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How To Use Auraglow Teeth Whitening Kit

Aurbrow is a leading provider of teeth whitening products. The company’s product line includes everything from toothbrushes to toothpastes and mouthwash, as well as the Auraglow Teeth Whitening Kit.

The Auraglow Teeth Whitening Kit comes in a box containing two bottles of whitening gel, a pair of protective goggles, a mouth tray, and an LED light. People who want to whiten their teeth without having to schedule an appointment at the dentist’s office or spend a fortune on pricey treatments can use the Auraglow Teeth Whitening Kit at home.

Aurbrow offers a money back guarantee for all of its products, including the Auraglow Teeth Whitening Kit. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason within 30 days of receiving it, you can simply return it for a full refund.

You may find it hard to access the right information on the internet, so we are here to help you in the following article, providing the best and updated information on how to use Auraglow teeth whitening pen and best teeth whitening led light.

How To Use Auraglow Teeth Whitening Kit

Americans have an obsession with obtaining a brighter, whiter smile—and it shows. Teeth whitening is a $1 billion industry, with the average professional session estimated to cost nearly $650. While we love our pearly whites, we don’t really love the idea of spending a fortune on them.

But there’s another way to get the smile of your dreams without a visit to the dentist’s office: AuraGlow’s Teeth Whitening Kit .The powerful at-home treatment has accumulated more than 13,000 perfect ratings from reviewers that say it’s removed years of stains from wine, coffee, and cigarettes—and it’s even taken the spot as Amazon’s best-selling teeth whitening kit. Here’s what makes it stand out from other options.

Most importantly, the whitening gel is made with 35% carbamide peroxide rather than only hydrogen peroxide like other treatments. It’s a combination of urea and hydrogen peroxide, which has been proven slightly more effective at whitening teeth than hydrogen peroxide alone, according to a 2016 study published in Clinical Oral Investigations.

While the dosage might seem high, the carbamide peroxide breaks down to just 10% hydrogen peroxide, which is within the limits previously recommended to Health by Scott Cayouette, DMD, a Charleston-based dentist and fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry. The rest of the ingredients in the USA-made gel are vegan, kosher, and gluten-free, too.

Along with a top-notch whitening formula, the kit comes with a powerful LED light to speed up the whitening process. It’s packed with 5 bulbs and has a built-in timer to measure out 10-minute increments so you can opt for the full 30-minute treatment or an express version. Plus, the light is attached to the whitening tray to keep the entire experience hands-free.

Auraglow teeth whitening kit amazon

Auraglow Teeth Whitening Kit Review

Each kit comes with enough whitening gel for more than 20 treatments. However, reviewers say their teeth were noticeably whiter with just one treatment and they often had gel leftover after deciding their teeth were white enough. Luckily, reviewers also say the whitening effects last months, if not years, so it’ll be awhile before your next treatment.

While the kit has tons of glowing reviews—from people with sensitive teeth, receding gums, and root canals—the true effect of a whitening product is best seen in the before and after photos. Needless to say, this kit has hundreds from customers who couldn’t believe the difference in their smiles, with some even reporting the whitest teeth of their lives.

Auraglow Teeth Whitening Kit Before and After

Best of all, the whitening kit costs just $60, a fraction of the price of in-office treatments. Better yet, you can score it for 50% off right now as part of an Amazon Deal of the Day. But you’ll have to hurry: The deal ends at 2:55 a.m. EST, taking this unbeatable price with it.

LED Light Teeth Whitening Kit
Ditch low-quality teeth whitening lights with 1 LED bulb and experience our 5x more powerful blue LED accelerator light that delivers faster whitening results. The light attaches to the mouth tray and shines directly onto the teeth to accelerate the whitening gel process.

For your convenience, the light beeps in 10 minute intervals so you don’t have to look at a clock or keep track of time during each whitening session.

Benefits of AuraGlow LED Accelerator Light

  • 5 powerful LED lights
  • Speeds up whitening results
  • Built-in 10 minute timer with beeper
  • Attaches to mouth tray for hands-free whitening
  • Cool light technology means it will NOT cause sensitivity
  • Batteries included (24-48 hours of use)

How We Test Teeth Whitening Products

The Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab rigorously tests all types of teeth whitening products, including toothpastes, strips, pens and more. In the Lab, scientists measure testers’ tooth shades under standardized lighting before and after using a label-masked teeth whitening product as directed over a specified time period to gauge changes in tooth color. Testers also evaluate the products at home on factors such as ease of use, flavor, tooth sensitivity, cleaning efficacy (if applicable) and perceived whitening effects. Beauty Lab scientists then tally hundreds of data points to find out whether each product performs before determining the best whitening kits.

