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How Long Should I Wear A Strap After Breast Augmentation

The recovery process after breast augmentation can be a bit confusing.

There are a few factors that affect how long you need to wear the strap after surgery. In general, most surgeons recommend wearing the strap for 4 weeks. Some surgeons may even recommend wearing it for up to 6 weeks if they feel it is necessary.

The main reason why most surgeons recommend wearing the strap for 4-6 weeks is because this allows enough time for all of the swelling and fluid retention to subside.

In this article we will discuss about how tight should compression band be after breast augmentation and how long to wear ace bandage after breast augmentation

How Long Should I Wear A Strap After Breast Augmentation

The breast band is typically worn immediately after the surgery for a period of time that may range from a week to a few weeks, depending on the doctor’s instructions. During the initial period of post-op, wear this band constantly (even while sleeping) and only remove it when you need to shower. The breast band is worn above the top of the implant. Remember, your implants will ride high on your chest initially, and the breast band (accompanied by massage later on) will help the implant move down into place by using pressure. The breast band can be worn alone or with a support bra. Many patients prefer wearing a breast band with a support bra on top of it. It is recommended to wear loose-fitting clothing over the band.

Timeline for wearing post breast surgery support garments

First stage

Following a surgical procedure involving your breasts, your body sends excess blood to your breasts to promote their healing, which results in excess fluid being built up in surrounding tissues and causing them to swell. The fluid used during general anaesthesia may add up to the swelling as well.

Stage one garments help in this phase immediately following the surgery. These garments should be worn for two to four weeks after surgery. It allows for easy drainage of excess fluid from your breasts into the lymphatic system, reducing swelling and bruising in your breasts. Post-operative compressive bras have front fastening, making them easy to open without having to extend your arms to remove them. Stage one garments need to be worn round the clock and taken out only while taking a shower.

The Second Stage

In the second stage of your recovery, when your body does not create as much fluid, stage two garments are worn. It provides support to the newly contoured breast size and shape. Stage two garments are comfortable compressive sports bras. Using sports bras without underwire makes recovery more comfortable.

These help in long-term recovery following surgery. You do not need to wear these garments throughout the day. Stage two garments can be used long-term and provide similar compression to stage one garment. Also, these garments can be worn easily used as under clothing. These bras should be ideally worn till you completely recover.

How Tight Should Compression Band Be After Breast Augmentation

The compression bras should be comfortable yet be able to exert adequate pressure to support your breasts and implants in position. It should not be too tight. Wearing too-tight compression garments cause more harm than good.
Wearing too tight compressive bras can jeopardize blood supply to your breasts, thus interfering with your breast recovery process following the surgery. It may result in it discolouration and hyperpigmentation around your breasts.

How to choose the BEST breast surgery support garment

Breast Surgery will require you to wear a compression garment for two to three weeks or as recommended by your surgeon. Choosing a high-quality compression garment will aid in early and smooth post-operative recovery and alleviation of post-operative pain and swelling.

A high-quality compression garment is essential for early recovery and comfort following the surgery. Six other features to consider before getting compression garments for your breasts include:

  • Bras with Front closure: These bras are easier to adjust and remove with minimal breast movement, helping in early recovery.
  • Compressive bras with no underwire: Underwire in the bra can cause discomfort to your breasts—select bras with no underwire for maximum comfort during your recovery.
  • Compression garments with breathable materials provide you comfort by reducing sweating and maintaining proper ventilation in your breasts. In comparison, poor garment materials can lead to moisture buildup and infection.
  • Bras with an Adjustable strap make it easy to adjust your bra easily during the recovery phase.
  • Your bra should hold your implants in place without exerting excessive pressure on any one particular area. So it would help if you chose bras that exert adequate pressure yet are comfortable as they need to be worn round the clock.
  • Bras made of Materials with good antibacterial properties that prevent bacterial growth on your breasts and the offensive odor that accompanies it.

A comfortable and breathable bra of good quality that can be easily adjusted and supports your new breast shape and size can help you recover quicker following breast surgeries.

Are there any other ways to reduce breast swelling in addition to compression garments following surgery?

There are a few things you can do in addition to using compression garments to minimize excessive swelling and fluid collection occurring after breast surgery; few methods that can help are:

  • Applying cold compresses around your breast for a few days following surgery. Ice should not be applied directly to the skin; rather, it should be covered in cloth and applied for a few minutes intermittently throughout the first two post-operative days.
  • Raising your upper body at an angle of 30 degrees while sitting or reducing swelling caused by fluid retention by draining it towards the heart.
  • Avoiding salty foods: Salty foods hold water and cause water retention in the body, resulting in body swelling.
  • Avoiding the use of diuretics.

How Long To Wear Ace Bandage After Breast Augmentation

Please notify the office if you experience fever, chills, redness or unusual swelling after your surgery.
Please finish taking all of your antibiotics as prescribed. Often, eating yoghurt may help to alleviate some of the side effects of antibiotics. If you are prescribed narcotics for pain management, it is important to stay well hydrated, and increase fruits and vegetables in your diet to minimise the constipating side effects of the narcotic.
Please avoid strenuous upper arm/chest muscle exercises for 6 weeks after surgery. Please limit lifting to not greater than 10 lbs.
You may remove the surgical bra and ACE wrap 24 hours after surgery for one hour. It is recommended that you maintain the ACE wrap for 24 hours a day for 7 days.

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