After your first shower or bath, it is normal for there to be some bruising and swelling around the incision site. This is nothing to worry about; it should go away within a few days or weeks. If you have any questions or concerns about bathing or showering post-surgery, call our office for advice!

Read on to learn more. How Long After A Tummy Tuck Can I Take A Bath, How Long After Tummy Tuck Can You Have A Bath

How Long After A Tummy Tuck Can I Take A Bath

A tummy tuck (also called an abdominoplasty) focuses on reducing loose skin and fat from the abdomen and tightening the underlying muscles, making the waistline slimmer and more contoured. When combined with liposuction, tummy tucks provide women with the confidence they need to wear well-fitted outfits and feel their best in all kinds of social situations in New Orleans, LA.

While tummy tuck surgery does produce gorgeous body contouring results, many people are concerned about recovery. During this time, it’s important to be extremely careful with your body. One of the questions we get at New Orleans Plastic Surgery is when patients can take a bath after the surgery. Plastic and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Michelle Eagan addresses this concern below and encourages patients to get an assessment to learn more about post-operative care.

How is a tummy tuck done?

A tummy tuck procedure is done using general anesthesia. Dr. Eagan begins by placing a thin incision along the lower abdomen just above the pubic hairline. However, some patients may require a less invasive technique based on their needs. Once the loose skin is removed, we may employ a liposuction technique to remove small fat pockets. Finally, Dr. Eagan will tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall, creating a firmer midsection and flatter stomach.

What is involved with tummy tuck recovery?

All patients are informed about post-operative care before their procedure. This includes instructions about side effects, medications, and wearing a compression garment to reduce swelling. Patients should take time off from work after body contouring and avoid strenuous activities. Having a friend or loved one to assist with daily tasks will be extremely helpful, especially in the beginning when discomfort prevents you from standing upright or walking.

When can I take baths again?

Patients should not submerge their abdomen in water for up to six weeks after tummy tuck surgery and liposuction. This includes baths, swimming pools, and other bodies of water. Instead, take showers to wash the area with lukewarm water. We can provide information about gentle soaps and products you can use. When you’re not in the shower, keep the incision site clean and covered with a sterile bandage. This prevents complications, like infection.

A few tips about caring for incision site in the days and weeks after surgery in New Orleans:

  • Check the site daily for signs of infection, like redness and swelling
  • Avoid applying lotions or ointments to the wound unless directed by Dr. Eagan or the staff
  • Do not stretch out the skin
  • Avoid wearing constrictive clothing over the incision site
  • Light, gentle massaging when cleared by Dr. Eagan can help improve swelling

How can I speed the healing process?

New Orleans Plastic Surgery can recommend several ways to make recovery easier. For example, nutritious meals are essential during recovery. Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains will keep your body nourished and encourage wound healing.  Taking a multivitamin pill and vitamin C will aid in recover.  Decreasing salty and processed foods will also improve the way you feel. When it comes to workouts, we recommend avoiding intense or athletic activities that damage the skin. Instead, go for gentle walks. This will keep you active without stressing the tummy tuck incision site. –

Enjoy a safe tummy tuck recovery

Tummy tuck recovery is a critical time for rest and recuperation. Interested patients should schedule a body contouring consultation with Dr. Michelle Eagan. Our talented and dedicated surgeon will explain all aspects of the procedure, including loose skin removal and recovery. If you’re ready to look your best while enjoying optimal health and wellness in New Orleans, LA, contact New Orleans Plastic Surgery for a consultation.

How Long After Tummy Tuck Can I Take A Bath?

How Long After Tummy Tuck Can I Take A Bath?

A tummy tuck in Tijuana is also called an abdominoplasty in the industry. It reduces the loose skin around your abdomen and tightens your muscles. It makes you look slimmer and more contoured.

You can combine this with liposuction and other surgeries to achieve the look you’re going for. Tummy tuck surgery is one of the best things you can do for contouring your body. However, you also need to be careful in your recovery.

There are certain things you can do and not do after your operation. And you’re probably wondering “How long after tummy tuck can i take a bath?” So let’s talk about some post-operative care, specifically with regards to taking a bath.

What Is A Tummy Tuck?

Before getting into “when can I shower after a tummy tuck” let’s talk about what the procedure is. A tummy tuck is done with general anesthesia. Then the doctor places an incision along your lower abdomen.