What at-home teeth whiteners really work?

There are four main options for teeth whitening at home: whitening strips and trays, LED light devices, pens or gels and toothpastes. Here’s a guide to what differentiates each of the options and how they function so you can choose the right form for you, according to the dental experts:

✔️Whitening strips and trays: These kits contain a plastic strip, tray or mold, which is used to apply the bleaching ingredient hydrogen peroxide directly to teeth. Each session lasts 30 minutes to two hours (follow the directions on the teeth whitening kit’s packaging for how to use), so results can be visible in one day, though you’ll need up to three weeks of repeated application for full results. If you want to make your teeth white fast or you want to turn yellow teeth white, strips are one of the most effective OTC teeth whiteners, as the active ingredient is left on teeth for an extended period of time.

✔️Whitening light devices: A whitening agent is directly applied to teeth; then a blue LED light is held over them to increase penetration and accelerate results. Like teeth whitening strips, light devices are very effective because of the amount of time the active ingredient makes full contact with your teeth.

✔️Whitening pens or gels: These formulas contain the active teeth lightening ingredient hydrogen peroxide in a pen or gel form that you glide over your teeth to whiten them. Some are left on teeth (even created to be left on overnight), while others are meant to be rinsed off. Because the ingredients can be diluted or washed away in your mouth over time, the whitening results are generally more moderate.

✔️Whitening toothpastes: Pastes typically contain mild abrasives like hydrated silica, sodium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate to polish and remove surface stains and/or low concentrations of the active teeth whitening ingredient hydrogen peroxide to bleach teeth. “Most conventional whitening toothpastes largely work by using an abrasive called silica to mechanically scrape stains off of teeth, hence the ‘whitened’ result, not by actual bleaching,” explains Justin Rashbaum, DMD, a general and cosmetic dentist in New York City for Supersmile. Look for pastes that contain hydrogen peroxide if you want noticeable results. You can expect to see visible effects after five or more days of twice-daily use, but only expect minimal to moderate whitening results, due to lower levels of bleaching ingredients.

How to use teeth whitening kit

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Tooth Whitening (bleaching) gel will only whiten natural teeth. It will NOT bleach (whiten) or harm bonding, caps, crowns, bridges, fillings, or any other artificial dental work. You may have to have the dentistry redone to match your new white teeth. Tetracycline (an antibiotic)-stained or grayish teeth are more difficult to bleach and have a varied prognosis. The exposed root portion of teeth, which occurs with gum recession, will also not bleach. If you have amalgam (silver) fillings in, near or behind the front teeth, long term bleaching can cause the surrounding tooth to have a greenish tinge. Bleaching teeth that are see-through can cause the teeth to become even more translucent and may give the tooth a darker appearance. It is essential to consult a dentist if you have any of the above concerns.


Your teeth or gums will most likely become sensitive. It’s common when using all products containing peroxide-based gels, and it is not harmful. In case of increased sensitivity, reduce usage time or frequency until the sensitivity subsides. Due to the high prevalence of sensitivity, recommends the routine use of Dr. Collins BioMin Restore Toothpaste before and after using bleaching products.


Keep bleaching gel out of reach of children. Do NOT use if pregnant or during nursing. Do NOT smoke, drink or eat while bleaching your teeth.


DENTAL WHITENING GEL SHOULD BE REFRIGERATED FOR LONG TERM STORAGE. Shelf life is typically one year un-refrigerated and two years refrigerated (Nite White and Day White have a 2 year un-refrigerated shelf life.)

Please read the manufacturers instructions and use this as a friendly guide in addition to the manufacturers instructions.


  1. Two weeks before bleaching, brush your teeth regularly with a desensitizing toothpaste like Dr. Collins BioMin Restore Toothpaste. 
  2. After brushing for a few days, wear your EMPTY bleaching trays alone for a few hours or even overnight.
  3. After wearing the empty trays, fill them with Relief ACP Desensitizing Gel for 1 hour before bleaching. Alternatively, dentists also recommend placing desensitizing toothpaste like BioMin Restore in the tray.
  4. After getting used to having the trays in your mouth, remove any desensitizing toothpaste or gel before putting the bleaching material in the tray. DO NOT MIX bleaching material and desensitizing material. Please refer to the bleaching instructions:


It’s important that you apply the teeth whitening gel properly in order not to waste any of the gel and so that you experience the least amount of sensitivity while using the gel.


