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Is coconut oil massage good for breast enlargement

Essential oils and coconut oil are two of the most versatile, inexpensive and readily available natural beauty tools. This increases circulation, especially in areas where the lymph nodes are concentrated, such as the chest area. Massaging breast tissue can help to increase blood flow to the breasts and prevent stagnation of fluids in these areas, which may improve overall breast health.

You may find it hard to access the right information on the internet, so we are here to help you in the following article, providing the best and updated information on Is coconut oil massage good for breast enlargement, How to prepare coconut oil for breast massage?. Read on to learn more. We at cosmeticsurgerytips have all the information that you need about Factors that Influence Breasts Size. Read on to learn more.

Is coconut oil massage good for breast enlargement

Are you unhappy because of small and sagging breasts and looking for a natural cure? Then one of the natural ways to increase breast size is through oil massage and a breast massage oil such as coconut oil is the best home remedy to enlarge and tighten the breasts.

Breasts comprise mainly adipose fats and fatty tissues that are very sensitive to stimulation. Massaging the breasts stimulates the tissues and therefore produces many positive effects that make the breasts firm and fit. Oxytocin levels also increase, suggesting that, to increase breast size, breast massage tends to be an efficient natural method.

Coconut Oil Massage for Breast Enlargement

Coconut oil is the best natural remedy and one of the effective natural oils for massaging the breasts and has many additional benefits for skin and overall health.

It is packed with nutrients and is odorless, colorless and does not leave the skin oily.

It is one of the most versatile oils and this is why coconut oil has been widely tested as the best oil for increasing the breast size. One of the main reasons why it is considered a correct product is its non-greasy and less viscous nature.

Is coconut oil good for growing the breasts size?

(1) Moisturizing Properties: Coconut oil has always been known for its benefits to hair and skin, making it shiny. But it is also good for breast growth, as it nourishes the skin and the underlying tissues because of its moisturizing properties. As the oil gets absorbed inside the cells, it promotes blood circulation inside the bust and results in little increase in the size of the bust.

(2) Rich in Saturated Fatty Acids: It has over 90% saturated fatty acids and over 60% of medium chain fatty acids.

(3) Rich in Vitamin-E: The oil is rich in vitamin-E content which has beneficial properties for hair and skin health.

However there is no medical evidence or scientific study that proves coconut oil increases the breast size.

Coconut Oil + Fenugreek/Vitamin E capsules

Its light aroma and less viscous nature make it an excellent moisturizer for soft and supple skin. Fenugreek capsules of 500 grams can be added to the oil or you may also add Vitamin E capsules and mix it till it completely becomes liquid. This will help add firmness to the breast.

It is also an excellent antidote for stretch marks that women may experience after pregnancy or weight loss/gain in the breasts and belly.

How to do breast massage using coconut oil?

Breast massage is as important as massaging any other part of our body, but unfortunately, this part receives the least attention in our personal care regimen.

There is a proper way to massage your breasts to achieve the benefits of breast augmentation. The correct way to massage your breasts is to apply firm pressure in upward, internal, and circular motions, and continue this process for up to 10 minutes.

Here are some tips and tricks for massaging your breast with coconut oil that can extract maximum benefit from it:

  • Before starting the massage, make 10 outward rotations to clean the lymph. This helps move accumulated toxins from the breasts and benefits the massage process.
  • Adding heat before and after the massage opens the pores for maximum absorption and increases prolactin production. It also improves blood flow to your breasts by increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients more efficiently.
  • Massaging twice a day can help your breast get better results and you can have well-formed, toned, healthy, and firm breasts.
  • Schedule one of the massage sessions before bedtime as prolactin is activated at night.
  • If your breast massage hurts, you should do it right to avoid the unfortunate consequences. Don’t put too much pressure on your breasts.
  • To massage your breasts, you should use your palms, not your fingers. It will help drain toxins from your body’s systems.
  • By massaging the armpits and under the breasts, you will improve blood circulation.
  • Massage should always be done inwards.
  • During the massage, you do not need to touch your nipples.
  • Massaging the breasts will either produce results or not. If you apply the oil correctly, but do not get the results, it is likely due to health or age factors.

Coconut oil is extracted from the fleshy part of the coconut, that is, the white inside the hard shell of the fruit that comes from the coconut tree and is usually in a solid form. So you must heat it up to get it in liquid form (depending on the temperature in your area). And just like any other oil, applying a little hot coconut oil helps get the most benefits.