It’s a minimally invasive procedure in which they remove loose skin and take out small fat pockets. Ultimately, you have a flatter, firmer stomach.

What Is Involved With Tummy Tucks?

There are certain side effects and medications and procedures that you should know about after your tummy tuck. Your doctor will consult with you to tell you what your specific condition requires.

However, in general, you should avoid strenuous physical activity. You might find it helpful to have somebody help you with daily tasks around the house or otherwise.

When Can I Take A Bath After Tummy Tuck?

So finally let’s cover “when can I shower after my tummy tuck?”One of the common questions people ask is when they can take a bath after a tummy tuck. In general, you should wait at least six weeks after your tummy tuck surgery to take a bath again.

This includes immersing yourself in other types of water. For instance, you shouldn’t go swimming in a lake, pool, or ocean for six weeks as well. Also avoid super hot water like that of a jacuzzi or hot tub.

It’s best to use lukewarm water. Your surgeon can inform you about certain soaps that are healthy to use while you’re in your recovery period. Keep your incision covered with a bandage during the period of your recovery as well.

You should also check for signs of infection like swelling or redness. Apply lotions to your skin and avoid stretching it out. Don’t wear clothes that are too restrictive over the incision.

So to answer the question specifically regarding “when can I take a bath after a tummy tuck” you should wait a few weeks at a minimum.

Ways To Speed Up The Healing Process

A better question than “when can you take a bath after tummy tuck” is how to speed up the process. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is a great way to make your healing process go faster. Lean proteins and whole grains are another way that will help your recovery process.

Using a multivitamin pill like vitamin C is also helpful. Try to avoid salty food or processed foods. These may not be as appropriate for your skin during your recovery.

When Can You Shower After Tummy Tuck — Summary

Reach out to the doctors at Hospital BC today. Our dedicated weight loss surgeons will help you understand your options with regards to looking your best.

In addition, they’ll provide optimal recovery techniques so that you can get back to feeling normal as soon as possible. Even though you’ll wait a few weeks until the first shower after a tummy tuck, the process is well worth the results.


Beautiful young woman smiling during sleeping while lying in the bed at home (model)

If you are contemplating a tummy tuck, you probably have several questions about the recovery stage. Most people, for example, want to know how to sleep after a tummy tuck without straining their incisions. Fortunately, there are many ways to comfortably rest after your tummy tuck without sleeping on your stomach or side. In this post, I’ll offer some tips for relaxing and sleeping after your procedure.

Sleep on Your Back

The best position to sleep after your tummy tuck is on your back. This position might be uncomfortable if you usually sleep on your side or stomach, but most patients get used to this position quickly. Sleeping on your stomach or side can strain your incisions and result in post-operative complications. If you have trouble sleeping on your back, try sleeping in a recliner. Recliners won’t allow you to move or roll over inadvertently while you’re sleeping, and they often make it easier to get up in the morning. You can also use pillows or rolled-up towels under your knees to support your lower back and around your sides to anchor your position and make you feel more comfortable.

Sleep With Your Upper Body Elevated

Along with sleeping on your back, it’s important to keep your head and upper body elevated when you sleep or rest. Elevating your upper body keeps your midsection in a slightly bent position, preventing strain on your incisions. Sleeping on propped-up pillows, a pillow wedge, or in a recliner are easy ways to keep your upper body elevated while you sleep. The length of time to sleep with your body elevated will depend on whether you have a mini tummy tuck or a full tummy tuck. After a full tummy tuck, you usually need to sleep with your head elevated for around 4 to 6 weeks. Most people with mini tummy tucks need to sleep elevated for 1 to 3 weeks.

How Long Do I Have To Sleep On My Back?

If sleeping on your back is not naturally comfortable, you will be eager to know when you can sleep in your usual position. Typically, you will need to sleep on your back anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks or longer. Your plastic surgeon will be the best guide on this subject. You should not resume sleeping on your stomach or side until your plastic surgeon says it’s OK. Sleeping on your stomach too soon can strain your incision and affect your tummy tuck results. Protecting your tummy tuck results with a few weeks of back-sleeping will be worth it, as you can see in some of our patients’ tummy tuck before and after photos.

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