Brush and floss right before bleaching your teeth. Whitening products are most effective with clean teeth. Try the trays in first without any beach to check the fit and comfort. Make sure that the bleaching trays are clean and dry before applying the whitening gel. Moisture reduces the efficiency of the whitening gel and slows down the whitening process.


When you apply the gel, make sure not to fill the trays. Place a SMALL drop of tooth whitening gel halfway inside on the front surface of the tray. DO NOT spread the bleach around. It should just be in front of each tooth in the tray. Recap the syringe for the next treatment until empty. 

The average treatment per arch requires approximately 0.5ml of whitening gel. We recommend that you only bleach the front 6-8 teeth since no one sees the back teeth.


Insert the whitening tray in your mouth over your teeth. Seat the tray firmly against your teeth. Wipe any excess gel that seeps onto your gums with your finger or with a tissue. Wear the tray with the gel as directed below.


We recommend that if you haven’t used whitening products before, use for 30 minutes to 1 hour the first time. You may increase the wearing time if there is little or no tooth sensitivity.

General manufacturers recommended wearing times are:

For Carbamide Peroxide Bleaching Gels:

  • 10%, 15% or 16% strength can be used 2 to 4 hours once or twice/day. You can keep it in overnight while sleeping if you don’t experience major sensitivity after initial applications.
  • 20-22% bleaching gel: use for 30 minutes to 1 hour once or twice per day. DO NOT exceed 1 hr/application.

For Hydrogen Peroxide Bleaching Gels:

  • Day White and Hydrogen Peroxide Bleaching gel can ONLY be used for 30 mins to 1 hour.


Remove the tray and rinse off your teeth. Brush any remaining gel away. Brush, floss, and continue routine dental cleaning. Apply desensitizing gel and use BioMin Restore if your teeth become too sensitive. Repeat steps 1 through 4 again using the desensitizing gel.


Clean the whitening trays with a toothbrush or Q-tip and cold water. Store trays in the tray holder and gel in a cool and dry place away from heat and direct sunlight. The gel may be refrigerated to prolong the shelf life, but do not freeze.

DENTAL WHITENING GEL SHOULD BE REFRIGERATED FOR LONG TERM STORAGE. Shelf life is typically one year un-refrigerated and two years refrigerated (Nite White and Day White have a 2 year un-refrigerated shelf life.)

Please read the manufacturers instructions and use this as a friendly guide in addition to the manufacturers instructions.


  • On average, desired level of whitening results are achieved after 20–30 cumulative sessions of wear-time.
  • Continue brushing your teeth with Dr. Collins BioMin Restore Toothpaste in between bleaching.
  • Longer wear times create faster whitening results but can also result in more sensitivity without the proper precautions being followed.
  • Faster results can be achieved with higher concentrations of Carbamide Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide but can also result in more sensitivity without the proper precautions being followed.
  • 50% of the bleaching takes place in the first 1-2 hours.
  • We highly recommend you bleach the top teeth first (one tray at a time) and use a low strength percentage of bleaching gel. Use 10% carbamide peroxide (CP) to start.
  • Repeat the cycle daily. If you don’t experience any significant issues with sensitivity, you may replace 10% CP with a higher concentration to possibly shorten the bleaching time.
  • If you have sensitivity after bleaching, do some of the following:
  • Skip a night/day or two of bleaching, and start again.
  • Start with 30 minutes and increase the wearing time if you experience no sensitivity.
  • Most effective is to place Relief ACP Desensitizing Gel or Dr. Collins BioMin Restore Toothpaste inside the tray after bleaching. Do NOT mix desensitizing material with bleaching gel.
  • Use alternate applications of the tray. Use desensitizing material before and after using bleaching products.