How to prepare coconut oil for breast massage?

When taken as a part of diet, coconut oil has a positive influence on hormones that can also help in breast development.

This type of remedy is for breast augmentation, you can use it with Ylang Ylang or mix it with Fenugreek for a massage, it can be beneficial in your search for enlarged breasts.

Coconut oil also has a very light odor compared to other oils used for breast massage and is an excellent moisturizer. It is also said to be good for fighting stretch marks if you have stretch marks on your breasts due to pregnancy, weight loss/gain, etc.

Which Coconut Should be Applied on the Breasts

Before buying coconut oil, the first thing to do is to make sure that it does not contain parabens. It should be odorless and colorless with natural, non-irritating characteristics. The breasts area is sensitive and any type of irritation can cause rashes.

Coconut Oil in Diet and Breast Size

Including the oil in the diet helps in breast development because of the effects on the hormones.

Coconut Oil for Breastfeeding Mothers

Many women after pregnancy experience pain, bleeding and blistering when breastfeeding. And the development of a cracked nipple can result in pain, dryness or irritation or bleeding from one or both nipples during breastfeeding. If cracked nipples are not treated, it can cause blisters. Another situation that could occur in breastfeeding is mastitis. Mastitis is a serious condition resulting in inflammation of the breast. It causes local pain, redness, swelling and warmth. The later stages of mastitis cause symptoms of systemic infection such as fever and nausea.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Lactating Mother

The benefits of coconut oil nursing mom are beyond amazing as it is a natural antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-fungal.

  • It is a healing moisturizer and the continued use of coconut oil for breastfeeding can prevent infection.
  • It will stop the itching and swelling that causes pain and often causes blockage of the duct in the breast.
  • Coconut oil is made from a laudic acid protein, the same one found in breast milk. It is safe for your baby to eat so you don’t have to clean it.
  • Coconut oil is easy to absorb and use for baby’s immature digestive system. It also provides healing properties and energy. In the form of medium chain fatty acids to help baby grow and develop properly.

Coconut oil for breast tightening is very effective and also gives a non-greasy and odorless skin. So it’s worth a try. Remember, the oil is used in beauty treatments, cooking, medicines and therapeutic antidote since centuries and has little or no known side effects so far. 

Factors that Influence Breasts Size

As women’s body grows, the body parts also change in size. The arms grow, the legs get longer, the head gets bigger. And there comes a point, the average is 18 years in women, when things stabilize and no longer change. The only part of women’s anatomy that is not always the same throughout the lives is the breasts.

What factors influence breasts sizes to change?

Although we often look at our mothers’ and sisters’ breasts to find the genetic explanation for the size of our cups, there are many other things that make them change over the years.

What are they? Can we control them?

These are the factors that affect female’s breast size

(1) Genetics: Just as genes help determine the color of your hair or skin, they also have some impact on the size of the breasts. Genetics is very important, it determines the size and shape we have. Just like collagen production and skin quality, it has a genetic component. There are people with a genetic tendency to be more flaccid, others to have a better evolution.

(2) Diet: The breasts are part of the anatomy, composed of skin, glands, milk ducts, and fatty tissue. The amount of each part is dependent on each woman. Some women have more fat than others and this is also part of the size. Weight changes alter the size of the breasts. It is true that sudden increases and decreases in weight can cause collagen and elastin fibers to break down, and we can no longer regain them, so the weight becomes more flaccid. Beware that these weight changes also cause the appearance of stretch marks.

(3) Exercise: Even if you haven’t thought about it, exercising has a great influence on the size of the breasts. Patients who have exercised a lot since they were children and have little fat mass cause their breasts to be smaller. The pectoral muscle therefore affects the mammary gland. Although exercise in its right measure, it makes women get a strong pectoral and well placed breasts.

(4) Hormones: This is one of the most important factors to consider for the breast size. According to the doctors, hormones are very important in the development of the breast. For example, hormonal disorders such as fibrocystic mastopathy are highly influenced by hormonal peaks.

(5) Age: According to the doctors, this is a very important factor in the evolution of the breast. When you are young, there is more collagen and elastin and therefore more turgidity. And as the years go by, the breast becomes atrophied and are less swollen. As the years go by, the glandular mass of the breast decreases and the adipose tissue increases, so there is a kind of remodeling of the breast – less amount of mammary gland and more amount of fat.

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