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It Jeans Tummy Tuck

It Jeans Tummy Tuck is a revolutionary new product that helps you get rid of the annoying bulge on your tummy and thighs. This product has been clinically proven to be 100% safe, and it works on all skin types.

The It Jeans Tummy Tuck is easy to use and only takes five minutes per day. It works by using a special combination of ingredients that will tighten and strengthen the muscles in your abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. This means that your skin will look slimmer in just two weeks!

You can use the It Jeans Tummy Tuck in three different ways: as a cream, as an undergarment, or as part of a full workout routine. The best part about this product is that you don’t have to exercise in order for it to work—it’s completely safe for all ages!

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It Jeans Tummy Tuck

Helena High Rise Skinny Jeans| Medium Wash | La Femme Chic Boutique

There are several things to look out for when purchasing a new pair of jeans. Are they comfortable? That’s very important. Do they have a versatile wash? Another deal-breaker. And how about the price tag? Though jeans can get very expensive—and fast—sometimes, they’re worth the splurge, especially when you know you’ll be wearing them nonstop. There’s one other possible design element in the bottoms, however, that you may not have thought about, but once you try it out, you’ll never go back. I’m talking about tummy-control jeans that are seriously game-changing. 

Tummy-control jeans are exactly what the name suggests. They’re designed with built-in panels at the waistline that control from within, if that’s of interest. Ahead, I rounded up the best tummy-control jeans on the market. 

Before we dive into the jeans, let’s address the elephant in the room…everyone (and we mean, everyone) has a tummy…which is so, 100% normal and how it should be. Don’t be fooled by sly camera angles or filters! And can we stop calling it a “muffin top” and instead focus on all the things our healthy, curvy bodies — tummies and all — allow us to do? Next time you find yourself doubting, judging, or criticizing yourself, remember that your body is for LIVING, not for lookin’ at.

All of this is to say that nobody needs tummy-control jeans…at all. But if this cut—which is designed with built-in waistline panels for a smoother silhouette—will help you feel more confident and beautiful in your body, then we’re all for it.

Below, we’ve rounded up our 10 favorites for all body types.

01. NYDJ Marilyn Tummy-Control Straight Leg Jeans

Made with a machine washable mix of cotton and elastane, this NYDJ pair of jeans is designed with Lift Tuck® Technology to perfectly shape, smooth, and sculpt. Pair with a chunky sweater or tucked-in T for a look that’s simultaneously sophisticated yet laid-back

02 NYDJ Petite Marilyn Straight-Leg Tummy-Control Jeans

If you’re looking for a similar look sans-corduroy, NYDJ’s got you covered with crisscross blue jean stretch material with a ~30-inch inseam.

03 NYDJ Petite Ami Skinny Tummy-Control Jeans

NYDJ comin’ in hot yet AGAIN with a sleek pair of black skinny jeans with comfy shapewear technology. Dress it down with an oversized crew-neck and combat boots, or spice things up with a v-neck silk blouse. You can’t go wrong with this high-waisted look.

04 Charter Club Tummy-Control Bristol Capri Jeans

These part-cotton, part-spandex jeans have summer written ALL over them, and we’re so here for it. They’re mid-rise and cut off mid-calf, and with seven colors to choose from (pink! ivy! berry! jade! black! white! cream!), there’s a pair for everyone. 

05 Seven7 Jeans Plus Tummy Toner Skinny Jeans

If you combine the sleek look of jeans with the pull-on, stretchy comfort of leggings, this is what you get. Mind you, these aren’t jeggings per se, but they do have a pull-on style with a high-rise tummy-toner design that we L.O.V.E. In addition to the two faux front pockets, you’ve got two back pockets as well.

06 Style & Co Petite Tummy-Control Slim-Leg Jeans, Petite & Petite Short

Tummy tuck jeans are designed to slim the belly.

Behold the underrated slim fit cut, which is a tad less tight than skinny jeans but no less chic. While they won’t feel like a second skin hugging your body, they’ll still be form-fitting around your legs and hips — and, when constructed with a front panel, lend a slimming effect that some may be looking for.

BTW, slim fit are *essentially* the same thing as bootcut jeans, which earned its name when cowboys (circa 1850ish) needed pants that’d allow them to ride horses with enough calf space to fit their boots.

07 Style & Co Plus & Petite Plus Size Tummy-Control Slim-Leg Jeans

Same high-quality stretch denim and machine washable versatility as above, but for our plus friends!

08 INC Essential Curvy-Fit Skinny Jeans with Tummy Control

This trendy, dark wash pair from INC has a single-button closure in addition to mesh control panels for added support. Bonus points for the five-pocket styling.

09 Style & Co Plus & Petite Plus Tummy-Control Bootcut Jeans

You can also find tummy-control technology in bootcut, subtle-flare jeans. We’re big fans of the jeans-with-heels look.

10 Levi’s Plus Size 311 Shaping Skinny Jeans

When we heard that Levi’s — arguably one of the most classic jean brands out there — came out with tummy-slimming jeans that, BTW, use a lot less water to manufacture, we were intrigued. This mid-rise cut has a slight ankle opening and a classic zipper-button closure that would look fab with a tucked-in flannel or chambray.  It’s the perfect fit, hands-down.

What are Tummy Tuck® Jeans?

Tummy Tuck® jeans are a type of jeans made by the company Not Your Daughter’s Jeans®. Lisa Rudes-Sandel formed the company in 2003, and their goal was to create and market jeans for women with curves. To this effect, they used a 4% Lycra denim material and special stitching to develop pants that would flatten the stomach area, trim the hips, and lift the buttocks. Since 2005 Tummy Tuck® jeans have become increasingly popular, and there are many celebrities who have attested to the “magic fit” of these jeans.

Though certainly less expensive than an actual tummy tuck, Tummy Tuck® jeans are pricier pants. Lowest prices for certain style are just below $100 US Dollars (USD) and some styles are considerably more expensive. Customer product reviews of these jeans are favorable though. Many people truly appreciate the fit that appears to slim the belly and buttocks.

Some customers have commented that the jeans may stretch out as the day progresses, lessening a tummy tucking effect. Others say the jeans have a tendency to lose this effect with frequent washing. The company recommends following washing instructions carefully to avoid this.

Another thing many people comment on is that Tummy Tuck® jeans needs to be purchased in a size smaller than ordinarily worn in order to get the true tummy tuck effect. There are a number of sizes available, in even numbers, and the jeans do come in plus, plus petite and misses sizes. Some taller women find the jeans too short.

Similar to slimming undergarments, Tummy Tuck jeans are designed to flatten the stomach and make the hips appear more slender.

A few other companies have tried to replicate the tummy tuck effect in jeans, but they’re not widely advertised. Irregular versions of the jeans are available online at discounted prices. Trying the jeans on in stores may be a way to ensure better fit, especially with your first pair. The Not Your Daughter’s Jeans® website has a store locator and sells clothing in the US, Australia, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.

The companies offerings have expanded beyond one or two styles, and there are now numerous styles and colors to suit different tastes. Availability of various styles will depend on what types of Tummy Tuck® jeans are carried by each reseller, and the company’s future plans. Of course, the demands of fashion may also create new pants and jeans styles in the future.

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