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How Long Do You Use Smile Direct Club Teeth Whitening

Smile Direct Club is a teeth whitening system that can be used in the comfort of your own home, and it’s quickly becoming the most popular teeth-whitening service in the country.

The company was founded by David Perlow, who wanted to make teeth whitening more accessible for everyone. And he did it! Now, you can get professional-grade whitening from home with just one kit, and it only takes about 30 minutes to use.

In this blog post we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about how often to use smile direct club whitening and Bright on smile instructions

How Long Do You Use Smile Direct Club Teeth Whitening

These bright on pens contain the same enamel-safe whitening agent used by dentists – for less than half the cost. The no-mess brush applicator lets you paint the gel directly onto your teeth. Use for just a week – once in the morning and once in the evening – and enjoy whiter teeth for 6 months. Then rinse and repeat 6 months from now because you get 2 full treatments (a year’s supply total). Start now, and get ready to show off your best, brightest smile. 

  • 8 pens for 1 year of whitening
  • 2 full 1 week treatments
  • Results last up to 6 months, per 1 week treatment
  • Up to 9 shades whiter in just one week1
  • Same enamel-safe whitening agent used by dentists
  • Whitens with low to no sensitivity
  • Helps remove years of tough stains

A better way to whiten is here.

  • LED accelerator light sold separately


  • 8 pens for 1 year of whitening
  • 2 full 1 week treatments
  • Results last up to 6 months per 1 week treatment
  • Use just 5 minutes, twice daily for one week
  • Up to 9 shades whiter in just one week1
  • Helps remove years of tough stains in just 1 week
  • Same enamel-safe whitening agent used by dentists
  • No-mess brush applicator
  • Fast-absorbing gel
  • Cool mint flavor


  • Make sure to brush your teeth before starting – it’ll help the teeth whitening absorb better.
  • Remove the cap and slowly twist the bottom of the pin until you see a droplet of gel form in the brush.
  • Brush the gel on your 6 top and 6 bottom front teeth in a circular motion. The gel will foam and penetrate your teeth. Continue to slowly twist the bottom of the pen to dispense more gel as needed until your 6 top and 6 bottom teeth are covered.
  • After 5 minutes, spit out the excess foam if needed – but don’t rinse. Do not rinse, eat or drink for 20 minutes after you’re done with whitening. The teeth whitening will continue to absorb into your teeth.
  • Last but not least, go forth and shine.

Bright On Smile Instructions

It takes only four bright on pens to whiten your smile, and most users see results within a week. For a continuously bright smile, whiten for one week every six months.

We’re proud of the fact that bright on is also vegan, gluten-free and soy-free. Plus, it comes in a cool mint flavor. Here’s how to whiten your teeth with bright on — and transform your life, starting with your smile.

How to whiten teeth with bright on™ premium teeth whitening:

  1. Use morning and evening daily for one week.
  2. Brush teeth first, but do not floss.
  3. Open the bright on pen and slowly twist the bottom until gel is visible on the brush.
  4. Brush the gel onto your front top and bottom teeth in a circular motion and wear for five minutes. Avoid putting gel on your gums. The gel will lightly foam as it penetrates.
  5. After five minutes, spit out the excess foam. Do not rinse, eat or drink for 20 minutes.

How Often To Use Smile Direct Club Whitening

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  • SmileDirectClub’s $74 Teeth Whitening Kit is said to work three times faster than whitening strips. It uses the same safe, effective whitening agent as a dentist’s office, but costs much less than a professional treatment.
  • I used it, and after a few applications, my teeth were about three shades whiter — the formula didn’t cause any tooth sensitivity either. 
  • For more options to consider, read the Insider Picks Buying Guide to the best teeth whitening kits you can buy. 

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Whether it’s coffee, smoking, red wine, soy sauce, or the inexorable compounding of time, your teeth take quite a beating from everyday life. Even if you brush and floss the recommended amount with the aid of whitening toothpaste, the simple act of being alive seems to be in constant opposition to a bright, white smile.

Unfortunately, your smile is one of the first things people notice. In the seconds it takes your brain to assemble its first impression, one’s smile often lands the leading role. Thankfully, the availability of cheap, effective whitening kits has made white teeth both more common and more taken for granted. While still semi-cosmetic, the act of whitening has started to blend into a wider definition of oral hygiene. 

Recently, the same startup known for online braces has released an at-home LED teeth whitening kit. Like its 3D-printed clear aligners, SmileDirectClub’s $74 kit is supposed to deliver the advantages of a dentist’s office at about 60% less cost. The LED kit is estimated to be three times faster than whitening strips.

To see if it’s actually effective, I tested the $74 Whitening Kit myself. It comes with nine whitening pens (what the startup estimates as two full whitening treatments) and an LED mouthguard and storing case. It reminded me of the much more expensive but effective $199 Glo Brilliant Whitening Device, which also uses an LED mouthpiece to act as a catalyst for hydrogen peroxide. 

To use, you twist one of the whitening pens to drive the gel to the applicator, apply it to your teeth evenly (avoiding gums), and pop in the mouthguard with its LED accelerator light. After five minutes, you remove the light and unplug it from your phone. Spit out the excess foam and use lukewarm water to rinse the mouthguard. Do this morning and evening. Avoid eating foods that can stain your teeth for 24 hours. According to SmileDirectClub, you should whiten for one week every six months. 

In person, the device is well-designed and easy to use. The LED light mouthguard is hands-free and smart-phone powered (iPhone or Android), so you can be tethered to your phone rather than an outlet. It requires minimal battery power to run, and this solves any issues with needing to charge a device before using — a con of the Glo Brilliant device. SmileDirectClub says the nine whitening pens should equal two full treatments (plus a bonus pen), but I found their estimates to be extremely conservative — even with evenly coating my teeth in gel, I got about four times more use out of the pens than expected. Once you run out, a replacement of whitening pens is $29 for four. 

You could technically just buy the whitening pens and use them without the mouthpiece to save money initially, but it’s the LED light — and how the hydrogen peroxide reacts to it — that is likely to give you the best results. If you’re not interested in the LED mouthguard, you may just want to stick to strips. 

SmileDirectClub’s formula is the same enamel-safe formula dentists use, but it’s supposed to break down to about $40 per treatment (which, in my experience, was closer to $20). It’s safe to use on crowns, veneers, and caps, and the formula is lactose-, soy-, and gluten-free, as well as vegan.

In short, SmileDirectClub’s Whitening Kit does work. It made my teeth whiter after one day’s worth of sessions and continued to make them more even and bright with ongoing use. After continual applications, my teeth were about two to three shades whiter. Since I didn’t begin with intense discoloration, I mostly noticed an evening in tone — my teeth are brighter, and the white is more universal and intense. I didn’t notice any increased tooth sensitivity, and the process was easy, clean, and relatively intuitive. However, you do have to be willing to use it routinely.

All in all, it’s a good option if you’re considering it. SmileDirectClub is $74 and white strips are $30 on a good day, but it’s far cheaper than another prominent LED system (Glo Science) and you can eek out more uses of the whitening pens than the company estimates. It’s also faster to use, as four five minute sessions broken up feel a lot more bearable than one 30-minute session. It’s even convenient to multitask with it in so you can fit it into a morning routine without much effort. And, most important to me aside from efficacy, it didn’t make my gums tender or my teeth ache. 

If you’re looking for fast, noticeable results that are relatively easy to fit into your life, SmileDirectClub’s whitening kit is worth checking out.

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