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How To Use Kigelia Africana For Breast Enlargement

How To Use Kigelia Africana For Breast Enlargement

Kigelia africana is also known as devil tree, sausage tree, or sausage fruit tree. The fruit of this tree is called Marula, which is commonly used in South African wines and liquors.

The leaves and bark of Kigelia africana are used in traditional medicine practices. It has also been used as an antiseptic wash for sore eyes and ringworm infections. In addition to being used in traditional medicine practices, Kigelia africana has also been touted as a natural breast enhancement product that can increase bust size by up to two cup sizes!

Kigelia Africana is a fruit native to Africa. There have been numerous studies done with great results. It’s one of the best known enlargement fruits out there. It’s on the expensive side, but you should always shoot for the quality stuff right off the bat. This is a blog post that will walk through every step you need to take to get benefits from this amazing fruit, starting from its history and usage, how it can help in your breast enlargement efforts, why women in african countries love it so much, how to use kigelia africana for breast size increase and much more. Read on to learn more on how to use kigelia africana for breast enlargement.

A fruit that promises skin tightening and breast firming effects. Some even say it promotes breast enlargement. Measuring around 30 to 60cm long, the African fruits hang on stalks from the tree and resemblesausages – hence the name.From Senegal down to South Africa, this exotic fruit has a rich history of both consumption and application as a medicinal remedy to cure a variety of complaints. But more about the boob firming effects…seriously, what’s that all about? And does it really work? Let’s find out!


Whether or not you’ve heard of it before, Kigelia fruit is actually an active ingredient in many breast firming and skin tightening formulations. Made up of fatty acids, iridoids, sterols, caffeic acid, vitamin c, and napthaquinones, these ingredients work simultaneously to tighten and firm the skin. 

Clinical studies prove its efficiency. According to a study in which women aged between 30 and 45 massaged kigelia fruit extract on their breasts once a day for four weeks, results indicated that patients saw a 50% increase in bust firmness improvement. 

To give you a clearer idea of how it works, kigeline is a phyto-hormone derived from the fruit of the Kigelia Africana tree. It helps prevent the relaxing of skin tissue while enhancing firmness in the chest area. Phyto-hormones are rich in bioflavonoids, which contain potent antioxidants known for increasing elasticity and tightness in the breasts.

What’s more, the kigelia fruit is used to increase breast size, which is often used traditionally in Africa on young girls before puberty to promote an ample development.

Other traditional uses for this fruit include treating wounds, psoriasis, toothache, rheumatism, diarrhea, and stomach ailments.


In Africa, women use kigelia fruit in numerous ways. Traditionally speaking, the fruit is pounded with a mortar then mixed with an alcoholic agent. Some also make use of the dry kigelia fruit, burning it into ashes and collecting the powder which can be mixed into a beverage to obtain the same result.


In small doses, plant extracts and fruit extracts such as kigelia are safe. However, in some cases, some side effects may occur. Allergic reactions, blisters, and cytotoxicity are the three potential side effects of this fruit. However, the tonga women have been using this for decades safely and with minimal adverse reactions. Strong anti-inflammatory activity has been found due to the presence of COX 1 and 2 inhibitors, without showing the possible side effects often associated with this activity.

Plant extracts and fruit extracts, such as kigelia, have been used for centuries for their various health benefits. In small doses, these extracts are generally considered safe for consumption. However, it is important to be aware of potential side effects that may occur in some cases.

One potential side effect of kigelia fruit extracts is allergic reactions. Some individuals may be sensitive to the compounds found in the fruit, leading to symptoms such as itching, redness, and swelling. It is always recommended to do a patch test before using any new plant extract to check for sensitivities.

Another potential side effect of kigelia fruit extracts is the development of blisters on the skin. This can occur in individuals who have a heightened sensitivity to the fruit’s compounds. If you experience blistering after using kigelia extract, it is important to stop using the product immediately and consult a healthcare professional.

