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How Long To Wear Bandeau After Breast Augmentation

The breast band is typically worn immediately after the surgery for a period of time that may range from a week to a few weeks, depending on the doctor’s instructions. During the initial period of post-op, wear this band constantly (even while sleeping) and only remove it when you need to shower. The breast band is worn above the top of the implant. Remember, your implants will ride high on your chest initially, and the breast band (accompanied by massage later on) will help the implant move down into place by using pressure. The breast band can be worn alone or with a support bra. Many patients prefer wearing a breast band with a support bra on top of it. It is recommended to wear loose-fitting clothing over the band.

This post provides relevant information regarding how to wear a band after breast augmentation and how tight should compression band be after breast augmentation.

How Long To Wear Bandeau After Breast Augmentation

After breast augmentation, the post-op care varies somewhat from surgeon to surgeon. But, one of the things that you have to be careful of is allowing the implant to ride up and sit high. Things are very tight down here when you put a breast implant in and that tight tissue tends to make the implant sit too high and it’s going to take a long time for that to stretch and drop down. So, most plastic surgeons today use what’s called a “bandeau.” It’s a white elastic strap that runs across the top of the implant that kind of holds it down for the first week. At least, the first week for me. After the first week, they should be down where they’re supposed to be. Some people may use it longer, but that seems to work okay.

The other issue is bleeding. So, the first week after surgery, really the first two weeks, bleeding is the biggest issue. And so, what I personally use, is an ace bandage, like a six-inch wide ace bandage, wrapped around the chest to provide compression. So, that compression, along with the strap on the top, holds the implant, provides pressure, and kind of keeps things from going south in that first week to two weeks.

After that, it’s all about tissue stretch and that’s a nine-month process for the implants. I’ve seen several places on the internet where people talk about the, “drop and fluff.” It’s really your tissue stretching. Implants are already dropped but where the muscle was really swollen, it fades and makes it look like things have dropped down. That’s about a six-week process before you get a good shape.

Most women share a common morning routine: wake up, take a shower, put on a bra. Every day, rain or shine, wearing a bra is a constant reality for women. But is it actually necessary? Following breast augmentation surgery, you may find that your breasts are more attractive and perkier than they were before your procedure. Do you really need to wear that bra every day? And if not, when can you safely go braless?

While forgoing a bra for the occasional backless cocktail dress won’t likely ruin your breast implants, avoiding a bra for extended periods of time is not recommended. Your breasts are in a daily fight against gravity. The support of a bra is essential in this battle.

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t consider going braless for at least six weeks after breast augmentation. Your breasts need to be thoroughly supported during this time to ensure optimal healing. After six weeks, you may occasionally go braless, but try to keep this to special occasions, and don’t make it a habit.

Wearing a Bra After Breast Augmentation

A variety of factors can contribute to breast ptosis, or sagging. Age, genetics, breast size and bra-wearing habits can all affect the perkiness of the breasts. Women with large breasts, or large breast implants, are more susceptible to the effects of gravity and breast sagging.

Immediately following breast augmentation surgery, bras are essential to a good recovery. Discuss your options with your breast surgeon. Some of the best bras to wear after breast surgery include:

  • Compression bra: Compression bras are generally recommended after breast augmentation to protect incision areas. They are typically softer than regular bras, and provide increased stability to prevent movement.
  • Underwire-free bra: Underwire bras offer great support, but they may do more harm than good during your breast augmentation recovery. This is because the sturdy wire may irritate your healing incisions. Bras that do not have underwires are softer on your breasts and allow them to heal without irritation.
  • Front-closure bra: Bras that close in the front are more comfortable and offer ideal support to your breasts while your incisions heal. They also provide the necessary compression to optimize healing.
  • Adjustable straps and thick bands: After breast augmentation, you may need to adjust your straps from time to time due to swelling. Bras with front-adjustable straps allow you to make necessary adjustments without having to take off your bra. Thick bands are necessary to give additional support beneath the breasts.

While your initial healing period may only take a few weeks, it can take several months for swelling to subside and your breasts to completely stabilize. This may result in you wearing multiple bra sizes. For this reason, it may be a good idea to stick to basic styles that don’t cost too much.

Once you’ve achieved your final results, you may find it beneficial to be professionally fitted for a bra to ensure an ideal fit and maximum comfort that best complements your attractive new figure.

How to Wear Compression Band After Breast Augmentation

Postoperatively, the breast band plays an essential role in ensuring that the implants are placed correctly. In the beginning, implants can ride high on the chest; however, by wearing the breast band over the implant, pressure can be applied to lower it into the ideal position. As a result, the patient may get results that appear more realistic. It is possible to hasten the settling of the implants by massaging the breasts in addition to wearing the band.

Breast bands are available to patients in two different styles: standalone and with a support bra. Because it provides extra support and stability, many people find that wearing a support bra over their breast band is more comfortable. Keep yourself as comfortable as possible while wearing the band by using loose-fitting garments. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about friction or pain from wearing tighter apparel.

Patients should listen to their surgeon when they say how long they should wear the breast band for the best outcomes. The amount of hours per day that it must be worn or the amount of time that must pass after surgery are also factors that may be considered. By adhering to these instructions, you may hasten the healing process and get the most out of your breast augmentation surgery.

Patients getting breast implants will find the breast band to be an invaluable tool. Implants seem more natural when they have settled into place with the aid of this device, which applies pressure and provides support. Patients undergoing breast augmentation postoperative care should not be without the breast band, whether they want to use it alone or in conjunction with a support bra. If you want your breast band procedure to go well, be sure to follow your surgeon’s instructions to the letter.

How Tight Should Compression Band Be After Breast Augmentation

The compression bras should be comfortable yet be able to exert adequate pressure to support your breasts and implants in position. It should not be too tight. Wearing too-tight compression garments cause more harm than good.
Wearing too tight compressive bras can jeopardize blood supply to your breasts, thus interfering with your breast recovery process following the surgery. It may result in it discolouration and hyperpigmentation around your breasts.

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