Auraglow Teeth Whitening Pen


If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to brighten up your smile, a teeth whitening kit might be the way to go. You don’t need any special tools or ingredients—just this simple guide! There are three steps (cleaning, gel application, and accelerator light placement) that will help you get the best results from your auraglow teeth whitening kit. With these simple tips, you can get the bright white smile of your dreams in no time:

Teeth whitening kits

If you’re looking for a way to get whiter teeth, but don’t want to spend money on an expensive dentist appointment, then we have the perfect solution for you! With Aruglow products, anyone can achieve a beautiful smile by using their easy-to-use teeth whitening kits.

Here are five reasons why using this product is so great:

  • Teeth whitening kits are easy to use.
  • Teeth whitening kits are safe and affordable for everyone at home use or professional dental office use on patients who have been examined by their dentist to ensure suitability of the process before starting treatment (if applicable).
  • Teeth whitening kits can be used in conjunction with other dental procedures such as dental implants or crowns if desired by patient (if applicable).
  • Teeth whitening kits can produce effective results in one session or multiple sessions depending on patient needs (if applicable).
  • . Teet hwhitening products come in different strengths based on your needs – so choose what works best for you today!

A step by step guide​

  • You should always clean your teeth before whitening. It makes sense, right? To clean your teeth thoroughly and make sure that you aren’t going to be applying a solution to any bacteria or food particles that could cause irritation or even more serious problems. If you want an effective result from the Auraglow Kit, then it is important to follow this step.*

Step 1: Clean your teeth

Before you apply the gel, make sure to clean your teeth thoroughly. This will ensure that only your teeth are exposed to the gel and not any residual dirt or plaque that’s still on them. You can use any type of toothpaste as long as it has fluoride in it. Dentists recommend brushing for two minutes at least twice a day for optimal oral health!

Step 2: Apply gel to the mouth tray

Apply the gel to your mouth tray. Apply the gel to the front of your teeth, back of your teeth and gums as well as your tongue and lips. You will use all of this gel in one sitting so don’t be afraid to put it on liberally!

Step 3: Turn on the accelerator light and place in your mouth

Now, turn on the accelerator light and place it in your mouth. The light will stay on for 3 minutes. Make sure you are sitting down with a mirror as this will help you see where to place the light. If it’s too bright for you, don’t worry! You can adjust the intensity by moving closer or farther away from the tip of your tongue.

If some of the gel accidentally gets into your mouth, don’t worry—it won’t harm you! Just rinse out with water and continue using it as directed above.

Step 4: Sit back, relax and wait for up to 30 minutes

Sit back, relax and wait for up to 30 minutes. The recommended time is 30 minutes, but you can use the accelerator light while you are watching TV or reading a book.

You can talk and drink during the treatment, but it is important not to eat or drink anything for at least 30 minutes before starting your whitening session.

Tips for getting the most out of your auraglow teeth whitening kit

  • Use the accelerator light for 30 minutes per day, twice a day.
  • If you’re using auraglow with other whitening products, we recommend using it twice a day and for at least two weeks.
  • Make sure to use the mouth tray and accelerator light together for best results.

With this simple guide, you can get a brighter smile in no time.

If you’re looking to whiten your teeth and get a brighter smile, then the Auraglow teeth whitening kit is for you. This guide will show you how to use the kit in three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Apply gel to the tray
  • Step 2: Place tray in mouth and bite down gently for five minutes or until gel sets
  • Step 3: Remove tray from mouth, rinse thoroughly with water

You’re now ready to try out your new teeth whitening kit. You can use it for as many treatments as you want and there are no side effects or risks at all. The only thing you need to be careful about is that the gel should not get into contact with any other part of your body other than your teeth. So, if you want whiter teeth that stand out from all the other smiles around them then this is an easy way of doing it!

How To Use Auraglow Teeth Whitening Pen

get the pen ready
Remove the cap, then click the pen’s base until gel is visible on the brush tip.

Brush the gel on.
Brush a small layer of gel onto the teeth and make a big smile for one minute. Relax after 60 seconds. The gel will naturally dissolve.

Enjoy your new radiance.
For optimal results, use the pen once or twice per day. After bleaching, wait an hour before eating or drinking.

Advantages of Crest 3D Whitestrips with Light

  • Applying the strips is quite simple.
  • Results must endure for six months.
  • Compared to many other kits with LED lights, the price is lower.
  • Advantages of Crest 3D Whitestrips Without Light
  • Some people believe the strips make their teeth and gums more sensitive.
  • The light is one-time-use only.

