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Is laser hair removal safe on balls

Laser hair removal, often referred to as laser epilation, is a method of permanent hair removal. It uses laser energy to damage the hair follicle. The heat produced can be seen as flashes of light on the surface. The procedure works best on people with light skin and dark hair who have completed puberty. However, it works even more effectively on men with lighter body hair than most women.

Is laser hair removal safe on balls

Many people are not aware of it, but it is quite common for men to have hair grow on their shaft and that can be awkward during sexual penetration or oral sex. Excess hair can also affect visual appearance, personal hygiene and self-esteem.

Balls-n-All™ treatment packages range from just having the shaft and testicles treated to extensive hair removal throughout the entire area. If you prefer that we thin out and soften the hair but not remove it completely, we do that too. At Urban Body Laser, the choice is yours.

How it works

Urban Body Laser specializes in a permanent laser hair removal treatment for men called Balls-n-All™. It removes all hair on a male’s private parts, including the shaft and base of the penis, the testicles, the area between the anus and the testicles. We can also treat the area between the bum cheeks.

The laser targets the pigment melanin, which is what gives hair its colour. Dark hair has more melanin and responds best to laser treatments. The lighter the hair, the more difficult it is to remove. Bleached blond and white hair has no melanin and is impossible to remove. Grey hair sometimes has enough melanin to be treated effectively.

As the laser penetrates deep into the hair shaft, it heats the follicle long enough to stop it functioning and prevent re-growth. There are 3 stages of hair growth. Given that the laser only works in the first phase when the hair shaft is attached to the follicle, and that typically only about 5-20% of hair is in the first phase at any given time, multiple treatments are required.

The hair that does return in between treatments is softer and finer, so basically as soon as the process starts, you will no longer have any hard, rough stubbles to contend with.

The cost, duration of treatment, and number of treatments will depend on the extent of the surface area being treated. In general, treatments range from 5 to 30 minutes in length, an average of 5-12 treatments are required, and the cost is customized based on surface area.

Common Fears about Laser Hair Removal

One of the biggest concerns among men is the fear of getting an erection during treatment. While some men do get an erection, it has nothing to do with sexual arousal. It is simply a physiological response, as the heat of the laser increases blood flow to the area.

Rest assured that our technicians do not touch your private parts. Men are required to hold and adjust their own shaft and testicles during treatment.

Alternatives to laser hair removal

If you’re not up for the potential pain or higher cost of laser treatments, consider other hair removal methods and how they stack up with regard to pain and potential side effects.


Unless you accidentally nick yourself, shaving is perhaps the least painful hair removal method. Take extra care by using shaving cream or gel on wet skin so that you reduce the chances of razor burn.

When done right, shaving doesn’t pose as many side effects, but the results don’t last long because you’re only removing hair from the surface of the skin.


Waxing can feel similar to laser hair removal in terms of pain, but it doesn’t last long. This hair removal method can last for a few weeks — much longer than shaving, but not as long as laser treatments. Mild rashes and irritation are possible post-treatment.


These methods are similar in principle to waxing, but instead you apply them as a cream or gel. They dissolve hairs and are then rinsed away clean.

Depilatories are chemical-based, so these tend to have the most side effects. Blisters, rashes, and burns are possible, and you may feel mild pain from the acidic nature of these products.


While time-consuming, plucking your hairs can last a bit longer than any of the above hair removal methods. It’s important to pluck with the direction of hair growth, rather than against it — this will help minimize skin irritation.


Like laser hair removal, electrolysis is a medical-grade treatment that produces more permanent results. It works by destroying hair follicles via radio frequencies. While not painful, some side effects may include swelling and rashes.

How long does it take and what does it cost?

Laser hair removal for men can be done in less than an hour. It only takes 30 minutes to treat your back, 20 minutes to treat your chest or stomach, and 10 to 15 minutes to treat your speedo line; hence you can opt to do it even during your lunchtime. Click here for a full price list. Our technicians use the very latest laser technology, ensuring a faster, more effective hair removal than any other method.

How many men’s hair removal treatments will I need?

Laser hair removal for men can vary and will depend on the type of hair you have (hormonal, normal, aging). You will need a few permanent hair removal treatments, performed every 5-6 weeks until the follicle can no longer support hair growth. For best results, you may also need a couple of maintenance appointments annually following your completed course. As a bonus, laser body hair removal for men means your ingrown hairs will disappear from the very first appointment and you do not have to wait for regrowth to get treated again.

How does laser body hair removal for men actually work?

These treatments work using Photothermolysis – wherein the light energy from the laser is converted into heat, which damages the hair follicle. This is the reason why laser is the most effective male hair removal available.

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