Cytotoxicity is a more serious potential side effect of kigelia fruit extracts. This refers to the ability of the fruit’s compounds to be toxic to cells. While cytotoxicity is rare, it is important to be aware of this potential risk when using kigelia extract.

Despite these potential side effects, the Tonga women have been using kigelia fruit extracts for decades safely and with minimal adverse reactions. This is a testament to the plant’s overall safety when used in appropriate doses.

One of the key benefits of kigelia fruit extracts is their strong anti-inflammatory activity. This is due to the presence of COX 1 and 2 inhibitors in the fruit, which help to reduce inflammation in the body. Importantly, this anti-inflammatory activity has been found without showing the possible side effects often associated with this type of activity, such as gastric irritation.

If you are interested in incorporating kigelia fruit extracts into your skincare routine, there are several popular products available on Amazon that contain this ingredient. Some options to consider include:

1. African Botanics Fleurs d’Afrique Intensive Recovery Cream
2. Katavi Botanicals Kigelia Clarifying Serum
3. LUX Botanics Kigelia Concentrated Skin Gel

Overall, while kigelia fruit extracts have the potential for some side effects, they can be used safely in small doses. It is always recommended to patch test any new plant extract before regular use and to consult a healthcare professional if you experience any adverse reactions.

How To Use Kigelia Africana For Breast Enlargement

Kigelia Africana is a plant with many uses, some of them being the treatment of acne, cancer and other skin conditions. It can also be used to increase breast size.

The fruit of Kigelia Africana is used in many parts of Africa as an ingredient in traditional medicines. The bark and leaves are also used for various purposes such as treating wounds and increasing breast size among women.

Kigelia africana has been used by African women for many years due to its ability to enhance the size of the breasts. There are no scientific studies that have been conducted on this plant or its effects on humans but based on anecdotal evidence it appears that it does have some potency when it comes to increasing breast size.

Kigelia Africana is a very powerful herb and has many health benefits.

How does Kigelia africana work?

Kigelia africana contains kigelinol which is responsible for stimulating the growth of mammary glands in women, thereby increasing their breast size naturally within just weeks after using this herb regularly twice daily on an empty stomach with water or milk.

You can also use kigelia africana extract capsules that are available from herbal shops and online stores worldwide if you do not want to prepare your own homemade powder from fresh leaves or seeds.

Kigelia Africana is a plant that is native to Africa. It has been used for centuries by the local people to treat various health conditions. The use of this herb has been linked to breast enlargement and so many women have tried it in the hope of getting bigger breasts.

How do I take it?

You can take kigelia africana orally as an herbal supplement or as a tea by boiling four teaspoons of dried herb in one cup of water for 10 minutes before straining and drinking three times daily with meals.

Sagging breasts are perfectly common – and nothing to be ashamed of. Everything from aging to pregnancy, smoking to being overweight can cause breasts to sag.

Besides consuming and applying kigelia fruit, there are other ways to tighten the skin on your breasts. Some effective methods include doing more exercise, adding more nutrients into your diet, improving your posture, and wearing a bra more frequently.

Massaging them with nourishing, antioxidant-packed lotions and oils can help too. You just need to use the right formula.

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The bundle features a boob polish, serum, and butter: three simple steps to smooth, tighten, and brighten your boobs. Besides bringing you amazing results (with regular use, of course!), Nice Melons products also smell incredible. 

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So if you’re looking for a kigelia skincare product to add to your daily routine, make it Nice Melons. This bundle features everything you need to get super-soft, perky breasts.

Never heard of kigelia fruit before? Now you have, and you know what? Lucky you! Because it’s an ingredient you’ll definitely want to look out for to enjoy all its benefits. As we mentioned in the article, its benefits go well beyond boob firming. It can also treat a variety of skin concerns such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne. And let us remind you of its aphrodisiac properties! 

Every woman is blessed with beautiful breasts. Whether you use it in its natural form or within a skincare formula, you can enjoy a whole lot of benefits from this South African fruit.

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