Best Teeth Whitening Led Light

1: GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device, Best Overall Kit


GLO Brilliant is the most expensive teeth whitening device on our list, costing $199. Nevertheless, we believe it to be the greatest option overall and the best value.

Leading New York City cosmetic dentists created GLO Brilliant. The whitening procedure is accelerated and enhanced using the company’s unique Guided Light Optics (GLO) gadget, which combines LED light and heat. Few other at-home solutions can make the FDA approval for use in teeth whitening a claim that the system can. Additionally, it has won two Edison Awards for outstanding product development.

Thanks to the GLO Lip Care treatment that is a part of the kit and that you apply to the lips and gums to prevent irritation, their system is renowned for producing less sensitivity than most. The maximum results, however, require 40 tooth whitening sessions spaced out over 10 days, which is a greater time commitment than most of their rivals.

Brilliant Benefits of GLO
Additional whitening products are available for separate purchase.
The whitening procedure is accelerated by the use of heat.
FDA approval indicates that it has undergone more testing and documentation than the majority of rival products.
GLO Brilliant Drawbacks
It will take 32 minutes total each day to administer the gel four times.
It might be necessary to charge it every day because the battery drains quickly.
Are You a Good Fit for GLO Brilliant?
In conclusion: GLO Brilliant provides safe, cutting-edge technology-assisted teeth whitening services.

#2: SNOW Teeth Whitening is the best option for on-the-go


All of the teeth whitening products on this list are portable and compact, but they aren’t meant to be used anywhere, at any time. Teeth whitening using SNOW is.

By employing pens to apply the whitening solution, you can ensure precise application while lowering the risk of spills. There is no need to look for a power source because the LED device is powered by a cord that connects to your phone. Additionally, because each whitening treatment just takes nine minutes, you can whiten your teeth in the little intervals between meetings.

Additionally, it has a tremendous worth. The staggering 75 or more applications are included in the $149 price tag. If you wish to whiten your teeth again later on and save money by utilizing the same light, you may also purchase more pens.

SNOW Benefits
The technology is portable and convenient to use while on the go.
Even in brief periods, the gel is really effective.
Neither additional batteries nor a plug-in power source are required.
disadvantages of SNOW
The pen applicator is not popular with all clients.
Throughout the entire treatment, you are tethered to your phone.
Do You Fit the SNOW Ideal?
Bottom Line: SNOW is the most portable alternative available if you want to whiten your teeth while you’re traveling or working.

#3: Cali White Vegan Teeth Whitening Kit, Most Comprehensive


Many teeth-whitening kits are not suitable for those who have certain dietary restrictions or allergies. We adore Cali White’s Vegan Teeth Whitening Kit since it is so widely accessible. The system is organic, vegan, gluten-free, and animal-free. It is BPA-free, triclosan, fluoride, sulfate, and paraben-free, and it is made to ensure optimum airflow.

Even though it isn’t “all-natural,” it is the closest thing to it on our list.

All of this is accomplished by Cali White without sacrificing quality. Its carbamide peroxide composition, which produces results in just seven days, is equivalent to less effective dental-grade remedies. Additionally, the trays’ adaptability allows them to fit your teeth for the optimum outcomes.

Cali White Benefits
The company offers a 100-day refund guarantee for its technology.
Knowing when to end the therapy is simple thanks to an integrated timer.
Almost anyone can use this system cheerfully and safely.
Cali White Drawbacks
Because of the whitening solution’s intensity, some customers complain of sensitive gums.
The outcomes for teeth whitening aren’t as consistent as with some other kits.
Do You Fit the Billie White Mold?
Conclusion: Cali White can help you whiten your teeth if you are unable to use other whitening kits because of allergies, sensitivities, or vegetarianism.

The most well-known product is Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Light. GET CALI WHITEREAD FULL REVIEW


The most well-known brand name in over-the-counter dental goods in the country is probably Crest. They revolutionized the teeth-whitening process when they introduced their recognizable Whitestrips in 2001, turning it from an in-office procedure into a quick and simple DIY remedy.

Whitestrips can only slightly alter your grin on their own, though. In order to help the whitening ingredients penetrate your enamel more deeply, this package includes a blue light gadget. The blue light is used for an extra 10 minutes after the strip has been worn for 30 minutes.

The package is designed to be used over the course of 16 treatments. The kit, including the blue light gadget, cannot be reused after usage; in contrast, the majority of the other kits on this list can be used again after purchasing additional solution.

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